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[16 Apr 2004|07:58am]

Yep, I've gone friends only, mainly because I want to discuss things that really matter minus the judgement. So, if you don't mind my tendencies to bitch, talk about "uncool" things, or gossip, feel free to add me, and I will add you back.

Basic Rules:
1. Don't judge me or my friends. I'm not here to listen to you bitch about my bitching.
2. If you think about Jesus more than you piss, don't bother adding me.
3. If DyS iS HoW u tYpE, commit suicide now.
4. I don't ask for you to comment, so don't expect me to comment on every single one of your entries.
5. You have to know the name of the band in my picture above to get my upmost respect.

Other than that have a fan-fucking-tastic time!
3 Won't hear a word I say. Devil has my ear today.

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