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Rantage Thanks to Topaz [22 Jan 2003|11:02am]
Okay Ashanti is gonna be like Xander's freakin' love interest this season! Which is - no!!!! I mean what the fuck about Dawn? What about Buffy? What about Anya for God's sake?! There are so many women on the show that could and should be with him but *noooooo* they bring in some lame ass R&B singer that needs Ja Rule rapping in the background for her to sounds halfway decent. Ugh! What about all the Danderness last night? Does that count for nothing? What the hell is Joss thinking? She'll probably be a demon too and it's just be like when he was in high school trying to score with Inca Mummy Girls! Ugh!

Okay so last night's episode made most people all 'oh so Dawn's not a Slayer,' which so pissed me off. Dawn is a Slayer she's just not a SIT! Okay she was made from Buffy? She and Buffy are so alike that Buffy could die for her in "The Gift" yet she didn't get the Slayerness too? I find that hard to believe. And my Dawn-as-Slayer theory is still not only safe but actually becoming more and more right at the season goes along. It would have actually screwed my theory all to hell if she had been named as a SIT. And I was talking to this guys last night and he said something like: "Oh yeah I think what really proves your theory is that Buffy won't choose Dawn at the end." I was like, huh? He said that Buffy won't choose the Slayers or something. I don't know but Hey now! I am so smelling a Dawn spinoff and I would - God I would just be the happiest fucking camper in the world if that was to happen!

Hee I better stop ranting, take a deep breath, try to calm down . . . So that's all for now.
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