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Amber's Journal

11th August, 2004. 8:02 am. Journal start

Well, in a way this feels like I'm starting a Diary like I did when I was younger, only those always got thrown into a corner or box somewhere after I'd written in them once or twice. Lucky for me I can't lose a computer or throw it anywhere...erm well I can just won't strain myself trying to do so.

This entry is mainly a starting point to get myself started on my own journal, getting a feel for writing online rather then in a book. It is alot easier for me to type then it is to write. Since the 10th grade and my wrist started hurting badly when I would write with a pencil or pen, ever since then I just chalk it up to tendonitis, though I've still never been to the doctor for it. This journal is going to be about me, my life and the people in it. I do warn it that yes, it is much like an on going drama somedays.

Moving on, a little about me. I recently moved to Texas from California to live with my boyfriend and his little girl. I went against my parents and pretty much everyone I know to come here. Things aren't easy but I'm happy with the choice I made. Before moving here I worked at a large Casino/Resort, it was pretty much the best job I ever had. I have 2 cats and a dog. The cats are Salem who is a fully black cat with the oddest green eyes you'll ever see and the other is a new kitten my boyfriend let me have about 2 days ago, he still doesn't have a name. The dog's name is Annie, she adorable, my boyfriend used to tell me about her and I was so afraid that when I moved there I'd find this HUGE dog that would eat me alive. Well...I walked in the door and found a dog pretty much the same size as Salem. My boyfriend is the greatest guy in the world, I love the man to death. His little girl has pretty much stolen my heart, she's one firey little six year old. We had to take her to the ER yesterday, she tried to play kissy face with the living room carpet and we thought she broke her nose. Luckly she didn't break it and it's only going to be bruised really badly, the poor little one. It looks like a car tried to peel out on her nose and her eyes are starting to turn black as the doctor predicted they would.

I have awesome neighboors but sometimes it all reminds me of a huge soap opera around here. My boyfriends mother was evicted and is now going to move herself into my house by Friday, and she'll be here for the next to months along with her really is a good thing we get along. I keep having the "Days of Our Lives" theme song run through my head.

Okay but enough for now, will post more later after I've had some much needed sleep.

Love lots, Lu

Current mood: sleepy.