Season Premiere   
10:15pm 21/09/2004
mood: exanimate
music: The gentle hum of the CPU
So wow look at how long its been since Ive written. I almost forgot my password to this stupid thing but luckily I finally guessed it right. I'm still dating Drew. And in case you are wondering, NO we haven't done anything romantic since the last time I wrote. I've tried to do nice things for him but that does no good and like Ive said before it only makes things worse for me in the end. I cant give up though, because there may actually one day be a change and he may actually do something nice back. well im tired so im going to bed now. I think I'll start writing in here again. Stay tuned, this soap is beginning a new season.
Stars are the eyes of Angels watching over us   
11:52am 04/04/2004
mood: sad
music: Aerosmith
Well for those of you wondering how last night went, here’s what happened: we went to Applebee’s to eat (bad item #1: the place I wanted to go was too busy). Dinner itself was pretty good, and our waiter turned out to be one of my old good friends that I hadn’t seen in almost forever. Well, halfway through the meal something is said (bad thing #2) that really could have been either said before last night or later on last night, not during dinner. Well, this causes me to get upset and feel about 2 inches tall, thus ruining the nice dinner I had longed for so badly. And you want to know the funny part? Apparently it was MY fault that this something was said, so it made me feel as though I ruined dinner. Well after that I figured my night was shot anyway. We got in my car and left the restaurant, heading towards my house. He didn’t say a word to me the whole way home. That’s one of the hardest things to deal with when I’m upset. I was already crying, and him not saying anything was making it worse. That was bad thing #3. Here’s bad thing #4: what do you think we did after we got back to my house? If you guessed that we still did the other stuff I had planned, like look at the stars and all that other bologna, you are so wrong. Nope, we came in my house and watched cable all night. Hey wait, that’s what we do almost EVERY night, with the exception of the few nights we actually rent movies. So my perfect night was shot, and I’m really upset. He doesn’t understand. I guess its because he didn’t know how excited and happy I was about it all week long. I planned and planned and saved up all my money for this. I had everything worked out and it was going to be nice. Oh well. As of this moment I officially give up when it comes to doing nice things anymore. It hurts too much in the end. Ciao people.
Positively Perfect! :)   
10:29pm 31/03/2004
mood: happy
music: Hikari from the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack
Well I havent written in quite somtime so I figured that I would write something so as to enertain myself and the others reading this thing. Anyways... Everything is going so perfect in my life right now and I'm so excited! There is of course one thing that was semi bad that happened this week involving my former best friend Falon Webb. She and her little slutty cousin Katelyn decided to go and tell my boyfriend (who loves me and knew that they were lying little skanks) a bunch of bull honky about me and a whole bunch of my friends. Hahaha Falon the joke is on you next time you decide to lie to my boyfriend, remember to come up with people that I cant get a hold of to prove you wrong! Ha ha and the greatest part of it was that I didnt even have to prove her wrong by calling anyone. Drew knew the truth. He knew I wouldnt lie to him. And he loves me and I love him! Ha Ha Ha GROW UP FALON AND GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN TO TRY TO MESS UP! Anyways... This Saturday is going to be a long day! ACT first thing in the morning until around like noon, then Im going to shower and take a nap to rest up for that night. Me and Drew are going somewheres really nice to eat (Im surprising him so I cant tell you just in case he reads this!) and then we are gonna go out and do something really romantic (if its not storming really badly) out on my grandmas property in the woods. No nothing bad I promise! I hope he does something sweet that night too. He does really sweet things almost every night, but he doesnt realize that I thing they are sweet. Oh well. I love my Drew so very much and I thank God every day that he is a part of my life. Well Im off to bed. Long day ahead of me tomorrow!!! I luv u all bunches and bunches!!! (except Justin cuz I am like so over you dude!! lol im kidding luv u bunches too!!)
baseball bats and a room full of glass   
07:23pm 05/03/2004
mood: stressed
music: Aerosmith - Dont want to miss a thing
Wowwie. Have you ever been so freaking stressed out about anything and everything that you just wish you could go into a room full of like glass (wearing protective clothing of course) and just swing so hard everywhere with a metal baseball bat just so you could break every little piece of glass? Well I have officially hit that point. I am past the point of crying, cussing doesnt help, and hitting someone wont cut it. I want to demolish something. Too bad I just dont have aything to demolish. I almost demolished my relationship with drew earlier. I love Drew. He is by far the greatest most awesome person i have ever met in my entire life. But I am just so tired of wanting something and not getting it. Little things, like going out to eat or doing something that I want to do. I almost never get to pick what we do when we do go do something. On Valentines Day (my FAVORITE holiday by the way) I was very ill and couldnt do anything. He came and sat with me, but we didnt get to go to Red Lobster like we had planned all week. So, we decided to make up for it the next weekend. Did that happen? No. Instead, I didnt see him much at all either Friday or Saturday. I was bummed. I cried. We had talked all week about making up for valentines day and of course my petty dreams were shattered. But was i surprised? No. Depressed? Yes. So, I decided to give it another chance and plan to go to Red Lobster the next weekend (this past weekend). Now keep in mind we NEVER go ANYWHERE nice to eat. If I'm lucky we will go to McDonalds once in a while but I practically have to threaten him to go. So guess what happens this time? I get all dressed up Saturday night. I was adorable. I had on the same exact cute little outfit that I wore the first time he and i went on a date. He came over to my house. He was actually dressed nicer, like we were really gonna go out. Did we go out? Yes. Did we go to Red Lobster? No. Did we go anywhere nice? No. We went to Sonic. Do I have a problem with Sonic? No, unless I REALLY hae my hopes up about someting and they get shot down because he decides he doesnt want Red Lobster he wants something else and I finally said whatever just pull into Sonic. I really dont ask for anything in our relationship. Yes, like every other girl in the world, I do wish sometimes he would do something terribly romantic or buy me a small present or even stop by to say hi while im at work - But I dont ask for these things. I just cant. I would feel rude doing that. I hate asking people for something I want. Even at Christmas time when my family wants to know what i want I feel bad telling them. But I would feel even worse asking Drew. So of course, the one thing that I really really really want that I have asked repeatedly for, I DONT GET. And honestly, that not only makes me want to cry, it pisses me off. But I'll be okay. I always am. I got throught this stuff with Jeremy, I know I can get through it with Drew. Ciao peeps.
Blah Blah Blah   
10:20pm 01/02/2004
mood: crushed
music: Independence Day - Martina McBride
Okay - over the course of the last few weeks I have managed to do many things that are worthy of being written about. Too bad I just dont want to write them, right? I'm pretty bummed because i'm not going to get to go to prom but hey what can a girl do? Im still with Drew...its just that there are these races that he really wants to go to in Dallas that happen to be the SAME EXACT DAY as prom. I really didnt plan on even going to prom before i met drew. Even after we decided to go I still wasnt that enthusiastic about it all. Now after dress shopping and makeup discussing and hair fixing i am really pumped to go. i just know i have to do the good deed like ive done all my life and sacrifice what i want once again for what will make the people around me happy. i asked his mom mrs gina what she thought about it all, and what she would do, thinking that she would say prom and then we'd have to go to prom wellllllllll that blew up in my face because she said that prom really sucks and that he and i can always go to my senior prom next year well hmmmmm. Maybe i really dont want to wait till then. it was bad enough when they said they didnt like my white dress - now they just dont want me to go? okay WHATEVER lookout Dallas here we come. I love Drew to death. I just for once want to be selfish and materialistic and have MY WAY and WHAT I WANT. crap i should have done the pageant and i should still go to prom but OH WELL. i just needed to vent to someone about how i really felt. ciao peoples
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jeepers creepers   
04:52pm 10/01/2004
mood: grumpy
music: none. too darn mad to think about music.
life sucks. haughton blows. suck a donkeys big left toe.
02:16pm 08/01/2004
mood: cheerful
music: Peaches and Cream ReMiX - 112 ft. Ludacris
im so happy. drew managed to get his schedule changed so that now we have 1st block together. that is awesome. he makes me all warm and fuzzy feeling inside when hes with me. i get to see him tonight. yay! welll g2g ciao
02:40pm 06/01/2004
mood: hyper
music: Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake
Today was a pretty good day. First day back at good ole Haughton High after a very nice Christmas Break. Hafta admit, school was a lot better than what I thought it was gonna be. I got to see my Drew a lot! yay! I wish I had DECA with him this semester, but if he cant get his schedule changed then I guess itll be okay. My Algebra class kicks massive booty. I got like most all my good friends in there. Sarah B, Shannon, Keely, Ashley, and good ole PoRk ChOp! But PoRk ChOp's g/f is in there too, so I dont think I'll be hearing much from him during class time unless Mrs Lee puts us close to each other. Im hoping to sit near Sarah or Ashley or Keely. My old lab partner Jeremy is in that class too. He makes for an exciting class. Today he had to do a problem on the overhead. Not only did he get it wrong, he managed to get blue ink from the overhead pen on his forehead. It was awesome. He was bright red from embarassment. I prolly would be too though. My English class is cool. I have Mrs Biles again. Today when she was calling roll she didnt recognize anyone except me. She was calling people by their first and last names and when she got to me she goes "Amy... oh Lord" lol and then smiled at me. I was like Yeah hahaha. I'm thinking about actually trying my hardest this semester. I'd hate to look a total fool to Drew. I mean he knows Im smart but I dont want him to think that I am like way too lazy. I actually did all my English homework when I got home. For those of you who know me well, you know that that is a big feat for me. Well I am off. This is a way long entry man. Ciao peeps.
12:43pm 04/01/2004
mood: blah
music: Trashy Women - Confederate Railroad
Havent written in a while, so i figured id break down and write something. ive spent most of my time with Drew over this Christmas break. Its been great. I still love him so much. He is awesome. And very cute too. And veryyyy awesome. Now I'm listening to comedic country music. Where would this world be without Confederate Railroad? Seriously now. They are awesome. Well I dont know what else to write. Hey Pork Chop. Have a great day and new year. Ciao people!
09:36am 28/12/2003
mood: happy
music: Aw Naw Rock Rmx - Nappy Roots ft. POD
Yesterday was probably the day from hell. It started out horribly, and continued to get horrible as the day progressed. All I ever wanted from Jeremy was to hear him apologize for everything he had said and done to me while we were together and even then when we werent. Well yesterday i finally got my wish, but while he was apologizing and telling me about the emptiness he felt inside, I was scared and angry. I realized that i no longer wanted him to apologize and be as hurt as I was. I just want to be friends, and thats about it. I want him to be happy, and more than anything I want to be happy. I once thought that when he finally would apologize for what all pain he had caused me, I'd be happy. But I wasnt. I couldnt have been any happier than I already was. i've been the happiest I've ever been this entire past week. And it's all because of Drew. I dont know what will come of the whole "Jeremy" thing, but for right now I really dont care. I love Drew. I knew I did before, but yesterday it really hit me that I do. A lot. I hope it works out for Jeremy and that he is finally happy, but I hope that Drew and I stay together for a long long time. In two weeks he has made me the happiest person in the world. And thats all I have to write.
01:03am 26/12/2003
mood: nostalgic
music: no music.. concentrating too hard on that big "N" word above
Oh joy its Christmas wow between watching as much of the 24 straight hours of nothing but "A Christmas Story" on TNT and meeting all of Drew's family, I havent had much time to write. He has a big family. Its sad though, that I had more fun with his family on Christmas than I did with my own. I guess its cuz I miss my Deda. But I shall press on. Im just happy that I get to see Drew so much! :) No one makes can make me even half as happy as I am when I am around him. I always smile when Im with him. Welllllll before I bore you with stories of him I had better go. I hope everyone who reads this has had a very merry christmas, and i wish you the absolute best new years one could possibly have.
10:40am 22/12/2003
mood: happy
music: The A-Team Theme Song
HeeHee he is like all I write about in here anymore. This weekend was awesome. I spent like all weekend with him. Friday night we went to Books A Million and then out to eat and then we came back to my house and watched The Hot Chick. That is an awesome movie. Then Saturday he came over here for a few hours and then I went back to his house (OH MY WOWZERS ITS HUGE) and met his mommy. She's really nice and pretty funny. Then yesterday he came over and we spent all day watching this show that is awesome I dont remember the name of it though. At like 6 i went with him to his house and met his dad and watched pirates of the caribbean. that Movie was STUPID. Wellllll theres my weekend. Ciao peeps!
I'm missing the Fire Trucks!!!!   
10:28am 20/12/2003
  This is just depressing. Every year on the Saturday before christmas they come driving down the road throwing out tootsie rolls and other goodies to all of us who brave the cold cold weather just to wave at them. And I missed it. I am sad.  
Last but Certainly not Least   
01:58pm 18/12/2003
  Congrats to Pork Chop for passin' Chemistry! I knew you could do it buddy! Whoop-Woop!!! :)  
01:27pm 18/12/2003
mood: excited
music: Addicted - Simple Plan
Today was an awesome awesome AWESOME day. Today was the last day of school for this semester! yay!!! no school for like 2 whole weeks! woo hoo! We got out at like 11 and I spent like 2 hours with Drewww. Yay! lol. It was awesome. I really like hanging out with him. He makes me laugh. :) Well I will write more later! I just wanted to write about Drew. Au Revoir
09:31pm 16/12/2003
mood: chipper
music: Drew's Melodious Voice
okay well after not being able to write for like 5 freakin' days! but ive had such a good past few days that itll be okay. i am however mad at a certain somebody that wa supposed to come by himself to meet me on my lunch break at work BY HIMSELF but instead brought my best friends little brother along with him. for those of you who dont know jaime webb, be thankful. its just like babysitting a 5 year old when you take jaime anywhere. only hes actually 15. so there ya go. But Drew I'm gonna hold this over your head for soooo long until you make up for it!!!!
boogers and no-brainers   
02:18pm 12/12/2003
mood: naughty
music: Metallica - went through about 4 songs already
hi peoples how are you doing? i am a-okay i guess. man im crushin hard on this one guy. i really would like to get to know him better. whats awesome is the fact that he has no clue that i like him. whats horrible is the fact that he has no clue that i like him. how am i supposed to get to know him better without either telling him that i like him or making it obvious to him that i do like him? im pretty lost. oh well. if anyone has any ideas on how to snag him before christmas break or at least on how to get his phone number send me an email and tell me cuz im like literally lost. (~BY THE WAY- HaHaHa Falon you still dont know who it is!!!~) well im off to work now. i will write again later hopefully. ciao!
I almost forgot   
10:13pm 10/12/2003
  My good buddy Justin (known on Blurty as Chopork) did the coolest yet most stupid thing ever today. He sprayed body mist in his mouth. he immediately regretted it, but it was friggin awesome to watch his face started to cringe and turn colors. Justin-You are a DUMBASS!! lol Ciao!  
The Truck, Chemistry, & Freds   
09:38pm 10/12/2003
mood: contemplative
music: Trans-Siberian Orchestra ft. Metallica - Carol Of The Bells
Hahaha the title says it all. I drove the truck today (YAY!!!). It was sooo awesome. I like being in that big truck, it makes me feel important and much more powerful than I really am. In chemistry I got partnered once again with GUESS WHO Jeremy Goss of course. Thanks to Justin - If you hadnt have mentioned it I prolly wouldnt have written about it. It was pretty funny today though. Jeremy was yappin' about something to somebody and I was trying to get his attention. Finally I snapped and he immediately looked at me and said what. Then he realized what he had done. I snapped and he jumped to attention. lol I laughed at him so hard. I still laugh when I think about it. Fred's officially sucks because I needed wrapping paper and they are (or should I say WERE) the only place that sells it in Haughton. Brookeshire's is just gimp. They didnt have any and if they did i was just too lazy to look for it. Anywho Fred's was out and the mean ole' lady said they werent gonna order any more before Christmas. Okay- here it is 2 count 'em 2 weeks before Christmas and she doesnt want to order any more? Whatever. That means I wont be spending quite as much money there as I thought I would. I broke up with my Jeremy last night. I'm tired of being treated the way I was being treated. And I actually wasnt hurt when I did it. I'm so proud of myself. Now I have the opportunity to make a move on the 2 guys I like. Only one prob: I only have a week left before we get out before Christmas break and I dont think I have any classes with either one of them next semester. Hmm... I need to go conjure up a plan. Ciao Peoples! :)
Deeeeep Thoughts   
09:48pm 08/12/2003
mood: giggly
music: Boom Boom Aint It Great To Be Crazy? - Mickey Mouse
If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

Why isnt there a mouse flavored cat food?

When it rains, why dont sheep shrink?

If a cop arrests a mime, does he tell him he has the right to remain silent?