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[29 Mar 2003|11:27am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | honestly by zwan ]

just a little time to write in here. thought id tell you about what ill be doing today :D
at 5 i have to start getting ready to go the movies, im going to see view from the top with tim. his friends ben and sam are coming too. i dont know why though.. its just stupid to bring your friends when you go on a date. happy to say that my standings on being never been kissed will hopefully soon be abolished. heh. i dont want to sit in the middle, id rather sit in one of the corner seats so i can be against the wall.. just because no one sits there. im sure itll be fun. i just dont know why hes have them come with us. bah to that. hes so sweet to me all the time. he made a deadjournal and in every entry he says something that makes me smile. heh. so happy right now. i got a new shirt yesterday at super wal-mart. its got woodstock on the front and it says woodstock on the back in retro letters. cute as hell! we bought a whole lot of bras too but the one that i wanted was the one that mom thought wouldnt fit because the cups are cups and they looked ''big''. so i showed her that it fits and for once I WAS RIGHT! hah. i love being right when it comes to my mom and i. we have somewhat of a competitive need to be right all the time. well the movie is at 730 and the boys will get there at 7 and get the tickets and everything. im going to get there probably.. 720. i have a really long time to wait. i should probably go to bed and rest up a little more or something. im going to start getting all my clothes ready and things at about 5-6ish. just because im like that. ill take a shower at 5 and worry about the clothes and accesories and shit at 6ish. woo. tonight should be fun. :-) i have to call erika immediately when i get home to tell her about everything because thats what friends do! they give you all the dirt on everything that happened while they were on dates. heh, its weird watching yourslef type. im doing it right now. i dont look at the keyboard when i type so its weird for me to look down and i mess up more often. heh. its weird because i type very quickly and when i look its weird. my hands are like doo doo doo doo. and i know exactly where all the keys are and everything so its fun fun fun. anyway, at school yesterday kaisa was acting weird and shit. thats okay. i wore my weird al concert tshirt yesterday and people didnt know what i was about. heh. thats okay. people need to listen to good parody music man!! otherwise, we're all in a slump without parody music.. i love it. love it love it. anyway. i got waco, tx for this 'unsolved mystery' essay that we have to do for moldenhauer. i chose waco and i think itll be interesting to do a paper/oral presentation on a clut. heh. nothing interesting happened yesterday except that. and that i went to dairy queen and ate food.. mm.. ice cream. its cold outside and in dairy queen but i dont care. still tastes awesome. and then, my dad brought home this weird flyer for a house. its called 'the darling home' or something. honestly, why is he bringing home flyers when he knows we cant buy a house? sometimes dad just gets a little too compulsive. he was teasing mom with buying a house. thats all it really is. thats so bah. mm.. matt imed me a while ago and asked what the ACL homework was. haha. i didnt know we had any so i didnt bring it home. apparently we were supposed to read these two stories for lit. heh. i have the bookpages written on my hand but i didnt notice. thats okay. ill just not read them seeing as how i dont have my book. thats okay though.. right? i dont think ive read any of the stories that we are supposed to for that class since we started reading them. haha. oh well.. thats just how it goes.

have a pleasant saturday,

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[26 Mar 2003|05:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | let there be peace on earth (let it begin with me) from band ]

well, i havent updated in a while and i thought i should! i changed the outlook again and i think this one is nice.i wish they would've kept generator looking the same on deadjournal too. :-( makes me sad. well, let me tell you about how my week has gone and how the weekend will!
monday through today
nothing really interesting happened.. haha. jill's mad at me again. oh well!

and then this weekend i should be going to see the view from the top with tim. but tim and i wont be alone. of course not! the third wheel, sam, has to come along too. honestly, i dont want him there. he has to sit in front of us because ill get paranoid and all i need is some weird kid sitting right there. BAH TO HIM! well sam is an okay kid i guess.. well that's all for now. hope you enjoyed my short update!

until later,

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[19 Mar 2003|04:31pm]
yay! the guy who i like, tim, he's first alto and he asked me out last night! yay, so now we're together. our band sucks. pat and chris w. are on bar. sax and they INTENTIONALLY mess us up and it's really freaking annoying! death to low brass.

- amanda
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guess what? [19 Mar 2003|07:49am]
amanda has a boyfriend.
a boyfriend who's name is tim.
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you ain't nothing but a hound dog [17 Mar 2003|05:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | headache.. ow ]

entries just getting shorter and shorter i think. not much happened. time to list things.
- i like tim
- i dont know if i like tim
- tim asked stephanie to invite
- stephanie turned him down
- i dont know if he likes me anymore
- i want tim.. bad..
- i am going to hear the navy band perform tonight at school with kaisa!
- tonight should be fun
- ryne wants to have a threesome with kaisa, him, and i or erika! weird kid, no sex.
- sven is a bastard who repels mr. scott
- scott's cool and might talk to me tomorrow in the hall!! woo woo
- erika wrote a kick ass journal entry and so did i
- jill's cutting herself again
- she shows it off and then denies it and i caught her and she got all pissed at me, she still is
- i think ryan hates me
- hahahaha
- sheep go ba, not bah
- my xanga looks very pretty
- today is st. patrick's day, and i wore blue colors
- tim is depressed now and i just want to hug him and make him feel all better
- savannah looks stupid in pig tails and should be shot
- i think im going to delete my deadjournal soon and save it all
- erika and i have been planning this for a while

until later,

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Bah and Bah [16 Mar 2003|07:38pm]
I can't write much. I just saw Bringing Down the House and now I'm listening to Super Mario Twins on KazZa. Yay for KaZza.

- Amanda
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Early Showers and Band Shoes [15 Mar 2003|07:58am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | We Put The Spring in Springfield from The Simpsons ]

Well, today should be interesting. I just got all my stuff together. I should've made a check-list. God, Jill almost ate the last fruit snack. I don't think I want her over anymore because she eats all the food in my house, ALL. And then we'll have to live on the street and beg the fat for food, or a little flab to nibble on. Wow, that sounded really dumb. Hm, so today I'll get to see Tim and all the band people. We're going to be practice out of costume er, uniform for the first two hours I think. We'll be doing it until noon or 12:30 and then we load everything up, on us and the buses, and set off for the Horrace Mann building. Something tells me those people like double-consanants.

Heh, I'm going to Erika's (a.k.a. Salvation) at six-ish. She has to do some of her Biology report and then I'll be there. I understand that. While she's doing all that stuff I'll do my A Tale Of Two Cities at home, on the computer. With Sparknotes, I'm not really going to read the book! Are you crazy? I mean, it's a good book and I understand it but I don't have any time to actually read it. That's why I'm glad there are Sparknotes. Just to help the busy people and the lazy people. Charles Dickens is a great novelist and I'm sure everyone's said that before but sorry Mr. Dickens, I'm going to take the summary. Heh, that reminds me of something stupid that Alice said one time. Okay, so we're sitting in Biology and someone said something like 'I don't understand this, Charles Dickens is stupid and can't write' or something along those lines. And Alice gets all mad and starts going off about how he was the best writer of his time or any time! And they say 'then maybe he should've stayed in his own time', and she turns to me like I'm going to defend her! And says 'they are insulting Charles Dickens' and I just die man. Alice doesn't even know what she's reading in the story so how exactly can she defend him? She didn't even understand what was going on in the book!

God, I'm downloading AIM again because Jill made me download DeadAim and I can't get it off my computer. So now I need to download it once more! It's at 55% right now that's okay. I just want it to be done yo. Heh, I might change the layout of my journal sometime, like the colors and comment link and everything. I did it with my Xanga and my DeadJournal bunches of times. My Xanga looks cool right now it's almost the same colors as you Mr. Blurty but not quite. Heh.


Until Later,

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WHAT A NIGHT! [14 Mar 2003|11:26pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Roxie from Chicago ]

WOW! Tonight was amazing I must really say. I can't even write it all down I'm so happy. I'm also very tired because I came home late. Well I went to see Kiss Me Kate with Mary, Kristin, and Taylor. It was really fun! I only talked to Mary throughout the show because she was my ride too and from and because we talk the most anyway. One of the leads, Clayton, was really hot so I just died whenever he came back onstage. I have some weird thing for guys who sing. It was a really good play though, the lead girl only cracked her voice once and that's exceptable. Crystal was in it too as a dancer. She saw me post show and hugged Mary and I and she was so excited! I don't think she really thought we were going to be there. The Twins, Jessie & Abbie, were there too, doing make-up. What a full time job that was! Hah. I got home a about 10 PM, if I was in the cast I would be at the after party right now which would rock too. And then I could meet some people and schmooz. Heh, but anyway when I got home there was a message on the answering machine. Weirdly enough, it was from Ryne and Kaisa. They called and came over wondering where I was, they apparently wanted to do something with me I'm not sure what. But no, alas I was with others are the theatre. If you can call it that! Savannah and Alice were there too hah.. The girls that I was with wanted to sit with them but I refused so we all stayed and then they motioned me over and I still stayed and acted like I was waiting for Mary to get back. Intermission was fun too I suppose. The lighting crew (Sam, Tim, Meagan, etc.) all signed autographs at the end to these stupid little eighth grade girls. Wow, I'm glad I was never that impunent. Childish really, but that's not the point at'all. I really like Tim. As Erika said, 'he's kind of perfect for you'. It's true. I turned him down twice already and now karma comes back and bites me in the a$$. So now I've got it bad for a kid who doesn't really like me any more or something. Bah on that, I think he'll learn sometime. I kept turning around to look at him when he was doing spotlight and things and we talked. I made him chase after an eighth grader because he was signing her book and they ran away or something. I was defending him all night too because the girls I was sitting with were talking about 'man-boobs' and things. I know he's a biggish guy but DAMN he's trying to lose weight, the most you could do was be a little supportive. Even if you don't like him. I have a big day tomorrow so I must say adieu soon. I must get up at about 7-7:30AM tomorrow morning to get everything together to leave at about 9AM to get to the school at 9:15AM and then practice until 11:30. God, I have to make a lunch for myself and everything. I think Erika will be at the parade to make it better. Wish me luck! And no bad weather.. heh.

Until Later,

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Green Shirts and Good Meetings [14 Mar 2003|07:18am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | We Both Reached For The Gun from Chicago ]

The meeting last night was actually, contrary to popular belief, good! Emily made me feel happier and it wasn't a very serious meetings. None of them really are. We started talking about all those dating shows and things and we just kept going. I have to work at Waggin' Tails on April 6th and March 29th, and lots of other things. But I think it will be fun. I might stay in, Emily isn't really that annoying. I don't really mind how she talks either. I've gotten used to it. She didn't eat the cookies though (suspicion). They were good cookies too. I can't make out of the box cookies. Heck, I can't even make break-n-bake cookies without burning them to hell! I suck at making cookies but I make some good pizza rolls. Heh, that Foods class that I took in eighth grade didn't help very much. At the meeting, I got there and Lauren and Elizabeth were the only people not there, immediately after I arrived they got there. Heh, so I answered the door and let them in. We talked about potential service projects and things of that nature, and then we started on Fear Factor and dating shows. Everyone was talking about the one episode on Fear Factor where they had to eat bull testicals. Tara says 'well obviously they were.. uh. well hung' and everyone just died and no one could talk for about five minutes. Ellen just said 'class dimissed, no more kiddies' and it was so f^&%ing hilarious. I like my girl scout troop on somedays. I just don't like the inconvience I get from it. I was up until 10:30 PM last night making notecards to study from and only got to review once. Now I'm doing that, we have a big test in Elliot today.

About yesterday, it was a weird day. In first hour, Elliot was giving out detentions like crazy! She gave one to Kat for asking Sammie (who just happens to be her friend) where the electric tape is because we were doing a lab. Then she says 'Kat you have a detention for leaving your station'. God, I hate her. No one in the school like her, and if they do they should be hanged. I'm sure her kids had a helluva time with her when they were our age. She's at least fifty, the weird thing is she doesn't look quite that old. But the day went by really slowly. First hour seemed to take like five years to get done. Mary looked cute today. And so in Algebra 1, we took the test and it, like the World History test, was very very easy. I knew everything I was doing and I think I got the extra credit question. It was like.. n = 8/15 or something.. Hm, I like math now. It's easy. We won't get our tests in World History back for a while though, nor the math tests. Sadness.

Scott was really hyper yesterday. All his frustration got him really really hyper I suppose. At lunch, I would just look over and he was on the ground with someone or dancing. Then when everyone adjourned to the hallway where we always stand after 'eating lunch' he was jumping up and down and saying 'chemical' really fast. It was kind of scary, but very interesting looking. Chris was trying to tell Andy that the word 'chemical' isn't the word 'chemistry'. For some reason, when Andy sees the word 'chemical' it looks like 'chemistry' to him so we were all trying to get him to see it and he couldn't. I'm not sure what could be wrong. It's not dsylexia, but if it is it's like woo woo adkfaksdhf dsylexia. But bah, yesterday was an okay day. Today we have to go outside to practice for band. That's going to suck, I need to go get a hoodie or a light coat to wear or something. It might warm up by third hour but I'm not sure. It's going to be like seventy-seven at the parade man, seventy-seven degrees. THAT'S CRAZINESS!!

Until Later,

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Girl Scout Mettings and Emily [13 Mar 2003|07:14am]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | Getting To Know You from The King and I ]

Well, today should be vulgar. I have to attend my girl scout meeting later on tonight. Emily the Short will be there because she's joining my troop. I don't want her to be in my troop, I don't even want to be in my troop! I can't get out until next year though because I signed up for one year and it cost my Mother fifty dollars, no waste of money. Emily is annoying yes, but she's still an okay person I suppose. I just don't like how she gets sometimes or the way she talks. She smacks her mouth or something weird after she says a sentence. She sort of sounds like a ditzy valley girl. Ew, that sucks for her. The girls in my troop are all Sophmores that go to my school. Half of them probably won't be at the meeting because of the play practice. Our school's spring play is going to be Kiss Me Kate. Remember when I said that Tim was freaking out over play practice? Well that's what it is. I think I might go see that play too. Anyway, the girls are Jessie, Lindsay, Tara (the only one that I truely like or identify with at all!), Lauren, and Lauren; and now that I've joined there's Amanda. Emily will just have to deal with how sucky girl scouts is all by herself. I'm so nice for abandoning her. Heh, nice ol' Manda. I have to do service projects all next week for my troop at the Girl Scout Council and all these other places. Saturday will be the only salvation that I get from girl scouts. Salvation with Erika, yes. Beautiful. She got on a while ago and then left, we were talking about Scott and stuff.

Scott went all insane and irritated me badly but I'm not going to hate him. I don't hate people very easily, it just grows. But Scott is a good kid to me and I don't want to hurt him. He thinks he's a bad person and no one likes him. Little does he know that once upon a time, I had a little thing for Mr. Scott. But that's all secret, don't tell or I kill you! Scott was just saying really depressed things and then he just screwed himself over and says 'I can't answer the questions you give me like why don't you talk to me at school, it's just there are better people to talk to', that's just a good way to get yourself smacked right there. You shouldn't say things about your friends like that man, Scott's retarded sometimes. He needs to watch his mouth too. Otherwise, he might just get a kick in the ass.

Last night, I got everything, and I do mean everything, done that I was supposed to. I did all my homework, I did all the dishes, and I took a shower. And then I watched ANGEL, That 70s Show, and American Idol. On American Idol, I was satisified with who they kicked off. It just pisses me off that right when the person being dismissed has to leave, they give their best performance. I think that Corey Clark guy should've gone. When you have a strangely falsetto voice and you dress like an idiot you should leave. I don't like her cornrows either. Too spirally. My Grandma called when it was on and we talked for a while. It's nice to talk to her sometimes because we never get to see each other. She lives down in Miami and I live up here in podunk Illinois. Cold as hell outside now though, it was so nice in the afternoon! God, I hate living here sometimes. But then I think about all the other potential residences I could have and it makes me glad to live in a little Midwestern state. I don't want to live in Texas. No, I don't believe I want space shuttles crashing down in my backyard. Although my backyard is a high way. That has aways scared me.. I don't know if someone will get off the road and run into my house, or a neighboring house. That would ruin the morality of my street horribly. But anyway, I should be going now.

Until Later,

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A Survey and Warm Weather [12 Mar 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | That 70s Show music making me move to the Living room.. ]

Here's a survey that I found and now I'd like to do it.

location: Illinois.
occupation: Student.
height: 5'7".
eye color: Green/hazel, chameleon eyes.
hair color: Dirty blond.

current ...

current dress: Socks, blueish-gray Old Navy cords, and a shirt from a Walk-A-Thon.
current make-up: None.
current mood: Content, and dirty.
current taste: Bagels with cream cheese.
current hair: Messy and down.
current annoyance: The way Shakira says the word 'near'.
current smell: Cigarettes.
current longing: To have bigger breasts, but you know I always want that. ;-)
current thing i ought to be doing: I should be in the shower right now but Mom is enticing me to watch ANGEL, American Idol, and That 70s Show.
current desktop picture: In the background, Paradise.
current book: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.
current cd in stereo: Spend the Night by The Donnas.
current dvd/video in player: Nothing.
current color of toenail: No color.
current refreshment: Nothing.
current worry: That I won't get in the shower on time.

last person ...

you touched? Becky, my sister.
you talked to? My Mom.
you hugged? My Mom.
you instant messaged? Erika.
you yelled at? My Mom.
who broke your heart? No one.

favorite ...

food: Reese's Peanut Butter cups.
drink: Coca-Cola.
color: Green.
shoes: A.D.I.D.A.S.
candy: Reese's Peanut Butter cups.
animals: Lemurs and pheonixes.
tv show: ANGEL, That 70s Show, American Idol, The Simpsons, Married by America, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Clone High USA, Sailor Moon, The Sunday Night Sex Show, South Park, Changing Rooms, Clarrisa Explains It All, Hey Dude, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and MTV2 when they play videos.
movie: The Majestic, Happy Gilmore, The Truman Show, Billy Madison, Moulin Rouge, The Music Man, My Fair Lady, The South Park Movie, Me, Myself & Irene, and all musicals in general.
vegetables: Cucumbers and pickles.
fruit: Bananas.

are you ...

understanding? Yes.
open-minded? Yes.
arrogant? Not really.
insecure? Sometimes.
interesting? I suppose.
hungry? Sometimes.
friendly? Yes.
smart? Somewhat.
moody? Yes.
childish? Of course.
hard working? Yes.
organized? Yes.
healthy? Yes.
emotionally stable? Somtimes yes, sometimes no.
shy? Only around certain people.
difficult? It depends on what you mean by 'difficult'.
bored easily? Not really.
messy? Only when it comes to making my bed.
thirsty? Sometimes.
responsible? Yes.
obsessed? Very.
angry? Sometimes.
sad? Sometimes.
happy? Sometimes.
trusting? Not really.
ill? Not at the moment.
talkative? Yes, except for in Algebra 1.
original? Yes.
different? Yes.
quirky? Most definetly.
ignored? By some people.
reliable? you can say that
content? Sometimes.
optimistic? Sometimes.
deep thinker? Yes.
self-disciplined? Yes.
sleepy? Sometimes.
lonely? Sometimes.

Well, that was fun wasn't it kids? I'll add some more quizzes and surveys to this journal later. Well I went outside and played basketball instead of riding my bike. It's too dark anyway. If you read the survey you can tell that I'm being enticed by the magical tv machine to go watch it, so I must! Or the magic tv machine might kill me. I need to take a shower more than anything else but personal hygeine can wait for a while. I do love basketball ever so much! I am actually not that bad at it either! I can make shots from very far away and close up and everything. I'm not too sure on how people make shots while they are running though, that puzzles me.

Until Later,

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False Alarms and Nice Compliments [12 Mar 2003|04:26pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | It's on the Rocks by The Donnas ]

Today was actually eventful! Doing the title of this justice! Yay, so today was good.. hehe. I should really go by class periods or else you might only hear parts of it!

Biology: Well, I was having fun today. Alice pissed me off because she thinks she's so original wearing fake Mardi Gras beads, mine are real.. And she wore them the exact same way and didn't give me any credit man! God, sometimes Alice and Savannah are just too much. Elliot numbered everyone off into groups of three, ten groups in all. I was in a group with Alice and Dayne. Group 8 we were. We did a lab called 'Where's the CAT?'. Which means, find wherever Cytosine, Adenine, and Thymine combine and put a paper clip over them. Then I started whistling, I whistle weirdly, and I was doing it. The way I whistle makes it seem like I'm not because you can't actually see the opening that the whistle is coming from! Teresa looks over and says 'is that you?' and I said 'yes'. Suddenly, there were all these people watching me whistle and I was so embarrased! But it was also cool to get attention for once.
Algebra 1: Everyone was talking about their periods and I just sat there and did my homework because the only real friends that I have in that class are Mandie and Mary. Mary usually hangs out with the stupid upperclassmen that are in my class and Mandie is usually reading or too far away. She talks to Hoa a lot too so I'm not really sure what I can do there. :-(
Band: Today, we practiced for the Parade on the 15th. We marched around the track for the period. Many funny things happened while we were marching too. It's easy for me to play and march at the same time and everything I just suck at remembering what I'm supposed to play, I can't memorize the song very well. As I mentioned, while we were marching many funny things happened. I just so happened to be in a line with Pat, Kaisa, and Christ W. Which was not smart, the one Sr. guy was in out line too, he was our turn left guy. But Pat and Chris were messing around a lot. In the middle of the song they'd just yell penis and things. Earlier, when we were marching Kaisa's shoe came off and she just about died. Brian picked it up and she had to play Hosts of Freedom with a show under her arm. It was just so funny, you had to be there I suppose.
Lunch: Yay! Lunch was good. Scotty knows I'm still mad at him and he avoided me for more of the day. Kaisa and I got our food and walked to Ryne's table. Ryne said that he was only using Kaisa to get to me. And you know, just when he says this I look hideous eating a Bosco stick and all the cheese is all over my mouth. But then he says, some of that wasn't sarcasm. You're a good looking girl. YAY! I love when I get compliments. You must know this is a very rare thing to me, I think I'm cute, but it's still nice to hear it every once in a while. Then when we were leaving Kaisa jumped in the air and waved her arms and said 'Band Rocks!' and it just was so funny that I fell over and died laughing. God, I love Kaisa so much sometimes.
ACL: Kaisa switched seats with Havey. Oh, some news about Havey by the way. Last night his old cousin waxed his eyebrows so he looks retarded. He looked so much better when he had normal eyebrows! God, I wish he still have them, Havey is so dense sometimes. He said they were bleeding and everything. Gah, that must've hurt like fuck. Anyway, so we went over chapters one through five in A Tale of Two Cities and I took notes. I always take notes, I like taking notes. It's just because I'm a super dork. Heh.
Gym: Today was one of those days that Jill likes to show off on. She just kept doing splits and I was so glad when she did this hoppy thing and then the splits because Kiki yelled 'everyone can do that girl, don't get all excited.' Finally! Someone who agrees with me. I know Jill is pretty and blond and good at things. But still, I can't do the splits. Steven and Justin kept picking her up too. I would be really pissed if I was Evan (her boyfriend) too bad he doesn't go to the same school as we do. I wish she would've be so flirtatious sometimes. LEAVE THE BOYS FOR THE GIRLS WHO NEED THEM!
World History: The test wasn't really that hard at all. Tim was freaking out because he has play practice tonight. No no, he's not a theatre geek like the rest of the world, he's just doing spotlight. He only had a half hour to do his homework and that was going to be done after the test. It was really easy. I helped Jasmine fight because I don't want people to get pissed at me, and Jasmine's cool. She's one of the nice black girls at my school. Most of them are prejudice but I don't care, some are nice and some aren't. I don't care, just don't take your anger out on me! Anyway, so after the test I did the chapter review for homework and then sat there for a while talking to Tim. Then someone pulled the fire alarm. The alarm started going off and Erika knew who did it. It was Hoa. They were in Gym and as they came out of the old gymnasium to get dressed he just pulled it. The principal got on the loudspeaker and told everyone to go outside. The weird thing was, that it actually seemed like a fire too! There was this thin layer of smoke and it smelled like burning. Everyone in my class was talking about old Nickolodeon shows that were on tv. It's good to remember the good ol' days when everything seemed so innocent. As you can see, my day was pretty good!

It's very warm outside which is weird because it's usually cold as hell! And so it's warm and if it's still nice out when my Mom gets home then we are going to the park. Yay! Erika might show up too, that would be cool. We could have fun and the little kids could hang out with Becky and Mom could talk to Erika's Dad. Hm, it sounds fun. I'm doing my homework right now and I must leave you Mr. Blurty rather quickly because I need to read the Sparknotes for chapters six through eight in A Tale of Two Cities. It's easier than reading the book and whatever it doesn't say, Moldenhauer will just give us the answer to in class. She's also selling candy now to get new paperback books next year. I don't think fifteen cents is really going to work out if you're not selling that much stuff. Most of it is Grandma's cookies. I have lunch right before then and then gym right after so it's not the most appetizing idea. No pun intended.

Until Later,

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Gray Sweaters and Weird Appreciation [12 Mar 2003|07:15am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | I Can Change from the South Park Movie; Saddam Hussein ]

Hello once more. Well, I'm dressed and ready for school. School will come around at about 8AM. I wish my parents would leave sooner and then I could get to my locker and everything. Next year when I have zero hour I'll be here before all of my friends. That means I'll be leaving home next year at almost this time everyday. Weird, hm. I'm wearing lots of gray today. I have this cool inside-out looking gray shirt and then another gray sweater over the top. I have cool Old Navy pants too, they're all dark-blueish and things.

I studied for my World History test last night and I believe I will pass. I know all the lists and a lot of the painters and important people. My Dad and Mom tried to help me study but it didn't work because they can't pronounce French and Italian names. Haha, it was interesting listening to them trying to though. I guess that's just part of having a weird family, and when my Dad tried I couldn't understand what he was saying and I had to look at the notes myself to figure it out. And I don't even have sloppy handwriting! My Father is just weird. But I love him, so ya know.. Hehe.

Erika and I are going to have fun this weekend. I'm spending the night at her house on the 15th. During the morning of the 15th, I have to march for the parade with my band. We get judged and everything. Our band is usually good at everything the judges look for except marching. I'm not that good at marching, it's still nice to have the attention of everyone around you though. Kaisa and I were discussing this and she said that's why she likes it. Even thought it makes everyone see how stupid our uniforms are, it's still cool. We're marching outside today for practice so that might be a little interesting. No matter what on Friday we are also. I don't really want to march today but that's okay. Something else that's good about Band is that Tim is in it. I look over at him once and a while and it's just cool. Tim's a good kid. During regular marching season though, I don't believe he was very attractive. He still isn't the cutest guy buy people are shallow and can't see beneath the Jewish, intelligent, and sometimes downright annonying mentalities that he has. But I can and he apparently could see through my quiet and all that too. I'm not over-weight at all. Actually, I think I'm under-weight. I'm almost exactly 100 some days and then I'm ninety-eight or so on the others. But weight isn't an issue.

Well, that's enough for this morning. I'll write more when I get back home from school most likely, see you then!

Until Later,

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Yay for Me! [11 Mar 2003|07:39pm]
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I just made a really cool community. It's called bandgeeks, so if you are one like me join please! I'm sure you're going to get lots of comments and everyone's going to be nice and everything. I have to go take a shower and study for my World History test. I'll write later maybe. Have a nice night Blurty.

Until Later,

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Hello. [11 Mar 2003|04:24pm]
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Hi! My name is Amanda, and I will now be writing in this so called Blurty journal. I have a Deadjournal, a uJournal, a Xanga, and now a Blurty! Fantastic. Well, I had to lie to get one of these nice little journals but that's okay. My name is Amanda as I said, and I'm fourteen and a Freshman in high school. My high school is somewhat typical. Although we seem to have a lot more fights than other schools. I have one best friend, Erika, or Areka as I call her. So I'll refer to her a lot. Erika and I do most things together and just yesterday we had a small quarrel that upset me but it all worked out. Symbolism is very useful indeed. It's nice to see that the time on here is correct, unlike that blasted Deadjournal. Always two hours fast! Now this one has the correct time! Blurty is also prettier than Deadjournal and therefore more appealing. It's also free so that's always good. I helped this girl yesterday get a Deadjournal. I had an extra code and so I gave it to her. You can see her Deadjournal at Today was a half day, so we got out after third hour. My schedule is like this:

First Hour: Biology with Ms. Elliot
Second Hour: Algebra 1 with Mr. Crum
Third Hour: Band with Mrs. Goldberg
Fourth Hour: ACL (Advance Compistion and Literature) with Mrs. Moldenhauer
Fifth Hour: Gym with Mr. Eck
Sixth Hour: World History with Dr. Day, it used to be Mrs. Czjaka but she moved to Michigan.

So, after Band we got out. Band is probably my favorite class. I have a lot of friends in there so it's all good. And the guy I like, Tim, is also in Band. He's first chair alto saxophone. God, it's so weird how me liking him came about too. Tim asked me out earlier this year and I turned him down. Wow, I must seem stupid right? So karma comes back and just has to make me like him. He has all the qualities that I like in boys.. He's smart, he's got musical talent, he's funny, he's very nice, he's complimentary, he laughs at my jokes, and he's not super annoying. Something that's bugging me about him right now is that he's trying to lose weight. His doctor told him he need to lose fifty-two pounds. So now Tim is on the Adkin's Diet. I'm not sure it's the best thing for him. Earlier on in th year Ms. Elliot was very into talking about herself rather than teaching the class so it wasn't truely Biology 135. It was more like Get to Know Ms. Elliot 101. Ms. Elliot told us about how she was on the Adkin's Diet and it made her feel terrible and it made her want to kill herself. I just don't want that to happen to Tim. I think I care about him. Being that I don't know if I believe in Love yet, I'm not sure of that emotion either. It's confusing. I don't know whether to help Tim along with the diet and be there for him or try to get him off it. He looks great though, he's lost about fifteen pounds in fifteen days. I hope it doesn't get out of hand though. But I'm just not sure. Today was a good day though. I was tired and irritated that we had to go to school even for three hours. It's stupid to go and leave and go and leave to quickly. Kind of like the last day of school, it's pointless to go until you realize that you need to say good-bye to everyone. Hm, so we had first hour and it was fine. I had tons of homework in the classes that I didn't attend today though, I brang those books and folders home yesterday though, so we did a worksheet overlook and then she made us get in groups for twelve minutes to try and finish the homework. Biology is the only remaining homework that I have to do. I did all of the other things. :-) That lightens my spirits I suppose. Biology is all that's left! And I'll do that sometime later on in the night.

I'm talking to Scott right now and he's mad about something or other. But he's not truely mad. That Scotty is a weird fellow I must say. He's got bipolar tendencies I suppose. Not literal, just the way he goes up and down so quickly. In one day, I bet he experiences almost every emotion. That makes me jealous of him in a sense. We're talking about how he looks in the mirror on his electric guitar right now. Hm, Scott the weird one. I used to like him to. But that was before I got to know him a little better, I still have a little thing for him. He's just a little bit creepy. Just a little bit.. And that's weird to me.

Erika is probably eating Popeye's chicken right now. I could go for some Popeye's right now. If only I had a car and a license, or possibly a boyfriend with one.

Until later,

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