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    Sunday, October 12th, 2003
    10:58 pm
    Magazine Is Delayed Once Again
    Sorry about not posting to say that the magazine and e-zine will be delayed again. We are currently undergoing many major changes in order to bring you all a better, more improved, magazine and e-zine. We are not sure how much longer the magazine and e-zine will be delayed, and right now there is not a set date for it to be released again. We will post a message to inform you all when we finally form a release date. We are doing our best to keep everyone informed with only the best information on Anime and Manga.

    Sunday, September 21st, 2003
    4:36 pm
    Looking for New Employee
    We are now looking for a new employee who is good at making desktop wallpapers. If you feel that you are qualified, e-mail us at with "New Employee--Wallpapers" in the subject line. Hope to see many applications.

    2:46 pm
    New Release Date Planned
    We have planned on releasing our magazine and e-zine October 4th, 2003. Sorry so much for the delay, but we are having some difficulties. If all goes well and as planned, it will be released then, if not, it will be delayed again. So sorry.

    1:46 pm
    Delay will be for two weeks, follow up entry soon
    We have planned on releasing our magazine and e-zine in a couple weeks. Sorry so much for the delay, but we are having some difficulties.

    12:20 pm
    Currently Three Premade Wallpapers Available
    We now have three wallpapers (premade) available: a Hiei, a Kurama, and one for the whole cast of Inu-Yasha. We plan on having more very soon.

    Friday, September 19th, 2003
    5:19 pm
    New Premade wallpaper
    We now have two premade wallpapers: one for Inu-Yasha, and a Kurama [Yu Yu Hakusho (Poltergeist Report)] one.

    1:40 pm
    Request the e-zine
    If any of you want to be added to the mailing list for the e-zine, contact Danny at with "Add to E-Zine" in the subject line. Please include your name and e-mail address.

    1:32 pm
    Looking for new employees
    We have several openings right now at AM4E Inc. and we are offering you all a chance ("you all" referring to whomever reads this). Send and e-mail to with "Apply" in the subject line. Please include the name that you want to appear on the magazine and e-zine, e-mail address, past job/s (if any), skills (if any). There are many positions that are open, if you want to know what jobs there are instead of us placing you into one if you qualify for any, e-mail us at with "Open Positions" in the subject line.

    1:15 pm
    New wallpapers for computer desktops
    I am now working on making custom wallpapers for computer desktops. I can make custom wallpapers for any one if they so wish it, all they need to do is contact me at with "Wallpaper" in the subject line. You can also request for premade wallpapers by contacting me at the same address as mentioned previously with "Premade Wallpapers" in the subject line. So far we only have one Inu-Yasha wallpaper premade, but we will have more soon. Wallpapers are also free as of yet, but if we have but a few people request them, we will start charging for them.

    1:06 pm
    Magazine and E-zine will be delayed this month
    The company was going to send the magazine and e-zine out tomorrow (9/20/03), but I've been really sick lately and the other Robbie has not been able to work on it either, so it will be delayed for another week or so. We're planning on working on it tomorrow so it will be finished soon, if all goes as planned, it should be ready for publishing by next Satuday or Sunday.