ohhhh boy=P   
12:49pm 15/11/2003
mood: stressed
music: Cauterize - Still Breathing
I havent been on this for a while.... sooo busy!! School's a tad stressful right now. All these fucking tests and projects shit. i'm only KINDA screwed. WOW...the Sr. Boys volleyball lost yesterday ='( guess it was just one of their bad days. Sux tho, cuz they go friggin undefeated then lose at this game! that's just heartbreaking<|3

It's Chels' birthday today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELS!!!!! hehe I LOVE YA prettiful! so i was supposed to go to bbt with Jo, Dai, Gabriel and his friends... but im way too busy, AND broke. wut a saturday...i best be goin to study and shit. i have to go over to my aunts house tonight to eat dinner. fun fun..NOT. hehe

much love, xoxo mel
-:-wasted night   
07:08pm 08/11/2003
mood: restless
music: Tsunami Bomb - El Diablo
my friday was pretty shitty. let's see, i got back from Multicultural practice.....the middle eastern choreographers are SOO UNORGANIZED!!! They didnt have anything ready, they didnt even know what song we're using, they wouldnt even have any dance moves if it werent for Parastoo! Ah well, im sure * i hope * they'll be finished on Wednesday.

I cant believe we got into the playoffs in basketball!! haha, thats pretty freakin hilarious. we play some team i dont know on tuesday! same day as the boy's volleyball team~the undefeated~, they're sooo awesome!!

-->omg! GOOD NEWS!!!! MELiSSA'S COMING BACK!!!!! YAY! AWWWW!!! Missed her lots!!!<--

Today was actually even shittier, i worked all day and yeah now i'm here, rambling on about shit. oh yeah and watching the hockey game (2nd period just finished) and there's no score!.. yeah, boredom is the word. and i have church tomorrow......whoop-dee-doo. what a thing to look forward to. well, i'm going shopping tm i think, with my parents of course. I might get a snowboard!!! and i'm getting new shoes! I SOOO CAN"T WAIT TILL SKI CLUB!!!! i'm already in that! YAY!!! chris arnone's definitely gonna be teaching me to carve!!!! lol...i think i'm incompetent. but meh. i'm sure i'll get it =P yeah, well i best be getting back to my hockey game!!
lotsa love, xoxo MEL
-::as we proceed::-   
10:40pm 05/11/2003
mood: excited
music: Everclear - Wonderful
YAY I'm soooo excited for *Multicultural Show!!* Especially now that i'm doing a scene with Parastoo! (hehe, "NO! We're NOT KIDDING!!") BeLLay Dancin...yeah right, picture me doing THAT! LOL! Well they'll teach me!!! LOL... I hope! meh. it'll be awesome anyways cuz parastoo's in a ~sexalicious outfit!!!!!! I LOVE COSTUMES! They're friggin supremely awesome.

way past my bedtime, ttyl sweets!
Much love, xoxo MEL >TrEE
High Hopes   
06:06pm 04/11/2003
mood: relieved
music: Audioslave - Show Me How To Live
whoa, what a day! It was sadie's birthday today! *HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER* teehee. We had this crazy funny motivational speaker person come to speak to us today.. Laughed my ass off. that was some crazy shiet. since when do u ever get to see teachers DANCE!?!?
After school today i had a multicultural show practice. aww... adam missed his bus for me! =P sareda's soo lucky, i signed her up in group 4 last minute, there was one girl that didnt go too! lol. good timing i would say. Any who, the practice was pretty awesome, i wasnt even supposed to go today! i'm in group 3, and groups 3&4 practice together cuz its separate! so yay sareda's in the same half of the scene as me! lol we da models!!! haha pretty sexay ones too.....i think lol. i'm in another scene too but i dont even know which one... lol that's pretty bad but w/e. i'll figure it out no prob. hehe.

FRIG! The electricity keeps going out!!! and i'm fucking home alone! do u know how scary that is?!?! >VERY< Especially watching Texas chainsaw massacre not too long ago. i'm still freaked over that. i'm gonna pee my pants! my dogs are super annoying too. the electricity shit keeps beeping and so they keep barking and whining... and they're supposed to protect me? thats a laugh.

so i hear its very slippery outside....haha adam was taking out the garbage and fell flat on his ass! awww poor baby. lol OMG i want to get a tattoo on my foot/ankle and a cartilage piercing... cant wait till i'm 16..well 18 would be better but that's just wishful thinking. haha wishful thinking....i do a lot of that. =P well i'm gonna go do HW...or try to anyways

love ya forever, xoxo mel
02:28pm 02/11/2003
mood: giddy
music: Billy Talent - Beach Balls
alrights, so here goes my weekend-> it all started with me going to some stupid tutor teacher person *my mom forces me*, it was only for an hour. Then my mom picked me up and drove me to our Laurier Optical store in chinktown. I worked there for like an hour or more and Jo came to meet me there. We fixed up Sareda and Leanne's presents and then called them up to meet them at Bubblicity. hehe Michelle is the most asian white girl i've ever known!! hehe i love u! (u even love the vietnamnese.. uhh caramel cake? and omg BBT!! that's the greatest drink in the world.) well yeah anyways.. we met them at the bus stop and a bunch of us drank bbt. Then we went to Bayshore for like 3-4 hours! haha crazy! It got kinda boring at Bayshore for that long so we went to Gabriel's house for a bit *thats where we ate "caramel cake"* and then walked to the colo from there.

so i was wrong...no we didnt end up watching Scary Movie 3. we watched TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE(thx to Dai..mr. 18-yr-old)!! HOLY SH!T that was soo scary! LMAO PARASTOO screaming and the sweater!!! ahaha.... oh and there was this one part where it was all quiet and one of the guys hits a chicken and it like squaked, i gasped so freaking loudly that people behind us started laughing!! it was soo funny! but yeah, i cant believe they still havent been able to catch this guy. He's soo crazy!! He like tortures people, collects people's body parts, and he'll slice off people's faces and but them on his own like a mask... and of course i cant forget the CHAINSAW that he runs after everyone with.

So after the movie i go home to sleep. I wake up at around 400am from a nightmare *that i dont remember* and i was covered in sweat LoL... that's when i slept with the lights on while blasting Brandy's music. wow did i feel like a loser. haha

well i have plenty of HW to do. l8er sk8ers! <3
lotsa love, xoxo mel
08:32pm 31/10/2003
mood: hopeful
music: Strawberry Gashes - Jack Off Jill
HELLLLOOOOO......hehe hey guys its mel..TRI
yeah its halloween and i'm like super-duper bored!!! You kno how i'm not allowed to go out and stuff....*sniffles* no trick or treating for me. Me and my crazy strict mother!!! She thinks Halloween is all ~EVIL~ and stuff!! WHAT A *FREAK*! gawd, i hafta turn off all the lights and stuff and i just sit at home!! It's pretty sad. haha i hope you guys are having fun...;P well..i guess its not that bad. i was talking on the phone with adam before..aww i luv him! hehe. oh and jo, marina, olga, and mimi might come over later to watch movies after trick or treating! that should be better! and i guess tomorrow makes up for tonight!! I'm gonna go watch scary movie 3!! it'll be so frickin awesome, hah BUt LOUD!! It's gonna be like ASiAN iNVASiON there!!! hahaha!! But before we go to do that, we're gonna go drink BUBBLE TEA!!! *that's soo yummy* THEN we're gonna go to the mall and stuff, then that's when we go see the movie. YAY i'm so excited for that! hehe. Adam's gonna be going!! awww...my sexay speedo-man! haha!! jkjk~! WOW all the costumes at school today were sooooo awesome!! They definitely made my day!! awww.. Parastoo ur soo adorable! i definitely loved that prettiful dress of yours ya cutie!! aww! haha and i really liked isabelle's ->paperbag princess<- haha what a cute idea! hehe! and yes the fairy men were so funny!! haha. I was actually kinda surprised by all the ppl that dressed up! everyone looked so great....Adam's "hooter-man" costume lmao. well atleast it's a nice T-shirt haha! Well this is awesome, i love blurty! i hafta go meet mimi at the bus stop now!
Love you all ... with a freaking passion!
xoxo MeL