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Monday, March 8, 2004

10:40PM - Yeah...Yeah...YEAHS!!!

So last night Jenny, Chris, Eric and I all went and saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in concert. Well there was the first band that was on and they were called the Hex and my opinion is they have way too many people in the band. They would take turns being the drummer and then there were 2 people that were shaking what looked like a coke bottle with quarters in it and they were just so ugly. There was like one girl and I was like could she wear something better looking than a 3 quarters sleeve too tight shirt? Oh well so they go off and then these crazy ass people ran out and one was dressed like a lion, a chicken and a cow with udders! Okay tell me that doesn't sound crazy? So they were all running around screaming and I was like what the hell? Is this the act before the next act? And I thought it was a joke well in the background they have like a slideshow of themselves and the guy is all picking his nose and then the girls take off their chicken and lion heads and one of them looks like her nose was bleeding from snorting too much cocaine...and they would fall down flail around like crazy. Then they were like we are SSIon. I was like you have got to be kidding me. While SSIon was on these 3 drunk ass guys come stumbling along and runs into jenny and I and are very apologetic and they walk off. Well they keep heading closer up in front and there was this 6 foot tall guy with an afro that made him like 7 foot and they hit him in the head. The guy turned around and was like what the hell and just went back to listening to the concert then they just socked him in his head and the guy of course moved. I was like everyone back the fuck up. Chris looked at me like i was drunk and stumbling and I was like there is a fight up there. Well then I guess they thought, "Hell if I beat the shit out of people then they will move" so he went up and hit someone else and the guys girlfriend turned around and tried to separate them and the drunk asses got pissed and tried to go around the girl and almost hit the poor girl. Well this guy came up behind me and yelled that he was going to get security and ran away. Security comes up and asks "Where's maven?" I was like You know him by name? Isn't that a bad sign? He got hauled away and everybody was yelling and so happy. And we went back to watching the crazed people on stage. Then we were standing there waiting for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the hottie guitarist Nick came out with his bad ass hair. He's not even close to Chase but compared to every guy I saw at the concert he was hott. Well anyways the concert was over and it was time to go home. I get home to try to talk to Chase because I had a horrible dream the night before. I dreamed that we went on Spring Break together and I had left to go somewhere and he stayed wherever we were. When I came back he was in bed doing the nasty with these two girls. One of them was Trishelle from the Real World Vegas that I hate to watch on tv. I was online with Trishelle talking to Chase and Chase used that chance to start emailing her and I couldn't stop it. Dreaming that is worse than when we try to hit someone in dreams and it doesn't hurt them. I was so upset and I would just imagine them together when I saw them in the room and I was killing myself and I finally woke up and I was just so upset. I woke up in tears of pain and rage. I guess thats an underlining fear of mine that he will cheat and leave me. I just couldn't handle it. I'd probably die in many ways. Well he was playing a game so I told him to call me. I went to bed incredibly upset and crying. I had the feeling come across me that I didn't want to even hold Kylee. I guess it's post partum, well lets say I'm hoping bc that at least will go away a lot easier than hate towards her. So I decided to pray and wow that took a lot off my chest. I went to sleep a little happier and little satisfied. He went and got Kylee tattooed on his foot. Its so awesome. It's wonderful. He called this morning and I was so tired and couldn't concentrate. Well I waited until today to put my whole 10 page essay together for psychology and it was really good. It was my last day in psych and that was such an easy class. I wish all my classes were like that. Now back to my stupid phone!! I ordered a new battery bc the t-mobile people told me thats what I would need and I got it today and it didn't work. So I was going to order a phone off ebay and Chase wanted me to call the t-mobile store to see if they would give me a loaner. I didn't think they'd do that bc I had to go order the phone battery online. So I took a long shot and called customer care and they are sending me a new phone!! Woo hoo! I cannot wait, I miss having a phone. Plus I'm going to Padre and need one so bad. Then I have new news about that. I get a phone call today and the other guy that is going with us on the trip is taking a train and he will be in San Antonio on Saturday morning at 4am. Well I have a meeting on Saturday morning at 10:30 that I have to go to so I was thinking about maybe taking a plane down there and so that guy wouldn't be all alone. Well Jill calls Tim and this surprised the hell out of me, Tim was like Just try to see if you can get out of it, if not he can wait. I thought that was pretty cool. I'm going to try but I know what they will say. This crazy manager we have now is not the nicest not like the old one. Blah I'm gonna head to bed I need some type of sleep right about now...check ya laterz

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