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Monday, March 1, 2004

1:57PM - the problems with hospitals

okay this is what has pissed me off to no end and I think that if I typed it all out I might feel 20 times better, well at least getting it off my mind. When Kylee was at the hospital, she got there at about 7 and right then they put an iv in her foot. I was not in the room because when I was outside I had the sudden urge to run in there and beat the shit out of everyone. Imagine me in there with my baby. She was screaming and carrying on and it just upset me. Well she didn't like the room. This room was so uninviting and the size of a big bathroom. It fit a crib, a bed, and a few chairs. When I was at LS Hospital I was so pampered and just loved every minute of it and this hospital was fucking horrible compared to it. Well the doctor did not come in until noon the next day. It could have been because they never told him to come check on me. On Tuesday when we had her tested for RSV they told us to go home and wait for him to call. The next day I went back to his office to find out the test results and he was so made because I didn't keep Kylee in the hospital the day before. I told him that the nurses and techs told us to go home and you would be contacting us. Come to find out those bastards did not even try to look for him and they hadn't even looked at her x-rays of her lungs. So I had to leave and wait at home where I knew Kylee would be comfortable until those bastards decided they wanted to check it out. Anyways back at the hospital, the next morning I was so full-on upset that I left and went home to just relax and take a shower and wash her some bottles and get some more diapers for my lil dear. When I got back she had a fever of 101, she was sleeping, she didn't want to eat, and she laid there lifeless. I held her and began crying so much in front of my parents and Jenny. Well I got myself together and the doctor came in about 1 and said, "The nurses told me you wanted to see me." I was like, "DUH she is your patient! Help her!!" He looked at the room and said, "Could they have put you in a smaller room?" The funny thing is every nurse said that when they came in also. So he said that she sounded good and was getting better. Well thank goodness because they decided that it would be a good idea to move us to something bigger! Hmm...ya think?? Well when we got into our new room I rocked Kylee to sleep and just held her while I helped Jenny with her homework. Then the IV monitor began beeping. So just like the other times I called up to the nurses station and said, "Her IV is going off!" They told me they would send someone down. 5 minutes later, noone showed up and I called again. Noone showed up well let's walk down there. So I stroll down there pretty pissy and see 4 nurses in front of the desk and 4 behind. I told them, "I NEED HELP!" they looked at me and said, "You're in room 129 right? We'll be down there shortly." I should have stayed there but I thought maybe they were busy or something. 5 minutes later...Jenny walks down there to tell someone. She then waits outside the door and noone comes still. At 3:30 I called down there and said, "SOMEBODY BETTER COME DOWN HER NOW!!!!" Well the nurse we had the day before was walking in the door before I could finish. She looked and oh the fucking IV got so BACKED up that they would have to put another IV in my little girls foot. The foot can fit into my hand, just imagine the fucking veins!! Wonderful I know! Well I called my mom to tell her to come back up here because they had to put another IV in her foot and she got up there pretty damn quick! Well Chase had called and I went outside to smoke because like I said I couldn't handle her crying and screaming. So I smoked and said I love you and started back to the room. I was talking to him for a good 15 minutes and when I left the nurses and techs were going in there to try the IV again. When I walked up to the room all the nurses were filing out and i could hear my baby screaming. I walked in there and my doctor was in there. Well they tried twice and couldn't get a good vein so they were going to call another guy and the doctor came in and said, "No we aren't doing this!" I looked at the bed and my child had bled on the bed. Very upsetting!! Well what made me mad is that they would come in to the room to just look at her at random times but when I needed them to help they wouldn't! Goodness I am thinking about taking her to a new doctor like a pediatrician...well enough of my ranting...

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9:43PM - rehabilitation for my mind

So today I went to my psych night class and I had a sort of slap in the face. I never thought of depression as a "mental illness." About 9 people came into the class to tell us about their illnesses. Schizophrenia, severe depression, & bi-polar were explained and they told me according to doctors that if a person is on Wellbutrin or Paxil then you are thought of as a person with a mental illness. After hearing that I felt as if I was going to be sick. I was just concentrating on throughout the whole class period that I was crazy. That's not exactly the way I should put it that way but how else should I think of it? oh well...I need to have a slap in the face so maybe I can do something about it.

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