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[01 Jun 2003|03:01pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | none... ]

[I went shopping today and I bought a new mini skirt, a cute tee, and a Gucci wallet. Then I went home and I had to start working on this stupid azz AP English project which I think is fucked up. It's worth 250 points damnit. Agh Im never gonna finish it. SO STRESSED DAMNIT! Anyways I'm out latez]

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[25 May 2003|12:45pm]
[ CashMoneyCutie08: damnnn the oaesters were fuckin bombbbbb
Jessyka Babie85: what's oasters
CashMoneyCutie08: u kno
CashMoneyCutie08: seafood
CashMoneyCutie08: hahahahaha
CashMoneyCutie08: tha ones in the sheellz
CashMoneyCutie08: buh the big azz ones
Jessyka Babie85: ROFLLLLLLLL
Jessyka Babie85: OYSTERS!!!!!!!!!

LadyChica87: whats oasters??
LadyChica87: toasters
JessykaBabie87: OYSTERS!!
LadyChica87: o! you eat them?
JessykaBabie87: ...........................
LadyChica87: what the fucccccccccc
LadyChica87: arent those called clam]
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[24 May 2003|01:02am]
[Hannah's over. We went to the movies earlier and watched Matrix Reloaded; it was sooo much fun- these old guys started to hit on me and Hannah and we started to cuss them out. Then this cute guy walks by looking at us like we were weird and so then Hannah couldn't stop laughing. After the movie, Hannah and me walked around the mall and we went into Hot Topic... lol Oh my god that shop is so funny. We started to mock all of the people there and they were like all staring at us. After that we drove back to my place and we chilled with Lexi, John, Ben, and Kevin. Then they all left and I'm stuck here updating.]
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