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Friday, March 5th, 2004

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    Sometimes life sucks real bad.
    Well, um, I guess that I'll elaborate on that. You see, I've been kind of going out with this guy since Sunday, but we don't really talk or anything. Well, he' s friends with my best friend, and she is mad at me because I still like, and talk about the guy that I've had a crush on since sixth grade. To me, since we don't talk, and he is making no effort too, we are not in a strong, healthy relationship. Therefore, I don't have to not talk about the guy that I like. Just because you have a boyfriend, it does not mean that you can't like other guys. As long as you look but don't touch. And I'm most certainly not touching. Thank you very much. Well, that's why my life sucks right now. I mean, I don't see why she is mad at me. She asked me this morning, "When are you guys going to break up? You don't even make the effort to talk." Then she gets mad at me because of something stupid that happened. Sometimes I wish that I could just wish away everything bad in my life. Like today for instance, I would wish away a lot of things that happened today at school. Well, I guess that I've done enough ranting and raving for today, but, that doesn't mean that I won't be back tomorrow. ::Insert evil laugh here:: Yah, right. Well, I think that that's enough depression for today, hopefully tomorrow, or the next time that I write, it will be about something happier. Oh, by the way, my friend is in French class with my crush, and she said that they were playing a game, and that she had to go up against him, and that she won. Then she told me that he was a pansy. Lmao. Catcha' later peoples.

    Current Mood: morose
    Current Music: I Touch Myself- Dinvinyls

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