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yePp. [19 Aug 2003|01:56pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Konstatine - SoCo ]

okay well sunday my cuzin came over:) boy do i love him!. shan came over too. then she left nd i went to the drive in with bree and rikki. i was stuck being the third wheel. freddy vs. jason was completely gay. and idn i guess i has an alright time.but it wud have been better if there was sumwun else there for me to hangout with while the too idiots were together.. butt yeaa. after that i went to brees. spent the night. then yesterday morning cuz bree had field hockey . and i went to get my hair dun @ jills with my sister and alla her friends. yea it was fun. but anyways. then i went to brees for a total of 2 hours. yeah fun fun. we walked t o the cemetary and jus chilled for a while. then my mom came nd picked me up andi went home. so ali cud come over but she told me that she cudnt. so i was pretty bummed out. then kev told me 2 meet him half way and he did start walking wen i got to the half way cuz i called him. and told him to run. so i started walkin towards himand we met up. then on our journey bacjk to my house we bumped into Robby Bren Nick and Mike. we walked a biut with them then me nd kev wentt to my houe. and chilled. then shannon came over and we all jus chilled. then my sister came home and told me thee was a rpaest onthe streets of bellingham so i got scared. then blake kevin and will decided it was funny to scare me. which it wasnt :( haha well right now im waitin for my mom to come home so i can go to my physical and then go to JENNA`z ! :)

We Start Volleyball today..

xOx Allie xOx

(-->(8)<-- LeAvE SuM LoVnN)

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