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Friday, December 20th, 2002
3:17 am - wait..i forgot something
im still learning how to use this shit, so i forgot to put my mood and it goes

current mood: awake
current music: listening to "the parent hood" from the den

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2:57 am - My first entry :)
wassup Blurty.....this is my first journal entry and i must say..i feel like kind of a dork. but who cares? not me.... i really dont know what to do. not a lot to talk about either. im home on christmas break and it sucks MAJORLY. Home is so boring and i just wanna peel my eyes out. Plus I miss my TarTar...who's "TarTar" you may ask? Thats my significant other from school...we just starting dating...thats all u need to know for now. Oh well, thats it for my first entry. I look forward to many, many more...unless i move to live-journal with the rest of my friends. HAHA! And I probably will :)

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