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No more procrastination... [16 Oct 2004|03:14am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Switchfoot ]

I gotta get my ass on track....gotta stop the slacking...i WILL STOP THIS NONSENSE... i hope i have tomorrow at the party though...i've been too lonely in my room...i hope i meet some nice hot guys at the party...hmm....i gotta stop worrying too much and just deal with things. My stroking on the guitar is back to crappy...i need to practice more...alright time to go sleepy...later...peace

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La la la..... [11 Oct 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Muse ]

Soo besides the fact that i got to go to San Francisco this weekend to see Switchfoot which was extremely awesome, im also glad that i brought Elisa's guitar with me back to school. It helps me clear my head and doesn't let just sit around in my room all day. So yes....that is cool...i gotta meet new people...make new friends....gotta put my charming personality to use right?....alrighty imma play some guitar catch yall later! Peace

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He remembered my name......ahhh.... [05 Oct 2004|06:14pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Jet: Timothy ] this is what happened today in softball class...the class was out in the field and i still needed to go get a glove so i decided to go into the gym and coming from the opposite way towards me was the hot guy....and i thought to myself "be more outgoing, outgoing", and so i looked straight at him and said hi and smiled....and he smiled back (he looked way cute by the way) and he said "you playing today?" and i said yeah and he said "ok we're gona be in the far field" and i said ok . I felt so happy because that was the most i have ever said to him and him to me. he he he....but wait there's team was up to bat and i was just leaning on the fence as usual and he was standing next to me but not as close as last time and then he just started talking to me, he was like "i thought you weren't gonna play today, i thought you didnt care about your team" and i was like "nooooooo....." and he just laughed at me and said he was kidding...and so of course i think i blushed so weak...heh...ok well then it was my turn to bat...and long and behold i hear him saying from the fence "Alright Azalia its all you, Come on Azalia make me proud..." and i went crazy inside my head cuz he remembered my name and he was cheering me on and i think i got more excited becuz i'm the only one he's cheered i actually made a good hit and i went to first base, and once i got there i heard him yelling out, that was a good hit! i had to keep my face down becuz i knew i was extremely yes....but remembered that i said that there was another girl on the team who is the pitcher....i think she likes him too and i think she was getting jealous when all this was happening cuz after class was over and we were walking back she came up to me and asked me what my major was and i told her engineering and she said "oh thats right you're one of those crazy people" but the thing was that the way she said it and her tone, it sounded like she meant it to be like an insult almost, and then she was saying all these things about math to kinda try to prove that she's smarter than me or sumthing...i dunno thats the sense i got from that was anyways...that was that...comment on this later k....peace

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Same ol' same ol'.... [04 Oct 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Muse ]

Im so weird, today i was supposed to have a 9am class but for some strange reason i thought i had it at 8am so i was rushing like crazy to get to class. What sucks though its that its a three hour class already so i ended up making it a four hour class today... why do i do this to myself? hmm....ok gotta get back to homework ttyl...peace

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Better late than never... [03 Oct 2004|06:28pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | Linkin Park: My december ]

I went to Church today...i was late....but i still went. I've been really lazy this weekend, i keep sleeping in, but then again i keep going to bed at 2. I love Inuyasha, its awesome. I love the pictures i put up in my room. Since i am in my room most of the time, sometimes i'll just doze off into one of the pictures and pretend like my room is in the middle of that place. It's great, so my room isn't just my room....comprende? Well, back to doing some more homework, it's all due on thursday but i got alot and i also have three quizzes on Thursday too so i better get crackin....alrighty ttyl peace....

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Gotta keep busy... [02 Oct 2004|05:16pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Maroon 5: Sweetest goodbye ]

Today has been a pretty lonely day...just been in my room all day. I printed out some really cool pictures i found in and i put them up on my walls becuz they looked so empty. Vince still has spoken to me. So thats that. I guess its for the best. I talked to Andy yesterday about the hot guy in my class and he said that all i have to do is go up to him and say hi and that's it. That then it'll all be up to the guy. He says i put too much pressure on myself. I thought it was funny. But yeah...for the rest of the day i'm just gonna dedicate it to studying and homework. I have to go to church tomorrow, didnt go last week. OHh and that movie with Angelina Jolie "Life or something like it" is actually pretty good, you should check it out. Alrighty catch u later, peace!

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I hate Blushing.... [30 Sep 2004|12:14pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | The Killers ]

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......ok i'm glad i got that off my chest. Today was a good day. Just in case you're wondering...its about the hot guy again....wheewwww.... Sooo....i was in my softball class and the guy was looking pretty good as usual, so it was my turn to go up to bat and I happened to hit a decent one this time but they caught it anywayz so i had to run back to where my team was...and i as i was walking by everyone to go the end of the line, the hot guy looked at me and said "that was a good hit" and i said "thanks", i felt stupid though cuz i felt like i shrank down into a little girl when i said thanks...uhh...when will i grow up...anywayz...i think i started blushing after he said that...but then later on in the game i was just standing there in line cheering on the teammates and what not and the girl next to me asked me what my name was so i told her and then out of nowhere the hot guy said "like the flower?" and i said i think i blushed some more.....dang it....i'm so obvious....well anyway AND THEN....during the next inning when it was our turn to bat again, the guy had just finished batting and he got out in second base and as he was walking back to where we were ...i got nervous cuz i was just standing there and out of all the open spaces he comes and stands in the middle of everyone right next to me....(blushed once again)...i had that feeling when ur stomach feels like its going up and down...yep...i was so blushing so i turned my body so that my back would be facing him cuz he would so tell....i needed to buy myself time to calm down....i think he wanted to start a conversation but i kept turning or stepping out the side a little more everything i saw that he'd get closer....Oh my goodness...i'm such a weirdo....I think I'm scared of hot guys....but nah i think its just mostly that I feel like I'll make a complete ass out of myself which i tend to do in the process of thinking this....errrr.....anywayz if my "Grow Up Meter" rises anytime soon I'll let ya know....ok peace

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Back to School [28 Sep 2004|12:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Yellowcard ]

So its been pretty interesting these past few days....came back to school...interesting classes. Sadly tho there isnt any really hot guys in my classes. However, yesterday i decided to add some kin classes to my schedule (sports). So i added Karate and Softball, i dont have karate until tomorrow but today i had softball. I got there and Steve (Vince's friend) happened to be in that same class. The teacher chose 4 leaders to pick teams and Steve was one of them. It really surprised me that he was mean and that he didnt even pick me. I was confused but then i thought that he had something against me for breaking up with Vince...i dunno...but i still thought it was kinda mean for him to do that. But anywayz this other guy picked me to go on his team...and long and behold this really hot guy was in that team too....yay....i guess things happen for a reason ehh...hehe...well we were playing and i was the back catcher and the really hot guy was out in middle field so i had something nice to look at. We ended up playing against Steve's team, so i thought to myself, "ok i guess since he doesnt want me on his team i guess i'll just have to kick his butt with my team", so we did. Even though i wasn't much help cuz they caught all my hits. It was pretty hot outside but i didn't really mind because the hot guy had taken off his shirt out in middle field and man oh man he has the hottest body i've seen from any guy hot hot...i think i was smiling to myself...i hope no one saw me....hehe...Oh yeah and i embarrassed myself so bad in front of him too...ahhh....i do the dumbest things....ahhhh.... K so i was leaning against the chain linked fence waiting for my turn to hit and the hot guy was standing next to me. When it was my turn i turned a little to start walking towards the base and my shoe got stuck on the bottom part of the fence where some of the wires were sticking out....causing me to trip over myself and almost onto the hot guy but i stopped myself before anything of that happened...he was ready to catch me too...dang it....i should of let myself fall huh???'m just glad i'm on his i'll know that softball will be my happy hour on tuesdays and thursdays...hip hip hurray!!!....Ok i'm so stupid...i'll stop this nonsense....

ttyl peace

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Guys can be difficult sometimes [15 Sep 2004|09:24am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]
[ music | Sugarcult: It's Over ]

Today i'm supposed to go get some cheesesteak with Vince. I feel weird though. After we broke up we told eachother we'd be cool friends, but sometimes i don't feel like hanging out with him. Except i feel bad because i told him i would, so i am, but i told him to wait until my sister's came home so we could get some food for them too. I guess the reason why i dont want to hang out with him as much anymore is because i feel weird and uncomfortable around him especially when i get a sense that he might be trying to find a way to get back with me. It's that thought that makes me feel weird because i know that i don't want to get back with him. I don't have any bf/gf feelings for him anymore, at all. I know that sometimes when he calls me to hang out i'm a little cold with him. I try to keep conversions short and i always go "ehh...nah" or "umm...its ok" everytime he asks me to hang with him. Honestly i just get irritated sometimes when my phone rings and its him cuz i know that he wants to hang out. I dont know if i'm being paranoid about it or not but i do try to look at things like "ohh...he's just trying to keep the friendship going by wanting to hang out" but then i get really weirded out becuz when we do hang out he looks at me weird. Like when we were at my house watching the Punisher, we were sitting on opposite couches and i felt weird and turned to look and we was starring at me.....ewww......ewww is exactly how i felt. Also when he tries to be extra nice to me or tries to do things that i wanted to do when we were together but he wouldnt to do like go to the beach or go clubbing. Stuff like that. I don't like it. I just told him no to the clubbing and beach thing with him, i said i didnt like clubbing anymore and that i didnt feel like going to the beach. I dont want to go with him is more exact. Too weird, too uncomfortable. I hope he meets somebody soon, if not I hope I do.

Well, for now I'm just gonna try to keep myself occupied. I'm gonna cut my hair today, and i gotta go buy a little vacuum for Sophie (my beautiful sweet car). Alrighty i'll let you know later how cheesesteak went....later

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Neglect is not good.... [14 Sep 2004|11:53am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Snow Patrol: Run (awesome song) ]

I'm sorry dear journal for not keeping u updated :( IM SOO SOWEEE.....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Ok im glad i got that out of my system....hmm....lets see.....pretty much what i've been doing these past few days has been just getting ready to go back to school, buying supplies and such. I tried going shopping for clothes but i was dissappointed with what they had in stores so i decided to make some of my own clothes. So i've been excited about that, its very fun actually. I'm getting excited about going back to Cal Poly, whew hewwww!!! I want to meet really cool people and really hot nice guys...hehe. I was watching the new GC video and i must say that Billy Martin was looking pretty gud ;) I guess all this excitement about meeting new guys means that i'm over my ex-boyfriend. I think that's a good thing. It's just so weird though that when you're in a relationship with a guy you think so high of him and then when you break up all that starts fading away and you're left wondering where it came from. I think that it is true that love is blind, but it is also blinding....yep...that's my philosofical statement of the day....As for the rest of the day i gotta do some cleaning up and cook some dinner for when the rest of the beautiful family comes back i better get crackin....ok ttyl, i promise.....later

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[07 Sep 2004|10:34am]
[ mood | nauseated ]
[ music | Phantom Planet ]

This is my first EVER journal entry...kind of exciting! I'm still a little too tired though to get excited...
Didn't get much sleep last night and i woke up really early to help my lil sis on her HW...which was tons of fun by the way ;p Anywayz did that then had to take the two little midgets to school and to put frosting on the cake i still havent had any breakfast...thats why i feel kinda uggghh.....tired + nauseated

My mom wants to take me shopping today so i'll see how that goes, when i do go that is, she's been next door chit chatting wit the neighbor all morning...hmm...maybe i should call her again... hopefully we'll go eat out somewhere cuz there aint nothin gud up in our fridge! ;)

Alright im off to rescue the chippy(mom)

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