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[04 Aug 2004|10:14pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Fist Full of Sand ]

I read like 100 pages today, guys, isn't taht awesome! And reading was about all I did today. I tried to call Eric to hang out, but he said he would call me back tonight and never did. Jerk! I couldn't get a hold of Kyle and by the time Ryan and I made plans and got a hold of Kyle, I couldn't go anywhere. I had to stay downstairs and babysit. It sucks... AND, my mom woudn't take me to get my schedule today..that sucked even more! Today was also Shelby's birthday, so she was being more annoying as usual, but she wasn't around that much, so I suppose it was ok.

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Eric's yellow ribbon...hehe [03 Aug 2004|11:53pm]
[ mood | Cool! ]
[ music | Where Zero Meets 15 ]

I saw Van Helsing for the 3rd freakin' time today! My mom wanted me to go see a movie with her and we cna only afford the cheap theater, and that seemed like the good movie t o see. But, it was lame since we got no previews! But..I suppose you get your two bucks worth.

I had practice again tonight and it was super hot! I was dyin'! And, I forgot water again! Practice also seemed a lot longer tonight than last night. It sucked. Before practice was fun, though! Kyle and I went to Arby's and I hadn't had it in like years, so that was cool. Then, when I got to school Justin and I drove back to his house to get his dot book and traffic sucked, so we thought we were going to be late, but we even stopped for gas and still made it back to school in time. Oh, yes, we rock!

Well, I have reading and sleeping to do.

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Busy, Busy [02 Aug 2004|11:28pm]
[ mood | There? ]
[ music | Blue Comb '78 ]

Today was a busier day than usual. My usual day is just me sitting in my room at the computer...all day. But, today I actually got up early, no idea why, and I went babysitting, then came home and cleaned, and did some more cleaning, then read a bit, then went to practice.

Wow, after camp, practice goes by so much faster! The night was done really quick, but we did make progress. Which is very good! Although, the brass really needs to open up...a lot. But, I have faith in them! They will get there someday.

I'm really not sure if I'm gonna get all my summer assignments done. I am trying, though! I just get very...distracted, ya know? Why am I taking AP anyway!? Oh well, I should be getting to bed soon.

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Scotty Doens't Know! [01 Aug 2004|11:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | FIF ]

Yep, I still have 650 pages left of my psyche book to read. I don't know if I can really do it. I also still have like 8 papers to write for that class too. And, I really need to sign up for lessons. I've never taken a lesson in my's going to be scary! Hopefully it will make me better, though.

Today, Jeff, Sarah, Calynn, and my cousin, Ronnie, came over for a dinnerish thing. I haven't seen Ronnie in forever, but he's a pretty cool guy. And Jeff gave me two more FIF CDs, cool, huh? Then I sat around my room, read for a bit, listened to music, checked out stuff on the net.

Later, I went to Kyle's and him, me, Ryan, and Eric all watched Eurotrip unrated, which wasn't very unrated. There was like one different part that wasn't even that bad. LAME! That movie frightens me...too many naked, ugly, old, fat men.

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The Levee [31 Jul 2004|09:05pm]
[ mood | Just kinda there... ]
[ music | FIF! ]

My parents wanted family outing day today, so we all went to the levee. When we got there, I had the choice of seeing 'I, Robot' with my mom, Ellye, Cuyler, and Carter, or hanging out with my Dad, Colin, Camden, and Calla. I didn't really feel like seeing a movie so, I went with hanging out with everyone else.

We ended up hanging out at gameworks most the time, which is pretty cool. I played that drumming game for a while, it was fun! But, I was pretty bad at it. Then we went to Barnes and Noble and I got two new FIF CD's! Isn't that awesome!? Well, I think so.

After all that, we ate at Fat Fish Blue, and I wasn't all that hungry and didn't like sea food, so I ate come chips and dip and listened to Colin cry about eating there. He's such a baby! The day was fun for the most part, though.

I think I was supposed to go out with Kyle, Ryan, and Kaitlyn tonight, but I never heard from them, so I'm guessing they left before I got home. But, it's cool, I'm kind of enjoying just being able to sit comfortably in my room by myself.

So, there's like 2 weeks before we go back to school and I still have 700 pages of my book to read. This sucks. I guess I'll go work on that now!

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Let's Try Again [31 Jul 2004|11:12am]
[ mood | Tired, but bouncy ]
[ music | Fist Full of Sand - FIF ]

We're going to try this whole journal thing again. Hopefully, I can keep up with it this time, probably not, but we'll see what happens.

Yesterday, we got back from camp. Camp was actually pretty good, the weather was surprisingly nice for the first couple days, then it was really cold and the mornings and hot afternoon. But, everyone survived and we got the whole show done, so everything's cool!

I was really upset when I arrived back home, though. My parents weren't there to see me get home nor take me home. We didn't perform our show, but if we did, they wouldn't have been there to see that either. I was really sad. I didn't talk to my family all week and I really expected them to be there for me, but maybe I expect too much.

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[04 Apr 2004|09:35pm]
Happy birthday to me
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Rennay! [25 Feb 2004|06:42pm]
Happy Birthday, Buddy!!!!
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Merry Christmas! [25 Dec 2003|11:23am]
[ mood | relieved ]

Merry Christmas everyone! My presents were pretty cool, how about your guys'? Kyle, you have the coolest present..EVER!!! I'm so jealous of you. Sorry I didnt' sound so excited when you came over to show me...i was half asleep...Cuyler had to sleep in my room last night and he was so excited and wouldn't go to sleep, then they woke me up at like quarter til 7 to go look at i was tired. Lol you pretty much dragged me out of my bed and down the stairs. But i understand, your present is awesome! Just what ya wanted. Now..go learn how to use it right so you don't kill anyone. Oh yeah...Squishy is now out of my room! Woo! Colin told us he knew we were hiding something behind my hat and snowman, he just didn't know what. hehe...and I love Bunkers! He's just so soft and cute! Right Kyle? Hey Kyle..I wonder if a certain someone will talk to me at all on break? What do you think?

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[26 Oct 2003|01:26am]
[ mood | upset ]

we had our last football game last night. i dont really mind football games, so i didn't really care. i'm just glad mel got to go. i think she really liked our show, and just wanted to see us perform one last time before she moves. it's really gonna suck.

i think jayme died...did you? i haven't heard from you since i last e-mailed you. i really shouldn't be talking cuz it takes me forever to e-mail you, but you're usually quicker to respond. well, i want to talk to ya about something, but i'm waiting for your e-mail. i don't think i can talk to anybuddy else about it, so hopegully i'll hear from you soon.

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[14 Oct 2003|04:18pm]
I swear to God, I'm so sick of Kaitlyn. She's seriously been pissing off! Every little thing she does is annoying and I feel like ripping her eyes out with my bare hands! GOD! She's always so serious all the time! she can never take anything sarcasticly! FRICK! I WILL KILL HER! ONE DAY!
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MY LIL PENGUIN [14 Oct 2003|03:48pm]
kyle, i just thought about that game i made up on's freaking awesome! And i still can't beleive people actaully play it. RUN TO THE COWS!!!! lol...i miss the cows. i want to get on and play it, but it's dumb and won't work over anymore...'i bomb your house...idiot' dumb game. kyle! get here allready! i'm bored! better plant that bomb before it explodes....oh just told me you died. that sucks! by the way...i'm on my way over to steal tobaggan! he doens't need that kind of torture! i'm gonna keep him safe! heh heh heh...
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[08 Oct 2003|06:35pm]
Hey Everybody! here's how dumb my sister is!(kyle, i know you don;t like this stuff so this is a warning to you) my mom said she got a call from ockerman's assistant principal today. i was like oh, what did shelby do? apperently she had tried to pierce her own belly-button with a safety pin during class today. what's the matter with her? heh..her story is that her friend told her she should do it and she lifted up her shirt and said no then her friend hit her hand so she dropped the safety pin and that's what scratched her. heh..nice excuse shelby. we all know how dumb you are and how much you lie. grr...i really can't stand her.

hm...i got out of bed the other morning and i was standing in front of my mirror when i turned the light on and on my mirror it said in red 'you're gonna die' odd.
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Flying Keyboards [07 Oct 2003|06:03pm]
Yeah...I haven't updated in a while and Kaitlyn said i here goes. hmm....Kaylee is about to kill me and rebekah...someone help me! she wants to kill us becuase we won't tell her our lil inside joke that is really really funny. but if we told her we would prolly scare her off so i told her kaitlyn can tell her but she's still about to kill us. it freaks me out! but it's really funny. heheh. i fnished this book, Execution of Innocence, to day. it was really good, but very odd. and i know i've read it before but i only remembered one important part which is actually really cool becuase it's kinda of a mystery and if i know what happened it wouldn't have been very interesting to read about. it was really weird though, becuase Charlie loved Mary and Mary loved Charlie, but Dick hated Charlie and wanted to sleep with Mary cuz he thought she was hot, and Dick's twin Hannah was also in love with Mary and cuased this whole big thing. it was weird. but it was pretty awesome, i liked it. it was too short though and that's no fun. oh, and by the way Kaylee this is my 7th book i've finished in keyboarding class. haha! i need more books...kyle give me some other good ones.

band class was interesing today. me and jeremy got bored so we kept playing all the half notes or longer in chords and then brad joined in and it sounded awesome. then eric kept looking at us funny..but you know he does that everyday and it's really annoying. why do you give us that look eric? you look at us every time we stop like 'what the hell are you doing?' well, what are you doing?? then mr. brown told us to stop adding extra notes, so me and jeremy stopped but brad is dumb and wouldn't. i think we should challenge again! i know i can beat him and i know he's scared that i can so just let me do it all ready!..i really hate concert band. and i feel like a really awful player because of some of the people that are in wind ensemble that i know are actually not that great, but they're in there and i'm not. oh well, maybe i'm not really as good a player as i thought.

after school my parents picked me up, which they never do, unless it has something to do with band, and thsi time it didn't. adn they were like well now you have to do some chore becuase we took time out of our life to pick you up. i was can't pick me up from school every once in a while? when they pick shelby up every other day cuz she just runs around after school. but i feel really bad cuz i keep asking my parents for money cuz of band and everything and they're getting annoyed becuase they really don't have any. and i alwyas use my money when i have some so i don;t use theirs that they need, but i've spent all the money i've saved on band and anything else i need, so i have to keep asking them now but they don't have any either. my grandma sends us money all the time but she's running out too. but my dad has 2 interviews comming up for fifth third bank and wer're really hoping he gets it. we know he won't make as much as he used to, but it will be better than nothing. and i hope jeff gets a job too...he's 20 and living in our house he needs to help out. my mom is getting so annoyed with him cuz he jst lays on the couch all day and does nothing. he's really dumb most the time.

today carter asked me if i would play my saxophone with him while he played his oboe. it is really weird to read obey music and play it in your key. i was surprised at how well i could do it, but then again it was only 6th grade music, so it shouldn't be that difficult. carter's not really that bad though. it's pretty cool. but then i would play something that he liked and he kept making me tell him what the notes would be on the oboe. it was funny to see him try to play some stuff..but alteast he's actaully trying stuff and everything. but i'm going to stop typing ofr a bit cuz the girl that sits behind me in keyboarding threatens to throw the keyboard at me head so i don't want to get even faster have her kill me or something. its pretty creepy. later.
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fun stuff, man! [14 Sep 2003|09:27pm]
yep, so i went to rachel's and tiffany's today. it was great.i havent seen rachel in like a year. it was awesome talking to her. i missed her. i really wish kaitlyn would of been there, it would of been so much fun! we went over to tiffany's and watched dracula 2000. it wsa wierd. heh before that tiffany put in blade just to show us the hot person. it was cool. lol yeah, i guess we really didn't do much, but it was still cool to see them. tiffany is cool too, i habven't really been friends with her that much until this year. and i really hope her hanging around isn't bothering you kaitlyn. i know you used to hate her, but she isn't that bad is she? ok, well i'm done. bye!
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Jayme! [14 Sep 2003|01:28pm]
Ok, this journal entry is for Jayme since she said she was sad for me not updating in a while. hm...well we went to cambell county for a band contest. it was pretty fun i guess. we got reserved grand champion so that's pretty cool. i dunno what's going to happen next weekend at louisville though. when we get our third part in there it's going to be pretty awesome. heh...but was pretty funny though, yesterday, was how jared thinks kyle is my older brother. kyle, remember...'this makes me look like a gay guy!' lol that was so funny and he still doens't get it. oh, kaitlyn! i forgot to wake up this morning like..'ha! I'm ready!!' lol...i actuyally woke up feeling like i was dead. but i'm good now, i'll try again tomorrow. did you do it when you got up for church? hey send me the updated list so i can send it to jayme. well, i'm not really sure what else to say so i'll go now. later!
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i dunno [01 Sep 2003|02:05pm]
[ music | Pushing me Away ]

Yeah, eric's was cool yesterday. the movie was cool even though me and kyle laughed at all of it. no offense eric, buddy, but yeah, it was realy funny. i love thos flips, and the cat was the coolest, except when Seth killed it. evil...and thanks for the guitar part on our song eric! now you just have to get your bass kaitlyn..and my bro should be here tonight, yay! i'll ask him about his electric, i don't think he plays it much. we have to keep working on our thing kyle, it sounds really cool. ok, i really don't know what to say, i was just bored. so i'm gona go conitue my e-mail to jayme. kaitlyn, get your butt over here!!!

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"i might as well cut off my left lip!" [31 Aug 2003|04:30pm]
Yeah, my sister is such a bitch. she tells me i can't go anyway because i jsut got home from somewhere. i was like i just got home from a stupid parade that i didn't want to go to and you just got home from an all night party and want to go to the mall! so she calls my parents and hand me the phone saying they all ready said yes so i'm going and she leaves before i get a chance to talk to my parents about it. and my mom was like well maybe we if knew about it we could of talked to shelby about it, i was like how are you sposed to know if shelby wouldn't let me tell you. so there were going to make me stay home but i guess my mom felt bad because i had to baby-sit all day yesterday, most the day today, and again tomorrow since ellye won her game. isn't that some fun guys? they were going to make me baby-sit while they went to a party tonght from my cousin ronny, and i was actually sposed to go to the fire works with brad tonight and i asked two weeks ago and they told me no because elley had a soccer tournament and jeff was moving in that weekend, but then they find out about a party and they can go. oh well, me and brad weren't gonna go anyway..cuz..yeah, ok. but he would of been mad if i told him i couldn't go cuz my parents are going to a party.

yeah, the saxophone section definately sucks..most of them don't know their parts and can't march. so thank god we're having playing tests and marching on tuesday. i really hope they practiced for this test..we were sposed to have this part memorized at camp...
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RAIN [31 Aug 2003|11:32am]
kyle and kaitlyn came over yesterday and we watched dead alive and house of 1000 corpses. dead alive was pretty funny even though it wasn't sposed to be. kaitlyn didnt' get to see all of it, too bad, we would have had a lot of fun with it too. some other time buddy! she didnt' get to see the end which was the weirdest part..the guy's mom! AHHHHHH!!!! that was frightening. i hope our moms never get bit by a ratmonkey and then turn into that. then house of 1000 corpses was weird. it was pretty gross but we just kinda laughed at it. tiny was the coolest person in the movie. he wasn't there much but he was cool! yep...fried chicken and gasoline..yummy. hey kaitlyn...knock knock! lol that was so funny. then me and kaitlyn watched MXC later and that show is sooo funny. we couldnt stop laughing. we should so go on that show kaitlyn...what would we say when we run up before we do the challenge?

yeah, i'm still baby-sitting and i will be tomorrow if ellye wins her game today. jeff better help out with baby-sitting while he's here. not like he has a job or anything! and the stupid parade is today. RAIN!!!!!!!! the parade sucks. kyle and kaitlyn! lets get in bunny costumes and perform a ritual! lol.
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My Brothers!!!! [30 Aug 2003|01:27pm]
[ mood | relieved and mad ]
[ music | spin around ]

WOOO HOOO! My brother called just a bit ago, he's ok! but he's in new mexico....he said he hurt is ankle or something and somthng happened with brett. i dunno, and they got behind on packing. but he should be in lexington on monday and depending how fast they can unpack and stuff they could be here monday night or tuesday morning. cool beans, man! i dunno why he couldn't have called before and let us know that he didn't even leave til yesterday. well atleast they called at all.

hm..yeah, i'm really about to kill colin. i can't beleive i still have to watch a 13 year old and he still doesn't know how to listen. i've allready had to call my mom about 5 times becuase he wont listen to me at all. i hope he's in big trouble cuz the rule is to listen to me and when he was talking to my dad he was yelling back at him and telling him to shut up and stuff. so if he doens't get in trouble, whch he usually doesn't, i'm going to pissed. oh well, later people!

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