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*venturing into the unknown* [15 Jan 2005|12:58am]
Event? The only immediate event I can think of is the fact ive created this journal. But why? ... and who for? Questions yet to be answered. One of my new years resolutions was to make a better record of my time in France. Ive been back just under a week and have done nothing so far to keep to this resolution. Which doesnt suprise me. Is it too late to make new resolutions? I think not. New resolution, stop meaning to do things, stop procrastinating and actually do the things you want to, do them because you want to, be selfish, life is too short. Im going to make this year count, im going to exploit this opportunity. Im so lucky to be in control of my life. I might not know what I want from it but I know that whatever I choose to do I have the ambition and drive to make it happen. This year im going to find my path and start running, why walk when you can run?
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