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[08 Jun 2004|02:32am]
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it's been a rough week. [22 Feb 2004|01:43am]
[ mood | hurt ]

it's been a week since i last updated but i've got a good excuse... it's been one of the worst weeks of my life. i'm not kidding. ok so valentine's day was fun. a bunch of us got all dressed up, and we went out to eat, then bowling. for dinner it was just 5 of us girls, but for bowling one of the girl's boyfriend joined us. it was a fun night. then on sunday i wasn't feeling to energized so i pretty much layed in bed all day. went and got some dinner and hung out with stephanie for a while. i miss that kid. now that we both live in the same city again we see and talk less than when i still lived down here. but it was nice to catch up. then moday was all right, i don't think anything too exciting happened that day. tuesday i was fasting for our prayer team. it was horrible. i was called a bitch by someone i thought would never call me that ever. then i think that's when the trouble with my cousin started. i think i did something wrong, cuz all i know is when i went back to my room to take a shower she had turned all the lights out and i had to get dressed in the dark. then wednesday i had kind of a busy day. did my classes plus some observations. then rae lynn and i went to worship, but it was a little different than usual. we got to pick one of three lessons to go attend, which ever of the three we wanted to learn more about. then we had a small "love feast". it was basically everyone sitting down a tables getting to know eachother, and eating some fruit, bread, and cheese. i really enjoyed it cuz i got to talk to some people i don't get to talk to that much normally. jenny, chelsea, rae lynn, and i all got some flowers from the place settings. it was great cuz we didn't have to ask for them, jacob just gave them to us. it was so cute cuz he handed jenny and chelsea some and,in very a cute and smooth way, thomas takes one carnation from chelsea and hands it to me. it was so cute. well of course since he's so cute. but yea. then when i finally got back to my room after hanging out with jenny and chelsea for a little while, i again had to get dressed in the dark. well i guess t.v. light still counts as light but it's still not fair. so thursday becky is still mad at me and by this point i'll admit it, she was really hurting my feelings. i mean i didn't know if i did anything and if i did i couldn't think of what the hell i could have possibly done to piss her off. so i go to my book study. then to jenny and chelsea's appartment for a bit. then when i get back to my room at 8, my cousin was no where. she went off and didn't leave a note. so candice, being equally upset with noelle, and i went for a ride for about an hour and a half. we get back and i get treated like crap. i talked to shad for a while but that didn't seem to help, so i decided to take my shower that way when becky got back to the room i'd either not be there or i'd be in bed. but when i got out of the shower becky was there and it wasn't nice. she all of a sudden tells me that she doesn't sppreciate me lying and telling noelle and tim that she didn't want anyone to ride home with her. ok first of all i never said that at all. i hate the thought of her riding home alone cuz it worries me. and the way she brought it up was horrible. she wasn't asking me if i said that, she automatically believed noelle, who she's know a few monthes, instead of me, her cousin and her roomate, who she's known for almost 19 years. so my response was "i think you need to go ask noelle again, cuz i never said anything like that. i get worried when you drive alone. so you were mis-informed". and i walked out of my room and was gone for the next 2 hours. this hurt me so bad that i started to cry. she called me a lier and basically implied that she hates being my roomate or even related to me. it could just be me but i seriously don't think i deserve that. i mean all i've said is that i think she's mad at me and it hurts my feelings. how can that be a lie, if it's me i'm talking about. so when i finally returned to my room, she had the light on and the t.v. and it's like 1am. so i get in bed, and finally at 2 i couldn't take it any more and i turned out the light, but she still had the tv on. so i got no sleep that night and i had an 8am class and had to drive home the next day. so fri morning i couldn't wake up in time for my first class, and i missed a quiz because of that. i got up around 9:30 and packed, then went to class. then after class i went and got the last thing i needed and got out of there. jamie, chelsea, jenny,and i got on the interstate about 12:50. and i'm not lying when i say i didn't get to my house until 8:20. 7 and a half hours to get me home. i think i'd have cut at least an hour off had i not needed to drop off everyone but i don't mind. the 4 of us had the greatest time on the way home and maybe tomorrow i'll tell ya'll all about it. my parents and i had a nice dinner when i got home. my doggies missed me. i was supposed to go to the doctor for my shoulder to see what's wrong with it, but it was too late. my mom's going to try to get me an appointment for monday so i can get it seen before i go back to school. today i did nothing and it felt so good. i didn't even feel like going to any parades. i had 3 different offers of people to go stand with for endymion but i just didn't want to go. so my parents and i watched it on tv instead. and it was just as good, cuz we didn't have to stand outside all freakin day. tomorrow i'm going to get together with alex for a while so we can catch up on what's been going on with each other. and i hope i'll get to see jamie and amanda on monday cuz i'm leaving around 10 on wednesday morning. ok so this has been a long update and i've got a bad case of the hiccups to get rid of before i go to sleep. i'll try to be better about the updates but it's hard, when i'm trying not to do things that piss off my cousin. well i hope everyone has a great mardi gras, and if you're in new orleans call me and we can meet up for a parade or just to hang out. love you all sooooooo much!!!!!

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it's either really late at night or really early in the morning [14 Feb 2004|02:49am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

well noelle and i just finished making valentines for all my friends up here at school. we spent about an hour at wal mart buying the stuff and about 2 and a half hours making them. while we were at walmart guess who i ran into!!!!!!! you can't tell me the numerous amounts of exclamation marks?!?!?!? none other than.... THOMAS!!! he saw me and was like "petrie!!". then gave me a hug. then i told him were were making cookies for our friends, well really just decorating them, and he was helping Christy shop for her man i think. then when she found what she was looking for she was like hey we gotta run. so then he's like aww you have an awesome weekend and gave me a huge hug. and noelle is just standing there watching me while this is going on and he finally realized that she was my friend and was like hey i'm thomas! so after he left noelle was like omg ali i'm excited about that and i'm not you. i mean really 2 hugs from him in about 3 min! i was like i know i want to do a girlie shreak right now but i won't. yea i got 2 hugs from him in 3 min but that's nothing compared to jordan's hugs that last 3 mins each.

ok so last night was a busy one. i went to my book study for 5:30 then we finished around 6:45. and jacob is always bugging us to stay for weekly events and we never can stay cuz we have homework. so he talked us into staying for a while. but first went for a ride with jordan to pick up his dinner. then back to the foundation where we played silly games. it's hard to play one of them being as highly tickleish as i am. Leah was cracking up laughing at me. i got a ballroom dancing lesson from jordan. it was so random. i was standing there laughing with Leah and he comes up, puts his arm around me, takes my hand and puts the other on his shoulder. i looked at him and was jordan you're so tall this is going to be difficult. but then we danced for a min or 3. gosh he's so cute. so i finally got back to my room about 9:15ish. i ate my subway, then went to visit with candice and then did some homework. shad came to visit and he was teasing candice and jessica about something, and i said something that shad was like aww you poor thing and kissed me on the forhead. i was like shad the depressing thing is that's the 4th kiss on the head in the past few hours and you're the 3rd boy. he was like ali what boys are kissing you. silly shad. i told him 2 were from jordan and one was from thomas and he seems to be ok with that, since they are friends of his. omg shad told me what he's doing for his girlfriend for valentine's day and it's so sweet. so after all this hugging and kisses i think it's obvious that i had sweet dreams last night. hehe.

so today was long and exhausting. after not very much sleep, i got up for my 8 am class, slept through most of that class, came back to my room where i went to sleep for about 40 min untill rae lynn came and said bye for the weekend. then went to get some help with calc, then that class, then straight to my room to change. jenny and i went to do some observation hours today. so we got to the school at 12:30 and left at 2:30. so thankfully i got 2 hours out of the way. by the time we got done i was so hungry cuz i had't eaten anything all day and it was almost 3. so i went and got a grilled cheese sandwich and then visited with candice while i talked to my mom. we have new furniture in my house. i'm so excited about seeing it when i go home next friday. then i took another 45 min nap, then candice, jessica, tim, shad, adam, and i ate dinner. it's such good times when tim, shad, candice, and i are eating together cuz we know eachother so well that we just constantly mess around and goof off. then hung out with noelle and told her of my lovely night last night. then we watched finding nemo cuz sarah hasn't seen it yet. then noelle and i went to walmart and then the craft time and that bring me to now. so yea that's my past two days in re-cap.

it's nice not having a roomie on the weekend. cuz then this late night art session would have never happened and i know i'd be hearing about keeping her up typing. i think she needs to get over it. i know my key board cannot make that much noise. i think she just likes to bitch about me cuz she thinks it doens't get to me. if she only knew that she makes me cry sometimes.

ok well it's after 3 and i'm tired so i'm off to bed. i'm so happy i don't have to worry about anyone waking me up in the morning. i get to wake up on my own and not one sec before then. nighty night everyone. i love you!

oh yea and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!! i love you all so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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::sigh:: [13 Feb 2004|01:25am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i doubt you care.

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just wasting time... [11 Feb 2004|11:58pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

i'm done all my homework and studying and so i thought i'd just do a quick update before i'm off to bed. i updated on monday so i don't have that much to update about. let's see... tuesday i had only 3 classes instead of my usual 4 that go on from 8-3. since our education class was cancelled for that day, rae lynn and i went over to the union to eat breakfast. we were eating and just talking about a bunch of stuff. i saw jordan, kyle, and adam sitting in a booth not too far from us but for some reason i was terrified to go over and say hey. like i knew i could have gone over there and given them hugs and said hey but i was just scared to. but then eventually jordan came over and said hey to me. he walked up and was dancing and being stupid then he went to hug me, and thankfully he remembered about my ear and hugged me on the right side. one time he hugged me and cuz he's taller than me his arms wrapped around my shoulder and then across my ear and it's the one i got pierced a month ago that still hurts like a bitch and it hurt so bad. i freaked out a bit and he felt bad. so anyway... after the usual 3 min hug he gives me he sat down and talked to me for a while. oh my goodness he's so cute that it drives me crazy. like not just looks, but he's got the cutest personality. he's one of those people that if they hug you it can make even the most horrible day great.

ok anyway. then last night i had P.O.P meeting. we met in the student union lobby. thomas put me on the spot and had me open in prayer. i don't have a problem with it, it's just i'm still shy about having everyone hear me pray out loud. i'm cool if it's all people i'm comfortable with but it was kinda scary. but then it was all fine. let me just say how truly awesome the power of prayer is. if God means it then all it takes is prayer for soemthing to happen. we just have to remember that it's not always the things we want to happen, it's what God wants to happen.

then came back and decided that i was going to leave a note on shad's very cute friend matt's door. this guy is so cute and he's freakin hilarious. he's from new orleans so he knows what noelle and i are talking about when we talk about some stuff. he stopped me in the cafeteria to say hey when candice and i were eating, i didn't think he remembered my name since he only met me like 2 or 3 times. but it's great that he remembers it cuz he is really cute. wow i keep getting off the subject. ok so today was noelle and tim's 2 month anniversary so tim had this elaborate scheme planned out. if i were to type what it was i'd be here forever so just know that it was really sweet but it was way too much for it only being their 2 month. so i was up till forever last night cuz tim had me and candice and shad helping.

then today after chemistry i came back here and all i could do was sleep. and then of course i went to calc where i was frustrated, confused, and tortured. then lunch with becky and shad. then tonight was worship. i really love going to it cuz you really get to thinking about a lot of stuff. like tonight caryn and connor talked about relationships. it was great cuz connor got up there and the first thing he said was "tonight marks caryn and i have been dating for 58 monthes". that's almost 5 years. that's amazing. they were talking about how our relationships with guys or girls can be very similar to our relationships with God. you can't understand them untill you've given your heart to the person, which you can't do untill you've given them everything else like your mind, soul, and personality. and it's not till you've given someone your heart that you can give them the rest of you, meaning sex. they were saying how they knew they wanted to get married to eachother some day but it wasn't until they were in a place to give eachother their hearts that they knew they were in a place to declare they were going to marry each other. they related this to Jesus, by saying had He died before He gave each of us His heart none of us would understand what He really did for us. He didn't give up His body for us until He had given us His heart. and this was all only for our gain.

God's really been instilling in me, and constantly reminding me that I have to seek Him first and get right with Him and then when that's where He wants me to be, and not one second before then, will He put in my life a guy to have as more than a friend. Candice and i have been talking about how the two of us are the only ones out of all the people we hang out with that don't have someone to share Valentine's day with, and i'll admit it... it sucks. but tonight God remided me that He's the one right now that i'm to be sharing my love with, no one else. not to waste time that is meant for Him, by thinking about how unfair it is that yet another Valentine's day and the only cards i get are from my family. i'd love to get a card that just says happy valentine's day and it not be signed by my mom, dad, or brother. i've been praying for so long that i could just be content with being single and concentrate on my relationship with God, and i think He's finally getting me to that point. It's not untill you're content to be single that God puts the perfect preson for you in your life.

ok well i didn't intend for this to be long but i guess i just had a lot to say. nighty night everyone and i love you!

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great few days [09 Feb 2004|11:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so i've got some fun stuff to update about. i know the last i wrote i had a not so great weekend. well it carried over on to sunday cuz i just didn't want to leave home. but after a not long ride we got back around 7:30. so becky and i got as much of our stuff as we could and go head up to our room. we open the door to such a wonderful suprise. on our beds were sitting a yellow rose in a vase and a note for each of us, all from shad and tim. they must have done it earlier that day cuz they left the lights on in our rooms. noelle and candice came back to their rooms to the same as we did. it was just the greatest thing to come back to after a not so great weekend. those two are so great. their girlfriends are so blessed by them that's for sure. look at the way they treat their friends. my note was so sweet and personalized. my only complaint is that if one more person calls me sweet and not mean anything by it then i think i might scream. i enjoy hearing it, yes, but some times i wish it meant something. it juse makes you realize that if friends can treat you like that, then you want a guy that'll treat you like that.

today i had my easy day. only two classes, but neither of those classes made me very happy. in chem i got my test back and i got a B but barely. i know it's a B and i should be excited about it but i need to get A's in every class possible to make up for my calc class. that was my second class today adn i'm so lost and frustrated that it makes me want to cry. hell it does make me cry. i don't even know what i can ask questions on cuz i'm so lost. and it sucks to not have anyone in that class to help me. i do have trisha but i don't want to sak her for help cuz she acts like it slows her down to help people. so i've got to teach my self and struggle through it. on the up side the cute boy that sits next to me in chemistry talked to me today. outside of class to make it better. every now and then i catch him glance at me in class, it's kinda cute. then went and ate lunch with shad, then to finish some homework to turn in. then went to wal mart with becky to get her tire fixed. she had the same problem i had with mine about it having a leak and needing to be fixed. then we came back and visited wiht shad for a while, then around 5:45ish becky and i went over to the track to work out, and tim met us there a few min later. i ran 3/4 of a mile and walked 3/4 of a mile. it was cold and it's never easy to run in the cold. then we did crunches for about 10 min. then that was all and we decided to order pizza for dinner. so we go over to pizza hut to get carry out and it was the worst experience ever. the lady that took our order was so rude to begin with. so we made our order then sat to wait on it. over the course of about 30 min we sat there and this guy that worked there kept looking at me and it was really annoying. when he got off break he still kept looking at us then he finally came over and asked what name our order was under and he went and checked on it for us. so after about 50 min total of waiting we finally for our pizza. we get to the car and check it and part of it was wrong. so we go back in and tell them that the girl taking out order was so rude she must not have been listening to us and didn't ring up our order correctly. the manager knew who we were talking about and she was equally p.o.ed by her too. so since they were already busy we didn't want to make them re-make our pizza so we just settled for credit under our name. they only messed up a fourth of our pizza but she gave us $10 credit. i was like hey becky next time we're broke. then we finally get back to the room about an hour and a a half after we left in the first place and ate our cold incorrect pizza and watched t.v. so then i went to visit with rae lynn and then took my shower and after i finish i'm going to get in bed a bit early. today went by fast and i hope that these next few days and next week go by quickly so i can be home for mardi gras. if anyone's going to be in new orleans for mardi gras let me know cuz i'll tell you good spots to go for some of the parades. and plus my friends at home want to meet my school friends. ok well that's the recap for my past few days.

ever know what it feels like to find out things about people that you just didn't want or need to know. and ever know how much it sucks when what you find out makes you lose respect for that person. i've been finding out a lot of stuff about some people i know and none of it has been good in any way. any respect i might have had for them seems to have gone away. and it kinda sucks a little.

ok this concludes the entry and i'm too tired to spell check it so just ignore the typos cuz i know there's lots of them. love you all. nighty night.

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i give up [08 Feb 2004|12:54am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | silence ]

i'm very upset about my friends blowing me off this weekend, and i had a long entry i spent the last 35 min typing and it got deleated before i could post it. this weekend has not been the compleate therapy i needed, but it's better than not being home at all. i needed the peace and quiet to sleep. i'm too aggrivated to re do the update now, but maybe later.

it was mainly about my week and the great lessons learned from thomas and jordan. those two are some great guys. and they're hott too. i'd so date either of them if the opportunity ever came up. ok sorry off the subject. i'm gonna go off to bed now cuz no one seems to care very much about me today to talk to me. i guess i might update tomorrow. if i start to feel like anyone cares by then. love you guys!

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i'm going home, i'm going home...hehehehe... [06 Feb 2004|12:00am]
[ mood | excited ]

this won't be a long entry cuz it's midnight and i've got to get to bed. why do i have to get to bed, um besides the fact that i have a test in my 8 am class..... I'M FREAKIN GOING HOME. i'm excited to see my friends. and my doggies.this week has been pure torture and hell just cuz of all the stuff i've had to do. i'm so ready for going home and having nothing to do but relax. and plus i'm really missing my mom and dad's cooking. it sucks being picky cuz you get sick of the same stuff after a while here at school. and i'm ready for my own bed. my nice cold, dark room where i can sleep so well and not be disturbed by rude people that think if they're not sleeping then no one else should be sleeping. like right now for instance. the majority of my hall is trying to sleep for a change and we've got one room of people that are obnoxiously loud. i'm applying for a job. apparently in financial aid they have job openings for jobs off campus that want NSU students to work. so first thing on monday i'm going over there to turn in my application. it'd help with the "ali spending money" fund. ok well i need to study a bit more so i'm off to do that then to bed. love ya'll and have a great night and a great weekend. i know i will cuz did i mention i'm going home. now for everyone up here i know you won't miss me too much, but if you do then just think of how great it'll be when i get back on sunday. love ya'll nighty night.

oh and tomorrow when i have time to update i'll have to tell of my interesting evening. it is quite interesting to put jacob, thomas, and jordan together. those 3 are freakin hilarious. between them and shad God's really been showing me how a guy is supposed to treat you. and what we should be looking for in someone. in one of my bible studies we are talking about romance and love in a Christian relationship. the best thing i've learned so far... the guy was saying if you want to find the person best for you, then just run as fast as you can towards Jesus. then look to both sides of you. whoever is keeping up and running the same race, then they are God's match for you. being around those guys reminds me of that.

love ya'll night!

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i'm back... [03 Feb 2004|11:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

i know it's been forever since i last updated, so i figured i'd take a little time to do an update now. the best way to start this would be by saying i'm going home in 2 days. i haven't been home yet since i moved back for the semister about 5 week ago. i need to go home. i just need to spend time with my friends and family and my doggies. so far i've been able to manage my time to where i don't have to quit any of the stuff i'm involved in. i've been able to work it out and it is all purely by the hand of God. i love going to Power Of Prayer and to the book study. it's some great time i get to spend with some great people. it's really been reminding me exactly why i'm here. i'm here to go to school and to be with God. and that's what i'm spending my time doing, going to class and going to church activities. and obviously my friends fit in there or else i'd be really sad.

let's have a moment of silence for my poor carolina panthers. it's ok jakie we'll get them next year hon. ::moment of silence:: ................................... ok moment's up. noelle and i were told we were more entertaining to watch than the actual game. we were so rooting for carolina that when it got down to the end we were living and dying by every play. rae lynn and kristian said they could hear us screaming all the way down the hall in their room. oops!

school is ok as far as classes go. calculus is still kicking my butt. education is scaring the crap out of me. i'm compleatly terrified of doing the observation hours. it's scary to have to go to a classroom alone and observe the teacher. i guess college is all about getting over your fears. chemistry is easy. it's just a review of the stuff i got straight A's in during high school. first Aid is easy and the teacher is great. it always helps to go to a class at 8 am when the teacher is freaking HOTT!! and my english class is great. the guy is a really good teacher. i understand a lot of stuff that i don't think i'd get on my own. i've just got to get cracking on the paper that's due thursday.

oh my goodness i'm so proud of myself. i figured out how to check the pressure in the tires on my car and how to fill them up with air if they are low. who says girls can't take care of their cars. so ha. i now know how to check everything on my car, but i'm still screwed cuz i don't know how to change anything if i had to. if i ever get a flat tire then i'm screwed cuz my dad still hasn't showed me how to change one, even though i've been asking forever.

ok well i guess that's going to be it for now since it is almost 12:30 and becky is tossing in her bed, which is her language for "bitch you're keeping me up". so i'll try to be better about updating more often. but i don't know why i care cuz no one reads this anyway. if people did then they'd leave me love notes with each entry.ok well off to bed... well after i finish my homework. love you guys so much!!!!!!! nighty night.

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i want to go home [30 Jan 2004|12:53am]
[ mood | sad ]

this week has been... well i can't even think of the word to describe it right now. i just want to go home where i can sit next to someone who cares and cry. i mean it's how i've felt all week. i'm having a great time up here, it's just there's been so much going on both here and at home that i just need to be around my normal life. the people i've confided in for so long. you ever have a day where you just need a hug. and no matter how many you get it's just not it. today i've had about 20 hugs from about 12 people and it just wasn't it. i don't know. i'm usually the one that people come to when they need soeone to listen, but now that i need someone i've only found one person that'll listen. and it's the person i didn't think would. but thank you, you know who you are so i'm not going to use names. trust me it helps that you care enough to listen. it means a lot. i know who i've always turned to, but i've left them all back home or at other colleges. it's nice to know that i have someone at least in this city. hell even my best friend i haven't talked to in 2 weeks, and she lives right across the parking lot. sometimes i think it doesn't help that i don't have a roomate to turn to. i look at candice and noelle, they have eachother to talk to. and kristian and rae lynn have eachother to talk to. but me and my cousin, we don't really talk like that. she's one of those people that are more concerned with their own life and happiness that they don't want anything to do with anyone who's sad, just cuz they don't want the person to make them sad also. when she's homesick or just sad, i'm there for her. i listen to her, i let her cry on my shoulder, literally. but i'm here sad and lonely and she's not speaking to me. that's exactly what i need (insert sarcasm). i need to be able to go back to my room and have some quiet time with my roomate and be able to feel better, except that i don't get that with her. people laugh at me cuz i don't call her my cousin when i talk about her, i'm always saying my roomate. well that's cuz she treats me like a roomate not like a cousin.

school is so aggrivating. i've fallen behind on my homework already and i'm not doing very well in my calc class. i'm very worried cuz i can't drop this class cuz it'll put me below 12 hours. right now i'm praying i can start getting the hang of it cuz i have no idea what i'll do if i can't.

and another thing that's been ticking me off is the abundance of rude people in my hall. you'd think that everyone has the common decency that after midnight they'd try to be on the quiet side cuz people are sleeping. but no they don't. they scream at eachother, stomp down the hall way, and laugh and carry on in the hall at all hours close to or after 1 am. now good for them if they don't have 8 am classes. but some of us do and really do want to sleep in our beds instead of in class. i wish we had an RA right now so they'd do something about it. we've dealt with this the past 4 nights, and it's getting a little ridiculous. well i'm off to bed to attempt to get some sleep. i'll update about some of the happenings in my life tomorrow when i have time.

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this is the first of many entries so deal with it.... [28 Jan 2004|03:16pm]
i stole this from like every one up here who has a journal.....

copy...paste...fill it out and leave it as a comment...for those people who actually read this...

01: what is your first memory of me:
02: how long have we been friends:
03: tell about one memory we share together:
04: describe me in four adjectives:
05: if we could spend a day together what would we do:
06: name one thing you really don't like about me:
07: name one thing you really do like about me:
08: if you could give me a gift what would it be:
09: have we ever gotten in a fight & about what:
10: have we ever hugged:
11: have we ever hung out with just the two of us?:
12: have you ever seen me cry:
13: have i ever offended you:
14: what is something embarrassing that i've done:
15: what do i usually look like when you see me:
16: what do i say all the time\whats my catch phrase:
17: do you think we will be friends in 5 years:
18: do you think i am bitchy:
19: has there been anything you wanted to tell me, but didn't:
20: what advice would you give me, in general:
21: wanna make out:
22: suggest a band / cd for me to listen to:
23: is there a song that reminds you of me:
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great weekend [26 Jan 2004|12:45am]
[ mood | lonely ]

i've got so much to post, and i'm majorly tired so i'm just going to be short. i had a semi great weekend. had i not been missing my friends from home so much it'd have been an awesome weekend. great times with my friends from up here. i'm going to post in detail my weekend tomorrow when i have time. i realized today that i've got way too much stuff going on. the problem is that i want so badly to be able to do it all, but i realized that it's just not possible. so i've got to decide which night of the week i'm giving up my plans for. as of right now i'm going to be busy on sun, tues, wed, thurs nights and that leaves me no time to be with my friends or do my homework. i'm thinking of quiting my tuesday night prayer group cuz i think that'll give me the most free time. sadly that is one of the things that i get to do with thomas. haha don't worry i'm not stuck on that again. it's just memories of english class and "petrie petrie". those who used to hear me talk about him know what i mean.
i was lonely this weekend. i had an empty room which didn't help, and for some strange reason i really missed my friends from home. i wish they could come up here and see this place that i love and meet all my new friends. i guess i've been thinking of all the new thigns i've experienced and the fact that the people i'm used to doing those thigns with are 268 miles away and can't do them with me makes me sad. i love you guys so much and i think about you every single day. when i come home on feb 6-8 we have to see eachother or else. my cousin is so unhappy here that she now plans to go home every weekend she can for the rest of the semister. which if that's going to help her get this semsiter over with then i'll support her. she's not going to come back here next year. it's really getting to her being away from her mom, brother, and her boyfriend, especially now that they're engaged. which means i've got to start working on finding a new roommate for next year. if anyone knows any possibilities let me know. i'd love to have a fun roomie.
ok well i just wanted to do a small update, and i'll do a better one tomorrow. i love you guys so much. nighty night.

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today's lesson [23 Jan 2004|01:32am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i learned today that one of the things you learn in college is how to make time for other people even when you don't have enough time for yourself. i realized that i've put in so much time in past few days being the listener when someone needed someone to talk to, but i've been needing someone to talk to and can't find anyone to listen. should i be upset about that? i mean i don't mind listening cuz that's part of being a friend, but don't you ever have those days where you just wish that you could have 5 min of someone else listening to you.

i've been having a great past few days. becky left tonight to go home. she's skipping 4 classes tomorrow. that's more than i missed the entire last semister. i'm not sure how she's going to survive here if she just skips classes cuz she feels like it, or so that she can go home sooner. whatever. but i kind of wish that she'd be here this weekend cuz it does get lonely at night when you've got no one to talk with. rae lynn is going home too so maybe kristian and i will be roomies for a day or two. at least at night maybe. today was a good day. after our education class got cancelled anna, rae lynn, and i went over to Vic's to eat something. then we saw brittany come in so she came and sat with us. she was like so how do you two know eachother, pointing to me and anna, and we told her that we had class together. anna was like yea i didn't realize she was "the alison". ok so that's the second time she's said that. i'm wondering if i should be scared. but then i had class and after i went and ate lunch with kristian and rae lynn. then class again. omg i'm so in love with my english class. maybe it's just the professor. i'm totally kidding. he's such a great teacher i just can't help but love the class. and plus he's kinda cute too so that's a plus. then candice, noelle, rae lynn, and i worked out again. we're going to work out every day from now on. then showered, ate dinner with the same 2 from lunch, then i went over to jenny and chelsea's house. it's so adorable. it's like a typical college loft. we hung out for a while then we worshiped for about an hour. then hung out some more. came back here, hung out with rae lynn for a while. so we've learned that it's not easy to go into the boys hall and leave a note on someone's board. we're standing there leaving shad a note and a friend of tim's that tells me hey all the time was like how come we never get notes on our board? and was joking around. so then about 6 other guys came out into the hall and made a big production of me and rae lynn being there. it made us change our mind about going to leave a note on david and tony's door. then i came back here and intended to do homework and get to bed early, but trisha came by and needed someone to talk to, and me being the push over i am was like sure i've got time to listen instead of telling her i really needed to do my homework. so then she finally left at 1 am and i got to start my homework. so it's now almost 2 and i'm about to get in bed. and my alarm will be going off in 5 hours. i'm glad tomorrow is friday and i can sleep all i want. glad the weekend is here. hey anyone got any plans for the weekend. i need something to do. i was hoping to do something since most of my friends aren't here this weekend and so i'm not sure if watching another movie is possible. i just want to hang out with the people i haven't hung out with in a while. let me know. i'm tired so i think i'm gonna be off to bed. i love you guys! night

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long entry to follow... [21 Jan 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | ::cough:: ]

wow it's been almost forever since i updated. well at least that's what it feels like. it's wednesday and i think the last update i did was a week ago. ok let's see if i can update and not make it too long. thursday was a long day, but a good one. then on friday my brithday kinda started. after classes jamie trisha and i went to eat then jamie left for a retreat for the weekend. then trisha was haning out in my room and noelle decided that she wanted to straighten my hair. so i let her cuz i was bored. then later on me, noelle, tim, shad, candice, trisha, and shad's old roommate all had pizza and watched a movie. i forget what we watched cuz it was my birhtday and i was just excited to be with my friends. it was fun but it could have been even better if a certain few other people had been there. then trisha slept in my room that night, which was fine cuz i know she doens't have a roommate and i'm not going to force her to go back to an empty room. stephanie called me at 12:02 and got to give me the first "happy birthday, which was so sweet. she's such a great friend. then sat morning we woke up and trisha went back to her room to get ready for the game. i talked to my parents, then decided that i should get up and get a shower. then i did trisha's hair for the game and then we dropped her off, then came back and got tim, dropped him off, then went to get some lunch. then we all went to the game. noelle, candice, shad, me, jenny, and chelsea. the games are only fun with shad there. he cracks us up. i guess we need him to keep it entertaining cuz the coach never lets tim play any. then my mom and daddy got here and they came into the game and met everyone, which they raved about everyone. they were upset that they didn't get to meet everyone, but they said a few of my friends is better than not knowing any of them. then i brought them back to my dorm and we gave trisha the t.v. i had them bring up for her till she gets one. then they came and saw my room and brought me a king cake for my birthday. then we went off to go get stephanie and eat dinner. it was nice to be out with my family. then we came back to the dorm i opened my gifts from my brother and my daddy fixed my car. then they went back to their hotel room and i came back here and watched a movie with my friends. i officially went to my own bed around 5 am. but i was sleeping in noelle's bed for a while. candice shad and i went over there to talk cuz everyone else had fallen asleep. then on sunday tim woke us all up at 8 am to get up for church. never go to church on 3 hours of sleep. it is not possible to stay awake during the sermon. then after church i went out to lunch with my parents then they left to go home. it was kinda sad them leaving me but it's ok. came back here and noelle and i were going to watch a movie and take a nap before bible study that night. bible study was great but i'll get to that in a min. came back here and noelle and i went to walmart. we were in my room drinking chocolate milk and she dared me to spray whipped cream, so i did. she didn't think i'd do it but i did. and she fought back. long story but we ended up covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. it took me 10 min to wash all that out of my hair. then um... saw brittany in the hall and she came and hung out with me and candice for a while. then trisha came to my room and informed me that she was sleeping in there again, i was like hmm ok then. so candice left and trisha fall asleep and brittany and i were just talking till about 3:15 ish when she left. and i decided i should go to bed. monday i slept for a while cuz i was so sick. then i finally had to get up and go get my flat tire fixed. then by the time i got back to the room becky was back and she heard me talking to emily outside the door. she opened the door and had this huge smile and gave me the biggest hug and was like "ali i missed you". it was so sweet. i was like omg i missed having my roommate here for a few days. then we were both starving cuz neither of us had eaten all day, so we went over to the cafeteria to eat. ok for those of you who sat in there all day.... hahahah. i just can't help but laugh cuz it is something y'all would do. had i not been so sick i'd have hung out for a little bit. then we went back to the room and i decided that i was sick of being in bed so i bleached our shower. yea it's so much better than it was before but it's still kinda gross. then we got ready to watch American Idol. becky and i were watching it and tim was in here working on a paper. it was so funny cuz everyone in my hall was watching it, and you could tell cuz everyone would be laughing at the same time. our RA was so funny watching it with her door open. she's so adorable. it ended and we ran to walmart to get some medicine. for anyone who wonders if tim treats noelle well, they just have to look at the way he treats us who are just his friends. cuz he treats us so sweet and it's like 20 times more with noelle. we came back and i went to catch up on the weekend with rae lynn and kristian. then i took some medicine and went to bed and i don't know how i got up to go to class yesterday. yesterday was the first day of room change so i was helping rae lynn move out of her room and then we helped her and kristian move into their new room. they're in south hall by noelle and candice. which makes me wish we were in that hall too. but then no one would come visit with me cuz they usualy visit cuz they're in this hall to begin with. but after all the moving we did with them and the moving i did with jamie today, i don't think i could move any of my crap. i'm just way to tired to do it. and it'd be a lot of crap. so wow yea that's as brief as i could get it about my last week or so. i'm going to update later with a few other things that i wanted to say but i thought i'd spare y'all with the legnth of the entry since it is long already. i'm off to find someone to hang out with cuz i'm bored. bye everyone i love you!

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just a little fun... [15 Jan 2004|04:20pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i stole this from jamie. that girl is something else....

"I think a good product would be "Baby Duck Hat". It's a fake baby duck, which you strap on top of your head. Then you go swimming underwater until you find a mommy duck and her babies, and you join them. Then, all of a sudden, you stand up out of the water and roar like Godzilla. Man, those ducks really take off! Also, Baby Duck Hat is good for parties."

it made me laugh out loud, something i've been missing lately. love you girlie!

birthday count down.... 1 day 7 hours and 40 min. i'm just saying. love ya everyone!!!!!! bye

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long day [15 Jan 2004|01:16am]
[ mood | happy ]

i still need that hug...::frown:: where's kyle when you need him. i think everyone thinks of him when they need a hug. kyle got really upset when i told him i wasn't coming home this weekend. i had told him i was, since i was planing to go home, and i was going to show up a youth and suprise everyone. they all send their love when kyle talks to me. i miss all them. it's going to be sad this summer if i can't do any plays with any of them. kyle and darren don't seem to get that it's very hard as you get older to do the plays cuz there is a lot of stuff going on. yea i guess when you are just starting high school like they are it's not so bad. it was easy for me to do plays when i was early in HS, but as it goes farther there's just more stuff to do and you don't have time for plays. gosh it just hit me that i don't have time for it anymore. that's really sad. it's so hard to spend so many years doing something you love so much and now can't do it anymore. oh well. i think being in amanda's wedding is more special, and hey you don't get to do that very often.

so today was a pretty lazy day. i didn't have my 8 am class so i only had one class today and it was at 11. noelle woke me up around 9 so her and i could eat breakfast together. so i got dressed a bit, and went over to her room and ate some lucky charms. then she had class so i came back here to get ready for my class. then calc was interesting as usual. it's so great now cuz i have people i'm friends with and can goof off with. which passes the time a lot quicker. then came back to my room and becky and i ran to get some food and come back to the room and ate with trisha. then she went off to class and becky and i put a movie in to watch. i was excited about seeing the movie cuz it looked really cute, but i guess the past few nights of little sleep caught up on me, cuz i only remember seeing the first 20 min of the movie if that much. i slept through the movie and then when it was over becky turned it off and she fell asleep too. it was about 12:30 when we sat down to watch the movie then next thing i knew it was 3:35 and becky was leaving for practice. she let me sleep after she woke up and even wrote on the door that i was sleeping and to please be nice and let me sleep. she's very considerate and wonderful the majority of the time. i'm just praying that it continues. then noelle and candice woke me up and asked me if i'd ride with them to walmart. so i figured i had to get up eventually so i went with them. then we got back and candice and i went to eat. it was later than we wanted so we were rushed and i was almost late for church. i saw some friends in there but felt bad cuz i couldn't stop to say hey cuz i was running late and i had to pick someone up. then went off to worship. oh my gosh i think i've been needing that for a while. i got there and got to see some of my friends. when i got there trisha greated me, then i walked in and saw sarah, then i was telling shad hey when i hear someone scream "petrie!!". i look and it was thomas. i was like "thomas!!!". then he gave me the biggest hug ever. i swear it lasted for like 4 min. then eventually jenny and chelsea got there and i was soooooo excited to see them. cuz they have an apartment this semister and so they're not living in the dorm. tis sad. last semister jenny kept going on about her nutrition teacher, blake henry, and how gorgeous he was. but i had to take her word for it cuz i never saw him. so i'm sitting in first aid yesterday and this really cute guy walks in and then he's like " hi i'm blake henry" i laughed and was like oh my gosh jenny was so right. so i had to tell her that tonight. then i sat with them at worship which was great, just like old times. i saw brittany when i got there and i think she gave me like 4 hugs in the 20 min from then to the start of worship. we went into the sanctuary and were sitting down and brittany is sitting in the front row, and she looks back at me and is like come up here. but there wasn't enough room for jenny and chelsea also so she just came back and talked to me for a few min. worship was to say the least amazing. i needed it so much. i just needed 2 hours of uninturrupted praying time. it really helped me clear my head about a few things. i know i complain about the way my cousin treats me sometimes, but God keeps telling me that He put us roommates for a reason. He reminded me tonight that I'm here to do His work, and that my rooming with my cousin is purly God's work, and nothing else about it. it really helps to be reminded about that cuz if you keep that in mind then it's easy to endure almost everything, knowing that it's for God and not yourself. then came back for a stupid hall meeting. i miss our old RA. at least she was friendly with everyone not just the people she already knew. the old RA came to the meeting to visit and after she was telling my cousin, me, and like 2 other people that she was going to come back and throw a party in my room so she could visit and catch up with us. i swear she was the coolest girl. she noticed my ear and was like girl you're braver than me cuz i've been too scared to get that done. i had to laugh. then becky and i ran to taco bell since i didn't eat any of what i got at dinner. it just wasn't good. and we stopped at mc donald's to get milk shakes for us and candice. came back and i didn't get to start my homework untill about 11:30 after i had to go visit with people that have been leaving me notes all day about how i'm never here when they come looking for me. i swear i'm going to start just making people come visit me cuz it seems that every time i leave the room someone comes looking for me. i guess i should complain cuz not everyone has that problem. i just wish sometimes i could actually see people when they come over here. if i'm ever not here when you come looking for me, then leave a message on the borad where i can find you when i get back. that way i can come find you to see what you wanted instead of keep missing you.

so my parents are coming up sat afternoon and they're going to leave sunday morning. i was suprised they were staying the night cuz it was very last min and i didn't think my dad could take two days off work. but i'm excited. they might go to the basketball game, then they are taking me out to eat. after that we're going back to their hotel room and some of my friends are coming too and we're going to eat king cake as my birthday cake. they're getting a big one so i can have left overs to share. if anyone wants some just let me know and i'll make sure you get a piece. ok so noelle and candice said we should go bowling for my birthday. so i was seriously thinking about it. and anyone is welcome to come. we'd do this fri night, while my cousin is still here. but if she doesn't have to dance at the game sat she's leaving right after class on friday so she might not even be here for my birthday at all. then i'd have to wake up to an empty room on sat morn. ::sniff sniff::

i've realized that my past few entries have been pretty long. it's not like i start off with a lot to say i just end up talking a lot. i guess it's cuz i haven't really had anyone to talk to much the past few days so i get it all out here. is there anyone that doesn't have class around 12 on tues/thursday that wants to eat together? cuz it's going to get old very quick eating in my room. ok so i guess i should get to bed now, cuz it's after 1 am and i have to get up around 7 for class. i love you guys so much, and i'm always thinking about y'all and praying for you. every single one of my friends. ok nighty night. love you!

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today [14 Jan 2004|12:46am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

2 DAYS, 23 HOURS AND 14 MIN TILL MY BIRTHDAY. that's just in case anyone forgot. ::wink:: don't think when the clock turns 12 am on sat i'm not going to be all "it's my birthday, it's my birhtday" cuz you know i will. no lie.

today was forever and 8 years long, and come to think of it it's not even over yet cuz i'm still up. it started bright and early (sense the sarcasm) for an 8 am class, which rae lynn and i thought we had together, but it turns out we didn't. our class is the exact same thing, it's just in 2 diff rooms. but it's ok cuz we got out of those classes around 8:25, and walked over to the education building. we had to wait forever for our class to start, and this class was actually with eachother. it was a good class, the teacher seems really excited about it, it's just going to kill me cuz it's a lot of out of class work, that i certainly don't have time for. then we got out early from that so we walked over to the post office so rae lynn could get a mail box and mail a letter. then she came with me to the student union to get some chocolate milk. then sadly we had to seperate cuz i had another class to go to. yuck calculus with Jay. i have no clue how i'm going to survive that class. it's only the second meeting and i'm already sick of him. one semister was enough, but not i've got him again, and i still get to have him next semister too. someone remind me of why i'm a math edu major. why not english. then got out of class around 12 and ran over to the cafeteria to get some lunch. came back to my room to eat, since every single one of my friends with a meal plan had a class at 12:30 today. tuesday/thursdays are going to suck cuz i've got no one to eat lunch with at noon, cuz everyone has class at 12:30. then i had english class this afternoon and the teach is great. he acts like he's teaching in a comic club. and i looked at the syllabus and the majority of what we're covering is stuff i did junior and senior year of high school. how much do i love ms. foster and ms. shirer now! i was so ready to be scared of english cuz it's a sophomore level class, well i think it is. it's english 2060. whatever. it's not as horrible as i thought. when i got out of that i was waiting for noelle cuz her english class was at the same time in the room two doors down the hall. omg i wanted to cry listening to her teacher outline his class. he was scaring me and i'm not even in that class. note to all, never take english with Cobb. it's a total nightmare. then we go back to our rooms, then went to walmart to get a few things. i needed bobby pins cuz my hair keeps getting caught in my ear ring and that's majorly painful. and i think noelle and i just needed to get out for a few min. came back then her candice and i hung out for a bit, then we went to eat when becky got out of practice. the 3 of us have learned that we need to sit at a table from now on cuz every time we've gone in there the past 2 days Tim has been in there and sat with us. if you ever see a very tall blond guy, yea that's where i'm sitting. man that boy can eat. he alone ate more than me becky and candice combined. then we all came back and did nothing. i've been feeling kinda homesick but it's not like i want to go home. i think the fact that my parents are coming up on sat is making me miss my brother and my friends. this is my first birthday without my friends. and i really need them right now. i think i just need a hug and i'll feel better.

tony boy when you have about 5 min to actually talk to me, i need to give you a CD cuz i want my copy of phantom, that is if you ever have a chance to burn it for me. you seemed busy so i didn't say anything tonight.

i miss talking to a few people. i got so used to talking to them all the time over break but now i'm back here and busy and i always seem to miss them. just keep sending me messages if i'm not responding. it's not cuz i'm ignoring you, i'm just not here at the time and forgot to leave an away message. i miss talking to you and i wish we weren't busy so we had more time to talk. i guess i do have to get to bed eventually. i'll write more tomorrow. love you guys! night

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::shrug:: [13 Jan 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | drained ]

i just need a hug.

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there's no point in thinking up a subject. [13 Jan 2004|01:19am]
[ mood | sad ]

why is it that when you want to talk to someone they won't talk to you, and when they do finally talk you're not there and miss it. tonight was one of those nights that i wanted to bury my face in a pillow and scream, but even that isn't going to make me feel better. it's 1:21 am and i just got in from candice's room. i went over there to ask her for a band-aid and ended up staying for an hour talking. ok when we were in high school we never had any "high school drama", but now that we're in college we've found more than we wish for of that drama. She's got some guy blabing to his frat brothers some horrible and compleatly untrue crap, and it's just not right. it's ruining her friendship with this guy she really likes and he's not even wanting to talk to her right now cuz he doesn't know what to believe. i felt bad cuz i can't offer her any advice except to not talk to the guy saying all the bad things cuz he's trash and he doesn't deserve to talk to her. and she was listening to my stress about likeing someone and it being just that, stress. i swear i'd rather not know this person than deal with what i'm dealing with right now. my birthday's in 4 days and i'd rather be thinking about that than you. even praying about this hasn't been clearing my head. yes God does listen to everything you lift up to Him, but sometimes He takes a little too long to take it away. i miss my brother so much cuz he's the one that usually helped me with stuff like that. it's sucks so much that he's so far away and i can only call him after 9 my time, which is an hour later where he is and he's usually doing homework and i hate disturbing him.

so my parents and i talked and they said it was ok for me to stay here for my birthday and them just drive up here for the day. that way i can enjoy my birthday and not have to worry about my car breaking and me spending my birthday on the side of the interstate somewhere. they won't get here till like 4 in the afternoon but it's better than nothing. they might go to the basketball game so they can see becky dance and so they can meet my friends. and they'll probably just want to go out to dinner. my mom told me today my brother's gift for me this year tops last year's. last year my birthday was 2 weeks after he moved to georgia, and he still remembered to have yellow roses sent to me. he knows i don't like roses as much as all other girls, but i compleatly love yellow ones. i remember crying when i came home from school and they were waiting on the doorstep for me. i love him so much. i like my parents coming up here cuz then i'm not rushed to do something for my birthday on friday night, just in case any of my friends have something to do. it may sound selfish but now my birthday can last all weekend instead of a few hours on the night before the actual day.

first day of classes was good. i only had 2 classes and they were spread apart, and they weren't bad classes. i had a few friends in chemistry, and i knew a ton of people in calc cuz it's a lot of the people from last semsiter. trisha sits behind me which is definitly going to drive the teacher crazy. tomorrow is my hell day of classes. i go from 8-3:15 with an hour and a half for lunch. which is a long time for lunch but it's still a short break when you don't get to eat with any of your friends. every single one of my friends with a meal plan have class tomorrow when i don't, so i'll have no one to eat with. yea i know, what's the big deal about that, but i love lunch and dinner cuz it's a fun time to catch up and to joke about stuff. tonight was just a little rough cuz i needed my friends to talk to and it's tough cuz they're not exactly right there. the friends i have up here are great, but so far i've only found 2 people that are willing to listen and not make it all about them. i just miss jamie, amanda, allie, shelby, and laura who all keep my head on straight and don't let me get side tracked by things that aren't worth it. i wish that i could find someone up here that'll do that for me. it's funny cuz i haven't been homesick in a long time, but all of a sudden i'm very homesick and wish i was about to crawl into my bed at home instead of the "bed" i have here. if i get to bed, then today will be over. tomorrow will start with a bright and sunny day and hopefully it'll be better than tonight was.

for the two of you who sent me messages and never got a response... sorry i had stepped out of the room and was gone a lot longer than i expected. please don't take it personally. i wasn't ignoring any of you. i would never. love ya everyone, and nighty night!

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today = awesome [12 Jan 2004|12:40am]
[ mood | drained ]

ok so this is aggrivating, i had just almost gotten to the end of typing a long ass entry (insert shelby/laura/ali joke, they know what i'm talking about) and then i accidently closed the window. now i've got to sit here and re type it all. oh screw that i'll just simply update and then tomorrow when i have all that time in between classes i'll give a detailed account of today. church this morning which was good to be back. everyone was so excited to see all of the NSU kids back. i went with noelle and tim, and trisha met us there. she had her friends Leah and Brittany there. i knew who they were cuz i met Leah the night before and i've also seen them at wednesday worship at the foundation. later candice and i went to go buy her books. after we were done we both decided it'd be fun to just drive around since neither of us felt like going back to the dorm. we didn't get lost like we tried to do but we did end up in the ghetto. omg it was the funniest thing ever. i'll give details tomorrow. then we came back just as noelle and tim were calling me to see if i was going to be back soon so we could leave for college youth meeting. it sounds like it's going to be fun. it's for college age kids. it's at the pastor's house and his wife and the music pastor are in charge. we got to eat yummy cookies and some homemade hot chocolate. they feel like kids our age should study more about leading a Christian life with things that are so prominant in our lives right now. Lessons in addition to the Bible lessons we're learning in church in the morning. it reminded me so much of youth at home, cuz it was so many nice wonderful people, and it was great to meet more people that share the same love for God like me. I'm so thankful every day to God for putting so many Christians in my life when i'm going to need Christian support the most. and they are all such great people. next week we are starting our first study and lucky me (again with the sarcasm) it's about relationships. it was funny cuz the pastor was like "this is going to be good for anyone who's in a relationship, wanting one, or just getting out of one. noelle trisha and i looked at eachother and laughed. that's exactly the 3 of us. noelle-in one, trisha-just getting out of one, and me- wanting one. it's going to be a lot of dealing with relationships while keeping God as the center of it. ok then after youth meeting, we went over to the BCM for some brownies, which were amazing, and ice cream. then we decided we wanted to eat dinner. so tim decides that we're going to taco bell. him, shad, noelle and i all go over to taco bell to eat. i got the coolest toy in my kid's meal. then tim informs us that we're going to walmart. ok this is my 3rd trip today. so we go. then i had to stop and get gas in my car. Shad decides he wants to pump the gas which was funny. shad can make anything funny. he's cool. him and tim are like the perfect roommates. they miss eachother when the other is gone, and it's like they've been apart for years when they finally see eachother. there's lots of hugging and funnyness. shad's moving to washington in the fall to be with his girlfriend and him and tim are both sad to not be rooming together anymore. we finally get back to the dorm and it's like 10:30. i get back to my room and am greeted with a sweet note from becky. we had seen eachother a total of 45 min to an hour tops the entire day. i'll give details tomorrow, but it was sweet. and jamie had left me a note to come get her when i came back. so i go get her, and find another note on my desk that becky took from rae lynn. her and kristian were going to watch a movie and wanted to see if becky and i wanted to watch. i wasn't here and becky had practice, but they had watched it by the time i got back, which is ok. then trisha comes over and we had to talk about something, so her jamie and i are catching up. then i had to say bye to them so i could shower. i was so scared to wash my hair cuz it was the first time since getting my ear pierced, but if you put a band-aid over it it doens't get tangled in your hair and so it's not bad at all. then becky and i went to say good night to noelle and candice, cuz i had to go over there to get on of them to help me put the disinfectant on my ear, cuz it's hard and it hurts and yes i am a wimp. then we came back here and i saw brittany in the hall. she hadn't put it together that she sees me all the time at the foundation, and was asking if i've been going to church at the church from this morning since i got here. i told her just a few times but trisha and i have been wanting to go to college ave.. she was so funny, but i know she felt bad at first when she said it, but she was like that's so cool cuz i didn't realize you were a Christian, but then remembered that i see her every week at worship. she apoligized like 5 times, but it's fine. i'm very shy and still meeting people over there, so i don't expect all of them to remember me. ok i said i was going to be brief but that didn't happen. i'm tired and freezing cold and it's after 1 am so i'm guessing i should go to bed now. i'll write more fun about getting lost in the ghetto and all tomorrow. love you guys!

p.s. ok the people i talked to so much over break i've barely talked to since i got back here. and it's sad cuz i miss them. i mean there were a couple people i talked to at least every other day, sometimes more, and i miss not talking to them as much now. yea i see them more often, but briefly, and i miss talking to them. they are reading this and they know who they are. i can't wait to talk to ya again!!! ok freezing even more now. i'm off to bed. nighty night.

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