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    Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
    9:33 pm
    First fun
    Well here goes nothing. Hope this comes out the way I want it to.

    Hi everyone. I am Alison Watson. Ali for short, I am 18 years old and a senior at Hunter High. Well I will be. My family and I just moved here from Texas. -tucks a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear- There's not really much to me. I was born July 10 which makes me a Cancer. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I drive a Mercedes Benz CLK430...guess you could say we have money. -gives a nervous laugh- My favorite flowers are roses (Hot Pink) and my favorite zoo animal is a gorilla. I stll watch Scooby - Doo, but only because it's my favorite cartoon! I love to have fun and be silly.

    I am on the drill team and was the captain at my old school. How boring huh? Yea I think so too. I had a boyfriend until right before we moved here. So now I am single and looking for a new man. -laughs- Well not looking per say. If a guy catches my eye then cool, if not oh well right. I won't make the first move so....

    Now that I have bored you I think I am going to go unpack then go into the studio (my mom boyfriend built it for me before we got here) and dance around for a little bit.


    [AIM: oo its ali]

    -hits the update button and lets the screen saver kick in. She begins to unpack all of her belongings and places them around the room. She thanks Jamie...her mothers boyfriend....for putting all of her furniture where she wanted it and building the studio when she seems him walk by. She then laughs as Ryan...her little sister....runs around her room showing her a drawing she just did. Then promises to hang it up on her wall when she gets push pins. After she finally finishes unpacking everything, she is too tired to go dance so she goes to take a bubble bath.-

    Current Music: Shut Up - Nick Lachey