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crying [02 May 2006|07:05pm]
[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | Close My Eyes - Matisyahu ]

The past few weeks have been moderately interesting to say the least. I didn't talk to Mel for almost a week because she was giving me a lot of attitude. We talked about it and we're okay now. Allie got into a fight in school last week with Steph Z. She got sucker punched, but Steph only got one hit in. I grabbed her by the hair and prayed she'd hit me, but she didn't... so I eventually let go. My Child Development class has started going to the local preschool to help out. It's been really fun. Trevor called me and we've hung out a few times, I hadn't seen him in awhile. I slept at Allie's house over the weekend, that was fun. Phil came home today, so I doubt I'll be seeing much of Mel.

Zack told me today that he might not be able to go to my prom because he doesn't have the money. I've been saving up money for him so he'd be able to get a tux. He found out that he has no money for college and that he might not be able to go. He was really upset today and he brought me home early because he didn't want to be angry around me. I cried the whole way back, which made him even more upset. He kept telling me that my crying was only making him feel worse.... which made me cry more. When we got to my house he got out of the car and held me for awhile. I got mascara on his shirt and I think it made him mad. He told me he wasn't worth crying for. I went inside and he left. I called Allie. She might stop by later to cheer me up.

I wish I had some mango sherbet right now.

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Spring Break [20 Apr 2006|09:22pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Magic Carpet Ride - SCI ]

Today was the first day back to school after spring break. It started off kinda bad, but ended out ok. Thrusday before break started I was really sad. I cried during lunch because of the whole Josey thing. Friday Mel and I hung out. We went to Allentown and wandered around. After that we came to my house and watched Super Size me. During the movie Zack called. I was still pretty upset and didn't really want tot talk tot him so Mel answered my phone. She talked to him and did her best to explain everything to him. Saturday I hung out with Allie until Hot Rod came to get her. I didn't see Zack until Tuesday, we went hiking. Yesterday things were kind of up and down with me and Zack. He still doesn't get why I react with violence to a lot of things. I tried to explain it to him... whatever. Allie was here for a few hours, before she left she gave me a few Benedrils. Most of the time I spent with Zack I was asleep because of them.

I can't wait for Art tomorrow.

It's about time I released this disease from my mind.

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Yesterday was ok, but right now I'm in tears [12 Apr 2006|08:59pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Hips Don't Lie - Shakira ]

Yesterday I hung out with Mel after school. We made a trip to Giant so she could pick up stuff to make macaroni salad. Then we went for a walk at Beltsville. After that we drove around. We ate at Burger King and then went home.

Today started out pretty decent. We watched Titanic in first block. In second block I was supposed to make a children's book. Art was good as usual. I spent the whole time staring at the clock because I was excited to see Zack after school. Geometry wasn't too bad. I had a test, but I think I did pretty good on it. When the day ended Zack was outside waiting for me. We stopped by my house so I could take care of my dogs and he could get something to eat. Then we went to Weatherly.

The whole time we were in Weatherly I never left the OIP. I helped Megan fold pizza boxes and wrap silverware. Around 8 Zack's ex Josie showed up. He looked really upset to see her. She's a lot prettier than me. It hurts me to think that he could still hold feelings for a person who hurt him so drastically. He says he doesn't... but his reaction didn't seem that way. We left a little after 8, he said he wanted to be home around 9. We didn't talk at all on the way home. I cried, but I don't think he noticed. When we got to my house I kissed him and left. He said he'd call me tomorrow...

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: ) [09 Apr 2006|10:54pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Crash - DMB ]

Last was pretty good overall. Amanda and I finished our ceiling tile for the special ed. room in Art. We got invited to a pudding party in their class. It was pretty fun. I got a 90 in english on a test for a book I never read (Beowulf). Zack and I hung out a lot. I was with for most of the weekend. Friday we hung out at my house and watched White Noise. Saturday we went to the mall with Pat and Brianna. The bunnies were really cute. Saturday night we saw Slither. Today we hung out in Weatherly with a few of his friends. Tomorrow I have school so I should probably get to bed.

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recent events [29 Mar 2006|05:19pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | Even Rats - The Slip ]

Hmmm.... Well I got in school suspenion last week for calling that lady a bitch... shit happens. I had it on a half day, and there was an assembally so I really didn't spend much time in that room. I got into an argument with Damon's ex in art class because she was talking about Allie. Friday Zack and I went to see The Machine. It was my second time seeing them, they're awesome. He got to meet Damon and Amy. After that we went back to Weatherly. Sunday I didn't get to see him because he didn't have enough gas and has to watch his budget. I did get to see Mel though. She got back from Washington on Saturday. She stopped by on her lunch break and we got BK. Abby got so excited when she saw Mel that she peed on her. After Mel got off work we went to Rita's. I had a doctor's appointment today with the guy that did my last surgery. That's pretty much been it.

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I hope tomorrow is a good day [20 Mar 2006|10:10pm]
[ mood | pensive ]
[ music | Sorry Sorry - Rooney ]

Zack called me last night. His dad kicked him out again. This time he got to pack almost all of his stuff. Before he left his dad told him that he didn't care if he shot himself in the face. His dad also smashed his cell phone. He called me around 6 (I think he called from a friend’s house). He told me everything that happened and said that he would be staying at a friend's house. He said he was coming to see me soonish. I figured he hadn't eaten all day so I asked my step to pick him up two slices of mushroom pizza from Alfie's when he while he was there. I curled my hair and wore my glasses because he said he wanted to see me with out having my hair straightened and contacts in. When he got here we both almost started crying. His hair is really short now. After we ate we went to Wal-Mart for his to get a case for his CDs. After that we went to BK and got fries and then to McDonald's for sundaes. It was really hard saying goodbye to him at the end of the night, but it helped a lot to see him. It kinda sucks though because right now I don't have anyway to talk to him. He said he's coming to pick me up from school tomorrow... I'm looking forward to it.

Today I got called to the office bc on Thursday I called some lady a bitch at school. Tomorrow I have in school suspension. I'm really glad because now I get to sleep all day.

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it's been a rollercoaster [19 Mar 2006|03:18pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Bet She Looks Good on the Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys ]

Friday I didn't have school. Zack came over. I made pizza and we watched Bowling for Columbine. Then we went to Allentown and walked around the mall. While we were there two girls neither of us knew pointed at him and whispered, 'There's Zack.' It was pretty creepy. After we left the Mall we went to Weatherly. We saw his dad's girlfriend and he talked to her. Zack and his dad got into a fight a day or so earlier and he packed his shit and left. He spent a few nights in his car. We saw a few of his friends and talked to them. After awhile we got bored and went to the movies to see Date Movie. It was funny, but gross.

Saturday we hung out at my house for a few hours. He hadn't eaten so I made scramble dogs (hotdogs and chili), and chicken salad sandwiches. We took a nap for about an hour. When we woke up we went to Weatherly. As soon as we got to the OIP we saw Billy, a friend of his. He told us about a concert a few towns over. We decided to go. It was a lot of fun. I moshed for one of the bands. I was the only girl in the pit. Towards the end of the show we got bored and left.

As soon as we got in the car I saw there was a message on my phone. My step dad called and said I needed to come home because there was an emergency. I asked Zack to bring me home. I called to see what had happened and Charlie told me that he hurt his leg and couldn't go downstairs to take care of the dogs. After I got off the phone with him Zack asked me if I could see if there would be anyway he could stay at my house. I called my step dad back, but he said no.

When I got to my house I asked my step dad what was wrong with his leg. He said nothing and that there was stuff going on that I knew about. I was like umm ok; you wanna tell me what this stuff is. He said that he'd been getting calls all night from Zack's dad and the police. Zack's dad told Charlie that Zack was a runaway and he was a big drug dealer. I called Zack to tell him what his dad had said. I suggested he go home because they said the cops were looking for him. He called his house but there was no response. When he got home the door was slightly open but the locks had been changed. I called him and we talked for awhile. We cried a lot. I made marks on my face from crying so much and my eyes are puffy. His dad was yelling at him in the background. After about an hour we said I love you and hung up. His dad gave his pipe to the cops and was trying to get Zack in trouble. He also tried to get them to search Zack’s car but they said they couldn’t. He called me this morning and we talked for about five minutes. He said his dad was making him get a haircut and that I probably wouldn’t see him for a month or two. He said that if I wanted to break up he understood; I told him I wanted to stay with him. I called Allie and talked to her about everything. My mom called me an hour or so ago. She said she didn’t want me to be mad at Charlie for lying to me to get me home. I hope I get to talk to him again today.

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Bitches [14 Mar 2006|06:19pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Heaven - Rusted Root ]

I got this message from some girl on Myspace.

hey you dont know me but i indirectly know your boyfriend zack.. my friend was still going out with him a week ago and it had been going on for a little over a month. she was looking at his myspace profile and saw messages u left to him and messages he left to you and some made her really suspicious as to whether or not he was cheating. and then the next day she saw the picture of you two kissing and thats what did it. two days later he went to pick her up from school, this was last week, and he leaned in for a hello kiss or whatever and she wuddnt then showed him the picture and he was like oh shit. i just thought you deserved to know cuz i dont want you to get hurt over him too. who knows if he has yet another gf... im not telling u all this to ruin things, just trying to prevent the same shit from happening to you.
All i ask is that if you confront him about this, dont tell him where you found out because it will just make things worse for my friend. thanks and good luck.


My reply:

He's already informed me about his side of this situation. He was not under the impression that they were in any kind of a relationship. He told me about her printing out the picture to confront him, and to be honest it sounds really weird, and not to mention creepy. I might have almost believed you if he hadn't already come to me. I've been with him every chance we've had lately. Things between us are wonderful, and if what you're telling me is true than I deserve to learn the hard way for being a foolish idiot.... but since I'm going to go with my gut instinct I don't plan on ruining this because of something brought on by jealousy and petty bullshit. I plan on telling him about your message to me because I believe that lying by omission destroys relationships. If your friend cares about him at all, or ever did, than she'll put his happiness first and get on with her life.

Girls in general are, to be blunt, conniving bitches. I know that if someone who claimed to be involved with a person you were seeing said something similar to you, you'd be skeptical as well.

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today [11 Mar 2006|09:14pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Black Friday - Flogging Molly ]

I saw Zack today. He came to get me around noon. I showed him my yearbook and then we went driving. We went up by flagstaff and hung out. After that we went down to the Laurel Mall so he could get sunglasses. I started falling alseep on the way back. We stopped at the the OIP and saw a few of his friends. They came with us to drop me off. We stopped at Horizons along the way. They just started carding people there, so nothing was purchased. Nothing else to really report.

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Hermit crabs, phone call, car [05 Mar 2006|08:29pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Jellyfish - String Cheese Incident ]

There are few things from the past week worth mentioning. Among them are the following:

Last weekend I noticed Alcatraz was dead. I was really upset and I felt stupid for crying over a hermit crab. Because I have the best friends in the world Mel and Allie showed up at my house after school on Monday with two more hermit crabs. They named them Manson and Nowell. : )

My step dad said my mom was pissed that I was never on MSN messenger to talk to her. I hate using the program because middle aged Arab guys always wanna talk to me... so I figured I'd take the easy way out and I called her. We only talked for ten minutes but in that time I managed to get her pissed off at my step dad, (oops) when I told her that Abby was in the basement. oh well she'll get over it.

My prom dress came, it's a little big but it'll work.

Zack got a car. We hung out today. : ) We went to Horizons and I showed him the Emporium of Curious Goods. We smoked and drove around for awhile. We headed back to Lehighton and went to the plaza for Chinese. Then back to more driving. We parked by the canal and went and sat on the picnic table that overlooks the trestle. He said he's coming down again on Tuesday... I can't wait.

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Concert [26 Feb 2006|08:49pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Again - Lenny Kravitz ]

Friday I didn't go to school. I cleaned my room and did laundry. Around 11 Mel called me. She was hanging out with a friend and said she was bored. She picked me up and the three of us went to the Bowmanstown Diner and ate fries and Sprite.

Saturday we went to Weatherly to get Zack for the concert. As we were coming back to Lehighton Allie called. She wanted to hang out. We went to Arby's and ate to give her time to get ready. While we were in Arby's Mel and I attacked Zack's drink with fries and whatever else was available. After we got Allie we came back to my house to hangout. I showed them my room. Zack got to see my sketchbooks.

We left my house and went to help get everything ready for the concert. Mel dropped Zack and I off at the school while they went to pick up the teas from her house. Jestin showed up while we were waiting for Mel. He helped get some of the bands for the concert, but he was being a huge dick about everything. when the bands started showing up Mel recruited Zack to help them... he didn't seem very pleased. We all sat at the table and took money as people came in. The concert was a lot of fun, I spent a lot of it sitting in the area where iced teas were being sold. I got to see Chris's band play... they were absolutely awesome. I also made it out for Vire and Hidden Soul. Jestin told one of the bands that they would be payed to preform. Mel had told them that they wouldn't but they still expected money. She said they gave them gas money and that was it. Needless to say I doubt she'll talk to Jestin again. Mel was really stressed. It probably didn't help that she kinda got ditched when we went to smoke. I went back inside without smoking, it was cold... being outside wasn't my thing. I told Allie that Mel was annoyed and it kind helped to upset her mood, not to mention Greg was being a huge asshole to her. She left while Hidden Soul was playing. I saw her talking to Courtney so I thought that was who she left with, but I found out today that she called Greg and he picked her up. Vire played last. Attempted mosh pits were shutdown. Halfway through their set the amp blew out. Hopefully it's covered by insurance. If not then enough money was made to cover it.... which makes the whole thing relatively pointless.

After the concert we went for a boonie; Mel's first in over a year. Then we went to the Diner and got food and after that we got a dozen donuts from Dunkin' Donuts. We parked by Pfiffers and ate a few and then Mel Dropped Zack and I off at my house. We made out for awhile and then went to sleep until my dog started running head first into my door at 6:30 in the morning. Around 8:30 we went upstairs. I checked my crap online. We went out to the living room and watched SLC Punk. It's one of my favorite movies, I hope he liked it too. Mel came around 2 to take him back to weatherly. The trip up was fun. We listened to a CD I burned him.

Charlie came home a little while ago. He said he wasn't happy that Zack slept in my room. He kept asking me if we had sex. After I told him we didn't he kept asking. I swear it's like everyone has the predeveloped idea that I'm some kind of whore...... It really pisses me off.

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Pierced [23 Feb 2006|09:45pm]
[ music | Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers ]

Mel and I went down to Hazelton today to get her belly button pierced. She said it didn't hurt much, but she had trouble not laughing while the guy was trying to mark her. After that was all done we went to the mall. We got shoes and looked in a few stores but didn't really find anything else cool. We continued to wander around and made a trip to the pet shop to pet the furry cute things. Then we went to KFC and ate and talked there for awhile. After that we went back to Lehighton and went to Walmart so she could show off her piercing. Then we went to Eckerd and giant to look for hair dye, but left without getting anything. Our last stop was to McDonald's. I talked to Amy for a little while and said hi to Damon and Steph.

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: ) [21 Feb 2006|08:09pm]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | Just Feel Better - Carlos Santana ]

Sunday night I got bored and cut my hair. I only took an inch or two off. I told everyone that it looked crappy but it's decent.

Yesterday I didn't have school because of President's Day. Mel, Allie, and I went to Weatherly to get Zack and hang out. When I first saw Zack I had his hat on and I told him I cut off all my hair and that it was so short you could see my scalp. I think I had him worried for a second. As soon as Allie saw his living room she freaked out. She's afraid of fish and he has a big fish tank. After she calmed down we saw the rest of his house. Then we went for food. While we were eating someone Zack knew asked if we were going out. We both just kind of looked at each other and shrugged. Mel decided that we were. After that we went to Zack's house to pick up something. Then Mel dropped us off at Skyline so she could drop by her work and pick up her aunt. We smoked for a little while. Allie wondered out loud what would happen if her butt turned into butter. We all laughed. After that we headed down to the dollar store, and then went to the park to wait for Mel. When she came for us we went to Hazelton and wandered around the mall. There were really cute critters in the pet store... but that's no surprise because that's what pet stores are for. We picked up stamps for the concert and left to get Zack home so he wouldn't be late for work. We said goodbye and then went back to Lehighton to drop Allie off. Mel and I went to Faust for wings afterwards. The wings sucked and smelled like cheap crayons. The rest of the food was ok. Afterwards we went to the Deb and Payless and wandered around.

I took the day off school today and blamed it on the wings.... other than that it was pretty uneventful.

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Recent Events : ) [19 Feb 2006|09:02am]
[ music | Stormtrooper - Pepper ]

Zack came down to hang out the other day. I only got to see him for about an hour because he had to go to work and Weatherly is a forty minute drive from here. We got Lemonheads and saw Skyline. After that I hung out with Mel. We went and got food at Pizza Hut. After that we went for sundaes at McDonald's. Then we went to WalMart. She had to go in the back so I hid by the toy aisles. I ended up talking to a David and another kid from school. After awhile she had my named said over the loud speaker.

I didn't really do shit at all yesterday. I finally got a bath around 4 or 5. Allie called but I lost reception. Then Zack called and I told him I'd call him back. Then Allie called again and I told her I'd call her back. I got out and called Allie and talked to her for a few. I hung up with her to call Zack. I only talked to him for a few minutes because he said he had to go to work. I called Allie back, but in the middle of talking to her I got a call from Mel. Mel said I had a surprise coming, it would be here around 6:30 or 7, and I couldn't leave the house. I asked her if Zack was coming but she told me she couldn't say anything. I talked to Allie again, and hung up to go make myself presentable. I came upstairs and got a call from Zack asking if it had come yet. I said I didn't think so but I'd go outside and check. He said someone was coming to drop something off. I went to the window to see if anyone was coming. After a minute or so I saw headlights come down the driveway. The person stopped and honked. I went out and there was a piece of paper on the window that said surprise.... inside was Zack. We went to visit Mel at worked. Then we went to Weatherly for food. He saw a bunch of people he knew, I don't remember too many names. After that we hung out for awhile and then he dropped me off at home.

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Trip to Weatherly [11 Feb 2006|10:14pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Third Eye - Tool ]

This weekend's been pretty good. Last night I hung out with Mel. We went to the Bowmanstown Diner for fries. After that we drove to McDonald's to get ice cream. I got really hyper. We decided to make plans to try and get out to WEatherly to see Zack so we gave him a call. After that we went home because it was close to 11. Zack called again and I talked to him for a little while.

Today Mel picked me up around 1:00. We drove out to Nesquehoning to find their McDonald's because we're meeting people there tomorrow. Then we drove around Weatherly looking for a gas station until Zack got back to us. Turns out weatherly doesn't have a gas station so we went back to Nesquehoning. After the tank was full we went to pick up Zack. We were a little lost at first but everything worked out. We drove around. He showed us his school. It was a fun day.

Tomorrow we are going to watch Chris's band practice. fun fun. Hope fully we can get Allie to come with us.

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Recovery [03 Feb 2006|08:57pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | There Goes My Hero - Foo Fighters ]

I went through the surgery. I was kinda swollen for awhile, but it's gone down. I've been talking to Zack a lot. He's really sweet. The areas where they did the dermabrasion have stared to heal and it looks pretty good. I think Mel's comming back tonight. It's been weird not having her around. Kayla was supposed to pick up my school stuff for me. Hopefully I'll get that soon so I don't end up too far behind. I've also been looking for a prom dress. I think I found the one I want. I'm now in the process of selling my stuff from previous dances. I've been talking to my dad a lot lately. His support means a lot.

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recent events [30 Jan 2006|09:37pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Know Your Enemy - Rage Against the Machine ]

I haven't updated in awhile so here goes:

Two weekends ago I hung out with Mel and a kid named Jestin. We went to the mall and wandered around and had a small lotion fight. After we left the mall we headed towards Taco Bell. On the way there another lotion fight broke out between me and Jestin. It was really bad. I got his beanie and hoodie and he got my hair. Mel's car was an innocent victim. I think the smell might still be trapped in it. (Love Spell... the glittery kind) We got food at Taco Bell and as I was eating my taco Jestin started telling some story about getting kicked out of a bowling alley for trying to pee in a bowling ball. I almost fucking lost it and ended up choking on my taco. At first I couldn't breathe. They both just sat there and watched me (may I add that Mel is CPR certified). Someone at another table offered to come over and help me but by that time I was coughing and I was okay. Needless to say I felt like a fucking idiot.

The following Tuesday we had plans for a bunch of us to go to Olive Garden, but on Monday there was a snow day. Mel also remembered that Tuesday she had work so we attempted to get everyone together. Instead of the six people that planned on going we were down to only three. Danielle, Mel, and I went. It was a lot of fun and the food was really good. After that we hit up the mall. As we were entering the mall a group of wiggers passed us. They checked us out and one got really close to Danielle and said something. When I asked her what he had said. she replied, "fellatio". I explained what it meant and she attempted to go and chase them down, but they were already out the door. Then Danielle got ripped off by some perfume bitch; she paid five dollars more for some Brittney Spears crap than she would have at another store. We wandered around and looked for hot guys but none were found so we went home.

Tuesday I got my new classes. I like them all for the most part. I also got a new lunch. I sit with Mel and Allie. Kayla and Amy are in my lunch too but they sit at other tables. The first few days of lunch Allie and I got into water fights. Oh yeah and I passed Spanish and Art... no clue about the other two.

Thursday Mel and I went out to eat before she left for vacations. We went to Jack Rivers (something like that) up by Service Team for wing night. We invited Allie but she couldn't go. It was a fun little trip. Afterwards we invaded WalMart and then Burger King. I tried to call the radio stations to request Freebird because Mel doesn't know if she's heard it, but I failed to get through. Friday morning she left for about a week. I left her a comment on Myspace. Also I was impregnated in second block on Friday (in Child Development). Apparently I'm about ten weeks pregnant. I asked if Mel could adopt it.

I really didn't do shit all weekend. I spent a lot of time on the phone and computer. I started talking to a guy named Zack. He seems like a nice kid... who knows.

I get surgery tomorrow, I'm really worried about it. I'm kinda scared I'll wake up and not recognize myself. Hopefully it's all just my own stupid paranoia...

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Gym and Dad [18 Jan 2006|09:37pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Stripped - Rammstein ]

I talked to Dad the other night just to give him an update on things. I told him about the surgery scheduled for the end of the month. : \ We talked about me maybe being able to go down to see him in a few weeks. Mom said that she won't let me ride the bus or anything. I guess now it's all up to whether or not he can get off work and make the drive up.... if she even says I can. It was weird, towards the end of the conversation he asked me if I really wanted to go to college up here. He said once I had my mind made up about what I wanted to do with my life he'd help me out. It meant a lot to finally have someone encouraging me. I'm such a jackass; I started crying.

Mel and I are thinking about joining a gym...just to tone up. We stopped by there and checked the place out, one of these days we'll use out free pass. We probably won't fully join until after I heal and she gets back from her vacation. right now we're looking at the beginning of February.

Tomorrow I have my Art and Spanish finals. I'm not at all worried about Art. I'm gonna go study for Spanish soon.

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Weekend Report [16 Jan 2006|06:22pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Trust - Sevendust ]

Friday Allie and I went to see Hostel. The movie looked like it was supposed to be really scary. The previews had a lot of torture scenes. It turned out to be a huge disappointment. On top of that she was pretty bummed out as the result of a guy. Overall it was a fun night. Saturday Mel and I went to look at dresses in Palmerton. I didn't really like the place we went. They had each dress in only one size; most of which were either too small or nearly plus sized. The dressing rooms were really small (especially considering the size of some of the dresses). They had white or pink curtains covering the front so you couldn't see in. they were pretty inefficient, you might as well have been naked in the middle of the room. After that we went to the diner and went home. I really didn't do much else all weekend because I felt like shit. I watched Mallrats and Manic. That's pretty much it.

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Guidance and art [06 Jan 2006|10:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Fall Back Down - Rancid ]

I finished my painting in Art... well got as close to accepting that way it looks with out wanting to set it on fire. It's been awhile since I've even been able to look at something I've created. I went down to guidance and Talked to Ms. Franco to see if she would be able to alter my schedule for next semester. I was able to drop Anatomy and maybe I'll be able to pick up Econ. I talked to her for awhile about all the bullshit that's gone on this year. After school I hung out with Ashley M. before my eye appointment. right now I'm bored....

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