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    Friday, October 22nd, 2004
    4:42 pm
    Angelic Halo
    "...And he drove his Divine Warthog to the top of the highest hill, defying any camping sniper slags, and is said to have spoken thus; 'Someone grab the spare seats, you sone of mothers'
    And fearing his tone and baleful glare, his faithful were said to intone 'I call gunner' and 'I got shotgun'
    Thus, the Divine Warthog drove to the unbelievers encampment, and there it was said that the gattling gun did breath firey lead upon the faithless.
    Then, in the heat of the battle, its is said that he cried "Out of the 'Hog! NOW!"
    Sadly, his faithful had neither the zeal nor the reflexs, and were scorched in unholy fire, to his cries of "Oh, you rocket whore! How do you like a shotgun to the FACE" and thus they were smote.
    And then it is said that he went into the lair of the dragon, and there were cries of "Shit, he has a shotgun, ahh fuck" and "Shit, where did he spring from"
    Emerged did he, bearing the unbelievers blue totem, and stride did he, to the Divine Warthog.
    Drive, did he, back to the church of the faithful, and destroy the blue totem upon His altar.
    Thus was ownage distributed, and smackdown administrated to the heretics."

    Book of the 1337, 22-10-04
    Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
    9:56 pm
    Sanity is a crutch for the weak.
    "Just as a warning, I am halucinating again. I jsut tried to answer the saucepan. It was ringing"
    "Was anyone on the line?"
    "Of course not. IT WAS A FUCKING SAUCEPAN"

    That was just a conversation I just had. I'll leave it to my avid reader(s) to figure out who i was in that conversation.

    Today was lifes way of reminding me that it hates me, and even though my lfies been going (comparitively) ok to date, life will get round to dealing with my optimism before long

    I had a three hour prac today, making asprin (and i got a splitting headache doing it, tohugh that was jsut prolly the Irony (Fe04)
    At the end of the prac, you put your li'le flask in some ice to coo, and watch as the asprin crystilises.
    You then filter, clean and weight the powder, and get graded on how much you were able to produce.
    We followed the experiment to the letter. We put our flask on the ice, and watched it cool. Three expectant faces stared inot its depths
    By the time everyone had left for the exam (that was straight after our lab, so people in different days' labs had 3 more hours to study, but anyway) by that time, we realised we were gonna fail the prac, as no crystals were forming. our lab-dude-guy-thing had no idea why it wasnt working. maybe because he's a physical research chemist, not an organic-lab-dude-guy-thing.
    Regardless, we set of for the exam broken men (and broken women in becs case. and in the interest of equality, she was equally broken as us broken men, no more, no less)
    The exam was pretty easy, but stress ruined my memory, and i wound up making alot of it up.

    The rest of the day was uneventful (like a FOX!)

    On the train home, there was a spare 3 seater, so Grace (my elegent girlfriend) sat down ,and waited for me to fight through the crowd.
    Jsut before I got to the seat, some lady sits down between me and Grace. Iam about to ask her to move, but she shoots me this look which could burn through organic matter, so i backed off.
    She spent the next 45 minutes (i kid you not) on the phone to her boyfriend, talking in a weird voice, and saying "sweety, you've got to organise your life" alot
    Whoever she was talking to didnt get a word in sideways. It was easy to tell he had actually left the phone at times, the way shed ask a question, wiat 30 seconds, then repeat it, it was sorta funny, in a "you are inferior to me" way, but mroe annoying that grace and I had to quietly talk around her.
    People are not smart.
    The rest of the day is without events, eept that there is no cheese or icecream, because it seems that I am fat. Yeah. It MUST be a mum thing.

    Current Mood: confused
    Current Music: Californication
    Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
    10:05 pm
    Fo Shizzle
    People exist only to amuse me.
    That is a belief that transends religion, race and gender.

    On to our regularly schedualed program.
    Today was a day where, if i had stayed in bed, it would not have changed much
    Mum had booked a driving lesson for 9am, which is always fun. Driving lessons that is. Needing to be coherent and non-stabby by 9 in the morning is less fun.

    The driving instructor had a new car, which means I have to master it by the time my driving test comes around.
    The only complaint i have with the car is that if the windsceen wipers go on, you are going to turn right.
    And if the little water jets go on, you are going to turn left.
    In laymans terms, the indicators and windscreen wiper stalks are in the opposite place.
    It's like tuna icecream. Unusual, and probably heresy.

    My driving lesson finished at ingleburn station. One unremarkable trip later, i arrive at uni, a shade after 11. Class doesnt start till 2, so chem work was almsot done. I have little self control, and ridiculing those around me is just so much more FUN than K-sp values.

    I rock up at class at 2. I leave class at 2:23, or close enough to it.
    I return to talking to selphie and Will until grace messages me at 4:30ish, then I go home
    Well tree, there you have it, i do not have an interesting life. It is however, more interesting than yours, because you msut be pretty bored to read this.

    Chem study time. later
    Monday, October 4th, 2004
    9:31 pm
    Yes, I know. Quiet you
    Like cocaine, heroin, or old pokemon games;
    Just when you think you're clean, some bastard needs your help catching mewto.

    On second thoughts, that lacks my usual coherence.

    I betcha all thinking "Alex!/Leon!/d00d! You havent done this damn thing in ages, why start now?
    If you werent thinkintg that....well, a dragon eats you. (As a note, where my humor may o0nly be recognised the be 31337, i will provide a link, soo

    And well, why do I start to right again?
    Partly to ease that inuilt urge all people feel,that need to be hyppocritical in an attention seeking manner. C'mon, tell me you dont feel that way sometimes.
    Also, I dont think my dear girlfriend deserves to be whined at this much.

    Yeah, now theres a point.
    Yes, I am still going out with grace. Though still isnt the right word. It implies that going out with grace isnt the best thing in life. EVER.
    6 months, 1 week at rougly 8 hours. roughly.

    Well, anyway, on with the show.
    Ive jsut spend thurs morning- mon morning in brisbane.
    Now, people are like "wow, brisbane rulexorzez! It has teh gold coast of gold, and like theme parks. AND STUFF"
    Id like to tell you thats not a direct quote. I really would.

    Brisbane has none of those things. Brisbane contians the gold coast in the same way sydney encompasses canberra.

    North west brisbane has no beach. Unless you call dust on the ground and humid air the beach. but if you do, you've got issues.

    The cool thing though was my cuzing took me to see Alien Vs Predator (AvP)
    Now, i dont care what you say about AvP. (i dont care what you say at all, but anyway)
    AvP wasnt bad. In the same way command & conquer generals was a good game. If you considered it a command and conquere game, it was shit. If you treayted it without the brand name, it was an awsome game.
    Same with AvP. Just treat it as a generic action thriller movie, and you will not be dissapointed. Probably. This is coming from someone who got philisophical satisfaction from terminator 3.

    Now that i have proved i am entirely without taste, let us move on
    Wait, lets not. I really should be studying.
    Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
    10:42 pm
    Simply Amazing
    I know, i know
    i said i didnt want to winge or whine.
    I didnt lie. I jsut want to keep a record of my days, to tell my friends (and step family) what im doing with myself these days, and where my life is going, with minimal whine's
    Here is today, without any whines;
    ------------Spoke to ben, saw grace ---------------------------------------------
    the "-"s denote, well, praragraphs.

    But i saw Grace today,but a chem test and the combined stupidity of the majority of the human race has left me hanging over a drop, and its all to easy to fall.
    But i like a challange. dont we all?
    And im getting yelled at, so maybe nows a good time to go.
    9:13 pm
    Love is not a victory march.....
    I first started this....thing, to air my grievences.
    A sort of shout, "hey, my life sux, this is why;"
    Im not sure things have changed all that much, my life is certainly little better
    Ok, im at uni now, and ive found the most wonderful girl, ever. Noite the full stop
    Her name is Grace, and she is the best. She has many qualities, and my personal favorite is the one that lets us be more than friends.
    I wil lcontiune this, but now as a journal, more than a whine-center
    I dont like my life much more than before. my family continue to drive me insane (and i suppose that cuts both ways)
    But il lwrite a real entry Tommorow
    Semper Fi
    Monday, March 1st, 2004
    10:20 pm
    SO this is uni? Pity, i thought the food would be better
    This is a real short entry
    First day of uni today, it was boring, but im sooo busy...
    Ill write more tomoz, even tomoz morn b4 uni, ok?

    Friday, February 27th, 2004
    10:24 pm
    Feel free to misquote me on that
    Well, This entry, like alot of my other recent entries, runs the risk of being rather short.
    Its not like i dont have much to type, just the amount of time that i can spare actually doing something even remotely as productive as typing a journal entry is somewhat limited.

    Thursday was spent at the uni, while a complicated experiment was run at us.
    People lectured at us whil "science" images were displayed one after another on two large screens behind us.
    The images themselves, altohugh there were 55 of them, were rather unvaried.
    Rainforest. Man catching trout. horrifying skin disease. Brain tumor. Man Holding caught trout. Cross section of brain tumor. Rainforest.
    The purpose of the experiment, as far as i could gather was too see how many loops of the images we could endure before snapping and going for coffee. It wasnt like the lectures actually mean anything. In the end im SURE they were making it up cause we were harder to break than theyd thought
    "What can your liason do for you; The correct procedure if you feel you have been unfairly discredited for an overseas exemption subject allowance"
    See? Im wise to them.

    After that, we were broken up into courses, and i FINALLY met the other nanotechies (that is now a word)
    Bloody surly bunch. Cept for the guy giving us a tour of the labs, he kept making nanotech jokes. which are BAD. like really bad. I wont repeat them

    Today i spent playing ffx2, and after beating it, starting a new gameplus (like a new game with all the things you found in your last game). Im SUCH an addict.
    Today was good, because i just did what i like doing, which is gaming, food, and, well, not much else

    Dunno what im doing over the weekend. time will tell.

    (PS, i have a misquote for you, DIRECT from teresa's mouth "my"
    Definately frightening stuff)
    Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
    8:40 pm
    Fortunately, I know everything
    Today was another O-day
    I thought it was gonig to be real busy, so i arrived super early, at just past 9:00
    Well, minus 10 points for Leon there.
    It was, eventually busy. but that was not till 11ish, so i was bored for two hours, right?
    I saw a girl id met on monday, and at first out of a desire to aviod unwelcome people, i tagged along with her.
    Tagged, i note, is not entirely the correct mood. "Dragged along" is closer, and "was willingly dragged along" closer still.
    It was a great day. it had food in it. And stuff, and stalls and clubs, and so many free conoms i lost count. how many such latex products can a guy meant to be studying a 35h/week course NEED?

    I have more things, but im not going to tell you


    Current Mood: busy
    Monday, February 23rd, 2004
    8:48 pm
    As my title very cryptically suggests, my first day of o-week (orientation week) at uni showed that it was not quite as i expected and a revolution or evolution within myself would be neccacary for me to have any hope of survving for the next three years.
    I dont want to bore you to death with details, but today ROCKED. well, not really, but considering my usual standard of days, this one was pretty cool. I went into uni, and there was everything a good open day need, and some things it didnt. the dean telling jokes about sheep (with implied kiwis), and the insane peer guy, and the cool people i was grouped with, it was all rather good.
    As was the food., and minties.
    And the people wernt that bad. I thought uni would contain something stereotypically, and scarily, like Homer Simpsons expectation, that of jocks and nerds. cept i more expected bastads and overly studious types. but everyone i met was pleasent, if shy, but definbately human, and the non stabbing kind.
    Ive always expected that there are good people in the world, somewhere, and id like to believe that UTS faculty of science contains alot of them. well, i know it contains one great person at lease :P

    Ive got tommorrow off, so ill spend that playing ffx2
    FFX2, now THAT was a bastad to get.
    First, i needed to trade in some old games for it, and just getting to the store was trouble, cause of a millenium train broke down, and i had to walk
    i got new shoes though.
    I cant put a pic of them here, but they are suede and black, and colorados.
    The colorado store staff kept complimenting my shirt, and i couldnt figure why, till i realised it had "Colorado" on it in big letters :D

    Well, dats all for today.

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: "Real Emotion" -Koda Kumi
    Thursday, February 19th, 2004
    6:41 pm
    Caution, Reinforcements are on you like stink on a monkey
    My title is actually a metaphor for University, and anyone whos played "Giants, Citizen Kabuto" may actully understand.
    You get that message when you beat a particularly nasty level, only have to turn round and have to wade through reinforcements back to your orignal spot. Kinda like the transition from highskool to uni, no?

    I had alot of interesting stuff to say ver these past few day, but my computer was in trouble, trouble thats impossible to explain without mentioning siblings that go to virussed sites in ANY WAY.

    Id also like to apologise for my below average syntax and spelling, my hands hurt form work, and editting takes more effort than i have to give.

    To my two valentines, im thanking you for making my hallmarks day special. even if i didnt actually recive them till after id felt sorry for myself, they did cheer me up to no end. Sarah and Sally, one of you is WAY more special to me than the other. ill leave you two to guess which is which :P

    Well, ill probably type more stuff tonight when my hands hurt less.

    Sunday, February 15th, 2004
    9:23 am
    (Un)Happy Hallmarks day to you all
    I was going to write this last night, but i really wasnt in the mood, and the computer was doing its version of sulking and being antisocial, and had to coax even msn to work, and getting something like IE to work happily enough for me to write this was out of the question.

    Leeeeeeeeeets see.....
    My day started with me heading off into the city to meet people for a fun day out. Yeah
    I always arrive early if im meeting at town hall steps, so i can stop and watch people go by. You see so many little stories, but they were all the same that day. mostly. Someone would be waiting with flowers, they would meet someone (sometimes of the opposite gender, sometimes not) also carrying flowers. They'd exchange flowers, kiss, compliment the other on their choice of flowers (Thats a nice rose) and walk off.
    The only story i saw that didnt fit that was one guy, with a white rose encased inside one of those plastic cones. when i first sat on the steps, he looked bright and hopeful, then he began to check his watch with ever increasing speed. Finally he hung his head, and threw the rose in the bin. She'd stood him up.

    I met my friend, and we went to see "Last Samuri" Not amazingly romantic, but then again, my friend wasnt my valentine. It was actually a passable movie, all things considered, and not the hollywood trash i had been expecting. It was no blockbuster, but it was a refreshing suprise.
    Incidentally, i spent almost all of the day in the company of one girl or another, none of which were my valentines, and in most cases, were other peoples, and in one case, one who had been stood up by a guy and didnt want to be walking around alone on this of all days. cant say i blamed her.

    We met up with other friends, tried to go shoe shopping, had more lunches than i care to count, etc.
    Interestingly, of everyone i was with that day, noone was havbing a happy valentines, even though the streets were thick with couples. That may say soemthing about my choice of friends. Or, on further reflection, it may not.

    I personally believe that valentines day is the worlds personal way of mocking me
    Oh, not specifically me, but of mocking alot of people. Im sure someone, somewhere is laughing.


    Current Mood: indifferent
    Current Music: Insomniac -Green Day
    Friday, February 13th, 2004
    9:28 pm
    I dont need your 9 to 5, or anyone to tell me how to live my life!
    Well, today was........well, intersting.
    It had stuff in it. Like my cd player
    Which i brought to work. its a nice player, skips a bit, but it plays ok.
    So i got to listen to music while i worked.
    I was euphoric all morning for no apparent reason, and made a record number of blocks, whilst grooving to green day, Gc, linkin and POD.
    I dont remeber much of the morning, euphoria drowning out all outside stuff, other than lala land inside my own head. It semms i was singing along. god help anyone withing earshot. I am to singing what Tomato Sauce is to icecream.

    I was working at 12:30 and my boss come sup, and is like "why havent you packed up yet? Dont you remeber, its friday, its grab a beer and knock off early day"
    I grabbed a coke and knocked off. This was a special designated driver or under 18's version of the day.

    I got home in record time, but my parcel containing the game i ordered that was meant to be here today, wasnt. No matter, i can wait all day....Pity i need to wait all of three days.
    For purposes of audience interaction, you must download and play Green Day's "Waiting" at this point for mood music

    But there was pizza in the freezer, and although the hysteric euphoria was wearing off, pizza makes the world better. Same way the wrold looks better through the bottom of a bottle (or so im told) the world looks better through a peice of paper stained with pizza grease.

    My fater, as a half hobbie half unpaid job, contructs racing motourcycles. hes got awards and stuff, and hes been on tv and in magazines, hes pretty good. He USED to be in things all the time, but hes a bit past his meda-peak
    nonetheless, today was his comeback race, although he doestn race anymore, he just builds them. This was the first day of practice with the newly built bike. Mike was on the hot seat, hes a great rider from what i know of such things
    Though not great enough. The whole thing is a wreck in the garge now, and mike had got a broken collerbone, dislocated shoulder, and many bruises and minor fractures.
    Dad is really sad, understandably. 3 years of work, and one small mistake....
    A pity. Mike is in camden hospital, and will never have 100% use of that arm again. Which arm it was i forgot to enquire. Get well soon Mike!

    (PS Teresa's hair as well, may never fully recover from the horror (from the hairs point of view) Of korea. Frizzy bits abound, causing her great annoyance. She'll Need a new leave in conditioner. Life is tough for some of us.)
    (PS Sookee, i love you!)

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    Current Music: Waiting -Green day
    Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
    11:59 pm
    Im writing to let you know im still alive
    What my title says. Im mega tired, ive been making blocks and fixing computers all week.
    soo tired
    Sunday, February 8th, 2004
    10:45 pm
    A shaky kind of stability
    Thats exactly it. My life is tending towards stable in the way 1/x (lim. x -> infinity) tends to zero.
    In other words, my days pass, and something that may be classed as "normal" emerges.
    I get up at 6:40, ready by 7:00, and get to work at 7:30. at 5:00 i "knock off" and head home. I play games or go outside til dinner, then shower and go on the net till 11:00.
    Thats a day. I risk all my days, well, weekdays at least, following that pattern. I have a ps2 which i have little time to use, movies that i have no time to watch and this lasted journal which ireally dont have the time to write.
    Ive got to break the cycle.
    Im ont sur ehow
    Oh, wait, uni will break the cycle goooood
    i wonder how mcuh work ill get. People say ill get snowed under, buy they said that about the hsc too.
    Time, will in its own way, in a the proverbial manner, tell
    I iddnt do much today, but reformat this Mother, with the much apreciated help of greg "gary" lyons. Thanks man. Hes a great guy, pity he cant play Virtua Cop 3 to save himself.

    Famous last words:
    "What big red scaly thing"

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Current Music: None, my rive is as clean as a chronic nosepickers nostril
    Saturday, February 7th, 2004
    8:25 pm
    The second ammendmant
    A thought occurs, as i reread my entry that I just wrote.
    What annoyed me wasnt that my pearents expected me to eat fish, more that they were suprised when i didnt want to.....
    To them it was a suprise. That i have refused to eat fish for more than three years did not seem to factor inot their thinking.
    And people wonder why i think the human race has it coming. We are the most destructive race ever. No race comes even close. I mean, ants will fight for land, but they will not SEEK fights. they just expand their territory. And they do that only for survival, not for a better economy or for a polital move. They just survive, and other ants must die so they can live. But they dont HAVE to fight, then they DONT.
    I dont know where im going with this, cept that i just think humanity is not the answer, i agree with Terry Pratchet on that. Its cockroaches all the way.


    My Dog has no syntax!
    How does he construct sentances?
    If you dont understand, dont ask.

    Current Mood: cynical
    Current Music: Waiting -Green Day
    7:13 pm
    My faith in the human race rarely goes up on any occasion. This is not one of those times.
    Yesterday was a farewell party for Lucy Zou, who is unfortunately leaving us to go to ANU in canberra.
    She will be missed greatly.
    I navigated the train system all the way to my destination, only waiting a meagre 45 minutes for my train connection, which is not that bad. Ive waited far longer.
    There, we ate indian food, which was, of course, wonderful. We also painted, which i did with reluctance, as i had not been informed that painting would be a featured activity of my day, and im a born artist in the same way a brick is designed with aerodynamics in mind.
    I painted a leaf, put a shadow under it, and called it "Falling Leaf" and gave it lucy to remember my complete lack of artistic skills by.
    Lucy, as a side note, can draw wonderfully in the anime style, and most other art styles as well. Im having a good day when more paint ends up on the paper than on me.

    After that we went out to a chinese place for dinner, which was good, as im a fan of all asian foods.
    We were cultured during the meal (Drank tea instead of coke, ordered traditional meals, although i was dissapointed to see some of my friends use forks surrepticiously). We managed to ruin any pretence of culture by having fried icecream for desert. I am reminded, at this point, that not all people can use chopsticks, and roughly the same number of people do not know what fried icecream is.
    First of all, you do NOT eat it with chopsticks.
    Secondly, its a rough sphere of icecream covered in a batter (usually with an aromatic spirit in it)
    How they fry it without it all melting, one can only guess at the speed of the frying.
    However, inspite of sounding like a contradiction, it tastes really good
    You can even put chocolate sauce on it, if you like.

    After that, two sets of accomodation plans fall through, but fortunately, Brendan, as kind as he is uncoordinated :P lent me a room for the night, which contained a computer with system shock 2 and a cable modem. Suffice to say, i was in bed by the time most early risers awake.

    After not eating breakfast, cause thats one of my personal flaws, I got a lift to the station and managed another horrible train journey, including sitting at stanmore for 25 minutes, and central for another 45.
    I did make it home in fact, with, one could say, a feeling of excitement (and an overuse of commas)

    Mum was bringing back springs from smithfield, the only place that sells cheap springs of the correct length
    the springs are for my trampoline which, childish as it may be, is my main source of exercise and stress relief. ive gone without it for a weak, and i feel awful.

    Mum arrived back a little while ago, roughly 10 mins after I started typing this entry (its 1523H now)
    Mum had not brought springs, shed gone and seen a friend instead.
    She had also broght back dinner, something i can appreciate.
    There are 5 things in this world i do NOT eat, under any circumstances
    Capsicum, zucchini, cucumber, fish, and carrot cooked in honey. Dont ask about the last one. replace it with squash if it would make you feel better.
    The dinner was fish, with a cucumber salad, and mum seemed suprised i wasnt overjoyed at the idea of a fish dinner, with cucumber salad. This is where my title comes in.
    I best go back to my eggs and toast before they go cold.

    (And now eileens talking to me again, your fresh flow of news on teresa's hair is being typed up ready for the next entry)
    Thursday, February 5th, 2004
    10:17 pm
    Flashes of Genius
    Ill deal with my title in a sec.
    My new job today comprised of these 3 elements:
    1)You put bit of steel in machine and you clamp it
    2)close door
    3)press GREEN button
    4)wait until done, and remove steel. repeat as neccecary.
    63 seconds total

    As a note, a rumbler is a barrel filled with coin shaped bits of steel. larger bits of steel are put in, then the whole thing is spun
    Its bloody, ear breakingly noisy.
    It removes all sharp edges fro mwhatevers in there, and most of the not so sharp ones too.
    1)Remove last batch's bits of steel from rumbler (25 peices, some basta doverloaded it)
    2)Put 20 peices in.
    3)Start it, then close door fast, before ears break

    total time, 25 minutes.

    1)Take rumbles and machined 7 by 7 by 3.5 lump of steel.
    2)debur drill holes
    3)Stack neatly.

    That is my job. Its NOT thrilling, but it pays about 8 bux and hour, and isnt hard work. cept that bloody rumbler.
    Heres where my title comes in.
    Im not known for my genius, my wit, or social skills.
    But on occasion, i can think a brilliant though, say soemthing thats actually funny, or have an intellegent conversation with a pretty girl.
    Today was the former.
    The machines we were using were controlled by a computer .
    As i was doing my mindless work, i thought about the command code id seen in the computer that was running the machines. The boss was complaining that the maxchines were too slow.I had a flash of genius, during my break, i got permission to work on the code. A few minutes later, the big machines were running at 175%
    Thank you, thank you.
    Its not mmuch, but it impressed the boss. it was actually the high point of my day.

    Well, thats the level most boring entry ive written.
    (PS Teresa Haikr will be back next episode for season 2)

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: SOmething by good shirt, i dunno what, its like good hippie.
    Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
    11:21 pm
    Sure it aint REAL, but its bot REALLY fake either
    This is a very special journal entry.
    Not only has Teresa returned witha mostly complete head of hair, I have important news
    Im not really getting married.
    Kinda anticlimatic, huh?
    If you are an avid reader of this, you'd know that I have a pseudo-girlfriend in an onlnie game.
    Well, now she's my pseudo-fiancee.
    I dont know if thats important to you, but you've read it now.
    Today i bludged, and got a new job, which pays about 8 dollars an hour, so much rejoycing is done by me.
    Its a mind boggoloingly boring job, but its MY mind boggolingly boring job. MINE

    Thats about all.
    (Although we have a teresa, wit hincluded hair, i seem to have earnt the ire of my reporter. Eileen, im so sorry.)

    Current Mood: Engaged
    Current Music: 86 Green Day, thanks for the cd Jack
    Monday, February 2nd, 2004
    11:23 pm
    Did ya miss me?
    Sorry, i had to post that entry, because i had to move my operations to the other computer.
    It was sweet. i bet noone noticed i went....msn didnt even register it. (Smooth with acapital SMOOTH, to requote red dwarf)
    I want to see Underworld. I wont say if it was good or bad. It had guns, and therefore shooting. but there was a sword too, and werewolves. oh, and vampires. they vampires had the sword though. There was aplot, and a rather good one for a Uzis-subachineguns-pistols-And-One-sword-movie
    If you can ahndle only seeing people being beetern black and blue on a black and blue set for 2 hours, then see it. its like blade meets the matrix without the fasion sence.
    Thats all this time. I promise
    (Oh, good point. i do not, repeat NOT want you to scalp teresa. please)
    (Oh, and eileen, if you read this, im sorry)

    Current Mood: high
    Current Music: Waldorfworldwide -Good Charlotte
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