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Thursday, April 22, 2004

4:23PM - The first time i'm ever writing in my blurty!!!

Hey! Um well, I take it somehow you've heard of wonderful my if your reading on with the show! Today in English, Mrs. Jones are substitue, made us write down somthing to write for our 5-paragraph-essay, and I said Should gay marriages be legal? And I want to know what you think....going on with my report...i'm not trying to act smart or anything (b/c I do have my blonde moments) but I mean i'm just curious!!! Anyways, the rest of the day was pretty boring, I ripped out some super hot guy out of Jen's magazine though, which i'm pasting on my wall. And Audrey dancing to N'SYNC was hilarious too. But, this is what ruins my day the most....

I got my eyebrows done (you know like waxed)...which is okay...

but then I got them dyed, cause, yeah, i'm a real blonde...


IT LOOKS HORRIBLE...I told my mom i'm going to be offended by public harrassment --if that can happen?!

Yeah, so i'm kinda pissed about that but, oh well, my mom says it will go down in a couple days, hopefully...HOPEFULLY, no like now it needs too..

But, i'm kinda pleased with my mom b/c she bought we this really cute cell phone holder from Roz and Sherm that I wanted...:)
Much Love, -Alex-

*Wait till pizza comes for dinner...yummy
*Get ready for ballet
*Ballet from 6:15-7:15
*Go online for an half an hour
*Paint Nails/Toenails
*Study for math quiz
*Clean Room
^^^Feel free to call or leave some love!

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