May 01, 2003 @ 06:47pm

mood // weird
music // Hidell

So let's begin right where we left off, shall we? Only skip ahead three days to Friday.. kind of defeats the starting where we left off bit, but ANYWAY. I read about Kris' little mishap with the porch stairs, so after working at the studio until about 10 or so, Aaron and I went out to eat, and then I headed over to Kris-slash-Britney's, armed with a bouquet of daisies stuffed getwellsoonish cat that looks eerily like Lucifer, minus the razor sharp claws. ;) Anyway, I brought my guitar along and came up with asong while out on her front steps and listening to her 'ow' her way to the front door. It goes something like:

Oh Kristin
I talked to your mumsy
She said you're really clumsy
I brought you flowers
But don't eat then - they're not yumsy
Oh Kristin
Did you hurt your big toe?
Well I hope you know
to watch where you're going - OHHHHHHHH!

So I'm not spontanious and creative, oh well. The excuse for a ditty may or may not have been the result of a long day of straining my voice dispite the fact that it sounds like sh*t because I've had a nasty cold for going on a week or so now. I sound like a prepubescent boy all over again. And trust me, those were years I do not want to revisit.

Anyway, I have a month long break after the first week of May - we're nearly finished recording, and we'll get some down time to go in and oversee the mixing process. The record is due out about the end of the summer. So (I think?) I'm going to Vancouver with Kris, the next time she goes.

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April 22, 2003 @ 08:00pm

mood // tired
music // Smallville

I feel at least semi-bad for not being online as often, but as always I've thrown myself into recording, and rocking the Loft ;) And since the secret's officially out I guess I can say that yes, it's true that I recently worked with Santana and will be releasing a single (and video) with him shortly. The song is called 'Why Don't You & I', and it was origionally done with Chad Kroeger but I guess ... well I won't say anything that will get me in trouble, but I'm very excited none the less. ;) It sounds great and I'm really proud of it. It has a very Spanish feel to it and I can't wait until it comes out.

The other night, after I got off in the studio just before midnight, I swung by and picked up Kris on the motorcycle. It's becoming quite a nice little habit ;). We drove for a little bit, far enough out of city limits to enjoy the moonlight and starry sky, and then I took her back to my apartment so we could hang out at the pool. The pool room is actually just a hugeass room with walls and celings completely made out of glass so it gave the illusion of swimming outside. We splashed around of a little bit, until I grabbed Kris around the waist and tossed her into the air, into the deep end. When she came up again, sputtering, it looked like she was upset/crying so naturally I felt horrible and quickly swam over to see if I could fix things. I pulled her close to me and smoothed the wet hair back and away from her face, trying to differenciate between real tears and just water. I kept asking her if she was okay and she nodded slowly, trying to catch her breath shakily. I apologized several times until I realized that a devious grin had begun to spread across her face. I paused for a moment, and before I knew it she had wrapped her legs around mine and shifted her weight suddenly so that I flipped backwards. She took off and after recovering I followed after her, hollering threats.

Anyway, it was all fun and games until later when I was going for my towel on a chair, on the deck, and I slipped, banged my head on the pool stairs, stubbed my toe and went flying, skidding to a stop right before the chair. Oh and did I mention that the friction that stopped me was my face against the pavement? Needless to say, I ate the gravel and now have a lovely rash-looking thing all down the front of my face. I should probably come up with some wild story that includes me fighting a rabid snake or something so I don't look quite so stupid and clumsy. But alas, no, now all of you know the truth. :)

So yeah, basically my life has been going into the studio about noon or oneish in the afternoon, and then working well into the night, sometimes working past midnight except for Tuesday where I take an hourlong break when Smallville comes on. ;) If I have enough energy left after I get out, I try to see if Kris is up to a little fun but otherwise I end up collapsing into bed until about seven or eight a.m., when I get up and force myself to eat. And people wonder why rockstars are so fucking skinny.

So right, now, to feed the Smallville monkey on my back. Adios, amigos.
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April 14, 2003 @ 01:08pm

pictures of the castle for scott and shawn )
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April 10, 2003 @ 04:36pm

mood // tired
music // Good Charlotte

Yeah, I've been slacking in the updating department, so sue me. And we just won't get into my AIM usage, which has been basically nil lately. Studio calls, I guess. I have a tendancy to pour everything I have into my music, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, really. I don't think anyone reading this have seen me perform live, but I get completely absorbed in the music. I usually come off the stage on a natural music high and five minutes later I am just like..drained of all energy. But I give it my all and do everything in my power to make it my best show, so .. yeah. There was no point to that, oh well. The only real purpose for this update is so that Kris doesn't have to whine about not seeing me on her friends page anymore.
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April 03, 2003 @ 10:58pm

mood // I HATE BUGS
music // my screaming okay

A insect of some form was just crawling on my neck. GHJSDAK THRAJTLWA TAN VTYUTIOAYTA. That's it, kids, I'm going back to the studio.
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