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    Friday, October 17th, 2003
    11:55 pm
    Friday 17th October
    Just spent 3 emotional hours with Master. He had written a fantasy story about me, stayed up all night doing it. i thought He would be emotionally drained this morning but He was like an animal, horny as hell. He called me to come and undress Him but before i could get there He said, "Too late girl!" and He was sitting in His big easy chair, stark naked. He ordered me to stand in front of Him, then He stood up and stripped my nightgown off me. He then picked me up and carried me to the bed and threw me onto it - He loves to watch me bounce! LOL. Then followed two hours of hot passion. He always starts off playing rough..biting my lips or neck and pinching my nipples, or whacking my bottom. This time He was pinching the inside of my thighs as well, but it didn't hurt..just increased my arousal. The actual sex, the act, was usual...hard and passionate and animal. But afterwards Master held me tenderly, as He always does - often sitting in His lap but this time He held me on top of Him, crushed tightly against His body - and told me how much He loves me, how i please and thrill Him, and how i belong to only Him. i love the feeling of being wanted by such a strong, protective, beautiful and sexy man. He is right, i belong to Him, and also He belongs to me, and we will never be parted.

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    Sunday, October 12th, 2003
    4:29 pm
    Wow! This weekend has been made up of several hours of play with Master. The effect we have on each other is electrifying...all it takes is for Him to softly touch my hair, or for me to lick my lips, and we're both instantly aroused. Our relationship is so perfect it seems like a dream. Whenever i think i can't possibly love Him any more than i do, He does something incredible and it hits me like a sledgehammer all over again...and He says the same thing about me. Sometimes i'll say or do something, and i'm not even sure what, and He'll be stunned and saying how much i amaze Him and how much He treasures me. He loves it when i tell Him how i belong to Him, and only Him, and i do mean it. If anything happened to Him, i could not love anyone else. My life is dedicated to Him, and everything i do is for His benefit. Some people think submissives are weak or brainwashed, but it's not like that at all...i yield to Him, submit to Him, because His pleasure makes me happy. And it's not a one-way street, because He returns my gift of submission with His gift of love and protection and strength. We complement each other Yin and Yang.

    Anyway, Master is sleeping now and i've just had a shower, and am about to go and buy some food for later. Tomorrow it's work again, and already the thought of being away from Him is making me sad. But as He says, we are soulmates and even when we're physically apart, spiritually we dwell in the same place.

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    Saturday, October 11th, 2003
    1:40 pm
    Looking back on the last few months, i wonder if i could have handled things better so that i suffered less stress. Some people think stress is good, at least it lets you know you're alive! There have been a lot of life-changing events in the past year: battling with chronic illness, leaving my marriage (and all the guilt involved with that), increasing my workload from 2 to 5 days, moving house, my daughter moving interstate. But most important was finally yielding to my dormant submissiveness. Actually, it was awakened by Master not long after we met. Of course He wasn't Master then, He was just S, and He had an online sub He liked to play with. Our relationship started off just as friends, then we began to exchange erotic stories about each other. N, the sub He was with - who was someone i already knew - found out and forced Him to choose between her and me. Obviously He chose me - LOL - and since that time we've grown very close and He has asked to marry me. He's been teaching me a lot of bdsm stuff over the past few months, things He has learned over many years, but is holding back a bit until we are permanently together. But even now when we are together He is very Dominant and i am very submissive....and i love it!!! He has tied me up a few times, and used a plastic ruler on my thighs and breasts, but nothing more severe. Pain is not my thing, and these experiences have been just pure pleasure. He owns me completely, utterly and totally, and we have promised to love each other for eternity.

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