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    Friday, October 8th, 2010
    10:58 pm
    Washington radio
    Group has become prominent figures on the strip. Tourists leave their show exhilarated and ready for another round of game at the casino table. If you want light entertainment, there are several comedy shows that can tickle your fancy. You can choose from a number of veteran stand-up comics or you can go to several clubs that host improv comedy. Once you identify the shows that interest you, you can write or email the contact person of each show for an application. Filling out ApplicationsThe first thing to note on an application is the deadline. Many shows will not accept entries received after that date. The application will outline the show regulations and fees required. Art Shows vary extensively in rules and regs.

    These shows cram the primetime line-up and draw ratings like crazy. What is it about them that people find so intriguing? Are we simply voyeurs, relishing Alabama radio in being a fly on the wall and dispassionately watching other peoples lives, or do we have a genuine desire to better understand humanity? In general, all reality TV shows involve some form of competition that fuels the fire. Prizes such as large sums of money, trips, and cars are dangled in front of contestants in order to entice them to manipulate, cheat and/or deceive their fellow contenders. I have tried this for a long time and believe me its not worth the money, time or even the risk. On the other hand when you want to watch TV shows over the internet the second option couldn be easier. First of all its extremely cheap...so cheap I even canceled my cable subscription. Anyways any typical everyday live online satellite TV service out there is less then 50$ and thats just a one time fee. This means you pay 50$ once and you can watch TV shows and anything else over the internet until you go blind. By canceling my cable subscription I am now saving more then 1000$.
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