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Nyo... [29 Apr 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | "This Is Training!", Toshiro Masuda, Naruto OST II ]

Man, oh man, I am BUSHED! Training myself at night, working on classwork all day, living off meat and veggies 'cuz of this Atkins diet thing...I never feel like I have enough energy. I need to meditate on my chakras tonight-too bad I can't have candles or incense here. I miss my bamboo candles...but remember: HARD WORK ETHIC OVERCOMES NATURAL TALENT ANY DAY!!!!!!! (o.O I think....) Well, short entry. Got nothing else to say.

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WACHOOO! [28 Apr 2004|06:48pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | "Gai's Theme", Toshiro Masuda, Naruto OST II ]

Just dropping by for a second to jot down a few thoughts. Man, this week is just getting more tiring! And I swear my sensei took it seriously when I said he reminded me of more Nice Guy Pose and I think I'll die. Really. But at least he's really cool, too. I've learned so much through Taijutsu-yeah, you heard me! That stuff Lee does, you know, some of it's real! Especially the Drunken Fist technique, Iron Fist technique, and renge (Lotus) style techniques. So basically lately it's like I'm Lee and my sensei is Gai (unfortunately complete with crying and getting knocked into the dirt x.x) But I haven't mastered the Drunken Fist technique yet, and I have to finish my renge training before I can even continue. It's cool, though, espeacially since Sensei-sama is such a traditionalist-he teaches Suiken the may it was meant to be taught, by actually being drunk. :) So it's sort of a free excuse to drink sake (which I love-my one guilty intoxicating pleasure). Anyway, it's time for me to quiz myself on my katas, so peace till next time, peeps.

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    WAIIII! [23 Apr 2004|06:09pm]
    [ mood | exhausted ]
    [ music | "ALIVE", Raiko,Naruto OST ]

    I'm absolutely losin' my friggin' mind! TOO MUCH NARUTO! And unlike most people, I can honestly say that I like every character that's come along so far (except for Orochimaru-that jerk!) Lately it's Hayate, Gai, Lee, Shikamaru, Chouji, and Jiraiya-sempai. Why I call him sempai? Glad you asked! 'Cuz I am like the most perverse person I know *snerk* and I laugh at everything that even sounds remotely wrong. Such as this little scene from Threads of Fate....
    Mint: Ewww...pumpkins. Hey, Rod, you can have my pumpkins and I'll take your meatballs, okay?
    *snerk* Now you see what I mean! I'm even gonna enter the Sexy no Jutsu contest at, 'cuz I just love that dirty old man. x.x So I guess that's really all for today. I am exhausted from the last week of school (I HATE EXCEL!) so meh brain just isn't working right now.

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