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first but not last [19 May 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Why Georgia--John Mayer ]

I have many of these journals, but haven't used them in 2 years...so i thought i would start out fresh. Besides i have forgotten the passwords, and i was really immature back then, and it's depressing to read (I used to be anorexic and i liked to write all about it) I'm not going to be writing for anyone else but me. I'm living at my new boyfriends friend's house (very long story) but in a week I will be moving into my place in Burnaby. I have moved 4 times in 2 months. It's extremly stressful, i love to be organized have my stuff out. I have been trying to be patient, but that's difficult for me. And i know i've been taking it out on my boyfriend, John. He has been stressing me out too though, he has never been in a relationship before, and he doesn't know relationship stuff. And i just got out of a four year relationship, i probably should have been single for atleast a second. But don't get me wrong, i really like john. Maybe too much. We've spent every single day together since we've met (about 2 months) Anyways, i haven't had much of a life outside of him the only other things i've been doing is shopping, and tanning. I went and saw my family a couple times (they live on a different island) My life has been put on hold. I quit my job at Old Navy because they where treating me like shit, I hardly got any shifts, and i want to work full time. So i haven't been working for the past week. i have hung out a couple times with my ex-boyfriend, that was a little awkward--expecially since he still has a lot of feelings for me still, and i don't feel anything for him anymore. our relationship was really going no where, we had both hurt each other so much and i didn't trust him. But i still want to remain friends with him, because we have so much history.
Anyways, this was a boring entry, i'm gonna read other peoples entries.

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