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HOLY HELL!!! [12 Feb 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | System F - Out Of The Blue ]

So I was at this rave right? And there's this girl there that went down on a guy so that we could both have blue gel caps? Now that's a friend you don't find every day, am I right???

Her names evian6080 and she gave me a bracelet off of her left wrist. And I knew that we were going to be friends because everyone always gives me the bracelets off of their right wrists. And anyone that can be different like that is tops in my books.

She knows a girl that goes to my school, I think I know her. jordan6080 or something like that. I think she's a cheerleader, my brother thechad6080 knows her. Apparently they're friends or some shit like that.

I have to go my dickwad brother wants the computer.

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