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[13 Oct 2003|10:04pm]
At lunch time today with Brian, Claire and Kristen we didn't stop rehearsing cos Claire wanted to get her lines right until Brian commented that he's "the pimp" with 3 girls eating lunch with him, making us girls hassle him for getting an ego.

Brian is super cute, with the good looks for the big screen if he pursues acting as a career in later life but he's also into journalism. Either way, he'll be in the entertainment business for sure. Kristen only does drama to get her school activities requirements up to get into college while Claire really wants to be an actress but she struggles all the time with her lines as she has a short term memory loss problem. We don't know how she's going to pull it off as she's has to memories a whole play worth of script.

Anyway, we were eating our lunch chatting happily away when Henry and one of his friends, Hunter, came walking towards us until Claire shrieked loudly as Brian threw some mashed potatoes at her. Kristen and I instantly turned red from embarrassment lowering ourselves down on our seats as everyone in the cafeteria was staring at us wondering what was going on. A few people glared at us for making a scene interrupting their lunch or bursting their ear drums. Brian and Claire were still carrying on until Kristen kicked Brian under the table hard making him cry out in pain grabbing onto his shins but he kept his mouth shut after that haha he got embarrassed the most cos he got kicked by a girl and people in the cafeteria saw :þ
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Back from Oblivion [13 Oct 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So, back after all and it was soon! haha Well, 10 months later but it's better than not at all right?

Finished with homework so have time to kill since I'm not sleepy yet and my brothers are in the Rec Room taking over with DVDs to watch on the Entertainment System my parents bought me for Christmas but my Ma was right that I do value my privacy and it was selfish of me to want it all to myself so the Rec Room was the best decision.

Life has been busy during the end of year 10, but now it's the beginning again for year 11 and so much to say! Homecoming is this Friday and I'm was going to go to the dance with Henry Skoats, the very talented, gorgeous, popular, smart and humorous quarterback of the football team. But that's changed.

Cos I'm the Captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. Everyone was shocked, no more shocked then me, when I made Captain. I was trying out for being just a replacement since one of the girls in the squad was moving to TX, I never dreamed of becoming Captain. Janie Marshall was NOT happy that her role of Captain was taken away from her and I don't blame her either. I refused at first but Coach Burns said that she liked my style, dance steps and the way I made cheerleading look fun and professional at the same time that's why she made me Captain. Coach didn't let me refuse saying it will go on my records and it'l be harder to get into college. Blackmail! So I had to accept.

Janie hates me now, even though I said for her to be co-captain but she refused, but didn't quit the squad as it's her life. Looking back, I realised it was an insult to her but it wasn't meant to be that way. She doesn't make cheerleading easy though. Half of the squad was torn, loyalty to Janie yet they dealt with change fine. Oiii *sighs out* The dramas back then.

The dramas ended a few days ago when I told Janie off in the middle of cheerleading practice since she didn't want to practice that afternoon since she was mad that Henry had asked me to the dance instead of her. I told her Henry had only asked me because Janie was being a bitch and that Henry said he didn't want to spend the night hanging around a girl who was going to concentrate on hating a girl on her own squad, using him as a trophy to show off to the girl she hated then to have fun being with him to celebrate high school tradition and to party. Told her to shut up and deal with the situation or I could kick her off the squad so she could hate me elsewhere ending up alone and miserable as no one else had the problem except for her. I felt so bad to tell her off like that but it was her problem.

She snapped out of it after that and apologised, so to make it up to her for taking her role, I asked her again to be co-captain where we both shared the role because school is getting more hectic with homework and the drama club putting on a huge production of "7 Brides for 7 Brothers". I'm one of the brides. Luckily cheerleading and drama club schedules are entirely different so I can work on both. She only accepted after she said she'd be Vice Captain since she's better at the organising then the creating of the cheers.

*phew!* That was exhausting to type up but much needed. Time for bed now, goodnight and sweet dreams!

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Hello to 2003 [06 Jan 2003|02:03pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

A brand new year! Yeah, I know it's a couple of days late, but this is the only spare time I could get to update.

Did y'all have a good Christmas and New Year? I know I did.

But I'd tell you all about it later on cos I've got things to do, as all the other girls.

Will be back soon, promise.

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[12 Dec 2002|11:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Man, whatta day. I'm totally beat. Physically, mentally and breathly.

My schedule today:
8am - 5pm: Classes
5.15pm - 6.15pm: homework/study/surf the iNet for research and personal usage
6.15pm - 6.25pm: talk to Mom about the satellite tv in the dorm
6.30pm - 7.30pm: Drama Club meeting
7.32pm - 9pm: dinner, kitchen duty/punishment
9pm - 11pm: homework/study/die
Now: Update journal and surf the net while being distracted by Mia as she's trying to watch herself sleep in the mirror but is getting frustrated that she can't.

the talk with Mom if you are interested .. click! )

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[11 Dec 2002|10:30pm]
The girls are saying that I made them make a journal, don't believe them. I only suggested that they write one so that we don't forget what we do, writing everything down on a day to day basis so in 80 years time we can remember what we did on this day and learn more about how each other think (though, all the girls aren't really sure if they want to know what Mia is thinking).

Knowing Mia can be trivial and challenging at times. Like right now, she's got a towel wrapped around her head and sitting on my bed crosslegged buddah style in front of a mirror 5 seconds meditating 10 minutes cracking up laughing at herself continously.

But I wouldn't swap her with anyone else for a friend. She makes things more clearer and amusing, putting things into a different perspective.

My big room is covered in posters of Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater, Chris Webber, Chris Edwards, Ryan Browning and 98º. There's everything I need - bed, desks, wardrobe, cupboards, lamps and trunks. Everything in brown wood. The walls are very very light pink while the carpet is the fuzzy soft kind. A computer for schooling purposes but being up times with technologies and all, hooked onto the Internet for "research" haha

I'm working on convincing my parnets to get me an entertainment system but they are flat our refusing no. I told her that I would be less trouble for them if I was being distracted by a tv with satellite tv with 300 different channels, and even though they literally thought about it for 1 minute, they said no.

But there is hope.
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A little background info on me for the first entry [10 Dec 2002|09:28pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

My name is Annabelle, I'm 17 and am a normal teenage girl with "issues" but is mostly a dreamer. My parents are too wealthy for their own good that it's made my sibs and I more fortunate than others but we aren't spoilt brats, even though I can be one at times being the baby of the family and all.

I'm the only girl and the youngest child in the family. My 6 elder brothers have all moved on with their lives but we write to each other all the time. We all are close, despite the different in ages. We, the Mercer children, have are doing very well for ourselves teaching each other the rights and wrongs. None of us do drugs, hurt other people, prostitute, pimp or steal. Being raise by our parents made us stronger and determined to become better people for ourselves and for our future families.

High school isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. My friends and I are all different in personality and in looks but we all connect. One thing we all have in common is we love to cause chaos to see how far we can get. Even after years being in school there are still some rules we haven't broken or tested out.

I have to do my English essay now so I'll finish this here and will continue tomorrow after classes.


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