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    Saturday, November 6th, 2004
    6:00 pm
    Entering a state of emergency
    wow its been so long since i last updated my blog. well haben been online long for the past few weeks and also got nothing impt happening so nv update... guess just plain lz bah... anyway, todae finally look through the past year exam papers le and really starting to feel quite stressed... so decided to declare a state of emergency starting from next week which means tat i will be studying in school every day till nite time... dont know whether can tahan or not but got to suffer now or else later will fare even worse... there is always a limit to complacency and i guess mine is already stretched too far... hahaha... ok think will not be updating so regularly unless got happening things le... take care my frens and all the best for all your examinations! well, going to enter mugger mode and if after exams want to ask me out to play, im always on one... until then, i remain faithfully as your bhb, yaya, noisy and crappy fren... hmnn, like writing a letter... hahaha... ok signing off. :P

    here lyrics to a very meaning song by dream theater, very nice song:

    Spirit carries on
    Music by dream theater
    Lyrics by john petrucci

    Where did we come from?
    Why are we here?
    Where do we go when we die?
    What lies beyond
    And what lay before?
    Is anything certain in life?

    They say, life is too short,
    The here and the now
    And you’re only given one shot
    But could there be more,
    Have I lived before,
    Or could this be all that we’ve got?

    If I die tomorrow
    I’d be allright
    Because I believe
    That after we’re gone
    The spirit carries on

    I used to be frightened of dying
    I used to think death was the end
    But that was before
    I’m not scared anymore
    I know that my soul will transcend

    I may never find all the answers
    I may never understand why
    I may never prove
    What I know to be true
    But I know that I still have to try

    If I die tomorrow
    I’d be allright
    Because I believe
    That after we’re gone
    The spirit carries on

    Move on, be brave
    Don’t weep at my grave
    Because I am no longer here
    But please never let
    Your memory of me disappear

    Safe in the light that surrounds me
    Free of the fear and the pain
    My questioning mind
    Has helped me to find
    The meaning in my life again
    Victoria’s real
    I finally feel
    At peace with the girl in my dreams
    And now that I’m here
    It’s perfectly clear
    I found out what all of this means

    If I die tomorrow
    I’d be allright
    Because I believe
    That after we’re gone
    The spirit carries on

    Current Mood: determined
    Current Music: Dream theater: Spirit carries on
    Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
    10:35 pm
    a few days nv update my blog le... been so tired these few days due to lack of sleep, been rushing rpt and my ia assignment... think been doing all these things too last min and got to share comp with my bro to do all these compounded to the problem. lost my temper on sun and scolded my bro cause he kept on taking his own sweet time to do his rpt then i only started my rpt at 10 at nite and the rpt is due next day... also my fault that i didnt start early but guess i been too playful this weekend, playing too much and chatting alot with frens. been quite hyper recently when socialising, seems to be talking non-stop, dont know genna wat virus?

    anyway time to get my priorties rite and do the impt stuff and try to avoid all these last min rushing tho i dont think its a habit tat i can get rid of easily. told my bro long ago to go buy his own comp but up till now still haben buy so got to suffer sharing comp when rushing assignment.. but i believe after giving him a piece of my mind, he would go and buy a new comp to avoid all these unnecessary delays in waiting for each other to finish using comp. not tat im a tyrant tat dont allow him to use, i always let him do his rpts first b4 me, which is the reason im staying up till 4pm to finish my rpt... he seems to be occupying the comp most of the time, those pp who used to see me online last time must be wondering why i recently so seldom online... anyway enough complaining abt my bro... just got super irritated with him taking his time to do his assignments when i need to use too.

    got so many tests, assignments and projects that is due soon... even me who is normally not so bothered by sch work also getting stressed. time to mug harder lar, exams also coming soon but me been so so playful these days... tsk tsk tsk... just my normal reaction when sch work get more stressful... kk good nite pp! must study harder also!

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: L'Arc~n~ciel: Spirit dreams inside
    Friday, October 15th, 2004
    8:45 pm
    Wow! finally a fri tat i can go out early to play... hahaha, didnt want to go for IA 1 tut todae although the rest of my frens going todae... think its too good a day to waste staying in school till so late so went out to play... haha, got a good time playing percussion master and also shopping ard... saw alot of cute jap gals ard bugis area... brought some toiletries and wanted to buy more IBM products but dont want to spend too much money.... in case pp wondering wat IBM stands for: IBM = individual body maintainence... saw a lot of new products in grooming section of mag so wanted to try out some... will go buy when i got money, now buy those cheaper one first... quite broke recently.. going to get tuition pay soon, then can go shopping le... was watching through some fashion mag in kino too... sighz, just dont have $$ to buy clothes or else can have a new image... been thinking of doing tat long ago... just dont have $$...

    think these few days always very slack, being playing too much video games... organo and organic test didnt do too well compared to my IA test so got to work harder le... intend to go for retest, although pass my test but think must score better than tat... cannot be so easily satisfied as im sure tat i can score better... got lots of project to do this weekend also, CH and IA... got to gambatte! going to watch 2046 tomo, hope i can understand wat the show is abt... those kind of artist show nomally harder to comprehend one... anyway im not dense mah... hehehe... guitar tutor going to enlist this coming wed so cannot have anymore lessons le... sad sad... hope his BMT can pass fast fast then i can have lessons again and wish him all the best inside.. Pes C one so dont think will be too xiong for him... oh yeah! todae is Ruiyi bdae, so wish her happy bdae! kk pp, good nite and take care, weekend lor! :>

    Current Mood: jubilant
    Current Music: Utada Hikaru: Automatic
    Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
    1:45 am
    good morning pp! hahaha, just woke up and got e kind of super disorientated feeling. yesterday was a super tiring day cause got to finish 2 lab reports and only managed to finish at 4am. so slept abt 2 hrs yesterday and got lab todae, surprisingly todae was quite energetic and awake, unlike sat, feeling so tired... maybe becoz is dont want to screw up for lab so managed to keep myself alert throughout the lab todae... quite an accomplishment considering sleeping so little... now left with less than 1 experiment to concluding all my experiments so quite happy, think todae alot of pp must be thinking im quite a nuisance cause keep on walking abt to disturb pp cause got a lot of refluxing time... 1hr like tat. managed to eat lunch ard 12 plus also, realise something... eating lunch doesnt help me in not feeling hungry after lab! hahaha... think its a customary feeling to feel hungry after walking out of lab cause normally dont eat lunch mah...

    Anyway todae is my bro 21st bdae! long time ago brought present for him oready... todae mum also cook alot of food, me eat until so full.... then go lie on bed for a while then lost consciousness till my bro woke me up like ard 12 plus... guess im really tired... haha, anyway just printed my lecture notes and now just doing some materials searching for my projects till i feel sleepy again... real disorientated feeling... feel like its still 10-12 plus at nite tat kind of feeling... kk pp! good mite! haha

    Current Mood: refreshed
    Current Music: Dream theater: Metropolis
    Friday, October 8th, 2004
    10:22 pm
    todae didnt go for ma la huo guo cause one of my band member sick so the outing cancelled.... sob sob... hope she recover fast fast... me still thinking of my huo guo... *drool*

    todae seems like alot of pp didnt go for the chem lectures... think the coming IA2 test must be quite difficult as alot of pp seems to be very stressed studying for the test.... like kwee bing, miaohua and all my other guy frens... wish all my frens good luck for their test tomo... todae is another relaxing day in sch, woke up late todae then didnt go for alan szeto lesson, but still go school early cause normally will accompany miss ang for breakfast one.. didnt want to stay at home cause will be very slack so decided to go sch, did my organic tut in the break time...

    hahaha, these few days dont know wat is wrong with me, seems to be in an exceptional crappy and good mood... whole day just crap ard with almost all of the frens tat i meet... on the way home, saw huixian then suan her together with chow yong... say she is 'lao huay' = old flower in hokkien i think... hahaha.. saw a few couples in chem one at the 198 bus stop also... fun talking to them... kk going to start my rpt now... going to burn midnight oil todae after watching my zheng cheng gong show, good show cause me doing ch project might write on him... good nite pp!

    Current Mood: jubilant
    Current Music: Ayumi: Evolution
    Thursday, October 7th, 2004
    9:03 pm
    Another slack day in sch! went back to sch just for org tutorial and also to hand in my problem set... at least now clear my problem set so now left with lab reports... after org tut, went to have lunch with huimin and kwee bing then also to discuss our ch project. at least now decided on wat to do oready so now can look for data. after tat just stay in canteen there to crap... hahaha, got such a fun time crapping w each other... think now kwee bing look at me differently le... suan her together with huimin todae, hahaha, started a scandal abt kwee bing...

    after that went home and doze off on bus till over shoot my bus stop. luckily only one stop, cause yesternite watch tv till very late so quite tired. watch a jap movie tat is very wierd... talk abt the mum and daughter got involved in an accident then the mum died but her spirit got into her daughter body... quite a strange show, dont know why i stay up to watch also... maybe too very sleepy yesterday and also got short day todae mah... kk got to look for data for my IA project and do lab rpt le... take care pp! tomo going to eat ma la huo guo! yeah... drool....

    Current Mood: crappy
    Current Music: Andy timmons: Groove or die
    Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
    10:49 pm
    Todae is a crappy day! talk alot of crap non-stop todae... dont know why also, maybe becoz todae just feel like talking nonsense bah... got to chat online and on the phone with some of frens todae so quite happy. haha, but now suffering the consequences of my lzness... got to burn midnight oil to do my problem set now... anyway just feeling very happy todae, dont know mood why so good, maybe cause todae talk alot to quite a few pp and say out certain things tat make me realise tat i have really grown in terms of thinking le.... haha, cannot be so bhb, but think really getting more and more mature in handling things le, way to go. must be more trueful to myself and always be more conscious of wat i am thinking and doing le... tat shall be my resolution!

    anyway todae is just a relax and fun day.. abit like hol mood.. so hyper and crappy, just say out whatever i feel like talking w/o restrain. hah, wat a great things, not tat i keep mum abt things, just dont talk so much crap... like anything on mind can just say out, shiox! getting a bit screw loose i guess... also learn some cool guitar stuff todae so going to practise hard this weekend after finishing my lab rpt. ok take care n good nite pp!

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: F.I.R: Lydia
    Monday, October 4th, 2004
    9:08 pm
    Finally managed to finish my experiment relatively early todae... first part quite ok cause got partner to do with so faster than wat i can normally manage. After tat e experiment was quite successful, no major screw up and yield is all nice nice... whoa, i tot this kind of day would nv come... haha, must pray harder so that this kind of good luck stay with me...

    Recently dont know why so many pp like to crack wierd kind of jokes with me... miss ang recently very er xin, cause got pp misunderstood tot we are bgf... then she like start to call me bf cause she found it so amusing, so poor me got to suffer... then todae she so er xin also, come lab then say come to see me cause she miss me, n i was like huh? are u ok?!!! aiyo, then think either yesterday or sunday also got another fren play another prank on me... 'confessed' to me on msn and i was like huh??!!!! apparently turn out to be a joke too... sighz, y pp like to joke to me regarding this kind of things? not funny lei... later scare away all my potential dates how? hahaha... anyway where got time to go dating with so tight schedule? just hope pp will stop involving me in this kind of jokes, later my heart cannot take it... ah dosh, really want me to have heart attack...

    anyway band on exam break le. too bad cannot get the album out b4 the break is implemented but i guess it cant be help, so now i can concentrate 100% on my studies... going to score better this sem! so far haben really spend alot of time in revising, although got study for test... kk, going to do work le... pp take care and good nite!

    Current Mood: giddy
    Current Music: Dream theater:Metropolis part 1:The miracle and the sleeper
    Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
    11:56 pm
    todae morning went to school early to celebrate alvin bdae. was very fun and alvin genna in the face with cake...
    didnt knew we will going to sabo him like tat bah, me also didnt know something like tat was going to happen, but kind of notice 2 pp hanging behind him during the cutting of cake and was quite suspicious le...
    after lecture went to jp to play percussion master with miss ang and bf again... todae got my pikachu! haha, tot i would lose also cause they play longer got advantage over me, however i was exceeding calm and managed to perfect a few songs, something tat i could nv done on my own w/o them challenging me... me is encountered more difficulty and i rise up to the challenge! was quite hyper todae during playing percussion master... think alot of pp watching us playing too.... hahaha

    was slacking all the way todae, think tomo got to study hard... yesterday band meeting till 3am then reach home so was super tired todae... kept nodding off just now while watching tv.... now just waiting to zzz after waiting for my hair to dry cause just now dinner very full then dont feel like bathing... haha... lz cause sleepy lar. kk, me will stop here le...

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Current Music: Malice Mizer: Beast of blood
    Friday, October 1st, 2004
    1:35 am
    Finally clear up something tat i wanted to long ago... haha, picked up the courage finally... at least now, i be able to move on le... cannot keep letting myself go turning ard in a tight circle. anyway learn a great deal abt dealing with problems, at least now i can safely say tat i know how to stand up and go solve a problem instead of just seating by and let time just dilute things. think i more of a person tat prefers to know things for myself, although sometimes knowing the truth hurts but it better than self delusion...

    ok me going to sleep le, got a whole lot of things to do tomo... got project discussion, lectures and also band meeting tomo... got a big thing got to discuss. dont know how it will turn out... might as well decide the future of my band...

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: Cyndi: On my way
    Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
    9:00 pm
    Another 3 lecture day...
    Haha, todae is another day where i got 3 lectures. first one is organo, second is chinese tradition, 3rd one is my guitar lesson lor... todae miss ang was exceptionally good to me lei, buy curry puff for me to eat... so touched. me perpetually hungry one mah... was raining cats and dogs when i started going to school and was a bit late cause got to walk slowly and make sure my gear dont get wet... hiaz... was trying to be early todae but guess didnt make it in time... was super tired yesterday, dont know why also... these few days at night always feel so sleepy so slept much much earlier than usual or else will be online doing stuff or chatting with my frens... but ok lar, at least gain back some sleep tat been lacking....

    todae CH lecture was the last for the prof... was getting so tired of him talking abt the same things all over again and again... was always getting very restless and agitated when he kept on repeating some stuff tat he had been saying over and over again, kind of naggy... at least its over... after tat when to have lunch with my frens at arts canteen, ate my fill again, cold day appetite also better... todae took train down to cck instead of bus cause got more time and also can save some money as using train concession...

    learn more complex picking exercises on my 5th caprice and also some nice nice appreggio stuffs... think got lots of stuffs to practise... after my lesson, went home and got a nice zzz on the train... slept like a log again... was so tired... travelling plus had a long day also... just now watch the 933 show on all the xiao hua, xiao cao in NUS... didnt see any familiar pp, think all the pp they choose all very sporty lei, think nowadays sporty pp more appealing? think also becoz more pp knoe them cause they stay in hall mah... haha, i shall strive to do more sporty exercises too! thinking of going for a swim on fri if the weather is nice... ok nothing much to update todae also... just another normal day... didnt get to see the big round moon yesterday cause cannot see from my window then lz to go downstairs just to watch... anyway got to see it on mon oready and its quite big and round le... some more not hazy as some of my frens told me yesterday one was... haha, quite a lot of attached frens went to admire moon yesternite... haha, a literal translation... must be so romantic... hahaha. kk pp! take care and good nite.

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: Sun Yanzi: Feng Zhen
    Monday, September 27th, 2004
    11:35 pm
    First Inorganic lab
    Todae was quite a tiring day for me cause after lab went home a while then go for tuition again... was so tired... cause lab todae is a very long one and need 2 lab sessions to finish one... so was like thinking just do things slow and steady. haha, maybe becoz tis time too greedy to have higher yield left my compound to heat for too long then it start to decompose, didnt know my compound was so unstable one. was quite ok lar, restart only took me a while, then only a small part only, not whole experiment so quite ok... other than tat was quite ok, only do very slow as usual... think im really have very poor practical skills, cant even packed a column properly, luckily got TA to help, like the inorganic TAs, very helpful and help me a great deal... or else i will take even longer to finish my expt le... so todae still quite lucky lar

    after lab went to eat lunch cum dinner with violet n some of my other lab frens... was so hungry halfway during lab tat i went out halfway to buy milo to drink to curb my hunger, little bit of help lar... haha, huilian also told me they all very hungry then went out to drink water... she quite unlucky todae, had some spillage during the experiment tat made her whole lab coat very dirty, not to mention chemicals all over her... feel quite sorry for her, can see tat she is really very sad, cause when she is talking to me, can see the tears rolling in her eyes oready... can understand do expt halfway then this kind of thing happen super sianz one.... so tried my best to comfort her, think im not good at words too... was joking with her prior to her accident abt the organic TA then she was so happy and cheery then, then after the accident become so downcast, think lab really can change a person mood very fast. me included too, tends to get anxious and frustrated if i dont get things done properly and in time... anyway learn to take mistakes and things in stride more since always seems to have mistakes, so can say oready got used to it lar... haha, can get used to mistakes and screwing up, think alot of pp wont even try to think of tat... sighz...

    todae when walking towards to my tuition kid hse saw the moon. was real big and round, got tat kind of magical and 梦幻 feeling... haha, obviously get bonkers oready, see moon also like tat... think becoz seldom at night walking alone outside looking up at the moon bah... reminded me of a scene from those fantasy movie where can see the background got many many moons tat is very big and round one... so close until even can see the craters on them... dreaming again i guess... sometimes imagination just tends to get a bit wild... another side of me tat less appears bah, since i susposed to be a more earthy sign and down to earth person? dont care lar, haha....

    anyway tomo going to play badminton after my ia class again... think will play until my arm ach again... so funny to see alex and miaohua play together, like trying their best to smack the shuttlecock at each other... kept on laughing at them the last session... ok pp! good nite, me going to eat my dinner le, hahaha, mummy save food for me, me hungry again... end with a nice song to suit the mood todae! cannot find the translation, anyway heres the lyrics....

    Namie Amuro- Wishing on the same star

    Kokoro kara anata o omou
    Michibikareru mama arunde kita michi
    Kanashimi ni makenai youni
    Wasurenai yo donna toki mo
    We'll never really be apart

    We'll be wishing on the same star
    Looking at the same moon
    Sora eto sashi dashita
    Kono yubi no mukou
    Hitotsu ni musubaretai
    Futari ga iru
    Wishing on the same star
    Looking at the same moon

    Doko made mo hate shinai kara
    Yume no tsuzuki eto futari demo dorou
    Uchi tsukeru hageshii ame ga
    Agaru youni inori mashou
    We wait for lovely clear sky

    We'll be wishing on the same star
    Looking at the same moon
    Sora eto sashi dashita
    Kono yubi no mukou
    Hitotsu ni musubaretai
    Futari ga iru
    Wishing on the same star
    Looking at the same moon

    Kokoro wa kokoro o motome au nukumori o
    Te o tsunagi aruite yuku

    We'll be wishing on the same star
    Looking at the same moon
    Sora eto sashi dashita
    Kono yubi no mukou
    Hitotsu o motome aeru
    Futari ga ii
    Sitting on the same star
    Talking about a same dream

    We'll be wishing on the same star
    Looking at the same moon
    Sora o miagete yasashii kimochi omoi dasu kara
    Hitotsu ni musubarenai
    Sonna toki mo
    We'll be wishing on the same star
    Looking at the same moon

    Current Mood: thoughtful
    Current Music: Namie Amuro- Wishing on the same star
    Sunday, September 26th, 2004
    11:09 am
    Relaxing weekend!
    Finally get to have a weekend where i can stay at home and do something tat i want to do... yesterday went to bugis area again to shop after my lecture, initially wanted to go home one but dont feel like going home so early and hands also feel itchy so went down to play percussion master again... brought a new fantasy novel yesterday and spent almost whole of yesterday to finish reading it. haha, long time nv do such things oready, been so so bz with band stuff but now finally got no more recording on my part but still got a bit of loose ends to tie up b4 everything is over! got a great sense of release, being so restricted in wat i want to do with my time during the whole recording period... yeah! soon the publicity campaign for my CD will start, obviously everything DIY also, haha, still got frens ask me whether CD can buy in stores.... if only got so big scale then good le... nvm, can aim for bigger sales next time! now me doing some photo editing stuff which seems like painting to me, got to make every small small pixcel nice nice at a micro level then when blow up still must look natural... wow, think must really use alot of time to edit... esp for my own, haha. who call got so many 'craters', momentos from my chicken poxs.

    todae dont think will be going out le, maybe just stay at home n do all my editing stuff and practise guitar le... was practising a classical piece yesterday which was like so difficult as the fingering go all over the fretboard... was a piece originally intended for violin one... 5th caprice... haha, must try to improve my sense of timing and consistency... kk, pp hope u all have a relaxing and interesting weekend also! sianz tomo lab agian but at least no more organic lab so thk god!

    Current Mood: relaxed
    Current Music: Paganini: 5th caprice
    Friday, September 24th, 2004
    11:04 pm
    Finally its time to relax abit!
    finally my organic test is over! wat a relief man, was so stressed up and tired becoz of the test... was quite worried cause only managed to study yesterday nite despite my resolution to start studying earlier... guess i played too much again... sighz, got alot of band stuff to do also mah.... but anyway still quite ok, tot the test is going to be a killer but managed to at least write something for every part so think i wont score too badly. was a real mugger todae, spent at least 5 hrs mugging in lib for the test after my ia lecture and short breakfast, yeah short breakfast, so sad... considering the amt of time i used to sleep when i normally study so long, todae was quite a feat as i only took 2 short naps tat lasted for a total of 15min like tat... kind of like those kind of power nap to recharge my mental strength, was furiously struggling to understand all the organic stuff unlike my head feel so heavy and want to burst... so after the test was like feeling so light and free, cant really get used to it.... after e test went out with my fren litao for dinner and also to catch up with each other. was susposed to meet him on thurs but then cause got some last min stuff so didnt manage to meet up so todae finally get to meet each other... got a fun time enjoying and relaxing ourselves todae! went to eat chicken rice (yeah, i know avian flu, wont die so easily one lar...) at dobby ghaut there and went to play pool. was quite impressed by my own good pool skills todae! seems like a totally different player lei.. haha, maybe also becoz got some chio bu-s ard so was able to play better... hahaha, managed to win my fren lei, normally i always lose one... think i managed to win half of the games we played... anyway, winning and losing is not impt lar.... just me being very 'arrogant' todae then i say: " aiyo, dont keep on give me chance lei, i very on form todae!' hahaha... after tat went to Mac to eat Mac Flurry then went PS to shop ard.... really enjoyed myself and fully relaxed myself after this stressful day... hope will have more chances to go out with my frens too! being so so so bz recently with all my band stuff, but finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel... kk, me want to go watch tv le... take care my frens and enjoy the weekend!

    Current Mood: jubilant
    Current Music: Utada Hikaru: Can u keep a secret?
    Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
    7:18 pm
    Todae stay at home till my guitar lesson. feel quite guilty todae cause initially arranged to meet up with one of my fren for dinner then last min got to cancel cause got band jamming. feel very bad cause he call me up and ask me why didnt tell him earlier cause he could have made other appts... was so forgetful nowadays tat i dont really keep track of e stuffs... should have told my fren immediately yesterday nite after knowing tat i will have jamming but dont recall at that pt of time... think im really getting old, should start getting a organiser or something like tat... not tat i didnt tried b4, think im not just the kind of pp tat will write everything down in a book tat i will carry ard... sighz, then last min jamming cancelled also, so now at home, going to study for my org test tomo later... was catching a short nap after coming home from my guitar lesson. got to travel so far to cck for my lessons and back... need 2 hrs for travelling alone... real tired... anyway todae brought the 'you zhou kan' cause they got feature F.I.R. think its a very cool group tat is worth learning from... wow, the vocalist same age as me lei... real got style n also the guitarist also ard my age but obviously much much better than me lar... think i like the guitarist too, cause he is quite a artist and fav hobby includes playing guitar( of course lar!) and drawing... admire those pp tat are very artistic cause i dont think im really tat creative, tends to be quite square in terms of arts... in sing mah, wat to expect? everything just follow e trend, so everyone like so standard and very few pp dare to be different but at least its slowly changing... used to learn drawing when im young also but obviously cant make it.... sighz... nvm, i can concentrate to be a good guitarist! anyway just want to say tat the guitarist is a cool guy, just like me rite? hahaha, think alot of pp want to vomit oready.... kekeke

    got to work hard for my organic test tomo! think got to burn midnight oil again.. yesterday didnt manage to study cause reach home too late le... ard 1 plus lor... was so tired tat i slept on the bus cause no train oready got to take last 154 home... then todae so slack, play guitar dont feel like studying... kk, good luck to all pp having organic test tomo and hope u all work hard! dont like me like tat, or else... anyway, i do my best! btw there still 6hrs tomo for me to study also... provided i dont zzz and eat too long lar.... sighz, those 2 are my fav hobbies lei...

    Current Mood: lazy
    Current Music: F.I.R: Guang Mang
    Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
    3:59 pm
    Finally its time to clear up my pig sty!
    Haha, todae stay at home and be good boi. Clear up the mess tat is my room and also help mum with some housework... now at least quite satisfied with the condition of my room. after tat print out all the notes and papers tat i didnt print out and packed all my stuffs into files neatly so tat i can find them more easily, way to go in term of organisation, not tat i have alot of problems finding my stuff, but for others to find my stuff, well, tats another things altogether lah, hahaha....

    going to start studying for my organic test tonight after coming home from recording, hopefully can record finish my parts fast fast and todae is also the last day for recording le! hurray! no more tugging guitars and heavy heavy stuff in school so much le, really a big problem to move abt esp if i need to take bus, then alot of pp will tiao3 me loh, who cares anyway? i paid my fares and school fees too lei... not tat i like to tug all these heavy heavy, bulky stuff about anyway... going out for recording later ard 6, so now just doing some last min practising after taking a short 10min nap, feel so tired after clearing up all the mess... thks to my bros who dont have any idea of organisation too, if u think im disorganised, look at how my bros throw their stuff and u will be impressed. ok going to continue practising and got to study super hard tonight, or else tomo going to suffer le, dont feel like burning too much midnight oil, been getting more n more white hairs, must be becoz of sleeping too late and studying too hard, which i think the latter alot of pp would have something else to say abt lar... who says im not studying hard? i still getting resonably good grades so far... hehehe, aiyo cannot be so bhb again...

    kk, shall not crap further or else many pp will vomit again at my bhbness... take care pp n study 'hard' too! hehe.

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: Long vacation! wat an irony..
    Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
    11:35 pm
    Todae went to play badminton in the morning but was late cause woke up quite late and also got delayed. but was a nice session, think me very long time nv play badminton le, but its a good form of exercise that can be played during rainy days too! yup, todae is a super rainy day... was rainy like whole day non-stop... after a tiring badminton session went to eat lunch at a nearby hawker and eat my 2 course lunch again... was quite hungry after a tiring game session so can naturally eat alot on top of my big appetitte....

    after tat went to jurong pt to take train cause the rest also going there and also to play percussion master also, aiya now my character cannot level up unless got battle experience, which means got to compete with other pp, think can challenge miss ang but dont think can win her le... cause she got some special pikachu tat can give her more bonus one, sianz.... feel very sorry tat todae cannot go for miss ang bf bdae dinner cause got last min tuition. my kid having his chem perlim paper tomo so got to go down to teach him, then miss ang like tell me so long ago... yup, miss ang bf bdae is tomo, got many many frens bdae in this month!

    feel so sleepy and lethagic cause of the weather. think will be going to sleep soon le...

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Current Music: SRV: Texas Flood.... hahaha
    12:41 am
    Family outing
    Todae wake up cont to do my lab rpt, these 2 days been rushing my lab report, result of slacking over the weekend. after reaching home on sun after sending xinghong off, slept like a log till 3pm then wake up to do my lab report. got quite a difficult time doing the report this time cause got alot of mistakes tat i need to explain, and need to find alot of data and facts from the literature to support my stand that they could have give me the wrong compound. luckily still managed to phase a coherent argument, just dont know whether the person marking my rpt will buy it or not... then do rpt on sun till almost 2am, then todae wake up at 9am to do report again till 3pm then finish, real marathon man! but ok lar, guess tat the end of organic lab so at least can breathe easier now.

    todae after handing in my lab rpt, went to bugis again to play percussion master, think abit hook on the game cause can lvl up and got a lot of cute cute stuff inside one... my character get to change costume todae le! hahaha... but think abit waste money to play so much, so shall try to cut down. after tat was susposed to teach tuition but tuition kid was sick was went home. todae evening is a family outing, seldom hv family outing cause normally one of my parent will be working, yup even on weekends.... so went down to chinatown area to walk walk and also eat some hong kong tim sum, after tat took bus down to esplanade there cause my mum said got some display or something like tat, went down then found out that the display is not at esplanade but at clarke quay there... so just walk walk ard there and cross over to merlion park, bring my mum walk walk ard cause she seldom got chance to go outside to walk walk....

    Tomo will be playing badminton! long time nv play badminton oready so hopefully dont sprain my back as my bro said... even he also think i cannot make it le, so long nv exercise, nvm tomo will be a good time to start to work out again... take it as the prelude to my IBM program tat is coming up after my recording. ok pp! going to sleep le, good nite!

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Current Music: Zhou Hui: Jin xiao duo zhen zhong
    Sunday, September 19th, 2004
    8:49 am
    Yoz! im back
    finally back home! now waiting for my hair to dry then can go zzzing.... had a very fun day yesterday! first went to meet xy first cause she going to one of her fren bdae at downtown east and im going down to costa sands at pasir ris so asked to meet her up... was quite worried abt her recently cause she just broke up with her bf recently, think now she still seems relatively ok compared to how i heard from my frens last week, but think this kind of things others cannot help her much as she dont want others to keep on asking and calling her... i respect her decision so didnt even call or msg her unless she contact me, sighz, this kind of thing really hard to get it over so quickly one, esp this is her first bf and a 4 year relationship... heaven always make sport of humans, so we must really learn to cherish all the pp ard us, be they frens, bf/gf, family members... we dont know wat might happen tomo, aiya dont go into tat again...think been talking abt this many2 times le.... but impt thing is not to let such setbacks affect our life, i believe tat there is always something to learn even from mistakes, so tat we can go on knowing our mistakes and not committing them again... rather than sallowing in self pity or self delusion, i think the best solution is still to face reality and get on with life, it might seems the most painful route but i think also the fastest route to recovering. anyway life doesnt resolve ard anyone alone and time and tide waits for no man...

    ok enough of tat... xy let me see the guestbook tat she made for her fren, real nice man! think xy really got the knack for making nice nice things, a natural artist. got think of asking her to be my shifu to teach me how to make certain things lor... after tat was susposed to meet miss ang to go down to the chalet one but she late lor... so i got to entertain myself for abt 1 hrs plus b4 meeting her... so walking and taking note of the new things tat have cropped up in DE since i last came... went to the arcade to see whether got the percussion master but so sad dont have... after tat just walk walk ard the shops there then find a nice nice hot dog joint to relax and wait for miss ang there... then suddenly like get the kind of feeling tat i not in sing, cause like so carefree for a moment, was just seating there eating hot dog, drinking ice lemonade and listening to jazz.... think the atmo was something like in carribean pubs listening to jazz songs... bossa nova type of music, real mood man! was was just chilling out and seating listening to nice nice jazz songs till miss ang come... didnt really know how to appreciate jazz music but think at that time the mood just suit e type of music cause term break le and also got the hol mood, something like those mood when u are touring abroad so imagination also seems to be quite rich and take on another dimension... hahaha, think i must start to listen to more jazz music also, good stuff! can really create the kind of chill out mood really well...

    after tat went down to jade and angeline bdae... was quite bz walking ard to and fro from the 2 chalets cause need to take pics, cut cake and of course sample the food at both different places! haha... initially was quite sianz cause miss ang left after a while and me didnt know anyone. then later start to see more and more pp that i know, at least see the face like from chem one so start to get more chatty... was quite surprised tat pp in chem know tat i recording CD and i didnt tell them personally lor... haha, think tat will really make the publicity job ez for me! will be doing publicity for my CD soon after the launch of my band website on the 1st of Oct and CD on 16th of Oct... think really push back the date alot, intially was susposed to release on 6 sep one... anyway saw adara at jade bdae and was quite surprised! haha, then got a fun time talking with her and her bunch of frens, think they are quite an interesting bunch of pp, can crap ard with them n i only just know them only...

    after chalet went down to airport to meet e rest of my band members... was a bit tired cause angeline there got beer and i drank abit... nvtheless got a crappy time with my band members again, talk alot of crap as usual and can see alot of crows flying ard oready... hahaha.... wanted to stay up all nite one but could tong n KO ard 3 plus... woke at 4 plus to go eat breakfast at delifrance! nice nice coissant, yum yum! after tat went to wait for xing hong at the departure gate, was quite worried intially cannot meet him one cause tot his flight at 6 n by the time we go over, oready last call... couldnt contact him so didnt know his flight details so got to speculate which flight he's taking... so wait till 530 then was like feeling so disappointed oready, then one of my fren saw him... was so relieved tat at least can get to send him off, tat was the intention of taunting at the airport mah... gave him a guitar pick with all our autographs, hahaha. first balrog signature pick! wish him a safe and smooth journey! thk god for letting us get to see him b4 he left! guess our efforts are not in vain... hahaha... was feeling a bit emotional cause i think airport is a place whereby many pp get to rejoin or part with their loved ones.... a simple embrace of a parting couple speaking volumes of things and e intense emotion displayed on their faces, funny why i looking at pp like tat? guess i kind of get infected also by their mood so was quite disappointed when didnt see xing hong but obviously is a different kind of affection lar! stupid violet kept saying at chalat tat i going on honeymoon and flirting ard with GUYs at the chalet and i was like: " violet! are u ok or not?" make me suan her until she become more docile, dont show power anyhow talk talk, dont anyhow spoil my image can or not! esp in front of other gals mah... hahahaha...

    so got to wait another 9mths b4 can see xinghong again... think alot of things would have change in 9 mths and by e time hes back, dont know how things will be like? haha, maybe can get to hold the baby of gav and his wife oready, kekekeke! was suaning him together with e rest of my band members just now cause his wife giving him a massage at airport and after she left, he like so 'lonely' so i volunteered to give him massage lor, thai style with my foot of course, hahaha... aiya, getting some screws loose here and there again. think the hol mood too relax oready so dont really care abt wat i speak, its time to let all my hair down this term break! ok pp! zhou gong calling me to play chess oready, later still got to wake up and rush my lab rpt.. aiya, nv finish my work b4 playing again... no choice lar, too playful oready... kk, 'nite!' pp...

    Current Mood: crazy
    Current Music: xing hong: 祝你一路顺风, till our paths cross n meet each other...
    Saturday, September 18th, 2004
    2:43 pm
    Term break lor!!!!
    Finally e long awaited term break! been too playful since fri... yesterday instead of dutifully returning home to study after lecture went to my fav hangout again... wheres tat? think most pp who know me well would have guess it... yeah, went to bugis to get some stuff and also went to play arcade cause miss ang told me got a new percussion stimulation game still say want to challenge me so decided to go check it out first... quite a fun game, with alot of cute cute stuff and also nice nice chinese songs also so i think will become popular very fast, got a kind of card tat can store your data inside one so can lvl up and got other special features... me got my card todae le! todae after test also went down to PS with miss ang and bf to play percussion master... haha, so if moi frens u are interested in playing arcade also can check out this interesting game...

    todae huh? got a terribly difficult test just now, but ok lar, did my best oready so e rest up to fate... think will be able to get a decent score but not sure whether will score well... haha, really had alot of fun playing with miss ang and bf just now... think next time i will bring my card along so if got go arcade then can go in and have fun again! think drumming and hitting at things is really a good way of relieving stress for me... haha, got violence tendency...

    later got another tight schedule! got to go for angeline bdae and jade bdae party at costa sands pasir ris later... and at night going to airport to taunt cause xing hong leaving singapore on sun morning ard 6 plus flight so going to send him off... haha, sure will have another fun day but think will be super tired todae man! got to zzz alot on sunday.... yeah, finally term break, already start to ask my frens out for dinner to meet up oready... think morning and afternoon will be going to school to mug cause this sem been too bz with band stuff then think school work lagging behind oready... haha, since when i got so hardworking one? no choice lar, last sem didnt really pull up my CAP much cause urops didnt do well so now got to work harder lor! theres always a time for work and play mah.... although i seems to be playing most of the time lar... hahaha

    ok got anything interesting then updated again tomo cause tonight wont be home.... haha, think long time nv taunt outside oready.... must rem to bring jacket or else sure very cold one... ok take pp and have fun this weekend and for those in NUS enjoy ur term break!

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: Do as infinity: We are
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