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Whaaat? An Update? [Saturday | 30th April 2005 |
at 9:38pm]
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Go here!
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karma [Sunday | 6th February 2005 |
at 12:32am]
im sorry for not updating much :)

pero im getting married :D

Promil Kid c",) Hahaha! [Monday | 24th January 2005 |
at 10:00am]

A work a four year old. MY four year old, for that matter. So, me being a supportive Mum (he calls me that now ever since his Aussie cousins came over for a vist last December), needs to be patient with all the clutter he has been doing all over my Mum's house :)

He never got it from me, I still draw stick figures! )
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I Knew It! I'm a Catch! [Monday | 24th January 2005 |
at 8:15am]
Because I need Flattery.

20 Questions to a Better Relationship

eXpressive: 8/10
Practical: 6/10
Physical: 2/10 (I need to work on this!)
Giver: 6/10

You are a XPIG--Expressive Practical Intellectual Giver. This makes you a Catch.

You are a magazine-cover, matinee idol dreamboat. Parents love you and want to set you up with their kids. However, first dates are tough because it takes time for your qualities to come out.

You are generous and kind. You think first and act later. You are cool in a conflict, but your practical side means if your partner throws out emotional appeals ("why can't we do what I want for a change?") they will grate on your nerves, even when the conflict is resolved.

You're a romantic. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and you don't just fall into bed with anyone. You pay close attention to your significant other's needs, and this makes you an excellent lover and partner. The problem is that your friends and lovers may find it so easy to express things to *you* that they lose sight of whether you feel as comfortable with *them*! This doesn't necessarily make you feel under-appreciated -- you're too well-adjusted and self-aware for that -- but you may feel restless. Thus you seek adventure in your life outside the relationship to prove and actualize yourself.

Of all the types, you would make the best parent.

You are coiffed.

Didja see "Big Fish"? 'Cause you're like Ewan MacGregor in "Big Fish." Note to self: Watch Big Fish. You have it on DVD already.

Of the 181553 people who have taken this quiz, 9.3 % are this type.

Heartbroken. [Tuesday | 28th December 2004 |
at 3:33pm]
I will be deleting this someday but for now, I would like you to offer a prayer for them.

One third of the people dead were children when the tsunamis hit four countries. (Not for the weak of heart.) )

I'm still terribly heartbroken and stunned. Seeing those faces, it seems it would be so unfair to even gush I'm alive. And you see, things like these, you have no control of, which makes it all the more depressing. Isnt it a little ironic, that there are people who dont believe there is Someone Up There and then blames God when things like these happen? :(
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Salamat sa Bombo Radyo... [Saturday | 18th December 2004 |
at 5:12pm]
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[Saturday | 18th December 2004 |
at 5:01pm]
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And Im Back. [Thursday | 16th December 2004 |
at 1:31pm]
Tell me what your first impression was of me. You can post anonymously if you wish to conceal your identity. Knowing how other people first view you can teach you a thing or two about yourself.

Good or bad, I don't mind. Just tell me what you think.

The results are still not in, hence the absence of updates. :c
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NoonieNoonieNoo. [Saturday | 13th November 2004 |
at 2:27pm]
Less than two weeks before the exams and stangely, I'm in no panic mode yet. I blame it to the fact that I still work and haven't seen my classmates in months. Maybe seeing my PRC test stub will get me going. I still need to finish MS, Fundamentals, Research and breeze through Pedia. Pharmacology pa pala (potah!). Ewan. Friends, pag ako hindi pumasa, can you just keep it a secret that I took the exams?! Hehe. I'm going on leave starting the 16th though ~ dapat sa 15th na kaso sayang ang double pay (holiday kasi eh!), and I need the moolah since Im not going to get any salary on December 15 when the November 16-30 Payroll kicks in. Grabe. Timing sa Pasko! Ang galing!!! Buti na lang may 13th month pay. Speaking of which, alam nyo ba na ang sinuweldo ko ay 2thousand pesos lamang!!?!?! Anak ng tinapa naman o! Boosit tong bobong Finance na to. Nakakagigil. I was expecting a big chunk since I was supposed to receive the Performance Bonus PLUS the Referral Bonus I made last August. (august pa yun ha.)

Call me jologs pero I love watching Pinoy movies in Cinema One during lazy, crazy-weather (minsan mainit, minsan malamig) afternoons. I've watched Ano Bang Meron Ka? and Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin and cried. Yes. I cried. Ang baduy ko talaga. I just remember our crazy immature days (Edil and I) ~ yung tipong araw araw nag-aaway sa walang kwentang dahilan and then mag dadate sa hapon, telebabad sa gabi...tapos aaway na naman? Hahahaha! OMG! Those were the days! Crazy hell...But I tell you ~ making up after the fight is reallllllly good. It tires you after a while though, away bati na parang pusa. Wala lang, reminiscing :) Hihintayin Kita sa Langit still tops my list though :) as in forever. Richard Gomez may be a brainless stud, pero man, those eyes. He can speak a thousand lines with those eyes. Shiyet.

Walang kwentang entry to ah. Buhay pa naman ako.

Kayo, what has been happening to you guys lately? I miss posting here ah!
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I AM THE GREEN LANTER!!! [Saturday | 6th November 2004 |
at 9:25am]
[ mood | proud mommah! ]
[ music | Karma ~ Alicia Keys ]

I really mistyped the title. That's how Matthew says Green Lantern ~ without the N. :) Since he has no 4 front teeth, he is bulol, and he says Green Lanter like he says Trick or Trea :) Adorable kid dont you think? :) We had fun, and I cant wait for his birthday when I get to be stage Mommah again, I just hope I wont be as busy come December (Oh, please God!)

Matthew dressed up as Green Lantern last Halloween. So Spiderman is no more :) )

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For Them. [Saturday | 23rd October 2004 |
at 9:00am]
Once a relationship fails, do the broken lovers have to deal with its ghosts forever?

It is funny that I seek comfort in the very arms of the one responsible for killing me dead ~ an emtpy soul, wandering, looking, for the thing I thought I had with the only one who can make me cry and weep and despair.

Weep and be done with it. Let the tears come, together I hope, with all disillusions and bitterness I can feel inside you. After it has ended, I would like you to shine, to cope, and give your much-deserving love to someone else.

Did You Know Craziness II [Friday | 22nd October 2004 |
at 11:30am]
[ mood | going wacko na ]
[ music | heartburn ~ alicia keys ]

Reproductive System 101.

Did you know that women have a million eggs during fetal life? It disintegrated since we were born and what is left are around 500 eggs. So you would be producing 500 eggs in your lifetime.

So pag lagi kang buntis, you save 9 eggs and extend your menopausal age? Ganun ba?

Did you know that men produce billions of eggs in their lifetime, even if they become impotent and unable to perform na. The body produces sperm every 74 days.

Hmph. Hanggang sa Science, double standards. You can jackol all you want and still be able to have sperms to impregnate us women.Boo.

Did you know that a sex of a child is determined at the time of conception? And that the sexuality of a person is determined by the father, since he is the one that has the X chromosome and Y chromosome, the one that differentiates boy from girl.

So, basically, what Im trying to point out is, yun lang ang contribution nyo pag nabuntis ang babae. Yun lang. Kaya wag kayong maninisi kung pulos babae binibigay namin sa inyo, KASALANAN nyo yun no, tado!

And that the reason why there are more women than men in the world's population is that the Y chromosome (the one that contributes to the maleness of a child) has a certain weakness in the vagina's acidic environment? They are faster, but the X chromosome are more resilient.

HA! Tingnan nyo, pati sa chromosomes, napapatunayan namin na women are the stronger sex?! HA! My Instructor once joked, if you want to have a girl, douch yourself with suka, if you want to have a boy, sprite. Yak.

Did you know that cases of infertility are more on male-causes than female causes? It's true. Male sperm can be rich kunwari, but I have seen ejaculation which are all protein and no sperm. There are sperm who are so abnoy ~ double head, pin head, long head, small tail, long tail. There are sperms who are so Lolo Cesar. There are sperms who are so few.

And no, hindi to nagagamot sa balot :P Smoking makes your sperm abnoy. So beware.

Did you know that women are capable of multiple orgasms/climaxes while men reach one resolution per intercourse?

This maybe because you have no clue minsan where our G-spot is. Kaya pag nakuha nyo, naks, you make up for it. HAHAHAHA!

Did you know that the vagina you know is not really vagina? It's just the lips of the female reporductive system, the labia majora. The vagina is the tunnel. And did you know that men's testicles have to be cold/on room temperature everytime otherwise, it would not be conducive to production of sperm?

Take care of your balls Men! And exercise that tunnel Women!

Did you know that men have one opening and passageway for sperm and urine and one for feces and dicks (the anus), while women have four: the urinary meatus, a small opening where urine go, located below that clitoris and above the vagina, the vagina where dicks go and blood flow, and the anus, where feces and some dicks like to go.

Did you know that ovaries which are ripe can survive 15 hours after it has been discharged and sperm can live up to 48 hours in a woman's body? Thus, for fertilization to occur, coitus must be accomplished before 15 hours after ovulation. In 14 days after conception, women have a soul in their body already.

And once you beget a child, it's either you consider yourself one lucky son of a bitch or one dead person. I daresay YOU ARE LUCKY. You get to meet spermy and eggy in that exact time! Think about all the sexual work and hours you put into it! Debah.

This is not a nerdy entry.
I want you guys to be safe.
Coming up next, when spermy and eggy meet Ü
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I Choose Not to Forget [Wednesday | 20th October 2004 |
at 6:48am]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Hardcore Poetry ]

There are people who choose to forget people who come into their lives as they feel it would be unfair to the person they are with right now. They deem it necessary to move on, go on and forward.

I simply to choose to remember. And not to forget. Because remembering helps me love more, appreciate more. Remembering keeps me grounded and sane, and fearful of things happening again.

I choose not to forget simply because the person I am with right now loved me more because of the person that I wanted to forget was responsible for making me into one. Not really responsible. But was there when I needed to transform or change.

I lack words.
To put it simply, the person I should forget was there to let the piece of diamond in me shine once again. And he was there to guide me back home.

So I choose, not to ever forget

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And because I'm vain. [Tuesday | 19th October 2004 |
at 7:00am]

Can you recommend to me:

♥ A good eye cream (for puffy eyes and dark underbags)
♥ A nice scent for the upcoming holiday season
♥ Body Butter or Body Oil?


And is there such a thing as semi-relax (for hair)?
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Did You Know Craziness. [Tuesday | 19th October 2004 |
at 6:47am]
Since there are more calls than usual and I'm not in the mood to be a nerd, I'll just write and update and fill your page with geekiness.

Did you know that a pound is equal to 3500 calories?
And that for you to lose one pound a week, you need to have a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day (if you are the usual 2000 calories per day person)?
Number Mambo Jumbo.

Mahirap talaga magpapayat.

Did you know that most of the cases of mental illnesses do not get confined to mental institutions? That personality disorders are the ones most left untreated, primarily because people afflicted with it claim not to have any wrong with them. Yep. They are those people who have a pattern of disregard for the violation and rights of others, those with characterized mood swings, are unpredictable, with unstable moods, disturbed relationships, intolerance to being alone (read: cannot stand being alone, I need a lover!), and those with a chronic sense of boredom (read my current mood, will you?). Did you know that most people experience clinical depression once in their lifetime?

In short, pag KSP ka, kupal at pasaway, buwang ka din.
So lahat tayo mental.

Did you know that Freud was a closet fag? (Now that is all tsismis.) That is why he came up with all those PsychoSexual-Dynamic Theory stuff.

Lekat. Lahat ng disorders dahil sa libog ganon?
Sabagay, lahat naman ng tao malibog.
Ang magsabi na hindi sya malibog, tatamaan ng kidlat sa *toot*.

Do you happen to notice I'm extremely bored? (and mental?)
Give me journals to read.

The effect of trying to study and trying to be healthy.
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There Goes My only Luxury.... [Saturday | 16th October 2004 |
at 10:30am]
..Taxi cab rates start at 30pesos, flag down rate. I don't eat lunch at the Enterprise, nor do I buy food. I don't indulge in Starbucks Coffee when at work.

My only luxury is taking a cab to the office every morning since waking up an hour before 5:30AM requires super human effort, especially if you just slept two hours ago. Now, I can't even afford my luxury :(

I want to cry.
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Company and Therapy [Saturday | 16th October 2004 |
at 8:47am]
Company for the past week had been great and I feel I know him from cover to cover. Of course, if it wouldn't have been for her, I would not have kept going, and for them I am grateful.

Meet them. )I have been a total loser in the office, becoming completely autistic altogether. I refuse to engage in small talk and instead choose to keep my head buried in his open laps (I'm sex-deprived, can't you tell?) or stare at the PC like it was Edil. Which is all for the better since I have mastered the art of communication and how to go through self-actualization. I should post a Nursing Guide-for-Common Folks-Post someday. Haha. Listen to me talk. Starbucks is also a safe haven, for now. Knowing I can never study, let alone concentrate, at home without somebody humping my back or screaming and ordering me around (Mommy, get mo ko ng juice, nooooo, hot pa e, lagyan mo ng ice. Ay, I want Milo na lang. And hotdog. With rice...No, with bread na lang. Mommy, Milo, with hotdog and bread, Ikaw na lang...), I then go to my haven and indulge in coffee for five to six hours straight.

Can't you tell my life has been interesting?

One Down. Seven to Go.
And since I've done myself good...

I indulged in some therapy. And therapy is synonymous to shopping. )

And after the therapy, breaking your credit card in half.Ü
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Matthew Gets Barok [Tuesday | 5th October 2004 |
at 6:30am]
[ mood | awake ]

Matthew's favorite play is role-playing. He loves to play Teacher Mommy lately, and I was trying to sharpen his English skills. He speaks English a lot but when you combine words he knows into sentences he sometimes gets lost.


Matthew: [shouting] "Lolo, give me five dollars! (His version of 20 pesos) I need five dollars!"
Lolo: "What do you need five dollars for?"
Matthew: "Lolo, (in an exasperated voice)...ONE.TWO.THREE.FOUR! FOUR!" [parang tinuruan pa ang Daddy ko magbilang no?]

Mommy: "Matthew, what did you do in school today?"
Matthew: [sheepish grin] "Good Morning!"

During bedtime, we were still practicing the "Speak in English policy"
My bro entering the bedroom..
Bro: "Aggie, [insert question in Tagalog here]"

Matthew: [while coloring his books] yelling "Don't touch in me! Don't touch in me" HAHAHAHAHA! THE BAROK BRAT!

He loves to make his own stories too:
"Once upon a time, there was a little boy named..Goldilocks!! Goldilocks saw the Wolf! on the mansion over the bridge and he said: "Oh my! What big ears you have" "All the better to eat you with!" And the Goldilocks and the three bears ran and the water and the big castle! The End.

Tapos na.
[mommy jokes: Ops! Speak in English!]
Matthew: [napikon na] No English. Wag na. Wala na.

Hehehe. My son talaga.
Sabi ko na nga ba, he gets cartoon English only.
[He speaks English well, but as you see, you cannot force a three year old kid to speak English well in a very Tagalog household. c",)]
He speaks "Darnit!" quite well though, courtesy of his Titas.
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Dear Son, [Friday | 1st October 2004 |
at 5:44pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Ragnarok..boosit. ]

It used to be that a day exactly a year ago, I was alone. It used to be that a day exactly a year ago, I thought I would not be capable of the same idealism I have been known for for years. It used to be then that each day was a struggle, a fight, to move on and not look back, and stay strong, even perhaps, if it is close to impossible, just appear strong. It used to be a day to day routing wake-up call, a reminder that I need to brave up a front, smile and stay numb. Each day was a conscious struggle to not to breakdown and cry, a conscious effort to remain strong and choose not to cry. Not when this innocent little man is depending on you, breath after breath, smile after smile.

My son, )

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It Cant Get any Better than This! [Thursday | 30th September 2004 |
at 1:30pm]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | Wild Thornberries on Nick TV ]

I'm in the Top 20 of my graduating class c",)
And I beat around 100 doctors to it. c",)

God is Good. All the Time.

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