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Friday, April 16th, 2004

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    *Hey Yall*

    It's about time I wrote in this thing again isn't?.. well anyways.. nothin realy happened this week.. only GOOD things happen on the weekend ;-) Oh ya you kow what I'm talkin about! Well this weekend I might be goin to the drag races and goin to the Galveston county fair! EhOo! oh and Roger Creagers gonna be there too.. so thats another good weekend for me! Well I talked to about everyone this week.. but my dad decided to ground me forever.. and I don't think thats gonna last.. Oh and me and my sis went by the barn on wed.. to check up how they were doin on rebuildin it.. well those guys better get their butts movin.. so for they've only got the new corral and arena done.. come on now.. we gotta work on the barn! guys these days.. the old barn is still up and stuff but we still gotta knock it down.. OH YA I WANNA DO THAT! The Southwestern Cattle Company now owns it or something... so we have to see if we can board a horse there now.. ya... or we have to talk to those people at Sienna Stables.. But all the folks there are all snotty and rich.. UgH! i hate those kinda people...
    but anyways.. my grades.. what can i say about my grades.. not all of them are bad! out of 8 classes only one C so thats ok... Well I haven't really talked with anyone this week.. unless I'm at school.. you know how that goes.. you HAVE to talk to everyone. YEP! well the only person i wanna talk to DOESN'T call me! So tat kinda sucks.. and i found out that my Ex- boyfriends new girlfriend decied to call one of my *GUY* friends.. make anote of that... HES A GUY! and said..Hes mine now Bitch and you can't have him.. oh ya a straight guy would wanna go for you boyfriend.. how blonde are you? (not against blondes! I'm one too, well kinda..) But when he told me I started crackin up! i was thinkin you gotta nice pick of them girls now! one that doesn't even have any common sense! GREAT CHOICE! Some guys can be so damn arrogant! Well ya i'm still likin who i've been likin.. We talk alot but we only see eachother on weekends.. it still works out though! He's so sweet! :-)!!!

    Oh and guess what else happened at school.. evidently some guy named Nikko told someone that I going out with him... TOO BAD I DON'T KNOW A GUY NAMED NIKKO! stupid FAG! And some girl.. ( that i hate) came u to me and said Oh are you caroline.. I was like no kddin..?? can i help you?? and she says Oh your the one thats goin out with Nikko. i was like excuse me.. i dunno a guy named Nikko.. she said well your the only caroline that we know.. I said ya but i dont know you! Or some fag named Nikko.. so leave me alone.. She said well i'll be back soon!! i was thinkin Oh Please DONT! so that was great.. Ugh! i hate preps... They piss me off...

    *FRIDAY* When we got home from school and dropped Callie off at her house.. we went to pick up my sister and we headed out to Langham Creek to see Stacy's softball game.. 12 innings.. oh ya thats some ball! well they ended up losin 1-0 but oh well! they did real well and Stacy was awesome! She can really dig em up! Nice Job Chickadee!! Oh and guess what!!! Stacys the back up pitcher and startin short stop.. and at the friday game (today game) The startin pitcher Amy Varner quit!! i was thinkin WOW go stacy! and DANG what happened?? Me and Jess hungout and we talked about Austin (stacy's boyfriend) never met him though.. and Dennis (jess's EX boyfriend) i spent about a week with him at Garner.. He's sweet but i think Jess deserves better! She's too nice and YOU got him bad girl! NICE JOB!! i'm proud of you JESS! EhOo EhOo!!! So i got the scoop on that!!

    Oh this is the sad part... yesterday my kind of aunt died... more like a friend of the family... but more of an aunt.. she died of cancer... it just took over her body... Her two sons and daughter will live with their dad now.. I hope they're ok... One of the sons is the one that got his butt stuck on the nail on our old garage door. that was funny but this is sad.. she was a really neat lady and she was only 43... wow and now my kind of grandparents have to barry her.. thats really sad when you have to barry your child.. hopefully no one will have to experience that.. that really brakes your heart..

    Well i'm gonna go! i'll be back in a bit..

    *John Deere Cowgirl*

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