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Thursday, October 30, 2003

9:10PM - whoa

has it been that long for real. life what a mofo. man school is kiling me while work is helping. i haven't been this depressed since the bears were in the super bowl

Current mood: depressed
Current music: Goapele "salcation
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9:10PM - whoa

has it been that long for real. life what a mofo. man school is kiling me while work is helping. i haven't been this depressed since the bears were in the super bowl

Current mood: depressed
Current music: Goapele "salvation"
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Wednesday, August 6, 2003


I'm writinng, I'm writing!!!!! I'm only an hour into it but it is so much fun. It's not plain fiction more creative non-fiction though I am finding it hard to tell the difference between the two...

Current mood: happy
Current music: "Come Close" Common & Mary
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Friday, August 1, 2003

3:39PM - where have you been?

Nowhere I've been nowhere fast rushing around to get things done only to later wish that I had taken my time so I wouldn't have to be home when my roommate shows up. I love her to death but I need to get away.Como is truly making me Comatose it's time to go back home. Lemme see...I haven't been writiing the way I want to--meaning I haven't been writing at all. "My Demise" continues it's been 8 months already. I think I need to get something off my chest first but I'm kinda enjoying the weight--glutton for punishment--I could use that as an excuse so when I do write it'll be okay if it sucks---i'm not looking forward to the upcoming semester at all--I'm so broke I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it through without selling all of my plasma--i'm tired of typing

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Monday, July 21, 2003

2:01PM - ooops there goes my shirt

my computer sounds like a refrigerator, i think i might get worried...maybe later-i'm supposed to be studying right now, i have the stat final on wednesday, class tonight, i should be asking a lot of questions, but instead of studying i'm sitting in front of this ice box so there-i saw Him friday, i just got from up under him today-i think i'm gonna make spinach pizza for dinner-isn't it funny how you could think of all the things you need to do when you're putting off what you really need to do?-call me

Current mood: listless
Current music: tweet "oops oh my"
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Sunday, July 13, 2003


I'm in love with Kanye West--I just came from church, it feels like I haven't been there in awhile, they invited me into the choir, i doubt i'll join--been thinking about Zora Neale Hurston a lot lately, i think i'll go to the library to re read some of her works--I'm going to RAIN tomorrow, i really wanna volunteer, those BET rap it up commercials are making me nervous, i need to stop talking abou it and be about KNAAMEAN!--lemme see ooo yeah home was fun it's always good to be back in the city, i actually miss my parents and kita a lot, i can' t wait until I'm done with this bid so i could get back there, 10 months to go--so yeah i'm in love with Kanye West

Current mood: cheerful
Current music: Soulive & Amel "I Don't Know Why"
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Tuesday, July 8, 2003


Okay, okay. I have been slacking on the writing tip, but I had class tonight so I was able to pen some random ass poem about a voice and a tickling spine. I thought it was crap so I chucked it...but I did put something down and that's all that matters. I'm sorta tryna get back into the swing of's been a long time the whole creative non-fiction thing got me trapped or something I don't know, pray for me is all I ask. My mom told me that Aaron stopped by the house, he lost my number again, thankfully though she didn't give it to him this time. It serves him right..I really don't wanna be bothered with his pipedreams and broken promises, well I should say that I don't wanna set myself to fall into his pipedreams and broken promises and yes I did make pipe dreams one word twice. well I'm forcing myself to do this so I'm happily bringing this to an end-----until until

Current mood: bored
Current music: Tweet "Beautiful"
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Tuesday, July 1, 2003

2:11PM - It's been a long time...

...I shouldnave left you without a dope rhyme to step too...What's really good loved ones? Nothing here. I know that I said this would be my update space and I haven't been here for awhile because well.. No updates. I'm rhyming to lifes monotony or should I say my life's monotny. lemme see...took a stat test last night, going home for the weekend, moving to the otherside of town next months, still negotiating the DST thing...that about it. I know it's sad but what could I say, I'm taking full advantage of this down time for real for real because we all know what it'll be like in August...until until

Current mood: creative
Current music: Three Doors Down "When I'm Gone"
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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

12:15AM - sucka emcee's

I just finished watching the BET Awards, followed by the Lennox Lewis fight and all I can say is that I am one happy camper. I have never been so proud of BET--well I've never been proud of BET--until tonight, the award show was so professional and well-rounded and just a good time...Okay enough of my BET promo, and on to the fight. I am a huge Lennox Lewis fan and Vlatimir came with the hit, I was worried but Lennox pulled through with the ill T.K.O. I know that it's gonna be a lot of crap about that but I was definately pleased and entertained making me feel all warm and fuzzy back to DMC

Current mood: excited
Current music: Run DMC "My Adidas"
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Sunday, June 22, 2003


I've been lusting for time to myself. I've had my headphones on for the past three days. I love my roommates dearly but I need some me time. I did not plan on going home again until thanksgiving break but now I'm thinking I should take a long solitary train ride back home. I know once I get there I'll be ready to come back here but I gotta do something quick. Any time anyone say anything to me I snap, regret it for a minute, and then just get angry. I know that there is a lot of things that I need to say but I'm afraid to say it because of the bitchy atittude. I remember when I was a girl my mom would make me take a nap whenever I had an atittude like this. Friday night I went to bed at about 2am and didn't get out the bed saturday till like 3pm. Then I went back to bed at like 9pm and I'm on my way back to bed I dont' think that sleep is working too well. Either way it go, it's kinda hard to get back to me when there are two other people standing in front of me.

Current mood: blah
Current music: Clipse "Hot Damn"
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Thursday, June 19, 2003

11:03PM - What are the signs of love makin'?

Day 3. I can't believe that I'm really sticking to this so far. It's only been three days but that's good for me. Today was a decent day. I didn't get much of anything accomplished but I didn't stress myself to do much either. I did cook a good meal and my friends are happy so I'm good. It was a gorgeous day weather wise and I did get some of the breeze to touch felt good. Other than that mess I chatted with my boy for a brief second. I feel like I'm losing him but I'm always quick to jump to those kind of conclusions. But it feel like our relatiionship is moving backwards like searching for stuff to say and those uncomfortable hasn't felt like this since the beginning which seems like forever ago. I miss him but hey what could you do?

Current mood: satisfied
Current music: Floety "getting late"
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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

11:09PM - You are now in tune to the sound...

Okay, so this is this. I'm new, feeling like I'm losing my virginity again for the third time/ I just hope this time I get some eggs in the morning/ I fell into this site looking for that adidas t shirt that says "i love or adidas leaf whatever you wanna call it New York," Blurty caught my attention and now about 8 hours later I'm putting my thoughts in this little box trying to decide how much is too much, how long is too long/how frank is too frank etc./ but hey, i'm along for the ride until I think i reach my stop...

Current mood: satisfied
Current music: curtis mayfield "let's do it again"
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