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` I don't really understand why people are taking me off this name and stuff. [ 22 Jan 2003 ; 05:32pm ]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Heya.For one,I don't update this journal anymore,I mean,take me off but make sure that you realize that I'm no longer posting here.I Have switched journals to _precious.

Edit 6:06 p.m. Okay,For all you people that DON'T read my journal entries that say I have switched journals.Go ahead and remove me but KNOW that I Have switched journals and just maybe,I update on _precious and comment on precious.I'm sorry if I sound like a bitch but it's not that hard to read one of my entries that say that I have switched and my new name is _precious.

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`cant stress enough` [ 18 Jan 2003 ; 01:18pm ]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I have moved journals.My new journal is _precious.Please add me there.I'm keeping this journal just not updating it.Thanks Lizziebear

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[ 14 Jan 2003 ; 07:58pm ]
Poll #380: add me or not on _precious
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Edit;If you want to be added on _precious.Please comment by Sunday morning.
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`I'm not going to beg you guys to add me on my new name.` [ 13 Jan 2003 ; 05:46pm ]
heya.I switched journals and yet I only have had 17 people add me on my new name.If you don't want to add me thats okay&great.
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PLEASE ADD ME! [ 12 Jan 2003 ; 09:14pm ]
Heya gurlies.I have switched journals.Please Add _precious! When you do add me,comment on the friends only journal in there.
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___moving. [ 12 Jan 2003 ; 03:07pm ]
heya gurlies.Welp,I'm switching journals,my name is _precious and if you want to be added,you have to comment me.Much love <33 Lizziebear
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`today` [ 11 Jan 2003 ; 10:37pm ]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | tv;football game. ]

Time:10:37 p.m.
Talking to:Nobody
Listening to:Football game

Heya gurlies.What's up?,not much here.Anyway,My day was pretty good.I went to bed really early last night.I was very tired.Anyway,I kept on waking up during the night.I finally got up around 8 something.My mom left to go to the store + stuff.She got home + got online for Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band in March.She is out of town in St Augustine with Fred.She's coming home tommorrow which is good.I wish a Happy Birthday to Jaders<3.Welp,I'm going to go.


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`today` [ 10 Jan 2003 ; 08:14pm ]
time:8:14 p.m.
talking to:nobody

`heya gurlies.My day was okie.Steves back btw.yay.I cleaned my room,it looks better. Sorry short post,I'm just really tired.
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`feeling better` [ 09 Jan 2003 ; 08:41pm ]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Time:8:41 p.m.
Thinking about:Steve
Talking to:Nobody

[Before school]:I got up at 5:30 and went pee and then went back to bed,lol.I woke up again at 5:45 which is pretty good,I managed to lose $10 dollars ;[.Anyway,The bus came.Their was a fight before school started.

[Alg II-1st period].We finished presenting our letters,I was shaking ;[.I did okay though.We started definitions and stuff.

[[Spanish II-2nd period]]:We started comparisions and we did group work,We had no homework,yayness.

[[American History-3rd block]]:We went over Jamestown and stuff like that.Our assignment was really easy,I finished it before class ended.

[[Computer Programming-4th block]];We started working on images and command buttons,I had problems with mine ;[.I finished page #22.

[After school]]:I went and got on the bus and stuff.I sat in the front.I got home,did my journals for american history.I also read some of the Indians book that I got for my research paper.

[Bye bye]

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`weeks going by faster.` [ 08 Jan 2003 ; 08:44pm ]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | `nothing` ]

Time:8:46 p.m.
Listening to:Gimme tha light; Sean Paul
Talking to:Brit
Drinking/Eating:Diet pepsi/nothing

[Before School]:It was so cold,I went to the bus stop.I talked to a guy.Anyway,the bus came.On the way,I overheard via the radio that somebody had got hit by ed white.I was like 'damn'.Anyway,They had released the rescue.We got off the bus and my friend Kellie laughed about it.I was like 'hold up,if that happened to you,you wouldn't want to be laughed at'.She kinda shut up then.

[Alg II-first period]:We were in groups again.We did easy stuff.We also had to write a letter about ourselves.I didn't present mine.I'm going to do that tommorrow.

[Spanish II-2nd block.]:We had a journal,it was kinda easy.It was using the alphabet and using words for the letter.We went over stem changing verbs again.We have groups.Danielle and Andrew are my two partners,I'm older then both,since I'm a junior.

[[American History-3rd block]]:We took notes on the Indians and the spanish conquers and other stuff like that.We had definitions to do,answer a question and draw the map.It was easy.I did it for homework.

[[Computer Programming-4th]].We started putting in codes.I did a good job.I didn't save it right but its on my student #,so thats cool.We had 10 questions to do.I turned it in.

[[After School]]:I came home,I called my mom but she didn't pick up.So I got online and checked some of mail.I looked at my blurty and stuff.I got offline and started my hour but steve called and I wanted to talk to him so I did.We went to church,I got my camp weed thing signed and I'm ready for it to be sent off.

Bye gurlies.Leave me some love <333


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`better day` [ 07 Jan 2003 ; 07:43pm ]
Time:7:43 p.m.
Talking to:Steven<333,its so good to,ilu babi boi<3
Listening to:Every Once in a while;Blackhawk
Wearing:purple sweater and express jeans(what I wore to school)

`better day`
Last night:After I updated last night,I got off and just chilled in my room,my babi boi called at like 8:15,I didn't get off till like 10:30 ;x.We talked about pratically everything.It's what I needed,to cheer me up ;].Anyway,I did catch some of the premire of Battle of the Sexes,It was okay.I went to sleep though before it went off.

`Today`:I woke up,I was happier,I didn't feel drained + nervous,don't ask ;xD.Anyway,It was cold today,I was freezing.Anyway,I went to my locker and dropped off stuff.I went to class.We have assigned seats,I'm in the front by Lawerence and jazzion,its not as bad as I thought it was going to be.We have study teams and shes in mine,which is okay,I'm going to be nice.That's all I can be.Anyway,In spanish,We went over stem changing verbs,I totally sucked at that before the break.It was a pretty relaxed day in her class.In American History,We started taking notes,It's mostly notes,which I can deal with ;].In Computer programming,We started a project,its kinda easy right now.After school,I went to my bus.I talked to Kellie & stuff.Jeff is so immature.I got home and I started doing work for an hour.I set the time on the time,I did an hour,whcih is good. I watched the soaps and then I got online.I started my research for the research paper in American History.Mel(barbie_babe) put the text on that picture.To answer any questions,yes thats Steve and yes thats my everything ;D.Welp,I'm out gurlies.much love<33.Leave me some love<3

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`mondays offically suck` [ 06 Jan 2003 ; 08:03pm ]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | `7th heaven` ]

Time:8:04 p.m.
Talking to:Steve a.k.a. babi boi<33
Thinking about:Steve + other things.
Watching:7th Heaven

`mondays offically suck.`
Okay,So I didn't go to bed around 11 last night.I was so tired.I woke up at 5:30,I got up and put makeup on.So I go to homerooom,get my schedule.I have Mrs.Jones again for Spanish II.So I go to alg II,not thinking there would be anybody from 3rd period last term.It sucked so bad.I was like can the time go any slower.To make the time go by quicker.So we had a quiz.I went to spanish II,It's better.I don't hate anybody in there.We reviewed some.So I go to 3rd period and I had to get a tardy for getting my locker combination.I am such a blonde.So I got it,We have a research paper due,I have to start on it tommorrow.My computer programming class is going to be good.I came home and I got into a big fight with my mom.It sucked so bad.Anyway,We went running around.Welp,gurlies,I'm out. Leave me some love<3333


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`sunday,school tommorrow [ 05 Jan 2003 ; 09:10pm ]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | `nothing` ]

Time:9:11 p.m.
Talking to:Danielle<3
Listening to:Nothing

Heya gurlies..I watched football last night.I went to bed around 10:30.I got up this morning around 6:15 and got ready for church.Lol,I hate getting up,it sucks.Anyway,I was warm.I went to morning service and stuff.We went to famous amos for breakfast,I had pancakes,twas yummy.Anyway,I got home and called my mom and stuff.I checked my clothes in the dryer,none of them were dry,so I did that.I watched Bridget Jones Diary,it was very good.I started to think about Steve during that movie.He was outta town visiting family,so he im'd me.I was so happy.Welp,I have school tommorrow,getting up 5:30,ack.Leave me some love.


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`quote of the day;expect the unexpected` [ 04 Jan 2003 ; 08:43pm ]
[ mood | okay ]

Time:8:44 p.m.
Talking to:nobody
Wearing:A sweater and Gap jeans

`yay for me updating everyday,Ilu girls<333.Anyway,I watched the fiesta bowl last night till the very end.It was a good game.I loved win the head coach of ohio state went "we have always had the best damn fans in the land and now we have the best damn team in land.Major props to Ohio State.Moving on.I went to sleep right after they presented the trophies to them.I woke up this morning around 8:45,yay for some what sleeping in.I had major cramps,I thought I was going to dieI finally took some medicine and went and layed down.When I woke up,I felt better.I feel okay now.I watched some parts of the jets vs.colts game,The colts got shut out big time. 41-0.I'm going to church tommorrow morning and then to breakfast,yummyness<3.I'm doing a friends cut,if you want to stay,please,please comment<3


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friends cut part II. [ 04 Jan 2003 ; 06:46pm ]
heya gurlies.if you want to stay on,comment me.I have 77 people on my friends list and only half comment.Real post coming later.

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`friday,last weekday of vacation` [ 03 Jan 2003 ; 10:15pm ]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | `tv;fiesta bowl` ]

*Time:10:16 p.m.
*Watching:The Fiesta Bowl(*National Championship Miami vs Ohio State)
Talking to:Kristin
Wearing:Express Jeans( I have many pair of express jeans) + A Sweater.

My winter vacation was pretty good.I needed the break from all the stress + stuff.I went to bed around 10 something last night.This morning,I woke up around 7 + I got online and did some stuff.I checked on all my favorties.I watched Texas Justice and cleaned the kitchen.My mom is working a double on fridays during january&feb.It's not all that bad. So I watched the soap opears.I got off around 5 and watched the news.I fell asleep and then woke back up at 6.I'm here just chillin + watching the fiesta bowl.Go Ohio State!!!!!!!!


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`my day+nominations+ my thoughts on fake people.` [ 02 Jan 2003 ; 08:50pm ]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | `cars going by on the street.` ]

Time:8:50 p.m.
Talking to:Nobody
Wearing:Express Shirt with Winnie the pooh pj pants ;D
Hair:Down + wavy
Jewelery:Cross Necklace

`my day`
Heya gurlies.What's shakin? Not much here just updating.Anyway,I watched some of the sugar bowl before I fell asleep last night.Georgia won,it was a good game.I woke up around 8:30 this morning.I got online and checked my friends on here.I read some of the posts.We watched the Price is right,This one chick was incredibly ditzy.I mean like really.I wanted to slap her so bad.We left around 12,We went to the mall,My mom forgot her dillards card.I didn't get anything.American Eagle has their flip flops ;D.We went to lunch at Fish Lips Grill.Their shrimp is quite yummy ;D.There was this one guy,a chef or something but he kept on looking at me,he was def cute.Anyway,We left there and then went to wally world.I bought my winnie the pooh pants there ;]. I have to save the rest of my allowance for next week,so I can get my ticket to go see Kenny Chesney on the 30th of this month.

`Nominations:I'm up for 2 awards, best attitude @ bj_awards I only have 2 votes,please,please,I'm begging you guys,vote for me.I really want to win the best attitude award.The other community I'm nominated at is sparklingawards.I only have one vote for me.

`My thoughts on fake people`.
Okay,So everybody that has been on blurty has seen the post in Beth's journal.I'm not taking sides or anything.Blurty,Livejournal,Ujournal,Deadjournal + about the rest of the online community sites lack people that are truly honest people.I mean I'm honest,I'm not fake.I'm sick of people that have pictures
+ are taking other peoples.My whole point is,BE HONEST,be TRUTHFUL.


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please vote for me.. [ 02 Jan 2003 ; 06:01pm ]
heya gurlies.What's up.I guess you can call this a shoutout to vote for me.. I'm up for best attitude on bj_awards PLEASE,Please,Please vote for me,I really,really want to win this award.

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`new years day` [ 01 Jan 2003 ; 09:39pm ]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | `the nokia sugar bowl(football)` ]

Time:9:39 p.m.
Watching/Listening to:The sugar bowl on abc
Wearing:Roxy Shirt + Gap Jeans
Talking to:Somebody,get back to me ;D

[First Post of o3.]

Heya gurlies.What's happening on this fine first day of 2003? Anyway,Heres what I did.Last night,After I updated,I got off and watched some tv.My mom and I watched the Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve.I saw the ball drop at midnight,It is officially 2oo3,which means I turn 18 this year on August 30.I'm so happy.I swear just a year ago,I was 13.Anyway,I woke up this morning around 9:00,I got online and updated my lj.I went back to bed,I offically woke up and got outta bed at 10:30.I was so tired.Anyway,We took down our Christmas tree + decorations.We are having a yard sale during the Spring.Anyway,I finished reading The House on Hope Street by Danielle Steel.I liked it. Survey stolen from affection

Read more... )

I hope my blurty girls had an excellent new years day.Ilu guys<3333


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`the very last day of 2002 [ 31 Dec 2002 ; 08:29pm ]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | `the gilmore girls` ]

Time:8:29 p.m.
Talking to:Nobody
Wearing:Black & White I <3 me shirt & Light Blue Express Jeans
Watching/Listening to:The Gilmore Girls on the wb ;]
Hair:Up in a messy bun

`Today,the last day of 02`
Last night,I went to bed around 10:30 after I watched the preview for the battle of the sexes on mtv.It was pretty good.Julie and Melissa get into it bad.I fell asleep around 10:45 or so.Anyway,I woke up around 6 something and I went to the bathroom,rofl,not like you needed to know that.I went back to bed and woke up around 7 something.I watched today and it was good.I went to the couch and fell asleep.I woke up before my mom called.I started redo my bio,look at it ;],tell me what it looks like.Welp,Happy 2003


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