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    Friday, June 9th, 2006
    1:45 am
    I want him. I've come to realise that I want him. I was so lonely last night. Feels like I've not had human contact in ages. I miss having people around me that care about me. I miss quite a lot of things. Not that I'd change anything, not now.

    I was in his room last night and I told him that I was lonely. I asked for a cuddle and I got into bed next to him and he held onto me. He says that he's been terribly lonely for so long now. I want to tell him that I want to stop his loneliness, I want to be there, I want to be the one he relies on. I just can't, I don't want to fuck everything up good and proper.

    I can't believe I went and made a whole diary just to tell complete strangers that... I want him. I want his body, I want his love, I want his embrace, I want his heart, I want... everything about him. The age gap is ridiculous. We're so different and yet so similar.

    I could cry. Why is it so hard just to tell him that I like him a lot?

    Current Mood: lonely