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[02 Aug 2008|06:47pm]

ok so.. i have a question about giving head.

i know how, and i can do it no problem. well.. scratch that. there is a problem. my jaw starts to hurt, and i get a hollow mouth. and thats only with my husband, and he gets all upset.

what do i do to prevent this? any tips? please help...

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[20 May 2006|07:24pm]

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? [08 Oct 2005|09:53pm]

ok has anyone ever used astro-glide? if so how well does it work? b/c i havent done it in a month and a half and im so tight that i cant even wear slim fit tampons... and my man is 7 inches long and 4 inches wide and i need to know that it works really well before i try it


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[06 Sep 2005|02:23pm]

What's the best way to get a woman to fall in love with you sexually?

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[02 Sep 2005|11:21am]

Every time that I ask anything about an exgirlfriend to my b/f he gets really angry. I don't understand why. Could he be hurting if he thinks about those memories or why is he so uncomfortable telling me???? What do you all think???

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[21 Aug 2005|02:30am]

how do i have a "just sex relationship" without feelings getting involved? i want to do this, but i'm afraid i'm going to get hurt, so if anyone has done this, or can give good advice to me, i'd really like it. i just need to learn how to see this guy as sex (because he's going to be doing the same to me)... i don't want to fall for him.

thank you. :)

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[13 Aug 2005|10:53am]

How do I give a blow job? Im not very experienced and want some advice ... techniques or something. Thanks!!

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[06 Aug 2005|12:45pm]

Is anal sex supposed to hurt a lot the first time? What if you bleed?

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ouch! [31 Jul 2005|02:22pm]

ok, so i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna hold off on sex until i'm married...but i really don't want my wedding night to be painful and bloody. i vaguely remember hearing that someone had their gyno break their hymen for them? is this nonsense? anyone know?

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*aghh!!* [22 Jun 2005|04:52am]
okay, two questions.

1) i've had sex twice..and i feel like now i'm "loose" down there. what are some tips on getting "tighter" in that area?

2) i've heard that i was bad at giving oral sex to guys. what are some tricks or tips to make them like it?

*thanx SO much!*

*Sex, anyone?*

[20 May 2005|11:06am]

COME JOIN Stellas_World

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[10 May 2005|10:07am]

[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | perfect drug - NIN ]

ok i know this is sounds a little childish but i was wondering like are all little nicknames givin by lovers to each other, are always good to use while having sex, and if they all are mushy... im kinda having a poll on what nick names yall use / give yalls partner.

Thanks alot,

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[06 May 2005|10:17am]

[ mood | drained ]

ok... me and my husband are kinda different in the way we want sex... he wants it planed out in advanced but i love it when its just spontanious ( quickies on the way home... ex. )... but it take him 2-3 hrs before he gets off... and so when we try it my way i get off and he doesnt... and he is getting tired of/ frustrated w/ it that way... and we just dont have the time to do it his way... does ANYBODY have ANY ideas they will greatly appreciated

thanks again,

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[02 May 2005|10:48am]

[ mood | content ]

hi im new here usually i dont have a problem when it comes to pleasing a guy but they have all never been cercumsized (sorry for the spelling) but my husband is and it takes for ever to get him off... is there really a difference on how to please the two

thanks alot,
Stella Kinsley

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-- not really new here just never really posted -- [01 Mar 2005|02:28pm]
ok so ive been dating this guy for 2 months and we are totally head over heels... i know prolly hard to believe but it is true... anyway my question is how can i REALLY turn him on in bed... he is more experienced then me and i havent used many positions so it is harder for me to be the one in ontrol but i really want to try it... can anyone help me?

*Sex, anyone?*

To Please My Man [25 Feb 2005|07:24pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I've looked in memories and couldn't find what I'm about to ask. Ok here it goes.

Are there different types of french kissing? Different techneques (sorry for the spelling)?
Guys what turns you on? I need all the help I can get cause I just started dating and I'm 19. (long story) I need help bad.

Thanks in advance.

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will some one help! [08 Feb 2005|04:59am]
my boyfriend has a real bad odour down there in his private area i have shown him how to clean it properly and he does but then it smells again within an hour what can this be, also whats more imbarassing i have started to get a weird odour and i have never had such a thing, have i cought something or is it natural, should i be worrying?

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[01 Feb 2005|08:40pm]

Any positions or techniques for getting sex to feel extremely good for a guy?? I want to surprise my boyfriend..♥

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hey [30 Jan 2005|02:31am]
i have come to the conclusion that after every thing we have been through together i really do love my boyfriend and its ok that sometimes it gets boring because it cant be all fun and sexy all the time so its ok to think of other blokes from time to time its hardy cheating is it? but sex has been boring latley really boring. what normally gets me off is when i have been on top giving it my all to the point i am cumin within seconds of me catching my breath he takes me from behind and really gives it full frust and it sends me wild im nearly screaming with exciment, well that doesnt do it for me now ang tips girls?

*Sex, anyone?*

[23 Jan 2005|01:26am]
hi every one, justing a quicky really, been with my partner for 3yrs now and things are rocky the problem is i dont fancy him ang more oh thats how i feel any way, every time he trys to make love i never can get in the mood the idea makes me hurl but when we do get down to having sex its really good and i always cum.
ang advise. ps i have all the toys but rather use them with him i would rather use then on my own?

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