( I Only Live For Y o u <3 )

We`re gonna make it baby 08 07 04 | 10:22am
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | None ]

Another anniversary, I swear it seems like we`ve been together so much longer. I`ve experienced so many new things with you and I wouldn`t trade it for the world. This ring on my finger means everything to me, it symbolizes everything we have together, from our beautiful baby to our good and bad times. Never in my life have I ever been so happy, it`s all because of you. You have completely turned my life around and I thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I would seriously be lost without you. Happy Anniversary baby.

On to other things in our lives, we had a wonderful 4th. We went camping out at Lake Waco, it was awesome. We hung out at the beach with our family and got plenty of sun. I kinda cheated on my diet that weekend but I`m back on it now and I don`t have any plans to cheat. I`ve already lost 5lbs. so YAY for me. It`s a lot easier when I have other people on the diet with me. Jen is on it and we plan to start kickboxing soon which should be awesome. I`ve kinda been putting it off because we`ve had so much going on, but I think next week will be a good week to start.

Anyway I`m at work right now so I better get back to doing my job. Love you baby.

love <333

Where would I be without y o u? 27 05 04 | 02:36pm
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | The clicking of my keyboard <3 ]

Sometimes I sit and think about my life before Amber, and really I can`t remember a happier time then right now. I am so amazed at how one person has changed my entire life. We`re getting so close to moving out, we have everything for our kitchen that you can ever imagine and it`s so damn cute. All of these bright colors, pink, orange, yellow, blue, and green. And of course we have to have stainless steel. We've got all these themes going on for each room. The bathroom is Amber`s choice, but I`m not sure what she`s decided to go with yet. Our bedroom is gonna be laid back with black and white, and I`m pretty sure our living room will tie into that too. Some kind of paris black and white theme. It`s gonna be awesome. Our baby is doing great too, he`s getting so big and so beautiful. I honestly think Harley is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen, and he`s so smart too. He can sit, speak, jump up, catch, and play fetch. Oh and it`s so fun to take him to the lake, which is where we`ll be going today after work.

We were so happy to hear that gay marriage is legal in the state of Massachusetts, even though it should be everywhere. Hopefully sometime in the near future, depending on our cars and money situation, we can take a family trip and get married. I honestly want to marry this girl and I`ve never even remotely felt this in my entire life. I love her to pieces. She bought me a new ring which is absolutely beautiful. It`s not that I don`t already feel like we`re married because I do and if anyone asks me, I`ll tell them that I am. But the thing is I want it to be recognized by the world. Anyway I`m at work and I`m probably gonna have to start working again, so I`ve gotta hop, skip, and jump my ass on outta here.

I lover you to pieces Amber!

love <333

I miss h e r.... 11 05 04 | 12:47pm
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Nadadamnthing ]

I miss her even though she's not more than a few miles away. She`s at work and so am I, but still this job doesn`t go by fast enough. I`d rather be safe in her arms listening to her breathe. Our five month anniversary was this saturday and my parents were out of town so we had the house to oursevles, it was rather nice. I can`t believe it`s only been five months, it feels like so much longer. I know we're gonna have many more to come.Anyway they put me to more work, so I`m out. Baby if you read this, I LOVE YOU!!!

<33333 Rhonda Gelino.

love <333

Loooong time no see 06 05 04 | 05:50pm
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | Mazzy Star * Fade Into You... ]

Yeah yeah I know, it`s been a while. I`ve just been so damn busy with my new job and everything. I`m really enjoying it and with the extra income Amber and I will be moving out pretty soon. I`m so excited to have our own place. What I`m excited about the most is spending the rest of my life with her. I refuse to ever be without her. Other than Amber and my new job, not much has been going on. Mom has been really great to us, from buying things to go in our apartment, to accepting me for me. I love her so much. As for Rachel, I don`t talk to her anymore, and maybe this is a sad thing but I`m not all that sad. I guess people just grow apart and maybe that`s the way it was meant to be for me and Rachel, but I wish her the best. I`ve found my best friend I can tell her more things than I ever have before. She knows me more than I know myself and I know that no matter what we go through we`ll always be together. We are truly one of those lucky couples. I`ve never been so happy to be alive. Anyway enough of my lovey dovey stuff, I`m gonna go play with our baby.

Life is so much s w e e t e r now that I have you <33333

love <333

Say W H A T? 23 04 04 | 07:38am
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Nunya ; ] ]

I`m in a bit of a hurry since I have to be at work at 8:00, I got a new job at EMSI. I`ll probably only work at HEB on the weekends. Anyway I`m really excited about this job since I`m a Case Manager. I look at medical records and call doctor's offices which should be fun. Anyway this is gonna be a short one since I`m kinda running behind. Oh by the way I LOVE MY BABY!!!!

xoxo rhonda gelino <3333

love <333

Life is so s w e e t... 19 04 04 | 04:35pm
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | SheDaisy * Passenger Seat ]

It`s been a long weekend. We got the jobs at H.E.B. but I`m not sure if Amber is going to take it since she could get more at Mervyn`s. I`m not exactly sure when I start but they said they`d call us for training. I`m still keeping my eyes open though for something that might pay better. I have an interview with EMSI tomorrow at 10:30 so hopefully that will go well. Wish me luck!

Friday after Amber got off of work we headed for Oklahoma. It was such a long ass ride, 8 HOURS! When we got there and met her Grandmother and Grandpa I was a little nervous, but it turned out to be such a wonderful weekend. Her family loved me just as much as I loved them. During their anniversary party all I could do was look at Amber and pray that we could have 50 beautiful years together. After the party we went back to her Grandparent`s house and hung out there for a while. Later on that night we decided to go party with her Uncle`s and it was pretty fun. I got so tore up, but I won`t get into the wonderful details. Let`s just say that Jack Daniels and Jose Quervo aren`t my best friends.

Sunday we got back home around 5:00. We were both pretty tired and happy to be here. We hung around the house the rest of the night and went to bed at like 10:00 like nerds. Amber had to work this morning at 7:00 so she left and I slept in until about 9:30. She got home at 12:30 and we got something to eat and decided to take a nap. She`s still asleep, but I`m going to wake her up soon so she can head to class. Anyway I`m out.

F o r e v e r is not enough baby... <333

love <333

I L O V E my Amber Bamber <333 14 04 04 | 02:52pm
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Harley playing with Heidi <33 ]

So today we`re going to H.E.B. for our second interview, which should be easy. I really hope we get this job, it would be so great to see my baby all the time. I was kinda pissed at myself for quitting Mervyn`s but if I wouldn`t have done that I don`t think we would be at the point in our lives that we`re at. So wish us luck at out interview today!

Friday we have to go to Oklahoma to her Grandparent`s 50th wedding anniversary, which hopefully won`t be that bad. The only thing I hate about going is OKLAHOMA, it`s so DAMN BORING. There is miles and miles of nothing, but as long as I`m with my baby then that`s all that matters. GOD I love her so so so so so much. Anyway that`s all I have to update on, but I`m sure I`ll write some more tonight.

<3333333 Rhonda

love <333

A n e w beginning.... 12 04 04 | 10:19pm
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | My baby taking a shower <333 ]

So I`ve erased all my old posts and I`m starting over new. My life right now is wonderful. I have fell in l o v e for the first time. And what do ya know, it`s with a girl. She`s so amazing. I never thought I could possibly feel this way about one person. I`ll be graduating next week and starting classes soon. Amber and I are going to become CNA`s. We`ve been together for 3 months now, but it seems like it`s been longer. I really truly love her, more than life itself, more than words, more than anything or anyone else in this whole entire world. I really don`t know how I survived before her. Anyway we`re getting ready for bed now, but since Rach started her journal I figured I would start mine again. I guess it`s the only way we can keep up with each other`s lives. It`s kinda sad, but life goes on.

You`re the o n l y reason I`m still breathing. <333

love <333

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