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    Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
    8:53 am
    A three-master apprentice "perfect" you are invited to take W
    Classic novel "Journey to the West" describes the four-master going through a lot of hard work, fighting demon Chumo, Zhenjing to strike a series of wonderful stories, and that because of the magic of imagination, the variety of characters, suspense and variegated colors one after another The plot, again and again is all good, amazing stroke the table. Today we follow the example of the "Journey to the West" in the West to learn the story of it!
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    Master of stubbornness good Tang, and three different character, but extremely cute apprentice to the West to learn from their experience, all the way Painkiller, after difficult for some interpretation of exuberant, never lost their appeal to the classic story. Now the "perfect world" to give the stage to perform his own master love.


    3 players were invited to team up, the captain of the way to Xiangyixiangwei Tang (GM) to the designated place, served on the success of the team, the game was 180W reward money. The time limit for each round of 10 minutes.

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    Served on the success of the team, the game was 2,400,000 dollars reward.

    Time: April 30 17:00-18:00

    Time Server Name
    17:00-18:00 fly
    Music St.
    Ni Lin
    Jin Lv
    Snow Dragon
    Long days
    runescape gold
    1. Each player is only one medal chances.
    2. The on-line activities of the GM name behind all red with GM logo, and at any time, GM will not ask players on the account number and password, please pay attention to identify the players.
    3. The event, dropped as a result, the network can not be delayed, and other factors have led to anti-GM can not determine when the round winner who is the current round of re-.
    4. The activities of the power of final interpretation to the perfect all the time and space.

    Tang's refined, naughty Wukong, the greedy Journey, the simple and honest desert, today is your interpretation of who?

    Thank you, players concerned about the aesthetic level of domestic epic 3D online games "Perfect World", the latest "perfect password-protected card Matrix" and "to find the perfect" all-round protection of the business has been open across the board. In order to ensure the security of your account, you recommended the use of the free, "the perfect password protection" services. More perfect space-time detailed information of the Special Advisory Services QQ: 96061.
    Night, the neon lights of the city is so busy in the footsteps of loneliness appear messy mark? Urban men and women of the emotional topic, touching romantic love story. There are short stories of Pearl Harbor, there's a long story of love the sea, for adult men and women have warm feelings about the romantic story.

    There was a genuine love in front of me before, but I do not save, wait until the time of the loss of only regret, between the earth is the most painful thing of this. If you can give me an opportunity again, I will talk to the girl that I love her, if this should be non-love with a deadline, I hope that is 10,000 years!

    Love, From ancient times has been the world's most beautiful. Irrespective of gender or race, love transcends all, was eulogized by the people of the world! This period may be a lot of people have been waiting for, "Perfect World" three radio networks, "from the song" tells a moving story of a section of users, even if the film also has a grand finale of. The outcome of the hearing when there is a ray can not help but feel sad, but the users to listen to your story finished!

    "I can not accept that now, a week ago now, we have dinner together, after a week now, he has gone to heaven. In fact, his bad temper, and very high-handed in his side Time to see his friends all look tough, we have two voice-video, the more he heard how the death of his wife, she should know that we do, but do not dare say anything ... ... Well, he's bad Temper, but never made me too far, he said that he is not up to face me. In fact, I was just in front of his very gentle, but I do not toe the line, he let me upgrade, I did not worry about the life and death do not practice; he I hasten to 95 can ride a long cloak, he ran to me, I do not seriously shopping day; he will not let me practice of small feathers, I say not afraid of technology in the future that I could not help but copy, I insist on training ; In the copy, not because I operate out of the group of victims, he did not say a few words, I dropped my wheat on the line ... ... I was so headstrong, he's as bad temper would allow the Chong Zhao I, I, I What are accompanied me, with me ever since, he has not made a copy of the large, window-shopping with me every day to see the sun, I have to say anything speak impromptu Yes, he will try every means to help me get, so I Often with friends complain that he is not good enough, gentle enough, he said, I think he was in possession of a husband too much ... ... I was wrong, you come back you do not leave me, you come back, I heard what you have, do you Behaved wife. Unfortunately, you never leave me! Husband, if there is an afterlife, no matter what the situation, I will not hesitate, I have to do your wife, because you owe it to my life, my next life I have to you. "

    This is accompanied by the first "from the song," I would like to call the other side of her, a certain Leiruyuxia! Ting Tongli's because we have not heard what the voice to speak, broke down in tears as the already! Hang up the phone, our radio lament not DJ! Network World to those lonely people what the real social life of the people away from anything at all?

    You give vent to their grief; to share your joy; tell you the backlog in the bottom of my heart, but unspeakable feelings. We used to resolve the warmth of your gloom, with waves of warmth out of your sincere feelings. All the way through, so that "perfect world" we have documented the promise of it. If you are interested in our story, or are willing to voice out opinions, and welcomed the call letters. Please also continue to pay attention to our radio, our program.
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    Thank you, players concerned about the aesthetic level of domestic epic 3D online games "Perfect World", the latest "perfect password-protected card Matrix" and "to find the perfect" all-round protection of the business has been open across the board. In order to ensure the security of your account, you recommended the use of the free, "the perfect password protection" services. More perfect space-time detailed information of the Special Advisory Services QQ: 96061.

    Friday, December 26th, 2008
    1:55 pm
    "Perfect" home Shijinbumei carrying forward the national spirit of the traditional
    For thousands of years, our sons and daughters of China has Shijinbumei as a traditional virtue is imperceptible in the transmission constantly. "When a man loves money and in a proper way," Shijinbumei be "compensation" for social progress. Subtle significantly, a trivial matter to show a person's noble sentiments.
    Chinese harmony, a harmonious society, harmonious network is a new concept of how to build a "harmonious network" an important part of the virtual world, is a severe test. In order to allow the first player in the game set look good, we Aug. 23 in the day held a special thought-provoking activities - "Shijinbumei home" activities to focus on love and honesty in our side.
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    The beauty of the perfect home, Jianshui, such as training, like Castle Dai, whenever inclined, Xi Chen Liming, moonlight reflection in the water, bringing even more beautiful. GM was deeply attracted to the immediate scene, and each has come to a stop and appreciate. Perhaps this is the beauty of being attracted by GM's carelessness in the perfect travel to their homes in the process of missing a few pieces of their own. This will do? GM desperation in the world only through our channel to convene a perfect world, with the players love, to help recover their lost items. In order to encourage persons Shijinbumei, GM will return all of the generous love.

    After the event, GM will tell the players in the form of notice, probably in their homes in an area of the lost items, as long as the players picked up items, GM and the time and place back to GM, have the opportunity to receive 600,000 dollars perfect The report on the incentive payments.

    Time: August 23 18:00-19:00

    Details of the activities:
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    1, GM announcement in this channel players place more or less lost items.
    2, picked up the player GM lost items, GM needs to specify the time and place before they are returned to the GM incentives.
    3, the activities of the GM lost items, will show the "perfect implementation of the activities of the XX" production, GM-player characters and name recognition.
    4, to comply with the rules of the game players, follow the arrangements for the GM and password.
    5, the online activities of GM after GM with a red logo, and GM at any time and place were not asked players on the account number and password.

    When the summer heat quietly approached, a more mature and colorful "perfect world" as the players a long hot summer and cool life readily, so that every player's life full of meaning and summer colors.
    "Perfect" is the beauty of colorful, Enuoduozi; "perfect" beauty lies in the Qianjiaobaimei, arbitrary; "perfect" beauty lies in the heart wonderful skills, uncanny workmanship; "perfect" beauty lies in the originality and constantly open up ... ...
    In order to show the image of a more perfect world, the vivid beauty, in order to allow more players to enjoy the perfect world of colorful excellence, to savor the vast world of magic rhythm, the perfect space-time high of ad hoc special well-known video production team - on snow Studios will see the production of "perfect" video drama series "Yu-off." Snow studio on several occasions as a "perfect world" and "Zhu Xian" will see the production of propaganda video. Works, "Zhu Xian" in 2006, 17,173 online games portal with the perfect space-time co-organized by the video game competition was awarded "Best Drama Award" and "the most players welcomed the award." In the same year, by the creation of the workshop, "Zhu Xian Yao-2" Sina has also held video game contest in the year won the third prize.
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    Now, "Yu-off" has been popular open the video, produced by the interception of all video screen scenario real game. Towering Castle, gurgling streams. The beautiful scenes and the twists and turns touching story line, this will be the story of aesthetic interpretation of its head. Trance, as if we are to the embodiment of characters in this pursuit of inter-Ming landscape value of life, the true meaning of life sentiment! "Yu-off" described by a senior extraterrestrial life in a fortuitous opportunity, came to a blue planet, and has since been involved in a bizarre twists and turns and magnificent failed in the struggle. The story the main character to overcome all sorts of ambivalence final victory over self, an Gan Wudao life value and meaning.

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    Must have been here to see you want to wait to see "perfect" video drama series "Yu-off" style of it! "Perfect" the official home page of "video-off" the introduction of these zones will be video, let us into that unknown and unpredictable world, and feeling "perfect" video drama series "Yu-off" and moving story.
    Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
    9:35 am
    Adventure Island in the Archer Archer who you are right
    See the title, you might be surprised. Yes, you can really count Archer of it? An analogy, if you are the work of the police, but you secretly drug trafficking, smuggling and murder set on fire, you were regarded as the police do ? The analogy may be a bit too far, but I would like to say that your game is not the role of the elected Archer, you are a competent archer. runescape power leveling

    1. Practiced less than 30, was robbed of the Master Qiangguai Archer refuse to give up the feel of the Archer is not;
    2. Manually to level 30-40, after hanging up all along the high-level operating unfamiliar, that's not spam Archer Archer;
    3. Archer characteristics do not know it was not clear Archer skills, a rarity in the world for those who do not bow strange, maps and more than people, that's not spam Archer Archer;
    I do not say is how well Archer, an objective evaluation of what Archer:
    Advantages: a range of far, far more than standard fly [Bow 420, S 380];
    Fast attack;
    Skills than gorgeous; Jianyu, fire, an eagle, four, as well as a substitute after the transfer of certain skills are very good-looking.
    Attacks on property not subject to restrictions, you control the fire department as the Department of ice to play anyway.
    Disadvantages: not enough offensive power, but also in the middle of absolutely first-class level;
    Instability in the attack;
    No group skills, team could not add to his skills;
    Close attack is not high;
    HP is too short, the shortcomings in the high-level play after big headache for special blame, but also I think the biggest drawback. runescape accounts

    As an Archer, it is necessary to have the indomitable spirit, it is necessary to have loyalty. That there was a player, said: give up Archer = risk to give up. The players are very fond of the Archer, the players and I are the same, if one day I Do not bow to play, then at that time I will not risk going into the island. There was personal: If you can manually trained Archer 100, I would like to give him grandchildren. [And the original remarks may be a bit different, It means almost]. I can tell you that I am 105 pure shooter hand, there is no hang over, no more smoke over blame. I can not allow this to a friend when I was a grandson mean, I want to say is the real Archer is able to Persist in the face of adversity growing.
    I would like to Archer's players are not above analysis:
    1. Not to give up on the level of 30-40. Yes, we are above that level is indeed very popular with bullying Master, I admit that this stage of the Master boss, but this is only temporary, class is in front of San Sishi easily survive the.
    2. Hang of growing up.
    Archer is in the four major professional demands the highest level of operation, which is one of the fun of playing arch.'s Not the level of operation, and not attack other people, of course, you will find the junk. Take two people to experience personal example I have 98 students to use the ice to fight cattle, even hanging 2nd, the 103-long fight Beibei was the standard 92 Direct robbed of my jokes. For the operation of the two relatively low-level jobs, not people who have played Did not play well, let alone bow to it? Hang of the absolute long-term play bad.
    3. Archer did not understand the characteristics of runescape gold
    Each has its own professional identity, no career at all maps, all the monster in front of the most powerful. I can not bow doors, so we do not need more than Master and anti-werewolf, and there is no need to brush soldiers than Chuanlao Da , [Mo Fang Werewolf low and relatively anti-ultra-high, the soldiers hit by more than blood can also close] like mine will not Shadao ice and brush fires than the drug Beibei, the drug would not say that the fire caught fire while the dog than the ice Much. If you are non-than, not how you brush than the sun and then zombie? Sun zombie there, and who Gongnu Far Side of the World? Give you another example, yesterday I go to brush god of time, a 115, where the ice [ Than a full 10 high-me]. I took an eagle. And she has attracted nearly 20 god, she had not grabbed me one. [If exaggerate the figures, Tiandaleipi]. In fact, my equipment is a huge waste. Tell you to play god and soul of the armored fierce little experience, bring universal medicine, the Hawks put on [my Eagle 10], it would be best to wash HP above 2900, or else accidentally soon will be the second. Eagle here The role of a big, 10 more than the Hawks halo obnoxious, but it can close brush a monster in the moment of its fast attack is not only strange but also prompted a halo of your monster in the brush around it. It's always You found the naked eye in the attack before the blame with the Henshuang.
    By-laws: Archer to fight for the strange: [From high to low]
    1. The physical defense of the relatively low level; snail, nines pigs, wild boar, a rock person [the low stone physical defense], the small gray wolf ......
    2.'s Slow movement; stones, snow people ......
    Archer suitable terrain:
    1. Flat; there zombie runescape money
    2. Not very smooth, steep slope can reach bow, Archer can also have a security platform of the station feet; where the sun, red triple jump ship to Taiwan [since his name.
    On the contrary Archer did not blame for the map and said no.
    Time to go to work, like the bow came Kuangding. Said that the incomplete or non-attentive, we hope that point.
    Monday, December 22nd, 2008
    8:27 am
    Lian Ji assassin on the road
    I am not the other nonsense, Lian Ji directly from the start:

    1 ~ ~ 10: Rainbow Island to finish all the tasks are almost 8, and his re-Lian Lian, 10 after the transfer.

    10 to 13: Magic BT dense forest area.
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    13 ~ ~ 15: shooter to hit the training ground spent mushroom.

    15 ~ ~ 21: to do magic on the task.

    21 ~ ~ 25: Many people have said that it abandoned the task team, in fact, this very slow, unless you bring someone else in the customs will be the first to take a long time, the first time in this shooter training ground fight Green mushrooms.

    25 ~ ~ 31: abandoned to do the task team, under which more than a quick, 30 hours before another upgrade to the second turn (this is nonsense..)

    31 ~ ~ 35: Toy Town Hall balcony to fight bears.

    35 ~ ~ 51: Toy Town to do the task team.

    51 ~ ~ 60: witch to smoke.

    Well, I am only 63 so the sky in the city's task team, this is the first to write in some places may be a problem, please consult expert advice. . . .

    Good! ! I am a member of a district Green Mainland situation Xiao Feng Shui Ling's cold! ! !

    Do not say nonsense! First of all, on this play dart to fly the importance of money! ! I think they better have the money! Can not afford to practice! Why! Because you think, ah! Adventure Island has just developed the first time! Is it any time you play you just would not have the money! ! Now that they have no money from the rich to play! From small to large dart dart game! Does not have the money came from the! ! As the saying goes: money is no longer used in the play. Talking about! ! I 200,000,000 large currency risk did not trumpet at a penny! ! However, the final play trumpet playing! The money has also changed! Therefore, I suggest that the money would dart want to play! !

    Then! We are talking about Lian Ji! First of all, you do not have to ask ourselves the following 3:00:

    1. There is no patience Lian Ji

    2. Adventures on the island are not interested in
    runescape gold
    3. There is no economy-minded

    How to have! You can be a perfect dart Xia la!

    Into the game! ! 1-10 class known! Rainbow Island in the abuse of small snail! 11-15 in the village can be scorer can also kill the Green Shuiling mushrooms kill! That it can continue to kill snails to save it! ! 16-21 to go ahead with a moon mission to do! ! ! 22-25! If you feel that the group was then abandoned the city to do the task! Can also be a maze to kill mushrooms gill! A number of money it would kill a wild boar! 26-31 in the abandoned city mission spent! ! 32-35 to kill small-town toy teddy bear! If the activities of the carnival to be held in the master mix would be to find a 50! They can not do 35 on the mixed city of toys to do the task team may be no one group! 35-40 best to continue to play hard under the Bear! Another team to do the task until 50! This time should be endowed with a technology gap dart dart! Panda went 51-60 abuse it!

    There may be some rich people do not come in accordance with this! Because of what? Bai because the money! However, remember that! Money nothing! To know the money is never the money! ~~~~~~~~~


    I turn:

    Focus on technique: Lv20

    Long-range hidden weapon: Lv8

    The Curse of the operation: Lv3

    Invisibility: Lv10

    Second batter: Lv0

    Flying off: Lv20

    Second turn:

    Precision hidden weapon: Lv20

    Strong throw: Lv30 runescape accounts

    The resumption of operation: Lv3

    Fast hidden weapon: Lv20

    Qing Gong: Lv20

    Absorption of life: Lv28

    Third, to A:

    Pharmacy proficient: Lv20

    Enrichment technique: Lv20

    Video network operation: Lv1

    Shadow split: Lv30

    Money to attack: Lv30

    Multi-Dart: Lv30

    2 jump: Lv20

    Three to B:

    Pharmacy proficient: Lv1

    Enrichment technique: Lv20

    Video network operation: Lv20

    Shadow split: Lv30
    runescape power leveling

    Money to attack: Lv30

    Multi-Dart: Lv30

    2 jump: Lv20
    Thursday, December 18th, 2008
    3:34 pm
    Adventure Island 4:00 drug group to help tide over the difficulties low-level drug fire
    It is weeks, poisoning the fire is just 3 to Lian Ji Super painful, I am old friends with, embarrassed himself, so I decided to try my drug group. I went to the Shaolin (Jin is not a drug ah).

    As a result, drug discovery group 4:00 on the help of Lian Ji small, two-hour open 60 ~ 80W, but my computer will not work, or might be able to break through 100w.

    Lian Ji use this method must not require a computer card, computer cards do not have to read the man, also saw a waste. Pets are the best, remember that a little super, no more than a few dozen bottles of the key life-saving time, such as pet m + blood.

    The following turn to the motion.

    To make the necessary preparations, the red zone: watermelon or chocolate, blue: in the early morning of exposure. Watermelon allow pets to eat, we also have to put on the keyboard, there are days of the ominous clouds ah. HP set the alarm to 80%, so that even if a pet you do not + blood will not float, do not forget to shield + Oh. runescape money

    Said the choice of the following strange, too strange No, you left a little of the drug is the blood can not play, ah depressed. I was selected and the white tiger Feizei, barely able to move. M seals because there can not heap blame in the mix, you are looking for can be let go after the drug's safety Diaoxue looked strange place halfway up on a lot of good this way, the map of the Songshan Gangchu good But one area of system maintenance, meter approach shots, right after the meeting.

    To decide where to practice, it began to poison! Will probably have to put three or four times (m low-level approach), and then we can close the experience, it is a stone 36,004,600, Shuanga, Micronesia Strange, a collection 3W experience, you experience the value of increased 1.5%! Sometimes the special is back, how are shot MISS, this time to show the importance of the slow, slow placed on the playing time. I Jiubu Xin blood you can not! Because picking odd to be close, so often remember for-line!

    Well, so much to say, I wish the fire poison brothers more experience, more equipment.

    In addition Feizei this is how the case, take off, then on down, surprised me.

    The key points: table, Xiaoguai (hug), Xiao Shield (distance call minutes), Shunyi


    Blood 1: The table-stick method (for your alarm clock, alarm clock you back), the first Xiaoguai Qing law, law table to avoid falling fast, fast method came to power, pushed to the corner of the law to get out to see the rapid embrace far from the law , And listen to the call to stay away from fast-opened shield law
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    Blood 2: lie to increase blood law, in a row to get out fast attack + Shunyi law

    The basic concepts and principles:

    Table: the platform, standing on the highest level and high-level, the consumer Shield skills alarm clock on the role of the invalid

    Xiaoguai: When the alarm clock appeared to embrace action (2 arm to embrace the middle-do, with a magic effect), there will be Xiaoguai

    Xiao Shield: 1) distance, when the alarm clock away from the location for you to just be able to attack its positions, the consumer Shield skills of the alarm clock on the role of invalid (reach)

    2) call, the consumer Shield alarm clock or the use of skills in a coma at the time of 0.3-0.5 seconds earlier, will be accompanied by the "squeak" out of the call at this time must pay attention to

    Shunyi: Master the skills of fast-moving, full proposal

    Sticky-table: referring to the high standing firmly on the table, the alarm will not be shot down

    1 blood detail:
    runescape accounts
    1) table-stick method (for your alarm clock, alarm clock you back)

    Like how can we stand as far as possible on the table without it falling?

    The first occurred when Xiaoguai immediately Qingdiaoxiaoguai first (if not their clearance, it is best to have a hit man to stand together with you, I immediately put out Xiaoguaiqingdiao)

    Second: The alarm clock will not hit until after the fall of the operation, if the alarm clock for you, attack you, you will be back (as if being away), if the alarm clock back to you, attack you, you will be making progress (As if being sucked in the past), was moving away from the attack happened to be the width of a table, so that when the alarm clock for you, you have to stand in front of the table, was attacked just after the retreat of the fall-along, this Immediately come to the forefront when the alarm clock can continue to attack you back, you have to stand on the table along, the attack is just table the forefront of breath, and then go immediately after the attacks to continue along

    Of course, when the alarm clock did not stand up to the advance, which came in front of you to your face, not to stay at the top, Run Run when there are skills, stand-law to avoid falling fast
    runescape power leveling

    2) The table fell quickly to avoid law

    From the table because the alarm clock or was shot down near Tiaoluo should take the initiative, the first thing to do is to take advantage of Shunyi quickly left the alarm clock, the sooner the better, because by this time of the extinction shield, and just across the Xiaoguai, general Gone with the Wind on the left on the clock a certain distance will not be a shield extinction, even if sometimes also encountered Xiaoguai blood
    Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
    10:12 am
    The new Christmas preview of the task ahead of Raiders
    Lu Ni ~ ~ ~ ~ lost treasure
    runescape money
    Mission NPC: Lu Ni

    Task conditions: LV10 over

    Task process:

    1, received the mandate after Christmas to find a map of the 5 'Christmas' air bottles, exposed to Ni. Air bottles can play Christmas map in the box fell.

    (Award: EXP +220 Christmas gift of a "mission")
    runescape gold
    ~ ~ ~ ~ Lisa and naba

    Mission NPC: Lisa

    Task conditions: LV10 over

    Task process:

    1, Lisa answered, and all the correct answers

    (Award: EXP +225 Christmas gift 2 "mission" of the Earth Defense Headquarters mobile box × 3)

    ~ ~ Earth Defense Headquarters of the festive atmosphere ~ ~

    Mission NPC: Mast General

    Task conditions: LV10 over

    Task process:

    1, receiving the mission, against the headquarters of the box in 10 looking for 'Christmas socks' cloth, to the General Masterton
    runescape accounts
    (Award: EXP +250 Christmas gift 3 "mission" mobile toy box cities × 3)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ Lonely Ahlers

    Mission NPC: Ahlers

    Task conditions: LV10 over

    Task process:

    1, "Christmas gifts from 1 to 3" to Ahlers.

    (Award: EXP +6600 Christmas fruit syrup × 5 super Christmas scarf)

    Lu Ni ~ ~ ~ ~ secret of

    Mission NPC: Lu Ni

    Mission: to complete the "lonely Ahlers"

    Task process:

    1, Christmas will be open to the fruits of Ni, random access to the goods.
    runescape power leveling

    (Award: EXP +12500 random reward × 1 "pirate headscarf powder 10%, 10% of the yellow site gloves, red gloves, 10% of the site, the site lightning 10% of white gloves, blue gloves lightning 10% of the site, the site lightning red gloves 10% Lightning gray gloves site 10%, 10% of the cloak of Christmas, Christmas deer ears 10%, 5% light whip, 101 5%)

    This is the foreign editor of the electronic journal, but China's opening up these tasks is a great chance
    Saturday, December 13th, 2008
    9:41 am
    Adventure Island around the sale of NPC
    Gold Coast

    runescape money


    The sale of consumption goods:
    Red syrup, orange syrup, syrup and white, and blue syrup, apples, eggs, barbecue, orange, lemon, fried chicken, hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs fort, Roasted Eel, salad, mineral water, cakes, watermelons, Bing Bang Bang, the polygraph, starfish dart

    Eastern China

    Shanghai Bund


    Shanghai Bund her arms store
    runescape gold
    The sale of weapons and equipment:
    Sun Jian, sword fighting, machetes, swords of yellow sand, lithium ore ax, the ax Chi, Tai Fu, Qing Guang ax, hammer-odd, large battle hammer, hammer Knight, a heavy hammer, knife-branch, Crystal Blade, Shadow Edge, the assassin knife, ice fine short stick, Master long stick, short stick lithium ore, Master short stick, goblin short stick, iron and steel swords, machetes, swords of the plateau, the giant knife and a half months, his hands ax, knife green snake, heavy Great Ax , Ax fighting, wrench, hammer lithium ore, a sledge-hammer, a giant hammer, three guns, Ciqiang, the two-day class, mop, Ji Li-mine, ax Ji, Ji crescent moon, fighting bow, thunder and lightning, the flame of Bow, bow Storm , Crossbow hunting, goats crossbow, crossbow eagles, two-string crossbow, Sophora


    Shanghai Bund her medicine shop

    The sale of consumption goods:
    Red syrup, orange syrup, syrup and white, and blue syrup, Shen Shui dynamic, agile syrup, syrup speed, Shen Shui magic, Shen Shui attacks, hit Shenshui, Roasted Eel, mineral water, watermelon, Bang Bang ice, water-ice red beans, apples , Eggs, barbecue, orange, lemon, chocolate, antidote, eyedrops, tonic, holy water, scroll back to the city, Gong Shi, crossbow arrow, the polygraph, starfish dart
    runescape accounts


    Grand Challenge Manager

    The sale of consumption goods:
    Red syrup, orange syrup, syrup and white, and blue syrup, Shen Shui dynamic, agile syrup, syrup speed, Shen Shui magic, Shen Shui attacks, hit Shenshui, sushi, gold Zhaxia, watermelons, Bang Bang ice, water-ice red beans, apples , Eggs, oranges, lemons, crisp cheese, milk reindeer, in the early morning of Lu, the Dusk Lu, Roasted Eel, mineral water, scroll back to the city, Gong Shi, Gongshi bronze, crossbow arrow, crossbow arrow bronze, polygraph, starfish dart


    Quote: runescape power leveling

    Long Shapo

    The sale of weapons and equipment:
    Sword fighting, ax red, hammer-combatants, Yan Yue edge, the edge of crystal, lithium ore short stick, long stick Master, machetes and heavy Great Ax, lithium mining hammer, three guns, Ji Li-mining, lightning, goats crossbow, iron and steel fist Sets
    Thursday, December 4th, 2008
    11:52 am
    Double Moon Shadow
    Aggressive 178
    No hit
    3 fatal
    No defense

    Fourth Ring Shuangjian
    Aggressive 206
    No hit
    No defense

    Aggressive 204
    3 hits
    No defense
    Lv38 runescape money

    Aggressive 204
    No hit
    3 fatal
    No defense

    Aggressive 230
    No hit
    No defense

    Fei Liu
    Aggressive 228
    4 hits
    No defense

    Aggressive 228
    No hit
    4 fatal
    No defense
    runescape gold

    Aggressive 270
    No hit
    No defense

    Aggressive 266
    6 hits
    No defense

    Soul cut
    Aggressive 266
    No hit
    6 fatal
    No defense

    Chopped soul
    Aggressive 265
    No hit
    8 fatal
    No defense

    Off day
    Aggressive 265
    8 hit
    No defense
    Thursday, November 27th, 2008
    4:28 pm
    To talk about the ideas and experiences with their lock
    I would Northern is a player, now 36 lock and should not be very high, mainly previously did not have been playing this game, only to find that it is also a great way to earn experience, the average daily lock can be maintained at 4-5 million or so of experience, I talk about my experience: to find a lock of God lock, unlock Private done more than a day after the mission has been able to train here, and he has two options for dialogue, One is the lock code, a yes right right touch. Password to unlock the election Master practice, experience high! I am here to talk about the main password.

    First of all we must see to understand unlock tips, Green Star, said the location of the correct figure is correct, Mr Dominic said that the incorrect location of the correct figure, for example, the number 9 allows you to be Tim, you 1234 election showed that Green 1 Yellow 1 , Said that in 1234 there are a number of the correct location of the right, there are a number of the correct location is not correct, the total number two figure in 1234 right there, so below you will be able to change position again, you can re-enter 1342, If the two green stars, then you can definitely be a right, so go up if the good luck will be able to come out of the five or six times.

    I have 5 minutes by 14 locking God to open all the locks open, 9 is the last chance the number 3, did not finish, no chance 2. I always used to lock my way to talk about:

    In the first round,

    9, for example, fixed 6 chance;

    A 9123 green-yellow, said there are places incorrect figures, and Green is a system to do the right place to consider;

    9321 two of the Green guessed that the figure was 3, 12 and certainly not;

    Green-yellow 9345 were 45, said there are a number of incorrect position;

    9356 Green were able to launch 56 is certainly not because we are above 93 have the right to know the location of the figures, so we can know that 4 must be the right figure, and is the fourth position;

    9374 3 Green 7 is not

    The 9384 Open was me give an example of good luck, as the first location is not correct it may be 1 or 2, may also be the last 8 may be 0.
    runescape money
    9 fifth round of the 9th digital opportunity

    1234 there were two yellow figures

    5678 there were two yellow figures

    8743-yellow-green and there were a number of locations in the right

    Huang 6542 were 8 is the right location, there are a number of 743 in the right position, but incorrect

    Green-yellow 8425 were not inside the right number 4, because the first number has certainly 8, and the second, third and fourth position 4 is not correct, this will know that there are a number of 73, but also know that the correct figure is 25 But not 2 in the second position, as the beginning of 1234 there is no correct number of locations, we are certain that 2 in the fourth position

    8532 were in the right yellow-green inside did not figure in the third position 3, 5, 7, which must be the right figure
    I would Northern is a player, now 36 lock and should not be very high, mainly previously did not have been playing this game, only to find that it is also a great way to earn experience, the average daily lock can be maintained at 4-5 million or so of experience, I talk about my experience: to find a lock of God lock, unlock Private done more than a day after the mission has been able to train here, and he has two options for dialogue, One is the lock code, a yes right right touch. Password to unlock the election Master practice, experience high! I am here to talk about the main password.

    First of all we must see to understand unlock tips, Green Star, said the location of the correct figure is correct, Mr Dominic said that the incorrect location of the correct figure, for example, the number 9 allows you to be Tim, you 1234 election showed that Green 1 Yellow 1 , Said that in 1234 there are a number of the correct location of the right, there are a number of the correct location is not correct, the total number two figure in 1234 right there, so below you will be able to change position again, you can re-enter 1342, If the two green stars, then you can definitely be a right, so go up if the good luck will be able to come out of the five or six times.

    I have 5 minutes by 14 locking God to open all the locks open, 9 is the last chance the number 3, did not finish, no chance 2. I always used to lock my way to talk about:

    In the first round,

    9, for example, fixed 6 chance;

    A 9123 green-yellow, said there are places incorrect figures, and Green is a system to do the right place to consider;

    9321 two of the Green guessed that the figure was 3, 12 and certainly not;

    Green-yellow 9345 were 45, said there are a number of incorrect position;

    9356 Green were able to launch 56 is certainly not because we are above 93 have the right to know the location of the figures, so we can know that 4 must be the right figure, and is the fourth position;

    9374 3 Green 7 is not

    The 9384 Open was me give an example of good luck, as the first location is not correct it may be 1 or 2, may also be the last 8 may be 0.

    9 fifth round of the 9th digital opportunity

    1234 there were two yellow figures

    5678 there were two yellow figures

    8743-yellow-green and there were a number of locations in the right

    Huang 6542 were 8 is the right location, there are a number of 743 in the right position, but incorrect

    Green-yellow 8425 were not inside the right number 4, because the first number has certainly 8, and the second, third and fourth position 4 is not correct, this will know that there are a number of 73, but also know that the correct figure is 25 But not 2 in the second position, as the beginning of 1234 there is no correct number of locations, we are certain that 2 in the fourth position

    8532 were in the right yellow-green inside did not figure in the third position 3, 5, 7, which must be the right figure

    The 8752 Open was me give an example of good luck, bad luck in general, then 9 times the number 4, it will be very difficult to open the opportunity to open, so we are open until 5 on the other the opportunity to challenge the election because it will be very difficult to open 4-opened , And 5 to open the experience than the experience of opening more than three or four hundred. We are open until 6 on the other the opportunity to go up by 1234, an alternate take a good 1357,2468, why not say.

    Finally, I wish you all are locked into God, are dug Bao 4, Daguai all-out escalation of precious stones!runescape gold
    The 8752 Open was me give an example of good luck, bad luck in general, then 9 times the number 4, it will be very difficult to open the opportunity to open, so we are open until 5 on the other the opportunity to challenge the election because it will be very difficult to open 4-opened , And 5 to open the experience than the experience of opening more than three or four hundred. We are open until 6 on the other the opportunity to go up by 1234, an alternate take a good 1357,2468, why not say.

    Finally, I wish you all are locked into God, are dug Bao 4, Daguai all-out escalation of precious stones!
    Thursday, November 20th, 2008
    3:23 pm
    Split "depends on Merit star smashed a"
    Read a lot of value to drop it on the stars that exploits the issue, saying that this is a secret! ! ! I CALL, which is also called the secret! ? Paste whom? Milk children should pay attention to words, it is necessary to be responsible for! ! !

    runescape money

    I would like to ask things, to value what the lucky? Is it really is simple to build equipment to improve the success rate of it? Now do not understand that the journey is how fortunate value of the count! ! ! Do not tell me to kill mainly Merit, and if so, the game will definitely be closed country, as long as the small S dare say that some people dare to come to closure! ! !

    Everyone knows that 2 = 4 will be able to out-green, 2 = 5 will be the perfect property, and may the soul of a family, 2 = 6? I have not played! ! ! Since 4 = 5 = 6 = Beecham are the lucky ones to create high-value high success rate, saying the release = P, Pianshui it? Depressed. . . . . .

    Now, I must say that I smashed a small star, of course, there were only 11 stars, say it is to urge everyone look! ! !

    August 19 evening around 9:30, the peak Oh! ! ! 8 satellite equipment to upgrade a knife, 8-sing a necklace, ring 2 stars 8, 9, sing a wrist!
    According to the current level, these are all slightly sun, and my exploits value is 0, hit the beginning ah!

    Step one: 4 stars precious stones and smashed 8 knives, Results: White.
    Second step: 4 stars jewel necklace 8, Results: White.
    Step three: 4 stars 9 jewel wrist, the result: 10 stars.
    Step four: 4 gems 8 Star rings, Results: White.
    Step five: 4 stars jewel necklace 8, Results: White.

    No attention has been, I did a gem, a left it! ! ! Days, depressing. Service is not in a good friend, never mind the mood at the time, no money, no precious stones! I am a soldier from 2300 + 1800 + attack has become a lost of about 500, to play the game we all know, playing on the emotions! At this time. . . . . .

    I can be that person's personality is not to hit back wall, then TXX want to go to the 10 stars hit splints, I do not have been willing to drop it, always cautious of its Scout, 70 + Soul series , To reduce activating after the injury Magic 14%! Not the mood, think of Beishuiyizhan, refuse to refuse to play, 560RMB can spend, but also care about this! ! !

    After the decision, I guess I am the first to conquer the entire holding a precious stones and smashed Star 11 "criminals" and when I put on the wrist, Yueguangbaohe when, in fact, also hesitated, but that is only short-lived! ! !

    I put it into a gem, I would like to shut our eyes to drop it, but I think, NNX, even the white I would also like to see it white. In this way, good glare my eyes, looked at it, golden light flashing, Wa Ha Ha, ha, ha ha ha! ! ! I succeeded! ! !

    In fact, a lot of these players will see that you are lucky, you give me another month to see if there are people who say, I would like to say that, and so I have enough strength, I will! ! !

    Maybe a lot of players that will be after more than a Pie Piezui! ! !

    If you have a really quality people, I have said more than 2, should not happen, can not look at other people than I do, I will. . . Do have to be on the quality of the people! ! !

    Finally, I would like to say to those who TXX what feats, is more than 600 +, is putting the pad synthetic materials, I believe that the how to you as you are into! ! ! When you put things, look for a system already! ! ! Of course, there is a certain degree of skill, but not like Kwame some of the virtual players, even the odd even God! ! ! Science talk at the age of science it! ! !
    runescape gold

    I am Qunxia China's players, it is now 90 + fighting devil midnight Hey Px Shuai

    Biographical notes: from 2000 since the start of 7 + years of experience in online games, this year I am 30 years old, Oh, a lot of smaller players will see the uncle said, ah!
    The Legend of playing the longest! WOW years + 1 a play, recently contacted journey! Therefore, I believe that I am absolutely qualified to make a small point of views! ! !
    Thursday, November 13th, 2008
    4:05 pm
    Blizzard balance: Warcraft and update previous career change
    1.11 version of "Shadow of the Naxxramas"

    The invasion of natural disasters, strange floating air fortress, the God of War garde Keer Su ... ... life itself is meaningless and only death, so that you can understand the true meaning of human nature. Warcraft the first stage of a hero, a hero can be pushed to the

    Disconnected from the server, you can immediately log on the game rather than see a "choose your role been in the game". Very good changes, no longer easily dropped the MT

    May be the target of a number of attacks and magic skills (such as multiple shooting splitting off Shun, Chain Lightning) will no longer be invisible or sneak into enemy as a target, unless the light will be able to see him. Occupational sneak a blessing.

    Can be activated to learn, be changed to heal quickly. The news was in the zone D is simply to Qigui Shen, remember that many on the team in order to activate a direct religious ties to the Wild into a force to restore this great change.

    Due to significant talent changes, the Master of talent points will be reset. All natural magic of the training costs are significantly reduced. Austria Department have been strengthened, although the talent is still on to a strengthening of the most attractive counter. The changes allow to become a wake-up 20 hours in the trainer's Office to learn skills, Austria burst directly Shun-fa, saving a large number of skill points.

    Due to significant talent changes, the shaman talent points will be reset. All natural magic of the training costs are significantly reduced. In particular the Department of elements to be strengthened.

    Hidden change: the wind anger weapons - the additional strength of the attack was weakened by 45%. Enhance shaman reduced.

    1.12 version of the "war made so much noise"

    When the war broke through the server's cage and asked the world, who is supreme ... ...

    Accession to the World battlefield, East Tower away plague of injuries can increase BUFF, forest disease can be Shaota by the specter of Griffin

    If the hunter to tame the following biological, call the next time the pet will not change color, this is a very nasty set, I do not understand why?

    After the death of surgery Austrian goal of the missile animation will disappear. Ah ah, not even the Bianshi ,-_-!

    Disappear so that justice can now remove those who have the ability to continue to see the effect of thieves (for example, hunters mark on the soul and vision). En

    Due to significant talent changes, talent points thieves will be reset. All natural skills training costs are significantly reduced. You have me there.
    Friday, November 7th, 2008
    9:20 am
    Men's tears (3)
    The operating room lights went out, the results will be out. Is happy or sad?
    I can not open our eyes, doctors do not want to hear any words. I am afraid of doctors like TV, like inside their heads bowed, and then remove spectacles, as used to calm and for us to say "Sorry, we have the best, by the way Jieai it." "I'm sorry," the teachers and children is so precious in the eyes of the word, because it is wrong to make up for in good faith; but at the moment, I do not want to hear it, this time it is handed down to the sad news. I do not want to, "Sorry!"
    "How, and the doctor?" Jue Jing and Chen Wei-operation to see the door read, and immediately fell a doctor on TV as often as the scene.
    Why should we like on TV as ah? ! TV as well, as a doctor you would say "Excuse me," you know? ! We should not, "I'm sorry," Never! So, then you can not ask, do not like drama pouncing in the past ... the bottom of my heart ... I have a voice in the begging.
    Doctors removed the eyes, forehead to wipe the sweat.
    "How kind, a doctor, my mother?" Jing Jue incoherent to ask a doctor.
    "Patients not life-threatening, the rescue is also very timely, the patient's legs are saved."
    "Jing Jue, you hear it? Aunt all right! Wonderful!" I rushed, clinging tightly Jing Jue, crying with a smile.
    "Never has been! My mother all right!" Jing Jue patting my back, I will Yongruhuaizhong.
    The embrace came too late, I have been flattered by some. Lie down again into the arms of the Jing Jue, I was still attached to it, then Fangkuan Xin.
    Chen Wei know takes money out of the hospital at the moment is the top priority, then said: "You take good care of aunt, I go home to spend money on medical expenses before the mat."
    Jing Jue, I open up, choking on a Wei-chen said: "The money ... ... ... ... ... ... Chen Wei Thank you!"
    "Is a good friend should not say that." Chen Wei finished turned to leave.
    Whispered the Han Zhu Jing Jue Wei Chen: "Chen Wei-Chen Wei ... ... ... ..."
    Chen Wei-stop, smile back and said: "Never."
    "Take it back Shinohara Y, very late, and raining outside. I think one will have to spend time with my mother."
    "Or. Shinozuka Y, you go with me, I send you back." Wei-chen to run back up my hand.
    I have been really tired, both physically or heart, I really Haoxiang good rest. But I really Jing Jue also worried about his mother.
    I have some hesitation, but I have Wei-chen has been towed away.

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
    Thursday, October 30th, 2008
    3:47 pm
    Who do not love nest chilling 〔〕 2
    Middle-aged man's voice-over:
    "Regained consciousness more than a small two-year-old, with a low first year of school classmates, Guo Huan days than his family, is different.
    Huan-day parents are laid-off workers in factories and mines. Huan days in the third grade in elementary school, to make a living, working both to the south. One is to go for more than four years, heard. "

    '' You know the rhythm of music, sound.

    Caption: Qianqin County underwear factory sites are now knitting Village, March 1996, morning.
    Lens, such as the slums of Hollywood film drama, in which an old five-storey dangerous: walls, contamination of coal slag, dust, painted with advertisements psoriasis; dark narrow aisle, leave old furniture, piles of miscellaneous scene cans even; Ceiling, lighting messy aging lines, spider web over.

    Staircase on the second floor of the mouth, a house full of waste: a white-haired, very difficult for an old woman, Qise being off next to the small coal, and a pot of boiled cabbage.
    Coal stove in the wet coal, Xunde, smoke fortune. A choke, cough and asthma old woman in tears.

    We take a look at the entire housing, the only household appliances, is a China-made 14-inch black-and-white TV.

    Doors and windows, upstairs downstairs, next door neighbor: news, "Fu chirp chirp" sound of the sewing machine; sound, sound noisy, intermittent player Han Lei's low, Kang Jin sang the 'walk of the Quartet: An
    "Let's four-party, remote road, the vast expanse of water.
    Mimi vast, walked one village after another village.
    Look at the setting sun, to fall, is back.
    No shortage of days, not to the old, long long time ... ... "

    Middle-aged man's voice-over:
    "Less than the nine-year-old Huan-day stay in the mail, by 'low' survival Waipo Jia.
    Xiangyiweiming Zusun Liang, a lot of time to eat, the grandmother in the country markets, pick up the leftovers rotten leaves. Dishes inside, it is difficult to see, scattered points shine.
    Only a year birthday, or the Chinese New Year Qin Lin, students drop in the day, Huan days to eat meat or eggs. To this end, Huan-day grandmother, carrying Huan days, or a person at home, no less tears.

    Fast age of 70 elderly people, Li Mother, finally, La Cheda the sons and daughters, married. Could, to enjoy, and so on, still needs to be done, the next generation of the next generation of care.
    This busy, busy then, quietly silent.
    The wind, see the light on the tears.
    Over time, with one eye cataract, the only other trachoma quite formidable. Even in the sunny day, the visibility of vision, but also very low.

    Lost its luster of the night, Shuangliu tears. Can not sleep, or nightmare, awakened to the elderly, the lonely heart: a concerned about, a strange land rover children; a bear, is the body of David Chang Sun. "

    Close-up lens, Li Mother of the dry weather-beaten face.
    Lee himself in the Mother: "The fall of its own meat, it hurts How can we help? How can people listen to guess that says no, a no? Oh, baby girls and then walk away, get out of the heart Dieniang Yes.
    My height Lang hey you, the home of white hair, a lifetime of hope, you like it back safely as soon as possible, waiting for your hair, and I get together for the funeral of the lively, happy, successful miles! "

    Middle-aged man's voice-over:
    "As early as two years ago, listening to return home New Year's, said Tom, Dick and Harry, daughter and son-in-law down south to work with the people of Myanmar to enjoy the company of others, both dead passenger abroad, the frail health of Mother Lee, the spirit of the almost complete collapse.
    However, very strong and very soon, a negative, like throwing the first wave drum roll, swear words Dandan, convinced that her children were still alive, but would like to save enough in the second half after the cost of living, Huan-day school with her coffin Board money to spend want to travel to and from the fees.

    Can also take advantage of the move to help people reduce the burden of some of the pressure on her, the more desperately tired Manghuo: during the day, often, Shijian worn everywhere; In the evening, enjoy the first day of the reading lights, Zuohuo. Huan days to be sleeping, use, and next door the night of underwear sewing lights are still 10 minutes to rush to do cloth shoes, insoles, such as sewing. Only, save, Huan-day fees.

    There are a few back, they do not care or halo of hair, fall, break plant vegetation deep roadside ditch Xiushui, who was rescued after Zaisandingning neighbors: Do not let her know that the Sun Sun.

    This mood, the demands of the tears, as the elderly couple next door neighbor that, a pair of middle-aged couple: the husband can not find things to do, get up early every day, rain or shine, the old riding a bicycle, loaded, After her son to school. Loaded again, not without good young wife, Liu Hua to the bridge below a small hotel. Specifically looking for six or 70-year-old old man, with his Body and Soul, the dollar bought her son to the operation of this money. Police officers are often caught red-handed, grasp into the police station, kneeling on the floor ... tears ... "

    Caption: Qin Bridge County Public Security Bureau police station, in July 1997, in the afternoon.
    Jingwu Shi.
    The arrogant young trainee police, ask at the record, a face, beat fiercely in the files on the desktop. Yishanbuzheng directed, loose hair on the temples chaos, Mayan Lei straight, about 37 years, eight-year-old woman growled: "What cry tears? To face, not to do so shameless acts, the consort of the fast Qilaobashi Grandpa!
    If, like the last time he was happy old man, died, to see how you end up! ? Went! Phone, call your husband with a fine, the leader! "

    Middle-aged women afraid to see the young police: "Police uncle, you care to, I forgive this, I had done nothing wrong, you show mercy pardon, and waiving fines on the back."

    Very impatient young police officers, Humuyuanzheng, clenched fists, beat the desktop, the attitude of the firm: "No, fined 5000 yuan, not a penny less. Otherwise, the first to send you to the detention room, and then re-education ! "
    Friday, October 24th, 2008
    8:59 am
    The female physician
     the same year. Xu Tian Qi's mother passed away. The five-year-old Qi Hui-day follow his father, came to the door of belonging to the Happy Happy Hill. At this time of the day Hui Qi although tender face, but Cold expression. Mei Yan Toshiro between pressing. On the left ear of a cat's eye stone, a flashing blue-violet light, strange and enchanting. He's back, always straight. Playing as if from the very birth, we know that this world no one should bow to him. 

      standing on the back of his father, Tian Qi Xu open the mother's coffin buried. Around the big sound of crying, but those who cried, almost all of Ms. Xu has not seen one. This crying, I am afraid to hear the living.
     
      as young as five-year-old Qi Hui Qing Xiao Tian.
     
      noted that the expression of many tenants any relieved only. The son was born bright, but cold. Lianwu natural materials, but are guilty of Sirius.
     
      "the main door! Bingbao things are bad!" At this time a black person Guidao Xu office door behind him. Ren Hui turned, looked at him. Xu and Tian Qi, there is no action.
     
      "What?" Xu office openings.
     
      "villains, the intruder was Happy Hill, and that's wishful thinking will be dead, buried here." Black doors that were buried in the head low, it seems that even many non feet could not see.
     
      "the matter there?" Xu Ren some exasperation. This special person in the Happy Hill today into the funeral is exactly what purpose? Happy is the door to challenges of authority? !
     
      all of a sudden, all crying all disappeared. Happy is the Man of the Maple Hill, has become quiet good. Even the birds are tightly closed mouth.
     
      "I cited go!" Xu Guang Ren Yi Shuai sleeve, then the door as people left.
     
      behind, followed by a large number of people. Those who, like Ms. Xu for the funeral procession.
     
      only days Qi Xu, quiet still standing there. Staring at half buried into the coffin.
     
      "Do not ah! Do not dig out my daddy's coffin. All his characters, this can not stand the humiliation!" Shen lie in pleased to Chen Yi on the Fentou. A pair of soil was covered with blood from a small motorized hand, Hu Zhu daddy's tombstone.
     
      Hsu did not speak any. Just stand aside and gravely.
     
      "I started!" At this time, the door Happy Wuling Cape Tangtang Zhu Jinghong step up and cried.
     
      order to hear, people who first gate hesitant about. After all, which lie on the Fentou above is only a six-year-old girls. Xu see the main office door did not stop the speaker. Who approached the door they had no choice but to ... ...
     
      "Wait!" At this time, in Shen Yang Qingyi block pleased with the people, "Shen Yi man must be buried here!" He knows that this is the last wish of the quiet but determined that he is pleased to know how Shen would like to To help complete the daddy.
     
      Although only a seven-year-old Yang Qingyi of the white, can flare up, who Sanhua a deterrent to others out of gas. Make people a little puzzled. This boy, what exactly is the origin? In such a dare, Happy in the block in front of the door?
     
      mountain is covered with red maple, such as the Orioles may Xia, a plum color of the dress is pleased to Shen sad face, although there is no crying. Yang Qingyi and white long gown, was mapping the red Maple Leaf.
     
      "Humph! You doll, is very arrogant! Today let you crane your uncle to lessons learned!" He Jinghong side of the potential for side shouted.
     
    Friday, October 17th, 2008
    1:04 pm
      The time in refers to between the seam to pass quietly, has Mr. resolute to accompany side the quiet orchid, is she most joyful time. These either moving or affecting all, has become the most unforgettable memory under the time catalysis.   “oh ......” light inaudible sighs, spreads to Mr. in the resolute ear.   “quiet blue, what is thinking?”Observes in the snow pavilion quiet blue alone to lean on the parapet, looks to the distant place.   Turns around, to lift the pupil blue quiet to look that Mr. resolute brow tip that road sound of flowing water scar, starts to speak but hesitates appearance.   Mr. resolute arrives at side her, chaotic luxuriant is reorganized her that by the breeze blow, after pulling the ear.   She extends place pure white slightly handles gently caresses his brow tip that scar, in the heart is having until now also a bitterness, “here wound also hurts?”   Mr. resolute chuckle sound, “you, when I am 13 year ago child? This wound was already not the wound, if were not you asked that I have already forgotten it.”   “certainly was very at that time painful?”   “has passed, we do not raise again, is good?”   But quiet blue does not want to stop, she continues saying:“you should not hide the truth from me, whenever I thought about you to hit because of me by the father emperor 20 doltishes, but is also flung by the father emperor a palm of the hand to injury the forehead, but you actually also disguised to be all right, I was very sad.”   Mr. resolute is caressing her mild-mannered long hair lightly, gentle saying: “quiet blue, do not think these matters. At that time, I only then one idea, that could not want you to worry for me. Now, crossed has been such long a you also very sad appearance, you wanted to let me love dearly? You want to let me hit again by the emperor one time? Must know that my responsibility is lets you be happy, a your face, I am having such painstakingly arrive at the responsibility?”   Since that afterward, quiet blue learned to look after itself, the reason did not want to let Mr. resolute receive emperor's punishment because of her. But Mr. resolute also learned not to be injured oneself, the reason was he does not want to see the quiet orchid shed tears sadly for him for him.   “good, I did not think these matters! Right, after my 18th birthday, the father emperor allowed me to leave the palace has played, today are we leave the palace good?”   “you said where we do go to where.”Present's Mr. resolute already had the enough ability to protect is quiet blue.   Blue is quiet crooked to transfer the eyeball to think that “, where we do go to me not to know Ye, but where goes to be good, exited to say again first!”   “that good, we exited to say again. Before however leaves the palace, must exchange the casual attire first.”   Now grows up quiet orchid, human, if, looks like the quiet orchid fairy maiden to be the same, leaves the dust refinedly beautiful unparalleled also good intelligent. Such she attracts Mr. more and more resolute line of sight, he also more and more likes staring at her beautiful appearance. Sometimes looks at her he inexplicable palpitation acceleration, as soon as will have thinks to kiss the perfumed hair-oil the impulsion. Whenever when this kind, he would to warn itself, before oneself is a hostage, he cannot so the night think her, otherwise is to her contempt is to her insult.   Actually three years ago, he the contact in quietly own country, had already known that the Bell country rests and builds up strength at present is very good. He thought that he forever will not take a person archery target, when after the Bell country will rest, will expand, will not need to fear that soared to the clouds the country. He will restore at the appointed time the Bell country big emperor's son's status, then he will send for to come to discuss marriage, he must get married the quiet orchid.   , He must get married the quiet orchid, how beautiful future! Is only this idea deep burying in his moral nature, everybody did not know.   
    Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
    3:09 pm
    My first love Prince - social services agency records hee!
    I opened the other tears of a diary, the diary read the first page of the words: Hee social services agency records.

    I could not believe Linger In this way, I had to leave. They were in an overnight escape from my line of sight. Linger in the home, I found a diary of this, the girl had been foolish to me as her Prince, and I ... ...
    February 14, he can no longer be in her diary on this note of the girls thought of her ... ... Haosha, there is obviously a big truck had come, in order to protect her, I had my own things just go away in the A pool of blood. I for the first time ... ... for the first time such a strong sense of her feelings for me ... this ...
    We arrived at the hospital, she never woke up, her head a lot of packets of bandages, because of me, because I, that would develop into such a silly girl ... ...
    Pan Pan Bomu and uncle told me that I would not hurt Linger, and I just thought this accident, I know Linger gave the diary of this, I knew all along Linger and I like her as the love of my ... ... I am always afraid to admit that I did not dare to face the likes of Linger, because I have family reasons, my father will not let me have the attachment to any girl has always been my dad will not let any of the people close to me Have a feeling I will not dare to have been close to Linger, but that day, on February 14 that day, then obviously I want to tell Linger, but ... ... I do not know why, Linger disappeared two days after her father took me to the France, it is necessary to say that we live in France. My heart has always been not to be forgotten ... ... Linger

    I was born when his mother lost her French, because of difficult labor with me died. It is precisely because of this, my father has been very cold, perhaps because he loved my mother, and mother, because I had died. I have always lived in a caring environment, the darkness of my childhood on a lonely, no one close to me, because I am the eyes of their Heilao Tai's son. I thought I would not care about anyone, I thought I would not need anyone, I have been willing in the dark alone, I thought it was my fate ... ... until the emergence of Linger ... but ... I have always refused to admit that I told her The love ... ...
    Because like Linger, which is why I deliberately indifferent to her case;
    Because like Linger, which is why I deliberately her Name Xiong;
    Because like Linger, which is why I deliberately looked at her in front of me is so unreasonable;
    Because like Linger, which is why I deliberately put her in front of my more aggressive exaggeration! !
    I was very deliberately hateful, I become more hateful, all because I like the distorted Linger! !

    I would like to return to China like crazy to find her, that I love the people I have been bullied by girls, that I almost died on the order of the girls, that I saved all of a sudden the next day after the girl disappeared.
    At that time, around the time does not change everything, I can only missing loved one, no matter how I have never found her, the taste of the kind of how I can put up with! !
    But my father's death but I am trapped in France will not let me return home ... ...

    The sun is still bright outside, outside the French still carry out their romantic, but I have been in a dark corner ... ...

    "Boom -"
    At this time the door suddenly opened, it disrupted my thoughts, my hands are so thick diary of this waiting for me to see ... ... (*__*) ... ... (*__*) ... ...
    I have tears in his eyes, is about to head split open, like the bad ... ...
    Wu Wu ... ... (*__*) ... ... is the social services agency records Hee, hee is a social services agency records came in. ... ... (*__*) ... ... (*__*) ... ...
    "Linger, you ... ... how do you look at this?"
    He came back in the hands of my two of the diary, sitting on the bed.
    Through the black curtains, a bouquet of sunlight in his face, it looks like depression, loneliness like a prince for a long time ... ...
    Like many years ago ... and ... he was to suffer alone, he will not easily let people open their hearts to him, he was so cold, he was so arrogant ... ...
    "Linger, I ... ..."
    "Hee-wei brother!" Wu Wu ... ... (*__*) ... ... (*__*) ... ...
    I cling to him, clinging to the side that faced my prince, that has been so lonely ... ... the handsome prince is not the kind of person the prince ... ... (*__*) ... ...
    I hold fast to him, I had to hold fast to that from the beginning as a child I would have been the social services agency records Peach-hee!
    I remember, he's my fairy tale prince's brother ... ... (*__*) ... ... Wu Wu ... ... (*__*) ... ...
    "Linger, you are not a good day I really sorry ... France ... What is the great castle, the castle, there are so many people obsessed with the man-made gold and silver jewelry what is great? I do not care all are! I just want you !! "
    "Hee-wei Colombia ... ..."
    I saw his face, handsome face, long face ... tears ...
    Hsi-wei brother, you Kuba, the past seven years by this force to hold back the tears of grief cried out ... you ... to do so, I hope you can be better than some of the ... ...
    Saturday, September 27th, 2008
    8:24 am
    Pianhun bride (42)
      He Yun saw a man in a child lay in bed, shaped at National Cheng Kung University, the whole bed, she was a person to occupy, on a bed of Ti-velvet flowers were hung on Chuangyan half, down half of the ground, two bed In all fell under a bed pillow.
     
      look at sleep in the room last night to force the Jin Ling, Yang Tang, she was on the ground, messy hair, Zui Ba Wei, blankets, pillows and did not wash her a little edge, she's so cold in the ground Asleep, and then take a close look at her face, a blue purple traces of the poor better look.
     
      all the signs can be seen two people at night is the 'fight' ah.
     
      cold-Yan has been used up long ago Zaoshan he was about to change them back to the room of civilian clothes, and later a Green out cold.
     
      far, and he saw red chrysanthemum hand side of a pot, at the entrance, Zhang Zuiba a boss, he shook his head side of the walk, their feet will now guess what kind of room where a red Ju how they will stand in the door in a daze.
     
      "how not to go in?"
     
      Ju-hong Yan-cold to hear the voice of the Mangba pot on the ground, the whisper: "Yeh." Then, as she thought about what directly to bypass the Jinling lying on the ground, quickly went to bed He Yun child while trying to wake up, "Princess, wake up soon, Wang is coming." No matter how Princess also said that Wang's sister, it does not matter impolite not to lose, Princess like this, there is no guarantee that Wang will not be angry.
     
      "let her sleep!" Cold-Yan is nothing special expression, He Yun Shui Zi's son, in his view may look nothing special.
     
      However, today's Jinling like this, he was the first time to see that women are the most like to hide their true face, but his best face that was presented to us to see.
     
      elegant beauty of the true Princess Jin Ling and his side was no different from Princess, the only difference is too much to cover up the former, and the latter do not cover.
     
      Perhaps this is why he can only is the younger sister of Jin Ling as the reasons for it! He should be like the real, not artificial woman.
     
      He Yun Hung-ju stopped pushing child's hand, not earlier than the ah, you are still sleeping until almost noon the.
     
      "to help the Princess quilt cover, use a pillow to help cushion her head Princess lived, find ZHANG her quilt cover."
     
      cold-Yan took sweaters out of the outer door, Dai Dai Hung-ju of the points two minutes, it is so? Wang Shimeshihou speak so well?
     
      greeted the window from the sun room on the dresser mirror, the light refraction through, impartial Qi Jin Ling on the closed eyes, strong light so she had to live with their hands shielding their eyes, wake up slowly , Just sit back and stab her shoulders, turned to glance around strangers, in addition to strange or unfamiliar, this is not her Ling Xiang Court, where it is?
     
      when she saw the bed as a child He Yun, only the brain in time to keep up with the rhythm of time, said yesterday she was sleeping in the room of the San.
     
      Also, how her sleep on the floor? Think, think again, she would like to, He Yun is a child, she is to kick her out of bed, by the way, she beat her, kicked her.
     
      She seems to remember there last night, her face was also the Chen Shui-bian, Kim Ling Ma went to climb up on the mirror, mirror to see both side of the cheek into a dark purple, she can no longer control myself.
     
      "He Caiyun, you quickly up to me." He Yun Jin Ling seize the child's hair on her to pull up.
     
      Ju-hong entered the room just to see this scene, she ran Jinling break apart and hands, "Princess, Princess of hair would be pulled out." Such a force, a certain Princess of Tongsi.
     
      At this time, He Yun children also hurt as a wake up, when she saw the Jinling Erhualian, Zhi Buzhu 'ha ha' laugh, who made it to Princess like that?
     
    Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
    3:00 pm
    Anger (3)
      100 sunny pale lips, eyes tightly closed, despite how he will shake her, did not wake up signs.
     
      "The son, out of the fire." Li was in the funeral Binggao Road Extension.
     
      Lee saw a back extension, Lishenghedao: "Liu housekeeper, find out how the matter in the end." Never had the Nuqichongtian, will have 100 sunny carefully in arms, Jibu going outside North Korea.
     
      walked the face of the Zhao Qing, she followed the funeral in the Nanyuan Yahuan, to see Lee take a walk extension out of every Yizhen and stopped the pace, surprised to see him, even his arms Holding a woman.
     
      "Xiang Gong, which is how the case» "He asked her in and asked him if he arms of the people.
     
      Li Leng Leng extension to Pieliaoyiyan she stood behind the Jihong looked panic, "stacking the wood yard caught fire, 100 Zheme Qiao Qing being held inside, I will carefully find out how the case is in the end, if so I know that someone is intentionally trying to set fire to 100 sunny burned to death, I will let her die without Zangshenzhidi. "Lenglie to look over them, in the Xiyuan going.
     
      "he What does it mean» "Zhao Qing Li Sheng asked back Jihong, eyes, is suspected of vision.
     
      Jihong every Dale Ge Cold War, face tough replied: "Miss did not see the arms of his people?« Who knows how the story, maybe that woman is put the fire. "
     
      the heart of Zhao Qing Yi Chen, she did not see how she saw his arms tightly in the arms of security guards that Yatou, he saw that one should Yatoutaohuan fair determination, the more he saw in the eyes 'll.
     
      "We go back." Yishuai her sleeves, dreary and passed the body, "Even if a Yahuan What about death, surprised!"
     
      Jihong heard her say this, mind a little peace of mind a little, even if she is ugly Yatou that will be locked in the yard, So what, she will find a good reason to justify their own.
     
      extension holding 100 Qing Li went to the Xiyuan and Beiyuan the junction of local and stopped the footsteps back to keep up with him in the aquatic told that "the aquatic, you quickly to requests to Dr. Lin Xiyuan."
     
      should be a water-out, racing to go to North Korea outside the main gate, although the mind is not understood how the case, but the most important is that finally found a 100 sunny sister.
     
      Lee saw an extension angry face no arms, who could not help but minds guilty to a floating line, "100 sunny, the suffering you."'ll Tone he did not even aware of.
     
      a lightning split down, wind in the trees wave, furious at night, creating a fear of the storm is coming.
     
      Li extension of the Qingtan out, did not find his silhouette behind a flash, disappeared in the Xiyuan wall, it was always with him in the funeral, he is also not aware, Jibu entered the Xiyuan, loudly called : "Big Brother, 100 Ching found."
     
    Lee is charged   his room-Looking at the door anxious, to see him take 100 sunny back, face a change, urgent voice asked: "how she has» "
     
      Li Bai Qing extension do not know where the room, anxious to save people, holding off Lee went to her room, her placement outside the Tang Yi, "Brother, do you let her know where you wake up in accordance with» "
     
      Li Tang Yi-see on the face with blood, do not want to care about his Zizuozhuzhang, waving said: "You walk away, I see." He is Jiubing into medicine, how many know that the wheelchair-bound slip Tang Yi to the next, according to the thumb of the Qing 100 people, want to let her wake up.
     
      100 did not clear what response, breathing more and more weak.
     
      Lee charged and forced to click on the last to give up, "where she found the« "He asked the same look back anxiously brother.
     
      "on fire in the yard, I do not know is Beishui locked up in there, looking for a one-day aquatic have not found, who would expect her there." Tuo Li Wan Xia bodies ask her open face of the chaos Yilv Hair, impatient, said.
     
      charged Li surprised to see him in the eyes of Yima compassion, cold Chunbian slightest flash of Xiaoyi, then, he lowered his head, as what is not seen.
     
      "100 sunny, you wake up one awake." Li Bai Qing Qing Yao extension of your body, did not give up, "you wake up one awake, I tell you who is locked up in there, I went to that person to find out, good Henxin people actually want to bring you to death. "
     
      body charged Li Yizhen, "you say what» want her to death »," he Dengdaliaoyan eyes, angry and cried: "She is my Xiyuan, the Yahuan, it would be much bolder, even Gandong My people. "Landed a heavy hand on the handrail of a wheelchair, head out the anger," you give me a good check, who is seizing her locked up in there, the people to me to the Xiyuan, I But take a look at who should make the. "
     
      Lee saw him an extension, his heart strange how a change of 100 sunny attitude, mind reading her unconscious, nor to consider, sitting next to her, I do not know how to do so she would wake up Over.
     
      big hand gently holding her hand, Yizheng, sticky Hu Hu, he will be turned her hand over, through the house in the candlelight, to see her hands, cracked a slender one of the Kou Zi , The blood has not completely solidified.
     
      Extension and Li Li-Dengdaleyan eyes at the same time, her heart was shocked the hands of the wound.
     
      "She is being held in there firewood." Li charged Yaoyaqiechi and said, "I told her to go to the school kitchen cooking, she Bende actually been locked up in there firewood, Qisi me." Handrails another heavy to bear His Nuyi, wheelchair shook the click.
     
      Lee Tuo watching her hands, the Yinren, slowly Qiangya all the anger in their hearts, "I will give an account of big brother, a clear explanation to 100." His voice calm, he will not be hearing - Nanyuan back to, the actions that he has not read Shunyan woman, severely tortured her meal, "Yahuan are human beings, subject to the plight of her today, I will harm her in person double Feng Hai."
     
      Lee charged the accident to see him, the immediate younger brother had not seen for many years, did not know he calmly in the hearts of Xiangxieshime This is the real Lee extension.
     
    Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
    4:30 pm
    Salon conspiracy
    Qi Zhao of the room next to the Senior High room on the 2nd.

    Their U.S. salon owner, nicknamed the guy called Da Laohei, and now his deputy, the guy nicknamed Jiaoxiao bulbs plotting what.
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    Da Laohei over 30-year-old way, is about 180, a Jingzhuang muscles, a round face small eyes, the edge of the left ear is a Daoba.

    Da Laohei lower than the small bulbs from most of the first, Ganshou on the body with a Xiaolian, was very weak, without the wind like, but it is a fight of the main staff is black, has repeatedly to a person's nose All the blood in his mouth.

    "True to the High on the 3rd house that big hands?» "Da Laohei small light bulb in the vote to suspect's attention.

    "What is the Haopa, in my eyes, day and night are the same, the big man and a smaller one, also are the same, I Da Laohei what has never been afraid of people." Da Laohei a Diaoqi Tobacco, is zoned burning ignited a long match, a Mengxi, long out of the smoke: "The recent deterioration of the business, to the people less and less, such a big house, rent on more than 20, 2001 000, not much fishing is quick money, only close down! "

    "However, if that big men do not eat the set, stripped of the Miss on how he does not do» "small bulbs secretive eyes.

    "Do not eat the food he has, I arranged." Da Laohei ramps a small light bulb.

    "The time has come, I feel that big Buhao Re, I can still out, the evening encounter, such as dough to pinch the same." Xiao Xixi said small light bulb.

    "Do you understand Gepi, many people are Waijiangzhonggan, the more we look the more Caobao Meng, who I see a lot." Da Laohei insufferably arrogant tone: "Some people still look very Chedan is, in fact, it Very tough, such as your small light bulb. "

    "Justified reason…………" Huaixiao small bulbs look at the same time series nod, to the heart of Tai Laohei High on the 3rd of hands-on room reservations. But since Tai Laohei to insist that he is really nothing, perhaps on the 3rd house of the senior people is a big Caobao.

    High on the 3rd house.

    Shampoo Miss a pair of little hands are still the heads of torsion moving Qi Zhao, Qi Zhao Yangyang the scalp kind of feeling,'s kinda uncomfortable, heart that this Shampoo Miss Shampoo skills were good, if it is light Shampoo like the other.

    "I feel, like how the craft» "Shampoo Miss Jiaoxiao said.

    "Mamadou Huhu can." Qi Zhao said.

    "I still have a lot of skills it, or……" Shampoo Miss Yiyouweijin tone.

    "Or what» "Qi Zhao of his mouth by a cold wind blowing.
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    "Nothing…………. He no." Shampoo Miss hands to speed up the pace.

    Qi Zhao Xi Wan to the head, Shampoo Miss Tui Chuqu a while, a young man of medium build barber gone in, North Korea Qi Zhao Xiao smile: "President to come here."

    Qi Zhao sit down at the barber's chair designated: "argument to a little shorter."

    "Know, from the onset, now I can see that in the end, like what kind of hair, my craft, satisfied with the package you!" Xiaohe He said the barber.

    Qi Zhao did not say anything,chair through the glass front of a mirror looking at the barber's every move.

    The craft is very adept barber, barber Barber's craft, Qi Zhao entirely a positive attitude towards, or thinking that, if he bad-hairother activities like!

    After half an hour, parked down the barber: "Sir, you are satisfied with the way it» "

    "Very good, you can help me a wind blowing." Qi Zhao said.

    "Mr. Shao, I click away, you gave back briefing." Barber said.

    "Yes." Qi Zhao hear from the barber's tone is somewhat strange, You Bude one more Xinyan, heart that you should never go out do not come back.

    Barber out less than two minutes, the doors opened, come in a pinning Duanshan white and yellow silk skirt the fullness of small girls.

    A. girl in the lumbarattitude, character Maizhao step North Korea walked Qi Zhao, Tuzhe purple nail polish in front of two cross-hand, people Meihuo action.

    "You come in to do» "Qi Zhao Piao a girl, calm tone:" Barber of Seville that is «"

    Girls who go Qi Zhao, Qi Zhao Wanshenfuzhu the shoulders, Qing Piaopiao voice: "Sir, I was just that the barber, I go out once, has changed! Become identified not let you, you become More exciting! "

    "You rushed to a trip out, I changed back! I do not scarce you look!" Qi Zhao Xin said that the Sao Zhen Tama.

    "Change back more than Mo Yisi, Dabao okay» "Girls tentative tone.

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    "Here, no guns so that I fight, so if you are willing to stay here, then I go out." Qi Zhao got up to start with purses Chaowai walk.

    Girls sprints to two-step in front of the Qi Zhao: "I go out, I called out from the barber." North Korea says woman went the direction of the door, open the door when people did not go out immediately to the Men Guanshang,on the door, light hand Light a dynamic, the lower body of the small purple skirt fell on the ground.

    Almost at that moment, a woman in the Qi Zhao Kujiao a flutter over: "Do you a bastard, you even dare to indecent assault me!"

    Qi Zhao Xin said,black, I do not Tuoku Zi, you still want to black! To be washed before the girl, extending his right shoulder in the girl gently Yibo, the girl's body to float up, fell down to the floor of the Maya called out, Pitousanfa, Chi Tiaotiao the crying.

    Crying when the girl never forget the triangle Kuchatuixia half to look like Qi Zhao Tunxia to her, and she has been in desperately struggling.

    After a while, the doors to three fierce-looking men in the open, including the salon owner of Da Laohei also deputy small light bulb.

    Three men entered the room, behind closed doors after all out by 20 cm around sharp knives, daggers in the hands of Dazhuan sloshing back and forth, and sneer of a package from North Korea Qi Zhao.

    "You want to do» I would like to black »" Qi Zhao watching the three things I do not know Tiangaodehou, disdain smile said.

    Small bulbs approached, the White Fanzhe the dagger in the front Huangle Huang Qi Zhao: "No one would like to black you, we would like to know how that Pazaidishang Miss became the way that her skirt and is not Kucha You to the Tunxia. "

    Qi Zhao do not want to explain what is Duiniudanqin explained, waving quickly put the moment the hands of the small bulbs from the dagger wins, on a Piao, Shuaishou thrown to the ground, when Lang out Cui Xiang.

    Dagger landing when his left handQi Zhao, head of the small bulbs at the same time carrying a knee, is only hang out of small light bulbs Qi Zhao's face hit on the knee.

    Qi Zhao Meng Shuaishou a small light bulb in the first and Yang-up, still in the hands grasping for Qi Zhao, Xueliumanmian, nose fractures, Qi Zhao Xin said, I move in slow down, your blood to stick to my pants On, the legend, Lao Tzu's pants 10001000.
    Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
    6:13 pm
    [Peep at bathing beauty » --
    Blue Wind mainland, the Maldives are the King, the Rodriguez family territory.

    Earl was wearing a dress the aristocratic youth, hiding in the bush, his hands gently sweep aside the bush, who watched the lewd smile 10 metres in front of the hot springs.

    Follow the youth's attention, you can clearly see that in Hot Springs, where a woman Yang Tang, Bizhuoyanjing, who enjoy the expression.

    Around the hot springs at the top of a light mist, so that young women can not be clearly seen, heard a woman can only use the voice Jiao Yazi Bonong water.

    Listen to the voices of young people in the ears, let him mind a while Yang Yang.

    "God bless the bright, let her out fast! Let this Shaoye see her attractive body." Young people in the heart of secret prayer.

    At the same time, a red light across the sky, are not impartial, just hit the youth in the body.

    Young originally Semi Mi eyes immediately changed, his facial muscles distorted the extreme, the body severely trembling, a painful expression……

    Hot Springs, a woman lying on the side and not aware of the move, but Zhou Zhaomei head, a Xinshizhongchong look.

    "Are the hands of their father is a tool Mody» to the interests of the family, their own do not like to marry a person of Mody »" Nannanziyu the woman said: "However, there is only one of the Maldives with alchemy, the Blue Wind On the continent, the extinction of alchemy disabilities basically, to find a alchemy disabilities and the family of cooperation that is not the money can do! Maldives Principality of alchemy Shimo Sa is the only right of the people, if I refused to Frank Sri Lanka, then, Mosa certainly will not help the family work it », the father of the scheme will be undermined, the family's interests will be damaged, the father will be very sad it» "

    In order to the interests of the family, sacrifice their love, this moment, women are confused, really confused.


    About A few minutes later, the young people wake up from, accurate to say that Robin is a wake up from.

    Robin Open your eyes and saw the confused look at themselves gown, suddenly Leng!

    Subconsciously, Robin carefully search the minds of memory. Reminiscent of what happened a few minutes ago, Robin unique sense of tears!

    In the original experiment, he encountered a wonderful sense of energy fluctuations, and then in order to protect the surrounding students, the exhaustion of general layout really yuan closed circles. Finally, in order to-life, drawing on the neck Liandan furnace, the results were Liandan heaters sucked into the furnace,.

    More terrible is sucked into the stove, on sucked into the stove in the bar, Liandan furnace as if life in general, with Robin came to this top of the hill.

    This is not, first came to The Peak, Robin seems to be a force in control of general and forcibly occupied now with this body!

    "Ta Made operator what ah!" Before the general all seem to release the film in the minds Robin put again, recalls the end, Robin could not help Zuma Road.

    "Who» "women think of worry in the original, suddenly heard voices, startled, and some watched to see tension in all directions.

    English »

    Nalai the Yangniu »

    Robin a while curiosity, could not help looking towards the source of sounds.

    This, Robin immediately Deng eyes of the straight.

    Although, front fog hazy, but for Robin, and those mist simply does not exist on the same.

    Only 10 metres in front of a woman.

    Yingru Robin eyes of a woman Guangliu the body, the front two peaks of tension because the woman's reason, the shaking from top to bottom. The original flat abdomen also slightly trembling……

    Perhaps because of the hot springs in the bubble for too long reason, women face slightly red, a pair of blue eyes watching around the panic, sexy lips of a slightly, it seems to say, do not know what to say.

    Robin wonderful to see that the physical, only feel some sense of themselves Zaore, the male hormone to the trend in terror of the endocrine!

    After tough psychological struggle, Robin absorption of the deep breath, eyes will be moved to other places, but still is a woman Lique mind that the physical beauty.

    Half-day women did not hear the movement that produced hallucinations, can not help but long to breath Shu, Xiang Liaoxiang slowly onto the shore.

    Robin is not what Zhengrenjunzi, he has just begun to control their own desires is a limit, however, when a woman to naked in his front-huang, to Akira to, he could not help anymore!

    Robin will look again invested a woman, who in his eyes full of desire, or even that he felt the trembling of the hands some.

    Bengchu mind subconsciously the words: eat her!

    Women go ashore, with a Bujin Cale Ca on the water, then pick up the ground Gongyao clothing.

    Gongyao woman in the moment, only Robin felt as if his head was lost in a bomb into the general, immediately Mongolia!

    Watching the petite woman of Xiaoman Yao, slender legs straight, and between the legs golden forest, "Ma Houpao" This gesture, almost like a conditioned reflex in Robin's mind came out!

    This moment, before everything was thrown by Robin Cloud Nine, Robin's mind are all that sexy woman, a lovely body, he has some intoxicated.

    Eat her!

    Can not eat!

    Robin two ideas in mind the fierce struggle, but in the ideological struggle Robin to do when the woman suddenly aware of a behind the eyes stubbornly focused on their own, could not read a review.

    This look back, whether women or Robin, immediately on the silly……

    They also reveal a surprised expression, with eyes to see the Daliang alien to the other side.


    While Robin has in his heart begged the deities bless the sky, but what happened or the occurrence!

    Women sent out of the normal high Pui-point screaming, and then subconsciously with the hands Louzhu their chest.

    "Miss, Chushimeshi the« "very soon, several Zise Yes, dress waiters dressed girls in the women's side, surrounded the woman, who asked concern.

    Because the woman was frightened over the pale face of the cold down soon, the ice is like the Himalayas in general, so Robin can not be in the hearts out of a Han Yi.

    Robin is not the intention to peep at a woman taking a bath, but now look a woman taking a bath has become a fact.

    Peeping was found how to do »

    Of course, to use Sanshiliuji in the best way to go!

    That is late, it is fast, Robin Gu Bude and women to explain what went behind quickly turned North Korea.

    However, not run a few steps, Robin only found out, nor is actually behind the cliff!

    Deep did not see the bottom of the cliff, Robin scalp tingling a while, the calf could not begin Da Duosuo.

    Earlier, Robin has checked the body, as a result of a physical change, the amendment to a previous life basically disappeared completely, the body really very weak yuan this way, his powerful than ordinary people do not go to. So deep cliff, where he dares to jump »

    Robin hesitation on how to do this when the woman together with her around the few women to the waiter.

    Hear footsteps, Robin quickly turned to see a few women stare blowing the nose, eyes will wish Robin Suishi 000 off!

    Among them, Robin look to that woman's eyes the most terrible, that look like a sharp dagger in general, so that Robin could not help speed up the heartbeat!

    Fluctuations in energy!

    Right, right, Robin in those few female waiter, who note that the volatility of energy!

    "Damned, Robin, you groping, I will kill you!" Robin peep at that woman's face from the cold, out of words to Yafeng.

    Woman said in English, Robin English is not bad, listen to the women to understand the words. However, because Robin listen to understand the woman, a time shock!

    On! I know how this woman named Robin » Robin mind a while depressed.

    However, very soon, he will quickly thoughts to the back, because he saw a woman around the waiter a few women have the sword out of the hands of a body of the red light flashing, one of North Korea Shaqi he walked!

    Robin side of the body in secret to really yuan referred to the limit, the suction side deep breath, as far as possible with the most sincere tone, said: "the beautiful Miss, I think, just what might be misunderstood."

    Robin heard the case, several women have stopped down servant, ready to look at how women decide. After all, although the immediate lust of men, although a heinous bastard, but the identity of the?

    Robin But the Maldives one of the few countries Earl.

    Earl, this is how an identity »

    Do not they say that several civilians, but I am afraid that Miss Helen their eyes to kill this bastard should weigh it »

    See Robin sincere expressions, Helen hearts slightly surprised, because, in her memory, she recalled that the present this bastard has never been exposed such a sincere expression!

    However, this bastard think of the immediate past style, and just things, Helen only to have a sense of anger in his heart burning!

    "Damned, Robin, you will not try to explain what! You thought you I will say what the letter Mody» "Helen Lengleng the Dengzhe Robin, Yaoyaqiechi:" misunderstanding »you for letting me talk about what a misunderstanding» you Unauthorized intrusion into the territory of my family, What misunderstanding Mody »your bastard, I will kill you!"

    Helen hear the case, Robin a while depressed. Originally, he did not intentionally look Helen bath, but, he explained how the now » Is Helen to explain just what happened all Mody »

    Robin was not the shook his head, it certainly does not work, that Helen would not believe him, even his own do not believe that everything is really?

    "Beautiful Miss, you just look bath is my fault! Here, I apologize to you, I hope you can forgive me!" Robin said at the same time understand that at this time in only slightest true yuan, to overcome the current four There are fluctuations in energy-woman, I am afraid, very difficult, so Robin decided to compromise, after all, he knew nothing about here, would like to clarify the current situation say.

    However, this Huayichukou Robin, including Helen, several people have Leng!

    Several people have hearts can not help but think that this scum of the first all-Canadian groping to change when a decent »
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