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[02 Jun 2007|02:19pm]
okayyyy so im back on blurty wow! time to lose some weight babyy. gotta start out slow and then i'll get the hang of things again. todays my first day doing this, and im hopefully gonna keep going until im at 135ish. right now im at 151 which is absolutley revolting, considering the fact that i used to be like 138. I'm pretty tall so i carry weight well, but i have astronomical love handles. the only part of my body i <3 are my boobs! they are perfect.
lets seee today i had

2 eggs- 200 cals
1 chewy bar- 90cals

1 peice eggplant parm- 300ish?

total: 590
probably gonna end up with about 700 to 800 calories for the day. hoping to lose 4-5lbs by june 9th! we'll seeee.
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