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Lovestruck, I've fallen for a lamp post! [12 Dec 2003|09:23am]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | Capdown... "Act Your Rage" ]

Hey there!
Well, as you know I went to see Madness last night. Were they awesome? Yes they fucking were!!
Me and my dad got there at about 6:00pm because we had to collect our tickets from the box office, and then we had to queue for about half an hour. Saw Mich and her mum while we were queuing, so I went over and said "Hi" like a nice little girl :)
When we got in we went over to look at merchandise, only for my dad to complain about the prices. Typical. Then we went to the standing area and stood/sat with Mich and her mum until the support act came on.
The support band were shit. They were called Aswad or something... Some 80s reggae band. They sang about "smokin smokin smokin..." Aren't they cool?
Madness came on and it was great! I was there, skanking like a fool. Then I stopped 'cos I felt silly 'cos my dad was looking at me funny... About 3 songs into the set when they were playing "Lovestruck" the sound went all shitty and cut out 'cos everyone had been chucking beer everywhere and it fucked the sound deck thingy up. So we had to have a 20 minute break so they could get that sorted, but then they came back and all was well! I skanked nearly all night... but not quite. Not as active as I was at Less Than Jake!! I don't think I'll ever be that active again in my whole life. ever.
Made some new friends!! :) With middle-aged men... lol. I got to participate in a skanking circle!! How chuffed was I?? :D I was in the middle most of the time though! But it was cool... This bloke picked me up and held me in the air! It was well funny! And then this other bloke picked me up on his shoulders and started running around the arena with me! LOL. I was quite scared :P Mich was skanking with middle-aged men too! But she had different ones to me...
Ahhh it was such a good night... Seeing Madness, skanking, and perving on the lad with big hair next to me... :)
Oh and some random bloke kissed my hand at the end lol. Middle-aged people are fun! My dad was being all protective, asking if I was ok like every 15 minutes... He even warned me that it could get a big rough 'cos the men were drunk... Okaaay dad, remember I've seen bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan? Hehe the blokes I was skanking with said they wouldn't forget me! :) Haha, I know I definately won't forget them... weirdos :P
It was a very good night, so if you ever get the chance to see Madness, DO IT! You won't be disappointed!

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Ska sucks. [11 Dec 2003|01:52pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | RX Bandits... "Anyone but you" ]

Hey hey!
Well, I'm not at college again today... oopsy. Overlay, how clumsy of me? :P
Spent the whole day doing this and playing guitar... Oh, and tidying my room. Been playing some Ataris stuff... yay. Can't wait 'til I see them. Tis gonna be awesome! I wanna see so many bands next year...

Let me know if you're interested in coming to any of these with me:
Homegrown/Allister... Sheffield Leadmill... Sun 18 Jan
Capdown... Nottingham Rock City... Sat 07 Feb
Spunge... Sheffield Leadmill... Sun 08 Feb
Lostprophets... Nottingham Rock City... Tues 17 Feb
Hundred Reasons... Nottingham Rock City... Wed 10 March
RX Bandits... Nottingham Rock City... Tues 06 April

I think Mich is coming to the Homegrown one with me... right, Mich? :) But if not, that one's still open :P Wouldn't mind seeing Blink but there's only seating tickets left... pooey! I may as well sit and watch TV.
But pleeeeeease tell me if you wanna go to any of those gigs!! Obviously I can't book them all but I'll try my best! xxx

Oh yeah, and I'm going to see Madness tonight :P

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Hmmm... [10 Dec 2003|05:27pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | The Ataris... "San Dimas" ]

I have a lot on my mind. That's really bad for me... I'll end up telling someone I know that I shouldn't tell. Either someone who it involves, so they won't know how to react, or someone I know I can't trust, so that soon a lot more people would know than I intended...
College isn't getting any better. Yet again, I haven't been today... My mum says that you have to have at least 85% attendance to even get a pass. Fuck. I'm getting more work done at home than I do at college though. Today I've managed to catch up with all my printmaking that I was behind on. If I'd have gone into college, all I would have done was argue with Rachel about not doing the research. Again. Why do all my tutors hate me?
I'm going to see Madness tomorrow. Har har I shall skank my arse off.
*Remembers twat I made of myself when first met Tony*.... "I just skanked my arse off! I've got no arse left!" Oops...
I'm going to go grab some food. xx

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New Journal [09 Dec 2003|07:56pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Goldfinger... "Spokesman" ]

New journal. Why? Felt like it. That settled? Good.
Enjoy... or try to.
And feel free to comment, ya losers!
Adele xxx

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