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Date:2005-12-23 11:24
Subject:Things the Grandchildren Should Know
Mood: sleepy
Music:the cure

Well, to the advice of DJ, I got one of these Blurtys. Its pretty cool so far.

Well things seem to be looking up in my world. Now that Dedra and I are over and Cassandra and I are beginning, life seems to be going good. Christmas is right around the corner. And then 2006. And there are some people i'd like to thank for making this year pretty darn good.

1. DJ, i've never ever had a better friend.
2. Katie, first real girlfriend. She made half of this year great.
3. Fish, you were my good friend over the summer. And we still are friends
4. Daniel, IMO wouldnt be with you
5. Nichole, got me through some hard, hard times.
6. Dedra, made me happy and sad. But i'm still glad i met her.
7. People i was in bands with, gave me something to do on the weekends.
8. Julian, always cheered me up. I hope your fine where ever you are.
9. Cassandra, the end of this year would suck if it wasn't for you. You're the best.
10. Family, though we had some bumps, i still love you guys.

....I may be forgetting some people. But I still thank you tremendously even if I forgot you. : )

well, i'll update this later. But if I forget,



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