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    Friday, April 1st, 2005
    5:30 pm
    SPRING BREAK IS FINALLY HERE!!!! I think this was the longest school week in history, but ITS FINALLY HERE! I have a horse show at Chateau Elan tommorow and Sunday, then going to Charleston, SC to visit Diana. Stayed home from school today and watched the first season of Friends (it reminds me of home) Most people are going to Destin for SB, lol I've never even been to Destin, its not really a prime vacationing spot for kids up north. But it seems pretty big down here. It was a bit of a culture shock when i first moved to GA...people walk slower, talk slower, but judge others way to quickly. I miss NY!!! what has it been 6 months? thats so sad. everyone is coming down for a week over summer..i have to see if AJ and John and Anthony are...i know linds, ALi, Lyss, and meggie will. Kacey just said it was to much money, but it was fine if i came up there, well isnt she a friend? (sarcasm) I guess everyone misses me lots blah blah, Krsitin and Britty are ignoring Laura, and hanging out with Koda guys...they're going to get themselves in alot of trouble if they continue that. its hard to keep up when you're 1,000 miles away tho. But they know I LOVE THEM ALL!!!
    about my GA friends...i think kelly is mad at me considering she hasnt talked to me all week, its not like ive said anything mean about her or to her tho, i wouldnt do that unless i got really Carly said i should talk to her. I dont feel like it, ill wait until after SB, because im just going to enjoy my SB. get tan hopefully? My school friends are honestly kind of boring sometimes, theyre great but theyre not my NY friends. we had more fun..being stupid and immature but that could be because im soooo shy around them, its very unlike me, lol they are all really nice tho, i should be glad i have friends.
    and my barn friends....are all in chateau elan right now. i will see them tommorow. Gracey is showing Leroy for the first time! i hope he's good!!! I'm showing Handsome, he will be good i know it, he always is. Nisha Nianna Cammie Meghan Allie Sam Liza and Jessie are going to..its gonna be FUN!! we're all staying in the same hotel , so we will be up att night partying lol.