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Thursday, December 4th, 2003

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    Got a new toy
    I received my latest toy yesterday. It's a Yeasu VX-2R Micro 2M/440/Wideband receive hand held. Hand held should probably be palm held....this thing is small!! 100mW out on 2M and 440 MHz. 1.5W out on 2M and 1W out on 440. I am having no problems hitting a few of the local repeaters, even on low power. I sold off the Yeasu VX150 2M HT and the Yeasu VR120 Scanner (as the VX-2R has all the features of both plus 440 MHz). With the current rebates for the 2R, the cost is only $130. You can't beat that!! Being as small as it is, I will definitly be using this radio more then the VX-150.

    Performance wise, I'm still evaluating. Some differences I've noticed so far. AM broadcast reception sucks! The VR120 had a built in bar antenna which could be used for reception. Not so with the 2R. Most of the reviews say the supplied antenna blows for everything OTHER then 2M/70cm. I have to agree at this point. In these two bands, the antenna is surprisingly good. I did an uncontrolled measurement of the return loss of the antenna between 100 KHz and 500 MHz using a network analyzer and s-parameter test set. I say uncontrolled in that the counterpoise was the analyzer and not the radio/human body which it was designed for. You can still see the 2 points of resonance at 145 MHz and 430 MHz or so. The rest of the band is like a short circuit. For receiving, yes, any peice of metal should work but it works much better if it's resonant. It works fine when using the Anli A-100 in the attic as well as the scanner antenna.

    Like the VX-150, there are zillions of memory slots....1200 I think. I have no idea who might need all those. Also like the 150, you can't clear a memory spot. You can mask it or you can write over it. You could clear memory locations in the VR120.

    I'm also still trying to figure out what the buttons do. There are only 8 but they all seem to do 20 different things depending on the mode you are in, how long you hold them down, or what button ypu press with it. That will come with time, I assume.

    Overall, I am impressed with this radio and have high hopes for it's use.

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