fat cat keeps getting fatter   
12:40pm 05/12/2004
mood: awake
music: snz
i love snz

things are good... finals are around the corner... a bit of stress there... should all be good after this week though.

tim is great =)
never fails to make me smile or brighten my day...

work is good... im getting a raise.

birthday was fantastic... lots of good friends and good times.
got some phatty glass, some ceramics, buds, a table and chairs, and some overpriced jewelry (thanks mom)
got some books from boy... and some ceramics from him too.
alcohol from everybody.

enjoyable =)

tims parents sent me a card.. which was pretty nuts... but sweet.
makes me feel more comfortable with his family, and as they will probably be my inlaws.. thats a good thing.

life is good.. and its raining.

a long strange trip   
02:03pm 23/11/2004
mood: chipper
music: SnZ woohoo
been a while...

mm... so
winfield... wonderful ;) tims mom brought me a "mandudi" (sp) from their trip, i guess... 'they make it' and thats about all i could figure out about it...

brandon was done the whole time, erin was upset...

i still had a good time... the locokids did wonderful... josh ran into the tent before their stage 7 show...

i saw molly and met her boyfriend... i guess life with them is wonderful, and molly has been busy and productive...

somewhere in there i saw sci... it was great.

skip to halloween... tim as jack sparrow, myself as his bar wench... winners of the loco macheen, hallocheen costume contest pictures ---> http://www.locomacheen.com/

fun stuff all around... yes.

skip forward... to um... we might move to kansas city!

rejected... kansas city sucks.
we are staying here and then moving farther away.
so boy can go to school. yay.

next topic of business...

kb. thanks lilly. the world is good.

my house is phatty.

um... 21 on the 29th! hellsyeah. itll be rockin'

no plans for thanksgiving... lots of workin..
lots of school right now... good grades so far... all a's and the standard F.
damn that math class.

thats it... i have got to do some paperwork.

the leaves, are falling... back east   
02:00pm 19/10/2004
  ben folds. woo!

so its been ages... ive been busy... school and work..
lately been sick.. as had the boy... not good...

i've got nothing, just updating to update.

im not dead ;p
02:04pm 11/09/2004
mood: excited
music: i want to be free. remix.
so... the boy has dreads... tons of itty bitty ones with beads and what not... its going to look good. he can still work at work with them... and the world is good.

leavin' for winfield on tuesday night... as soon as my 1877 us history class is done...
its too bad that woman goes on forever and ever.

such is life.

winfield! im so excited i can hardly contain myself.
silly, eh?

sadly... there will be much hard labor up until...
i work all day today. tomorrow half work, half zoiks... monday school then work.
tuesday school all day and then im OUT.

did some nice dealin' with Lily last night... yummy

i love killbill *wink*

im gettin' a few dreads too =) underneath, as they cant be visable for my work... (arg)
gonna wrap 'em in hemp and hang beads and such from the bottom.. methinks it should be good enough for now...

im not coming down.   
11:49am 05/09/2004
mood: antsy
music: moe
arg... so excited about bluegrass its just taking too damn long to get here... soon though. really soon.

i guess we are going down tuesday night... rockin' the van out with bento and jon(o).
should be a mad good time. campin', dancin', drinkin', smokin'

can't wait to see jon and amanda either... its been a long time and i must say i miss their cheerful company...

not soon enough =(

work all day today, and then a killer 12 hours tomorrow...
sucks now... but it'll be alright when the paycheck rolls in =)

did i pass the acid test?   
01:26pm 03/09/2004
  ugh... so its been a while, i've been mad busy with school, and not working very much... as the internet is at work... not a lot of updates...
tim got a van. yay!
winfield in about a week! yay!

life is good... yep.


do it!

its been a long hard road   
02:18pm 22/08/2004
mood: content
music: i want to be free. remix.
its been forever since i've updated... soon we will get a cable modem... and the world will move faster...

im having all kinds of problems with my financial aid currently... hoping that i will actually get to go to school this semester.

i also got dicked out of a promotion at work.... i was sad/angry/frustrated... however my employees have been fantastic, everyone telling me i was jewed and yada yada yada... nice to have some support from the coworkers...

kicked it at the loco show on friday, and then at josh's house afterwards.. a fun crowd, i was tired and ready to go by the time we left tho... and i think we were there a bit too long. its how it goes sometimes.

my boy was mad sick yesterday... and im feelin rather ill myself... bad news all around. better snap out of it... as i have a busy week ahead of me.

went to the acoustic planet tour on friday the 13th, which was also b's birthday... yay brandon! we bought him a ticket and a bunch of beer... it was after all a microbrew fest... mmmhmm... tim and i had a good time... danced around smokin' and laughing... ;)

tim and i are actually rockin' right now, after a small slump.. not of fighting... just of sort of bleah... i think we were ready for the summer to end...

winfield coming up... oooohbaby! only missed one since i was 7...
makin' plans, buying tickets, camping, prolly with brandon and erin.

oooh. fun and such at lucas and holly's a couple nights ago, the crack hoe that lives in the basement aptmt. started the house on fire... plus side... tim and i kicked it with eric and megan for a bit... rockin', some cool kids... they moved into the apt. under lucas'

content i am =)
tattoo? piercing?   
03:23pm 25/07/2004
  I need some self inflicted pain sometime soon... im leaning towards a tat... i think i want a piece of escher... probably on my back... not really sure..

sci! on thursday... im stoked.

and then keller on august 13th... with yonder mountian and bela fleck... which will be simply amazing.
its also b's birthday... we are thinking of buying his ticket as a gift.

tim got his mandolin... non stop mando playing at the casa...

goodtimes all around ;)
"you cant change the weather"   
03:26pm 20/07/2004
mood: overheated
music: cocacola trailers... wee!

got in a little tuff with tim this morning.
he woke up grumpy and grumbly
bitching about having to drive me to work and bleah bleah bleah.
(its MY car...)

he went back to sleep and is now fairly perky.
the world is once again right.

im sweating balls up in booth today...
im showing the temp up here at 102...

i think jess s. and i are going to watch a movie this evening... goodtimes all around.
i need more female company.

with a lot of my friends getting married currently, ive been thinking about it a lot.

who would i have as bridesmaids?
i really dont have very many female friends...
kara... is a given... but i dont talk to her much anymore...

im too busy.
45 hours of work a week.
home stuff. dishes. laundry. yard work.

i cant wait for winfield.

talking to a conservative is like talking to my refridgerator   
02:32pm 09/07/2004
mood: busy
light goes on. light goes off. its not going to do anything its not programed to do.

im so tired of work.

im ready for school to start again.
i miss classes...
and i miss all the people who arent around in the summer...
e town dies in the summer

loyalty to the country always, loyalty to the gov't when they deserve it.   
11:51am 04/07/2004
mood: awake

on this day... our nation celebrates independence.
we celebrate freedom.
which is what our gov't was originaly fonded to protect.

am i free?

i cant walk across the street unless its at a crosswalk.
i cant drive over 20 mph on commercial st.
i have no protection from the law. (Patriot Act)
i cant leave the country without permission
i cant fly anywhere with out being searched
i cant run around naked in the streets

"freedom is when bondage is understood..." Frankl
true freedom is in knowing your limitations, and in the understanding of your binds, you will understand the system, you will know, how to get what you want, how to work around it, and how to live.

Frankl survived WW2 in and out of concentration camps... maintaing the entire time, that because he has a choice... to live. or to die. a choice that was his... he was free.

does that make us free?

its too bad that not everybody gets that choice. to live... or to die.

its too bad that so many americans have died fighting for nothing these past years in iraq... that the death count is the highest the united states has seen since 'nam.

i guess freedom isn't free.

i digress

im praying for rain, im praying for tidal waves   
01:31pm 03/07/2004
mood: tired
i cant believe how tired i am today...

i slept enough last night (or so i thought)
worked hard all day. got phatty compliments from upper management.
went to bentons bday. woohoo! brought him gifts.. wished him well... and took off out the back door.


were busy
mmmm... rain.   
01:40pm 01/07/2004
mood: tired
im so sleepy.
today. work is nothing to me.... im sort of walking around in a daze. i'd rather be at home. with my boy... and my cats.. and a blanket.

the rain is wonderful.
you and me and the devil makes three   
07:03pm 30/06/2004
mood: okay
music: im singin' if that counts.
dont need no other lovin' baby...

i think that o brother where art thou was one of the best movies to come out in the last ten years...
and the soundtrack is amazing =)

today... eh.
bought food. made food.
went to work.
currently at work.
wish i had some icecream.

im terribly excited that we are going to get 9/11 here.
otherwise i would of had to drive to kc or lawrence.
i wonder how well an antibush sort of film will go over in this conservative middle biblebelt sort of town...
not very well im guessing.

cant wait to be off of work.
for some reason. i just... do not. want to be here.

mindless update.
im tired, and jaded... this road is unsafe...   
10:45am 29/06/2004
mood: stressed
music: none =(
have you been there?

man... work has me so stressed out its hard to think straight...

yesterday was an all around goodtime.
k-bobs! beer. good people. good times.

an off the fucking hook moe concert.
beautiful. =)
got a cd and some stickers. rock.

going to apply at the new starbucks.
what a starbucks is doing in etown...
no telling.
what i do know.
is mgmt starts out at 8.50

thats about it...

no more dsl at home...
lots more gaps in between updates.

11:43am 10/06/2004
mood: aggravated
almost an hour late to work today...
which is a big deal
if you are the opening manager.

hope i dont get fired.
i cant believe i slept in.

aint no time for backstroke, i gotta get my ass to the other side   
01:27am 10/06/2004
mood: happy
music: keller williams =)

worked all day today...
went to wichita for more hemp. ;)
and a brandon.


tim wasnt mad
i got paid for the trip because i brought cups to a different store down there.


im happy =)
aint no time for backstroke, i gotta get my ass to the other side   
01:27am 10/06/2004
mood: happy
music: keller williams =)

worked all day today...
went to wichita for more hemp. ;)
and a brandon.


tim wasnt mad
i got paid for the trip because i brought cups to a different store down there.


im happy =)
man o man   
12:42pm 09/06/2004
mood: bored
music: trailers
working at 8:00 in the morning is strange.
the day goes on forever.

too bad tim has to work tonight.

im feeling rather... bored?
its so slow im going to have to send someone home soon.

and everyone needs the hours...
so no one ever wants to leave.

maybe its just because im so wonderful ;)
time will tell.

i need to:
get my financial aid in
enroll for fall classes
pay phone and electric bills
get ready for wakarusa.

the later is going to be a good time.

tim actually made a necklace last night...
and its really good for his first...
it would be awesome to have some help

speaking of help
my projectionist needs some

peace =)
horrible dream   
01:33pm 07/06/2004
mood: sad
music: unkle
i also had this horrible dream...

not that tim cared =(

but it honestly freaked me out....
i got locked in this bathroom by this faceless girl.... and the bathroom kept getting smaller... until i was squished...
and i called for help, for tim.
and he was just like 'what?'
never came...
room kept getting smaller...
this other girl comes...
laughs at me.
points at me.
room keeps getting smaller...
i scream for help.
for tim.
he yells what a couple more times...
the room is so small now that its hurting me
i hear random bones begin to crack...
now the ceiling and the floor are getting smaller too...

i wake up.