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Date:2003-08-27 05:35
Subject:I Fell Asleep at the Keyboard for Five Minutes.
Mood:already asleep
Music:Altan - Another Sky


Claro de la izquierda de la isla,
de la ciudad fea del dolor triste y de los perros.
Los gatos de la sed y
del calor vienen al p?rtico de la casa.
Los muchachos en la playa
est?n en peligro de tigres. Hombres pobres,
sus siete hijos.

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Date:2003-08-16 15:44
Subject:Or is it because it's daytime?
Mood: quixotic

can't see the stars yet
even when the sky is clear
there's nothing like haze.

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Date:2003-08-09 08:12
Music:Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street

i could try living
again - give myself another
life to do without speaking
without thinking without living
a life that doesn't live - how
would that be? i could just
shut up for once minute, think how
the lines move, the colors fade
the sounds shatter and the light
breaks on my skin like glass
calling me, like flies on a window
fly fly, fly. away. and think and
dream but never speak only try
come to terms with the sounds
listen to the words till they mean
nothing at all is the same even
though the people are the same
the meaning shifts and i don't think
i'll be back anytime before 7 o'clock
as the light dies, so do the skies.

i wish i could stay here.

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Date:2003-07-30 03:21
Subject:Subject: (optional, for use on longer entries)
Mood: weird

3:21 and you want to
pull your eyeballs down over
you eyelids and curl them
up like blueberry crepes because
the irises are like blueberries and you
start to feel hungy and you wonder if you
bit into your eyeball would it taste like a
blueberry but then you remember your eyes are
hazel so maybe they'd taste like kiwi but have
you ever heard of a kiwi crepe? no matter,
you tell yourself, no mind as you try to think about
going to sleep but something won't let you and you think
about all that you left behind when you disappeared (because
isn't that what you wanted, to disappear?) well maybe
but school's in session, the kids are in and you've got
to got to got to get it together so you can see some things do some
things get things done and

your brain feels like a kiwi crepe.


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Date:2003-06-12 10:13
Subject:I Guess I'll Have to Work At Being Annoying.
Mood:amused/bw half asleep
Music:X-Files: "One Breath"

Or y'all can stalk me. I am not afraid (she said)!

I'm not annoying. At all. Yay!
You're not annoying at all! In fact, you are
probably a beloved Internet personality,
stalked by scores upon scores of half-crazy
teenagers who worship you!


How Annoying Are You In Your Online Diary?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Date:2003-05-21 06:54
Mood: quixotic
Music:ABC 6 News

if i could release my eyeballs
change their shape, let them roam
as if on fiber-optic cables -
slip out of my skull and feel
the way the air feels
on my eyeballs and optic nerves, raw and free
shredded in the pathways of the extruded mind -
mind's i, because i'd be out out out and free and away and
the sawdust feeling of being overtired well
it would nev
er catch me

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Date:2003-05-11 18:17
Subject:Sure I'm Insane - Don't You Remember, Baby?
Mood: thirsty
Music:vanilla coke fizz fizz fizz fizzzzt *pop* Ahhhh.

slipping sliding falling because i can't stand up. there's nothing to eat in the house. ate a couple of frozen fish fillets, but i'm out of tartar sauce. vanilla coke tastes good and it doesn't sail a sailboat with me, let's go down to the waterline - i miss dire straits. oh wait, i have that cd right over there was where i left my heart my heart my heart in SAAANNN FRANNN CISCO!

i'm hungry and tired and my sinuses ache and i need a nap but i don't really want to take one.

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Date:2003-01-04 23:32

To IM someone or not... wanting to reach out to them, but not REALLY feeling like being slapped aside.


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Date:2003-01-04 20:49

Mother, should I trust the government?

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Date:2003-01-03 21:40
Subject:I AM the Real Slim Shady.
Mood: amused
Music:none, damnit!

c0ke says so. :)

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