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important announcement. (hurh hurh.) [1/13/04 05:56am]
[ mood : tired ]
[ music : VNV Nation // Standing ]


it's been a fun ride, but between blurty's frequent downtimes and eating entries as well as other annoyances, I've decided to vacate this baby and move on.

I have, however, set up my new home at Greatest Journal, which I highly encourage anyone sick of blurty to go and join. you can find my journal here.

however, I'm not going to delete this journal completely, because I still want to keep up with some people here if they don't migrate, too. if you already have a GJ, leave a comment here with your username or post on my GJ!

hope to see you there!

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Kuriibo tells it like it is. [1/08/04 02:47am]
[ mood : blah ]
[ music : Disgaea OST // Dear Friends ]

zephloyd [2:46 AM]: my friend is going to be sad when she gets to japan and realizes it's just like america with brighter colors and popup ads that actually exist OUTSIDE the internet.

ps: I had to euthanise one of my favourite fish tonight, and I cried like a baby over it.

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fun with hilarious typos. [12/31/03 06:17am]
[ mood : happy ]
[ music : Kagrra // Shiroi Mashu ]


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yes. [12/23/03 11:17pm]
[ mood : cheerful ]
[ music : Dir en grey // Asunaki Koufoku, Koenaki Asu ]

Lord EnkieI [11:12 PM]: The mailman came twice
Lord EnkieI [11:12 PM]: I made sure

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[12/13/03 10:38am]
[ mood : awake ]

it's hide's birthday today.

<3 for hide.

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holy shit have I been to a lot of countries. [12/10/03 04:42pm]
[ mood : blah ]
[ music : Moxy Früvous // And So It Goes ]

that country table thing. )

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Galyuu is a good CD. [12/10/03 07:42am]
[ mood : refreshed ]
[ music : Miyavi // Ippiki Ookami Ron ]

I stole this, as usual.

hay guys whats going on in this survey? )

and no, the subject title has no relevence to the post whatsoever. I rock like that.

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[12/08/03 11:00pm]
[ mood : tired ]
[ music : Miyavi // Ossan Ossan Ore Nanbou ]

I keep seeing things out of the corners of my eyes.

also, I have a catfish that squeaks and can generate small amounts of electricity when frightened. he is love.

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[12/03/03 03:53am]
[ mood : gloomy ]

I don't feel well.

don't you dare compare him to anyone else. you do it all the fucking time. everytime some male hurts you, you compare them to him.

nice to know he meant that much! I'm sick of people using him as a product to make others feel sorry for them. I'm sick of drama queens, and I'm sick of how they always get attention no matter what.

go away. just go away.

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[12/01/03 09:28am]
[ mood : bored ]

I originally had a nice entry here along with the jrock survey stolen from inugamicircus, but blurty ate it.

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[11/30/03 10:35am]
[ mood : tired ]

hum.. ♪

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[11/29/03 09:54am]
[ mood : lethargic ]

dirty nookie go home.

I need a new layout, I think. but I'm not too sure what I wanna do with it, either.

oh, er, here, have one of these dexterity tests things.

test. )

I think I originally had something to say, but it's gone now. my deorderant smells like peaches. I think I might buy souma_kyo an SA account for ze xmas, because he seems to want one so badly. X3 and :10bux: really isn't bad to spend.

Misty was feeling a little down the past couple of days, so I hope she's alright..

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[11/25/03 10:04am]
[ mood : accomplished ]
[ music : Disgaea // Laharl-sama no Sanbika ]

the best part about spamming and overloading pedo sites?


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[11/24/03 10:44am]
[ mood : thoughtful ]

does the grieving process take years to overcome?

I just..

there's a lot of things that I've been thinking about lately. about him, mostly (even now I can't even type the name without breaking into tears), but also a new worry.

Aiden's in love with me.

in love.

it's.. not really that I'm offended by it, or unaccepting. I wonder what that feeling's like, to feel hopeless regarding the reciprocated romantic affections of another. I love Aiden beyond reason. I've bonded with him faster and deeper than anyone in years (excluding him), and for those who know me, I rarely bond to anyone beyond a casual conversational level.

but he's in love with me. I don't want him to be hurt by it. I don't want him to ruin his pre-existing relationship with his boy. the letter he sent me positively flipped my heart in a few directions, because I know he meant it. we understand eachother, and that's half of the problem.

just.. whatever presiding force is listening, don't take Aiden from me, too. please. don't take away his understanding of me. I'm terrified that someone can know me so intimately, though at the same time, I want him there. I'm pleased if he says that he misses me because it's the same for me, too.

pfft. melodramatic rambling, huh? it's what journals are made to do. move along, nothing to see here.

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Chris strikes again [11/22/03 10:29pm]
[ mood : amused ]

FinaI Ragnarok [10:26 PM]: "Now, the Furry is a subspecies of Homogenus Internet, which branches off into THREE DIFFERENT VARIATIONS. The furry, the yiffy, and the hippie... all of which possess the trademark characteristic of nauseating stench."

unfortunately, I got to chapter 3 in FFX-2 today. someone beat me with a solid object. please.

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