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Sunday, May 2, 2004

11:24PM - Life

Wow, i really have written in a loooooooooooooooong time. This is only wut - my 2nd entry. i'm gonna try and write in here more often cuz maria is makin me - no cuz i want 2!! Well, a whole lot has changed since my last entry. I'm NOT homeschooled anymore and i don't like Justin anymore! Thats Maria's man!!! uhhh, schools almost over already - only like a month left!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. Yet in a way i'm not cuz all my friends - and yes Ethan, i DO have friends - are going to Centennial and my parents r MAKIN me go 2 Central!!! I hate that school so much. On every school spirit day i am seriously going to wear Centennial colors and i'm gonna decorate my locker in Centennial colors and everythin!!! I HATE CENTRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lately i have been feelin so down thinkin about how these last days at Jefferson are the last time i'm goin to get to walk down the hallway w/ my friends. Or eat lunch w/ them all in the lunchroom, or stop at thier lockers to say hi or just pass notes!! I think that is so sad and i have been cryin so much at nighttime lately!!! ughhhhhhhhh, my parents r bein poop heads like they usually r and r makin me go 2 bed right now or else i get grounded. ughhh, they have been gettin on my nerves sooooooooooo much lately. they can't say anythin positive or nice 2 me. if they said 1 thing, i would b in a good mood 4eva. but they r always tearin me down. ohhh, slept over at Lyndze's house last night! We had sooooooooooooooo much fun!!! Especially our long talk in the rain 2gether. k, really g2g. Love Abz!!!

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Thursday, March 13, 2003

1:30PM - Bad mood, leave me alone!!!

This is abi and this was my first day of homeschooling. It really suxed. I don't really like adam anymore and i don't c how i even liked him in the 1st place. He is so ugly. He nevers talks 2 me and always ignores i'm even there when i am wit him. Some of my friends r talkin bhind my back and it is really makin me mad and sad, i don't know really which 1. AC was actually nice 2 me yesterday since it was my last day. It was the 1st day practically in the whole year. Not tat i really care anyway though cause i hate his guts and he is a pervert!!! I still have 2 go 2 band every mornin and then mom picks me up at 8:40 2 b homeschooled till 3:00. I hate it cause i never get 2 c my friends and ppls think i lied cause i still have 2 come 2 school and i am not at home. I think Justin is havin a bad influence on me. j/k!! Cause he is always sayin tat every1 hates him and he hates his life even though tat isn't true. Now tat is exactly how i am actin. I am probably actin like a bitch 2 other ppls. I really like Justin but he still goes out wit Jen K. It suxs but he is my bestest friend!!! I hate my life! I don't have no friends and no1 likes me!!!

Current mood: depressed
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