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Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

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    The beanbags popularity wasn't done
    A Short History of the Bean Bag
    The beanbag easy chair is a well-known contemporary product of home furnishing and characteristic of a pattern towards contemporary and progressive home furnishings - in fact it is an object associated with pop culture.hollister , This brief write-up will record the 50 year story of this excellent product. It is broadly considered that the bean bag was created by Roger Dean, a 20 year old employee at the English supplier Hille Furniture -a business that had been started by a Russian emigrant within the east end of Greater London around 1906. Roger Dean, who worked along with Hille, is recognized as by some being the parent of the bean bag. While his design and style pertaining to the Sea Urchin chair would allow it to mould to the shape of the individual being beared, the construction is of foam parts, was so very different to the very smooth characteristics of the polystyrene beads inside a fabric bag. It was the Sea Urchin design and style which introduced him to Hille, and caused the commission to supply the insides of the newly-expanded Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, in London.The chair consists of twelve pieces of foam and was blanketed in several types of fur. Although it looked circular in appearance, the seat would mould by itself towards the curves associated with the sitter, who could achieve a comfortable seating posture of many different angles. A few believe that the Sea Urchin is not much more than a tailored futon, but this is not really that important due to the fact the Sea Urchin is extensively acknowledged as indeed being the forerunners to the Sacco and what we realize nowadays as the beanbag.It's not till 1969 that the beanbag as all of us know it today emerged into existence. Italian fashion designers Gatti, Paolini, and Teodora were working hard for the Zanotta Company that had been trying to devise the best form of chair to sell to 1960's hipsters along with hippies. The chair would have to be eye-catching, practical, and also in-tune with the Sixties way of life. With the brief determined they started producing this seating, and what these people delivered ended up being called the Sacco, or the Socco as it was identified internationally. It was the Sacco which was the 1st modern-day beanbag - a pear shaped leather-based bag stuffed with thermocol pellets that have been substituted with shredded polyurethane foam, urethane foam, polystyrene beads, expanded polystyrene or PVC pellets.It is rumoured that the Socco was actually a great accidental breakthrough that came from a Styrofoam manufacturer where they decide to put all the left over bits from the manufacturing line in a bag. In any event the Sacco became the first modern-day beanbag.

    In the 1970's the Sacco became massively well-known and brought the pair of designers overnight celebrity. The chair resembles the present day beanbag. Even so, in contrast to the common bean bag chair, the Sacco was pear shaped and was produced with genuine high-quality leather, and had a head rest section created by shifting pellets. It oozed elegance, class, luxury and consequently ended up being an expensive piece to create and purchase.During the 70s the Sacco was mass promoted but not as the Sacco. Promoters needed a brand for a replica of the Sacco, and so they created, the more distinct name - the beanbag. The difference between the Sacco and the beanbag was that the Beanbag used cheaper elements to help to make it more affordable for the normal individual. The beanbag would carry on to grow to be a symbol of the 70s together along with the disco ball, lava lamps, Space invaders, Pong as well as Abba.During the 1980's the beanbag suddenly lost most of its trendy recognition and as a consequence was relegated to the dominion of "kiddie furniture". The beanbag grew to become the kid's choice of chair for watching television.The beanbags popularity wasn't done any kind of favours when a number of children were hurt and even suffocated to death after crawling within beanbag seating and breathing in the beans in the bag. In March 1995, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) in the States recalled some twelve million bean bag seats and demanded all chairs sold in the marketplace following that date to have childproof zip fasteners.

    A beanbag rebirth commenced in the later part of 1990's thanks to manufacturers who started employing improved production techniques such as dual stitching and materials along with aesthetic changes which helped in making beanbags tougher and more desirable.

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