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independence [24 Apr 2003|03:21pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | independent women ]

ok..i am offically single now...i broke up with chris this morning and people sed that they say him crying in the hallway during period c....i felt so bad becuz when lexie went up to ask him what was wrong all he sed was..i really really really liked her..aww...i need to be single for a while now..but it seems that now all the boys have been noticing me lately ever since they found out i was gonna break up with chris..like evertime i pass pat in the hall i have to give him a high five and have a mini conversation with him...and OMG marcus has been so weird!!! like in science liz used to sit next to me, but instead he took her seat when she was gone one day and won't give it back!!! and he always talks to me more often than ususal in french...and sean even has been more talkitive with me in the classes i have with him!! well i mean it's fine with me (lol) but it's weird..when i was going out with chris everyome was mad at me..now their all nice to me..i got all my friends back..the only ppl who weren't mad at me were liz and marie..now i have marissa, amanda, chelsea, glenne, lexie, tulin, meredith, trisha, erica...and more!!!! omg..i think i did the right thing..but i'm not totally sure yet..tomorrow is the fun night and i'm going independent yeah baby!!!! and i can get my groove on with any other bot i want to!!!......hint hint ::marcus:: hint hint..... some ppl are still asking me why i broke up with him and i just stopped liking him..no specific reason...just..i don't like him!!! ok! well i hope that everyone else's relationships are going good! don't end up like me..a hopeless romantic who can't get over one specific person.....SEAN! i am miss independent for now..and that's the way it'll stay....for awhile.....

miss independent

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fsdjkghhks [20 Apr 2003|12:41pm]
[ mood | happy but terribly sad ]
[ music | all american rejects- paper heart ]

hey everyone!! im bak and as tan as hell!!! i am so tan compared to all my friends! i ahd so much funn! i met two really hott guys justin and erin..god they were HOTT!...im gonna miss them soo much..oh well..then there was abercrombie :) actually i really don't know his real name but he alwayz wore a abercrombie bathing suit so i just called him that! me and lindz got soo drunk!! we drank sex on the beach, red-headed sluts, and bushwackers...their all the heavy drinks wit nutin but liquor...WOO HOO! i was so drunk when me and lindz did karoke..we were the best by the way..we sang shania twain..that don't impress me much! i love to sing! then we smoked a little becuz we were so drunk! i have so much to say omg omg! umm... we went on a day cruise to st. john and went snorkling on honeymoon beach..it's the most beautiful beach i have ever seen! we were in 40 feet of water and could still see the bottom! then we went on a sun-set cruise..that's really pretty too! uhh..this isn't in order by the way...im just trying to tell it all..we did sooo much! we did tons of shopping and spent thousands!! we were only suppose to spend $1500.00 per family...yeah right! we spent WAY over that! it was like $3500.00 by the end of the day! ok here's the story...i am Zeta and lindz is Eva (don't ask where we got those names)..we are originaly from texas with our accents then moved to ct..where we are currently living..lol..those were our disquises...oh btw lindsey is my cousin who came wit us and so did my aunt...it was tons of fun..that's just some of the basic things we did...it would be sooooo long if i told my whole vaca...omg! friday is the dance..i might go idk..huh..i think i'm depressed...last night for some reason i cried myself to sleep..i went to bed at 9:30 becuz i was so tried and i cried till 12:00....i miss the caribbean and i'm just so stressed out! err...every time i listen to the all-american rejects i get so emotional :( becuz i got the c.d there and i listened to it when i was on the boat with justin and erin!!!! ::wips a tear:: huh...if only i cud have stayed another week or so..it went by soo fast..my dad was thinking about staying another week but becuz our busy schedule we cudn't..err... ::wips another dreadful tear:: omg..my life is so damn horribal..i mean it cud be worse but right now it really cudn't... well i hope everybody had a great vaca..i know i did and i didn't want it to end!!!! luvz to ya all



[10 Apr 2003|03:05pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | eminem ]

Yesterday was ok i guess....i got up round 6:30 and got ready for school and got arrested..haha. no i'm just kidding but it wud have made my day alot more intresting..but nah..school was boring as usual. then after school i went to liz's house off the bus..we practiced our dance..it was hilarious! we found this song by outkast..i forget the name but it's really fast and we did the whole dance that fast and we laughed sooo hard! marie came over and helped us do our dance even tho she doesn't dance. marie left at 5 and i stayed becuz her mom was having a party and she asked me if i wanted to stay-it was FUNN!! i stayed till like 10:00. we firat helped her get the house ready for the party..yaya...oh and her mom kept saying things to do wit martha stewart..like "would martha stewart leave her sweatshirt on the chair?" or "would martha stewart clean that floor or leave the bags where everyone can see them?'' lol! then me and liz played elvis monopoly ..the jungle room! lol..and ppl started showing up at like 6:30..we pretended to be liz's sister's cousin's from britain! so we had to talk in a british accent al the time! then we went to the barn to watch her bro's band play!! i love the song "the one"! it's the best! they make up their own lyrics and everything! me liz and aub rocked on baby! yeah! lol... omg! chanz and hi b...er!! i can't write it becuz it's soo disgusting..espically becuz he's gay!! haha....then we ate PIZZA! ummmm.......then we walked to the beach-it was freezing!! and met up wit her momma and the ppl at the party..it was only like 8:00 but it was pitch dark out! aub was pretending to be a mexican..and i was a mexican-brit!! hehe..."you don't know my backgrrround, you don't know my rrroots!" lolol then we played ding-dong-ditch on the way bak..that was really fun! espically becuz ppl were stil up so we had to extra careful not to get caught! then we got bak to the house and played the guitar a lil bit...Dave Matthews ROCKS BABY! and then guesstures..it was funn..then my momma got there and talked wit nancy a lil while..then we left..but when i got home i had to finish packing my clothes and do my homework. so today i went online at like 7 but didn't update..just checked my mail! i alwayz get sooo much! today i got 10 new e-mails!! then i checked the weather in st.thomas where i'm going tonight!! yaya!! so i won't be updating for another week till i get bak on friday....lindz and me are soo excited becuz we're the only ones who haven't been to the caribbean yet!! woo hoo!!! yaya! well g2g finish packing evrything! oh and leave tonsof comments for when i get bak!!!!! i'm gonna be tan and have cornrows!!!! YAYA! well luv ya allz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

catherine stephanie

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hi [07 Apr 2003|01:20pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | ztina ]

hey i haven't updated in a while...a week right? we just got out of school from an early dismissal becuz the blizzard comming..yeah right..i hate those damn weather men!! htey have no idea what they're talking about...huh...oh well....i am really mad at marie becuz she keeps flirting wit chris and she is alwayz talkin to him and shit...huh....hey by the way..did u guys that live in ct..that our #1 news reporter..(or they say) died in iraq??? he died of a blood clot in his heart..David Bloom..was that his name?? well i really didn't watch the news in thte first place so i didn't really know who he was so...i hate this fucking war!! huh..we totally went at this whole mess in a totally wrong way....we should not have went to war..i seriously hate bush....i respect everyone opinion and hope that people respect mine too...but bush is just worried about his damn oil and nothing else...he cud give a shit about the ppl in iraq that aren't fighting....but to the ppl who are fighting for us right now becuz of the ass hole sitting behind his desk right now making more attack plans and telling the news ppl who are just broad casting it to the whole world so if we really do have iraqi spies in the u.s who are trying to find out their plans....retard....i hate him with my whole entire body...the ppl in texas should be so embarassed! i would move and lose my accent as fast as i cud!! lol..marie i hate u right now!!!!! i feel really really really right now..hehe.... i am leaving thursday after school for vaca and will be gone the whole week and i get bak easter...yaya..i'll be really tan and i'm getting my hair braided in corn rows and everything...plus i get to see a real live float-up bar!!! YAYA! lol...those are the ones in the pool where that bar is right in the middle of the pool and u float up into it!! haha..i can't wait!! it's gonna be soo funnn! wel g2g talkin to liz and marie..err..on im.....byez

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heyy [01 Apr 2003|05:14pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | lalala..me singing.. ]

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scared [31 Mar 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | scared ]

name: catherine stephanie
biggest fear: suicide

life is a bitch


yaya [30 Mar 2003|12:33pm]
[ mood | sdfglhsyfghsjk ]
[ music | --the radio-- ]

which stereotype are you?

i was a real cheerleader at one time..but then quit becuz the coach was retared..


[28 Mar 2003|07:59pm]
hi testing testing
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[28 Mar 2003|07:57pm]
hi testing

[28 Mar 2003|04:12pm]
[ mood | monkey wrenchy ]
[ music | the loud kind ]

hey my new word is monkey wrench!! lol..im such a retard!! oh well i have funn being one!! hehe...i just got bak from the beach with marie...it's still a little cold outside but it's better than snow!! when we went there we saw chris.r. with some girl..i used to think he was cute then i realized what am i thinking?? he's like family to us...we've known them the longest time..now i have a crush on him?? no way!!! well i ran 3 miles in like 30 minutes..it might have been less..but i used to run that in under 7 minutes!!!! omg that's soo horribbal!! i have to keep running everday now!! at least till field hockey starts then i really have to run 3 miles everyday!!..and marie just rode her bike...then part of it i sprinted..huh..i cudn't breath for shit!! hehe....oh yeah yesterday brett sed that me and liz have a stalker!!! he's from h/k!! all of the h/k ppl r freaks and if their not rapers or murderers or something horribal like that...they're GAY!! haha.... so me and liz r totally freaked out by this!!!! errrr...stacy will b herre in about 2 hours..wow today went by really fast!! i wanna cry sumtimes..wondering if ur the same when i met u.. blah blah blah blah.. i think i have to go call my bro now cause his laundry is done....isn't that stupid...he's right next to me in the same house..but i have to call him?? im too lazy to walk that far..it's a really long way to his a.part! well i g2g take a shower becuz i just got bak from running and im all sweaty!! ewww....well pce out!! luvz everyonez!!

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kjytm njjnhg [28 Mar 2003|12:49pm]
hey ima going to go running now...marie is going to ride her bike and ima gonna run next to her...we're gonna go to the beach..it's only a mile away exactly.....get some sort of tan.. i dunno??!!! well pce out..g2g stretch before she gets herrre......byez.. katie
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bubbles!! [27 Mar 2003|03:24pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | nelly-pimp juice ]

hey ppl.... i'm drinking soda right now..and i guess i haven't drank it in a while becuz i'm burping like crazy!!! i usually hate when ppl are rude like that and just start burping like it's nobody's buisness (darryl)!! well i was suppose to sleepover marie's with liz..but her aunts aren't gonna b home tomorrow night, and none of our parents (or aunts) can trust alone with no supervision..lol...we're party animals..hehe...then i was suppose to go over chris's house with liz and marie but i don't think that'll happen..it might..but not a 100% sure..kris was suppose to go over after skool..soooo..i dunno...talkin to stace..she might sleepover tomorrow night since i'm not sleeping ova maries...we had recess again today..that shits for little kids!!! we'll we all made up this game that none of the teachers like becuz everyone gets hurt really bad..me and sean pulled our shoulders from throwing the ball to hard..then i got hit by the really hard ball that hurts like HELL when u get hit by it..me of course got hit by it..yesterday in the leg..and today in the hand.. i cudn't feel it at all.. i was like GOD DAMNIT THAT FXCKING BALL!! IT HURTS LIKE A GOD DAMN BITCH!! when i got hit and all the teachers were like what did u say.. i was like___gosh darn! friggin ball hit me and it hurts like a bomb..lol..i cudn't think of anything else to say...of course they didn't believe me but they let it go... then of course sean and his profanitized (is that a word??) mouth goes___shit that mother fxcking ball is such a fxcking ass shit ball..altho it didn't make sense..we all knew he was mad and when i use to go out with him i learned my lesson to leave him alone when he's mad...one time kyle was just tryin to piss sean off..so he comes over to me and sits in the same chair as me and puts his arm around me and goes i love you katie..well that was the worst thing to do becuz as soon as sean came back, he beat the shit out of him!!! haha kyle! tomorrow we don't have skool..so i won't have anything to talk about..oh well...i'll make some trouble and then tell ya what happens.. oh and i have to go yell at my neighbor tyson...i saw him smoking down the street at dunkin dounts...he's ben like a big bro to me when my real bro wasn't around..now he's setting a really bad example..ass hole..err luvz out!!

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lsadfh [26 Mar 2003|04:29pm]
hey!!!!! i have been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy lately!! i cannot believe that i have time to update now.. my cuz is tryin to help me get a really kewl pic for my journal....and i'm working on a dance at the same time...me and liz..(mostly me) r trying to get our dance straight for the talent show..we need to know it soo soon and the show is in june!!!! but we're getting there! lol i know what the charlie brown is now!!!! (i think) it's that thing that's on annie..ya know when the orphans r on the desk in ms. hannigan's officce...i don't know anyother way to describe it!!!!! hehe... by the way..THANK ALL OF U HOO ARE OUT FIGHTING IN THE WAR!!! ::travis::...he's the only one that i've met over the internet hoo is in the way..he also might get promoted to sgt!!!!! that is sooo kewl..my bros friend jon is in the war..welll might get called to the war..but he's expecting a call soon becuz he like the only one left at his base hoo hasen't been called in yet!! muah..that was for u jon!!! friday we have no skool becuz it's a professional day! yaya... me and liz decided that we're gonna sleepover her house..to practice the dance and work-out!! her basement is like a gym becuz her bros like to work out!! a couple times ago..me and liz sprinted..(and we're the fastest runners in our whole grade..and practicly our skool too..) about a whole mile!! i know..it's crazy!! marie didn't bother becuz she might've had a asma attack..how do u spell that?? oh well and she cud never have caught up with us!! well pce out!!

i filled it out!! [24 Mar 2003|04:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | green day!! ]

x. I _am related to Stacy.
x. Stacy is _kewl.
x. If I were alone in a room with Stacy I would_talk to her.
x. I think Stacy should _take a shower...no i'm just kidding!!
x. Stacy needs _a man!
x. I want to _call Stacy.
x. Stacy can _decorate my _journal.
x. Someday Stacy and I will _move in erica's apartment.
x. Stacy reminds me of _me.
x. Without Stacy _i would have one less cuz.
x. Stacy can be _a retard.
x. _voila is how I describe meeting Stacy.
x. Worst thing about Stacy is _sumthing i shouldn't say about her becuz she'd b mad!
x. Best thing about Stacy is _her hair.
x. I am _related to Stacy.
x. Stacy has shown me _baby pics. hehe
x. If I never met Stacy my life would be _the same.

ok so i can't really fill that in becuz i'm related to her but i'll do the same thing for me and just copy and paste it into ur journal and fill it out for me..kk? thanx!!

x. I _________ Katie.
x. Katie is _________.
x. If I were alone in a room with Katie I would _________.
x. I think Katie should _________.
x. Katie needs _________.
x. I want to _________ Katie.
x. Katie can _________ my _________.
x. Someday Katie and I will _________.
x. Katie reminds me of _________.
x. Without Katie _________.
x. Katie can be _________.
x. _________ is how I describe meeting Katie.
x. Worst thing about Katie is _________ .
x. Best thing about Katie is _________.
x. I am _________ Katie.
x. Katie has shown me _________.
x. If I never met Katie my life would be _________.

kk? peaz do that! oh and comment me if ya stop by! luvz yaz!

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hiyas!! [22 Mar 2003|10:59am]
hey!!! i am soooo happy it's spring!!!!!!! no more snow....no more cold!!!! yayaya....omg u have no idea how happy i was when i woke up and it was sunny! woo hoo!! i cannot wait untill spring break!! i going on vaca..with my aunt and my cousin...they just wanna get away too

my day [21 Mar 2003|03:56pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | the radio ]

i am sooo bored!!! there is nohing to do...nothing to do....nothing to do..2day was ok i guess.... here i'll show my day in order of how it went___exactly!! lol

Period a-French
we played soccer against the spanish class..(in the gym...to wet outside)

Period b-art
we finished our group modeling posses...i was one of the models..we had mr. wind for a sub...we got to listen to music if we had our c.d players..monday i get green days new c.d for $2.50!! Jims gonna burn his for me..and danelle is gonna burn her mixed c.d for me 2!!!

Period c-english
we worked on our essays that r due monday...worth 70 points!!! omg she thinks that we r some great writers and sets so many goals for us that r sooo retarded!!

Period d-gym
we played the last game of badmitten!! woo hoo!! i hate that game!!.....went in the weight room....sprinted 10 laps around the gym..just cause i felt like it!!...i LOVE running!!

Period e-history
had another one of our disscusions on the "jack-ass war" as mr.crawford sed it....oh and he thinks the war is just trying to piss everyone off...well it's working!!!

Period ???-lunch/recess
caitlin her clumbsey self took a bag and started waving it around...little did she know that there was melted cie cream in it....got all over everyone!!! hehe...don't you think we're a little old to still b having recess?? NO!! lol...well we r but i still take advantage of it!....we played that kewl game with the tennis ball...and everyone thought it would b fun to play tag....so we did..lol

Period f-math
got our tests back i got an 80!! that's really bad!!! errr

Period g-life science
got to grade our own tests and i swear i'm gonna fail that class!!! that's the only class that i get horribal grades in...i got i..ready for this?....i got a 55%!!! OMG!!! that's awful!!!...well not as bad as jim...he got a 23%!!!! HAHAHA!!! a lot of ppl did bad on it!!....oh and marie you aren't allowed to comment on this entry..becuz i don't know what u got..but i know it's better than what i got!!!

bus ride-home
all of the 8th graders decided that they wanted to take our bus (the middle skoolers take the bus with the high skoolers) and get off at the beach.. even tho it's only like 60 degrees out!! oh and sum of them wanted to get off at arties house (that's where i get off..) and there were like 10 boys walking down wesley ave...and they decided that they wanted to go partly streaking....so they all pulled down their pants and they were all running down the streets in their boxers on and tripping on their pants becuz they were down to their ankles....it was hilarious!!!!

kyle made out with jaistine 3 times this week and their not even going out!!! SHE IS SUCH A SLUT!!! i hate her and she's just using him....she going out with jeff...errr....oh well their both shit heads who can't count to 10 their so stupid......hehe

marie's prolly coming over tonight and we're gonna rent the ring....we wanna see that movie sooo bad...it's kinda like a tradition that we get together every friday....if we're not busy.....and watch scary movies..pretty kewl huh?? lol

well i have nothing else to say....so i guess i'll say byez!! muahhhh ;O


omg!! [20 Mar 2003|04:28pm]
[ mood | working ]
[ music | ummm ]

hey-- i cannot get my layout thingyto work!!! i made it look really kewl on my other journal but it won't work on this one--- so don't judge my layout by me!!! lol... well g2g fix it....luvz out!! muahh


the original looked kewler :( [19 Mar 2003|07:51pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | nelly ]

hi PLLS it’s MOI...i am sooo BORED! i just finished my HOMEWORK and it took FOREVER!!! 2day seemed to go forever! it was soo LONG!! tomorrow i have to stay after again for the TALENT SHOW! we stayed after TUESDAY but it was cancelled so it was RE-SCHEDULED for tomorrow... lalalalalala BORED bored BORED bored...nothing to do but TYPE nothing to do.... ARRGGGG! hehe that’s FUNNY! well LUVZ out! MUAH


this is it [19 Mar 2003|04:45pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | miss you ]

cute flirt
Cute Flirt

What Kind of FLIRT are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

hehe yess that's moi the totally cute flirt!


i obsessed with quizzes!! [18 Mar 2003|04:21pm]
[ mood | omg nuffin ]
[ music | killing me softly ]

You are a freeform writer. Individualistic with a
sense for the different and challenging, Walt
Whitman and his poetry lacking meter and rhyme
is just what the doctor ordered. You're quick
to write something that the rest of the world
doesn't accept as poetry, quick to separate
yourself from the average joe. An author with a
true sense of self, you have confidence in your
abilities and aren't afraid to show it. :) GO

What's YOUR Writing Style?
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