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Thursday, January 1st, 2004

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    This is a song that is still in the works. I'm friends with one of the ex's today, but I mean, I wrote this verse a long while back after the break up like the break up with Blanca. So I have no remorse because I felt like this back when I wrote it. I'm still going to record it. I was workin' on the last verse last night. The first two on Blanca and Jessica are good, but I rushed the last verse. I might erase and try again. The chorus needs work too. But I'll deal with it another time. I wanted to put a comical feeling into the song instead of being serious about it the whole verse and it's a story telling beat. Lots love the second verse. Sorry Jessica. But I added a few lines to the second verse last night and it's true, she hasn't said sorry yet and I honestly felt I didn't do shit. But I like Jessica anyway and she's a smart girl so she'll understand where I'm coming from.

    [ Speaking ]
    Here's a story.
    Of a kid with three loves.
    All whom he broke up with.
    But never did shit to deserve it.

    [ Verse 1 - On Blanca ]
    I never thought she'd hurt me, fuck I was only thirteen.
    It was puppy love and we never did shit dirty.
    She was the teachers aid in the eighth grade and flirty.
    Surely, I had a crush, told my friends, she overheard me.
    "A.J. would you like to be my boyfriend?"
    I said yes to her because I was so freakin' coy then.
    And even though we had a fight every fuckin' night.
    We lasted for two years so I must've done somethin' right.
    Everytime we talked she'd put someone on the phone.
    "Blanca isn't here now and I'm sittin' here all alone.
    Now wouldn't you like to come over and feel my lovely breasts?"
    It was her best friend putting me to the fucking test.
    And everytime I passed, but it wasn't enough to last.
    Cuz she still thought I would cheat on her anorexic ass.
    But it was the bitch herself who fuckin' cheated me.
    A hypocrite, she better hope she don't see me.
    But I was young and stupid, and I got caught up.
    In her stupid looks, she could cook food I coughed up.
    Another casablanca, and what happened to Blanca?
    She's with some gay named Ray fuckin' knocked up.

    [ Chorus x2 ]
    Break up, make up, break up, make up.
    Would you stuck up women fuckin' make up
    Your damn minds, cuz I'm goin' out of mine.
    I'm runnin' out of rhymes.
    And I didn't ... do ... shit.

    [ Verse 2 - On Jessica ]
    Had to depart my house due to the fire department.
    So Insurance got smart and put me in a dire apartment.
    Made a friend who had a Mom who like to start shit.
    Met a girl through her who'd in turn make my heart split.
    When I met her, I never really thought that I could get her.
    Tight jeans, blonde hair, blue eyes, white sweater.
    She came into my life at a time I was under weather.
    I kissed her at the movies and I never will forget her.
    We ended up together and it could of been forever.
    Forever, meaning her friend followed us wherever -
    We went, so much it was too much to endeavor.
    But I couldn't sever Jessicas "third leg" so I let her.
    I should of known better, but I was fuckin' stupid.
    Should of left her the minute she was actin' like a rude bitch.
    Thought meeting with me was too much of a hassle.
    "Mom I can't see him! He wears better sandals."
    Got mad as hell cuz I couldn't be on the phone with her.
    Cause Ash was always over, never was alone with her.
    So I'd go to Ash cuz I saw her more than her.
    And ask her what to do because Jess was never over.
    Tried to dump me one time like a damn coward.
    But she wanted to get back after half an hour.
    Her family was happily in our businesss like Ashley.
    Everytime I'd come over they'd jump at the chance to harrass me.
    This guy I hate named Nate was her sisters boyfriend.
    Who lived in her garage and who I loved to toy with.
    And one day at her house his ass got so pissed.
    That he wanted to put a boot where my asshole is.
    The last straw was at the movies when she left.
    "AJ I need a pretzel, I'll be back in ten minutes or less."
    So she left with her girlfriends my little innocent flower.
    I thought she went to take a shower cuz she was gone about an hour.
    I walked past her on my exit and this chick just had the nerve.
    To ask me what was wrong, I turned to speak to her.
    But I chose my words good cuz I still couldn't handle her.
    "You made me sit for an hour alone watchin' Adam Sandler!
    But just to make it crappy, she saw me all unhappy.
    And decided to walk away after she slapped me.
    I called all my friends, vented off and tried to go.
    But I gave in and gave her and that bitch a ride home.
    We broke up, see to her boys go and boys come.
    And when I wrote Jessicunt, a dumb song to exploit us.
    She made one of the fuckin' most annoying fuss.
    "You did too do shit, you uh, raised your voice ... once."
    We're friends and probably over this I know we'll quarry.
    But what hurts the most of all is she's never said she's sorry.
    Gosh damnit ...

    [ Chorus x2 ]
    Break up, make up, break up, make up.
    Would you stuck up women fuckin' make up
    Your damn minds, cuz I'm goin' out of mine.
    I'm runnin' out of rhymes.
    And I didn't ... do ... shit.

    [Verse 3 - On Krystle ]
    She made my heart stop still, but I wish I got killed.
    Cuz I ended up datin' a drunk whore who popped pills.
    And for some reason everytime I saw her I got thrilled.
    When it came to sex shit this bitch got no skills.
    If only Daddys girl knew what her daughter tried.
    Smoking coke while fucked hard on a waterslide.
    Krystle was her name and being a thistle was the game.
    I should of listened, even when Mitchel said she was lame.
    At first this girl was cool, she was popular in school.
    We worked together, but I was a motherfuckin' fool.
    Always rubbed my pecker till' my pants were wearin' thin.
    She thought she jacked me off, but she was just tearin' skin.
    So I had to think quick before my brain'd explode.
    What would a girl do? So that's when I faked my load.
    And after I was bleeding in my pants she wanted more.
    I was thinkin',"How the hell am I gonna stop this whore?"
    Our love ran out of luck when the bitch was doin' drugs.
    Fuck ... these relationships just start to suck.
    She cheated on me with her ex who fucked her aunt.
    And now she's back with her, haha, I love
    [ unfinished ]

    [ Chorus x2 ]
    Break up, make up, break up, make up.
    Would you stuck up women fuckin' make up
    Your damn minds, cuz I'm goin' out of mine.
    I'm runnin' out of rhymes.
    And I didn't ... do ... shit.

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