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Monday, April 23rd, 2012

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    edition published yesterday

    6000 yuan deposits Reporters in the induction of these cases the accident found that the majority of these readers do not know the surrender not only in the purchase of the beginning there is no interest, or even the principal will not be maintained. Some insurance experts told reporters that some of the products within one year of purchase surrender, loss, or even up to 90%.

    In yesterday's report, our bancassurance client manager to take high-income and other add-on products to induce customers to buy the so-called deposit products to be exposed. In fact, the greatest hazard of the bancassurance misleading sales are not exaggerated income, but said nothing about the risk. Relevant institutions Statistics show that the purchase of financial insurance of 90% of bank customers through the bancassurance channel, do not understand your first payment, net of account management fees, surrender premiums suffered serious losses and so on. More than inform the bank and insurance customers to reporters, they do not understand when the insured to surrender once the insured can not be half-way stop, so they were forced to continue to pay annually.

    surrender, retreat of the policy's cash value. It is reported that the so-called cash value insurance, is the value of life insurance contracts with savings nature, when the insured terminate the insurance contract, it is the insured can reclaim previously paid premiums and interest accumulated gold. In general, most of the life insurance contract has a cash surrender value, and consumer-oriented insurance and has no cash value, such as accident insurance, a year of health insurance.

    cash value is not the insured to pay premiums, of course, with the increase in the number of insured years, the cash value will increase every year. Insured in the first few years of the purchase of insurance policies, policyholders have to pay the fees, such as agent's commission, insurance companies, the management of this policy, office expenses, coupled with the premium of this policy also, and other similar policy the premium to share the responsibility for payment, so also have some benefits costs, so if you surrender policy just started a few years, the rest of the money in this policy, the policy cash value with little or no Even after the halfway surrender, not worth it, because the surrender of money, less money than the expiration of future benefits. According to reports, the survival of gold payments and dividends type of insurance, the cash value is relatively high, investment-type insurance, funds are closely related to the value of its cash and investment accounts.

    an insurance actuary, told reporters that in the first five years of the customer insured insurance company to charge the initial cost of the first year fee of up to, under normal circumstances, the insurance company in the first year the fees charged to customers at least 50% of the premiums paid, part of the insurance charges up to 90%, then gradually decline. In other words, if a customer to pay 10 million premium, choose surrender in the second year, the principal is likely to only 10,000 yuan.

    such as an insurance company a participating insurance (to protect the interests of the 30-year-old male,nike air max 90, for example), the product is an annual payment of $ 492 million, the payment period of 20 years, the amount of 100,000 yuan. Insured to pay the expiration of two years each will receive a lifetime insurance benefits for 18,000 yuan, after every five years is also entitled to 61 anniversary of the birthday of 177,120 yuan, up 86-year-old, while the cumulative dividend. Although the survival benefits are quite attractive, but if the customer insure the surrender can only receive the cash value of 14,900 yuan, 34,300 yuan of losses, followed by the second year of the surrender will be a loss of 76,300 yuan, the third year customers will receive 18,000 yuan survival insurance money, but if the surrender is still much to lose.

    while whole life insurance surrender losses, such as a fee of 10,000 yuan per year,nike air max, the payment period of 20 years of life insurance,Nike Shox R4, the insurance amount of $ 32 million to protect to the death of the Insured. It is estimated that the first year of the surrender of loss of principal amount of 9108 yuan, has been the end of the payment period to 20 years, the cash value of insurance is only 50% of the premium payment at any time during the surrender will be suffered serious losses, only the first payment after 42 years of the policy cash value and premiums quite.

    first step, exhibited computing the point of elevation within the region;

    second step, the draw to be flat boundary closure line (cutting the boundary line), and then determine the longitudinal the length of the direction and length of the section line, longitudinal line should intersect with both ends of the boundary closure line;

    third step, the point of engineering applications -> generated Mileage file generated by the longitudinal line of new, follow the prompts selected longitudinal line, pop-up dialog box generated by the longitudinal line mileage file, select the node, fill in the cross-section spacing and the left and right length (cross-sectional length beyond the boundary closure line, mainly on account of the Slope), the point OK;

    fourth step, click on the project application to generate mileage file generated by the longitudinal line to add the variable-length, cut, add cross-section line and cross section lines; longer adjust the cross-sectional the length of the line; shear cut is a cross-sectional line outside the Slope. The third step is completed, you can probably determine the surface location of the slope, and even into the closed line after the point of shear selected root closed line, grow the cross-section line will be deleted;

    generate mileage File -> -> Design generated by the longitudinal line, follow the prompts to bar cutting the boundary line (flat boundary closure line), and then prompted to choose the cross-section line Then the point of intersection of the left cross-section line and cutting the boundary line to the design elevation dialog box appears, enter the section line to the design elevation, carriage return, enter the right end of the design elevation, carriage returns, re-election under a cross-section line to so forth, enter after the exit;

    sixth step, click on the engineering application -> Generate mileage file -> generated by the longitudinal line -> generated pop-up, follow the prompts to the selected longitudinal line that generated mileage file dialog box. The first column should be selected when the first step in Fair point elevation data files (format. Dat), the second column should enter and save the miles generated file name (format. Hdm), the third column should be entered and saved the corresponding coordinate data file name (format. dat). Finally enter the cross-sectional line interpolation spacing and starting mileage, point to determine, this time the intersection of longitudinal lines and cross-sectional line marked on the mileage and elevation of the pile.

    seventh step, the earthworks click the engineering section method to calculate site section, pop-sectional design parameters dialog box, select the mileage file column to open the saved file in the second column of the previous step, in the cross-sectional design File column to open the saved file in the third column of the previous step, and then enter the slope, aspect ratio, ranks spacing etc., and finally to determine the point, once again drawing longitudinal dialog box pop up, enter the plotted position and scale point to determine when the longitudinal section drawn in a given position. Follow the prompts to the starting position of the specified cross-sectional drawing on the screen will draw all the cross-sectional diagram and cut and fill area. To modify a line of cross-sectional lines and design section, click on the earthworks of the engineering application of section method to calculate the edit section line, according to the prompts to select to bring up the edit dialog, in the desired location into the distance, elevation can be the distance of the left section - right +.

    step 8, click on the earthworks of the engineering section method to calculate the drawing earthwork calculation, all cross-sectional, Enter, follow the prompts on the screen to specify earthwork computation of the upper-left corner location prompted marquee, complete all job.

    site section method two earthwork calculations

    elevation file

    respectively with the first phase of the project (before excavation of the original landform), the second phase of the project (excavation flat) Creation of mileage documents and mileage documents.

    first step: the mileage of the first phase of the project file generated according to the above first step to Step 6. The mileage of the second phase of the project file is generated can be removed from the fifth step of the design work. The second phase of the project prior to the third step of the new key to the plan in the first phase of cross-sectional line to delete and re-establish cross-section line, but two lines of the vertical and horizontal cross-section need to coincide.

    Step 2: Use one of the mileage file to generate the vertical and transverse section. The draw of a seventh step of the first phase (see above), click on the engineering application of section method earthwork calculation section line to add the pop-up add the section line dialog box, select the mileage file to fill in the second phase of the project Mileage file, click OK, the command line need to add section sectional drawing, marquee all the cross-sectional diagram,Nike Air Max LTD, press Enter on the map section map have two cross-sectional line.

    Step 3: Click the engineering section method to earth the calculation of the two section lines, earthwork calculations, according to the command prompt enter the first section line coding (C) /

    sure to want to get efforts
    her childhood like

    past lives bath, since the family bought a large bathtub, she was more like a bath, taking a dip in a few hours every day on the inside. Husband is not too happy, occasionally told her not to soak too long, she would look longingly say: Mermaid, I pre-existence is what? sometimes swim on the beach, take a look at that handsome prince. Prince and her husband looks like much, but she was convinced that the prince is her husband's past lives. Her mermaid dream bigger and longer and longer time to soak in the bathtub, her husband is more and more impatient, more and more agitated to see her eyes several times, even her life and drag from the bathtub out. But she still felt that the pre-existence is a mermaid, and perhaps life, she finally resigned from the work day long soak in a bath, eat in there, also inside to sleep. The husband has a few days did not go home, she was a little worried, but do not want out of a bathtub, just inside the bubble. Suddenly, the husband suddenly burst into the bathroom, use a fork, severely pierced her abdomen, her pain was speechless and helpless writhing, bloody quickly stained bathtub. Husband as painful to look at her: a bathtub and threw it in the creel behind. Cook after work, she hurried home to catch up. Today is the anniversary of their wedding anniversary, said she was giving him to do a table at the restaurant. Cooking is her greatest love, though her art is a bit scary, and he always nose plug one two no longer refuse to eat. However, today is a special day, she was sure he would not face. Suannibairou, celery, shredded, boiled fish ... are simple dishes, the idea is a dazzling array of put out a table, she looked at the dish, and smiled, we must first seize his stomach. Her husband out of the bedroom, his face a little bit unhappy, she gently peel scotch tape of his mouth, filling a spoonful the ribs Oujie soup down him in a wheelchair struggling, may Tang a little too hot, but she blocked his nose and mouth with a towel, so he only tears skill. Her gently fed his own hands to do the dishes, and he moved to tears there, It was the scene of her dream! Mother, then, really not at all wrong with it, she recalled with pleasure. girl, her father's spirit in front of said softly. Today is the anniversary of the death of her sister sister, his sister points on an incense, looked beautiful sister's face, he felt bursts of grief. As time passed, he increasingly missed sister. Small, my sister gave him much love and warmth! He was so overbearing, always like to grab sister snacks, toys or even clothes, while my sister never compete with him, no matter what he wants, will generously give him. 15-year-old, he and his sister lost in the snow on the road, shivering, confusion, sister took him into his arms, tightly cover the night. Warm and soft embrace, he still can not forget. People found that his sister is dead ...... unknowingly, he had tears of incense in front of the mirror also has to burn, her husband soon to go home, he can not let her husband see their own like this. He went into the bathroom, ready to take a bath, looked at his white skin, long legs, tall chest, he ever felt pleased, ! a trace of thin blood flow down, he was like no feeling, is still askew woodenly expression. Her disgust at dragging this stupid student class hind legs, he so foolish as to not know how to cover up that red-hot love for see her. Chuckle loudly, she said coldly: cried. Many days after that, she thought of the expression of the boy burst into tears, still feel a little sympathy, but she was a little not regret it, since after that conversation,nike dunks, this piece of elm lump suddenly seems to open the trick, not only the subjects learning tremendously became all high school seniors the best, and the character become outgoing and cheerful, laughing all day, always gather around a bunch of friends ... he actually know how to her flirting with those who eventually lead the people words, pick, she was disorderly. When they hugged with lingering, she totally forgot she was eight years older than him, also forgot too long ago, he was a genuine elm knots. Only one thing she was worried that his body is getting worse, the face gradually becomes brown, although his spirit was so high-pitched, but walking like at any time fall. Fortunately, he was to hang on until the college entrance examination, to see hobbled out of the examination room, she was desperate to publicly hugged him, his face, body, suddenly appeared in numerous black holes, hundreds of only termite fly out from the hole, like a white wave of the cyclone, a moment disappeared. He stood there, full of holes, exquisitely carved. However, she think it is worth, she is the great love of travel, home of the TV all day playing several Travel Channel program, she often looked at these programs to sleep, and now she finally take a stroll those programs recommended I meet great. Back home, she put myself into the sofa, Her bounce up from the sofa and horror looked at the sofa. . TV programs for visitors every day, stood the sofa all day monasteries, these beauty had a great yearning, this longing touched the gods, let it and her swap the body, making the sofa to be able to go traveling the globe to meet the long-cherished wish. Face is suddenly a bit shy, tell you, me, and I encounter in the foreign one, night, love ...... beautiful addition to her television to play travel programs, and occasionally put some furniture program, especially in Italy. Exclusion not always integrated into the company. This small company managers, down to the cleaners, it seems very harmonious interpersonal relationships, and everyone can mingle. Only he has come in for five years, or like an outsider, everyone is very polite to him, and he kept his distance, he always has the feeling of being excluded. As this time, the whole company outing, with the exception of forgetting to invite him. Angry at home watching TV, but in the news on the company bus to the package turn under the cliff, everyone all of the martyrdom of the message. Colleagues he went to the grave side of the incense, while sad, colleagues the bloodied sounded smiling at him waving, and his life and scared to death. As this cemetery is full, he was buried in another hilltop, every night, he could hear my colleagues laughing, but can not join. Some people are destined to be exclusive, regardless of life and death. Fishing is really good weather, sunny, spring, suitable for fishing. Carrying a fishing rod, and soon found a fishing Feng Shui. Here is a bend of the river, beautiful scenery, off the beaten track, clear water, slow flowing, forming a small Bay pools, pools reflecting the blue sky and the river scenery is simply a mirror, crystal clear. This is a good place to fish, he can not believe that actually have not anglers. Dropped hooks, shattered Bay Chunshui. Soon have something to bite him to try, quite fresh, and seems to be a big thing. He pull the pole, high-fiber carbon rod is pulled, bent in a big arc, a firm physique,nike air max skyline, mercilessly pulled the pole, and does not relax the upload from the pole to the power of He could feel each other and their confrontation, this must be a big fish! Suddenly, the rod uploaded to the force incredible, he was suddenly dragged into the water. Expected choke with water, only slightly cool a bit, he suddenly left behind in the air, then dropped on the grass, involuntarily twitched. The surrounding landscape, familiar and unfamiliar, as if it is a reflection of those inside bend of the river, but found himself breathe air, his mouth fell open, and then horrified to discover that a head came slowly, and mentions his and threw it in bucket. Bucket there is a lot of people in the mouth wide open, involuntarily twitching. Lone people told him, it is an evil manner, I do not know how many people in that piece of evil encountered all sorts of strange things that we all take a detour, not to disturb the evil to those biological. He believed in evil, non-born, going to evil places, but also to pick a rainy night to go for a walk to see the evil to just how evil. Drizzle a little night heavy, his lone, loud singing in the evil land, there is no trace of fear. Evil to be negligible, and he soon went over, facing the crowd is pleased to announce: two pairs of footprints and walk away, along the way to come to light him lying on the ground, and also do not want to move in the slightest. So how long? He did not know, do not want to know. A mass of white shadow passing from him, it is not Pak? The hometown of the family old cat. Having left his cat behind to catch up with, like when they play together, do not know how long to recover, his sweat wet the clothes of the body, Pak still flexible like a wizard, not at all like a twilight the cat. He was somewhat anxious, shouting: a flutter, he held a large white cat in his arms rub rub ah, Wu Lu with infinite tenderness. He woke up his wife, tired of his face the expression of surprise, wife, stubbornly asked: Large White, Large White Xiushui ditch lying in a hospital, had no flavor, in addition to paw all wear bald, but with no other injury, no one knows how it is to travel thousands of miles, came to the city of his work, and no one know how to die here. Only he knows, only he believed. The love she and the man for the first time we met, he gave she saw his family picture above there are a lot of people, young and old, gather together. When looking at these photos has always been happy with a smile, But I also love her. This is the love of man, his family, his ex-wife so loved, she hopes to be able to replace his ex-wife, to enjoy his love, give him the same love. So when he ask her to visit his home, and she readily agreed. His home, there are many familiar faces on the picture, but still waiting for her at his house. My ex-wife, I believe you will be very happy together. family, his ex-wife with an original made of human skin specimens. Stack of his years have been over sixty, and looks like a early forties, eye wrinkles, reveal his secret. At the moment he sat in the hotel dining rooms, anxiously waiting. A white-haired woman slowly walked in, he rose from his chair, the disappointment was palpable. You a person to You still would not let me meet her daughter? The move, every morning, I regarded her stack into the quilt, late in the evening after work, and only then she put out her face much like crying, but the eyes of the WWF report, but has no tears. Quickly, a young girl standing in front of him, cardamom, too young, only thin quilts for her body flat, like Chang, who also Jidao obvious crease. He looked at her daughter, and feel their own heart was folded. Red digital photo frame digital photo frame is the lottery in shopping malls just to get the gift, she happily fitted with plenty of photos, one by one to appreciate issued a warning of capacity occupied, until the picture frame, she relented. the way to delete photos of a friend's high-definition photo. The next day, she learned that a friend died. Her heart do not know why beat too quickly. Home, she intentionally or unintentionally removed from the picture frame a photo in the company and the tension between colleagues. Colleague, the way to work, suffered and died in a car accident. She knew what they receive. Excitement, coupled with fear, she could not help but to fight for a girlfriends up the phone. Put down the phone, she'll regret it, if such a thing is to spread it out, she would be ruined. photos of tone, and then she died. The same city, and her girlfriends are playing with another red frame, muttering: His meticulous, calm her make-up. She is his wife, at the moment is quietly lying in bed. Although he is a senior makeup artist, but never putting on makeup for her, this is the first and last time. Lightly sketched a wife's mortal remains were finally done, he looked at his work with satisfaction, she was so serene face with a smile, it seems that the world has no attachment to leave is her happiness, does not look like She is a dose of sleeping pills severe in patients with depression. Those drugs on her wine. Tomorrow morning, her sister would look at them then, as long as he plays a careless husband, shocked to find that the bed partner has committed suicide, you can completely free. He was lying dead wife's side, this night is actually a dream. The next morning, her sister, according to the contract came to surprise, crying, fainting, callous, and his acting is impeccable, just, the sister of sorrow I, why has the strange eyes looked at him? She finally spoke: her sentence: Having these, her mother died. She is very dear to the horn combs, hair use it every day, each hair, there is always a feeling of warmth seems to be the mother's fingers stroked her. Of course, keep in mind the words of the mother, each hair up to three. Her as pretty and more beautiful, white skin, eye, such as pools, in particular, that a black hair, adds endless charming for her, she believes, this is the magic of the comb. She was a famous guide, ready to use her to do under a large protagonist. However, she is not the only candidate, there are two equally beautiful woman, and her competition. She could not wait to look into the mirror, the mirror is the mother sad old face: her dry wrinkled skin. Assailant in the street behind his possession, streaming with sweat, waiting for prey tonight, the sound of high heels, from far and near, he suddenly rushed out and pulled out a knife, stabbing her insane, the first cut on entered her heart, but he can not stop the hands and breath bar more than a dozen knives, she fell in a pool of blood. From her, he found a $ 28 two and a half in cash, there is one just broke the women's watch stopped at 11:56:07. When he 有空去看看 the face of the victims, this is a fine, consternation face, he ran away. The next day, he decided the night and then try to steal one. When he laid an ambush, or could not help but flow cold sweat when he rushed out, still can not stop the hand, without the necessary pierced more than a dozen knives from the victim's body, he found a $ 28 two and a half cash, as well as a time stopped at 11:56:07 Women's watch. Feel a little bit wrong, he hesitated and looked at the dead face, fine, consternation face, exactly the same woman yesterday ... he madly fled back to their home, shut the door, doom gasped. Suddenly someone patted him on the shoulder, that woman is dead points themselves the blood of holes, puzzled and asked him: it is an ancient culture on the forum she posts so amazed, so he has to her QQ, gradually, he found that she was a treasure trove of knowledgeable, unique point of view, a very thorough understanding of ancient culture, and she also appreciates the enthusiasm and yearning for the kind of ancient culture. They first met in a big museum, she has a healthy wheat color skin, elegant classical temperament, and he imagined the perfect image is almost exactly the same. Several times after that meeting, he and she finally Wushan, it feels to let him indulge endless. A few days later his body from the erythema, private parts swollen ulcers, struggled in vain. Namely, shame and anger, there is a deep disappointment, as an elegant woman, with such a dissolute disease actually He put her around to the house, severely castigated some, she listened quietly, a slight smile, no longer willing to stay here. . Downstairs suddenly heard the screams of other people, he just looked at his hand, and keep a touch above the dark green, like, verdigris. Rushed to the window looked down and open space downstairs, a bronze ladies like the ground, smashed a large hole. Then he was to think of it, then give up the archaeological career reasons, is suffering from serious bronze allergies are not allowed to work overtime, new, she only nodded copies. Manager, pointing to the office wall row of 13 black photo, and their pictures on here to show respect. So he came to the company's first day she spent under the watchful eye of the wall 13-bit predecessors, this watch's sake too eager, she returned home only to find their own lost house key in the company. Returned to the company, the night deep in the office actually there is a manager, he is facing those pictures recited Shortly after, the photo actually slowly drifted down, they went to the desk and sat down. The pale face in the display of the fluorescence radiation, showing extreme fatigue and disgust, but their hands are flying on the keyboard. Manager visits them with a sly smile, when the feet become soft, about to escape, the front of more than one person, the face seems to be seen on the wall, the little girl, your company overtime? Evil mark she will be this little statue gave Iraq, the statue does not know what material to do whole body dark, reveals an evil. She knew that Iraq like this kind of thing, but also know that Iraq no matter what, and enthusiasm are not more than three days, three days later, she homes in Iraq and secretly took the statue. Iraq soon died, is said to die very strange, very miserable. She certainly clear is how is it that the statue, is an evil mark, all the forces of evil in the can in the world, summoned to his side. Only that, will not pose owners pose a threat if the statue was stolen or robbed, it is convened by the forces of evil will be the master attack crazy, absolutely crazy. She happily returned home, prepared in accordance with the shaman told, the burning of the statue, but she could not find how that statue, is in a daze when her husband came back: That statue, nothing Modiu. Amputation two police officers sitting in his living room drinking coffee casually that, were strangled, and, using only one hand. early years engaged in wrestling Memorial. The two hands of the police, both in the waist, at any time to prepare drew, he was expressionless. the rest of the coffee, with the right hand clumsily brought the left-hand sleeve, exposed the shrinking left arm, then that skinny weak left hand, removal of the right arm prostheses, he was expressionless, but the sadness in the eyes. The two policemen looked down. He sat on the sofa, recalling his agent and broker planning a car accident, car accident, he really changed a lot. Looking back, his right shoulder quivering, a robust and powerful arm sticking out from the arm at the atrophy of his left arm piece arm, completely disappeared. He had no facial expressions to himself: Every time he squatted on the doorstep Huanxie security doors suddenly shut, he suddenly hit out. When he got home when the security door on the keyhole in the door on running around to see his dazzling, half a day out of the house. Security doors so much noise is too much, without the cat's eye changed the wars in which said late last night and went to stroll around the garden plot, but for his timely find it hard the way back, still do not know to stir up How much trouble. He was determined to rule a rule of goblins, after work and made a special trip to the city's expert advice a lot. When he took a bottle of black cock, tuck 23 Tao magic ran home, only to find the security door shut tightly, which came a thunderous bang doors sound. He saw a cat eyes, which closed three tall strong man, waving the hammer, the ax hard Zamen. He called the police, and then hid while secretly watching the heavy sound of Zamen continue to impact his heart, when the police, security doors have been smashed a big hole, but still tightly closed, the three robbers did not run away. He did not change the door, just spend money on that big hole in the carefully mended. Long after, he squatted on the door of changing his shoes, anti-theft door gently hit to hit him, he suddenly began to cry. All wishes come true he is a bad guy, always bad luck, belonging to the turbid water, plug all the teeth the kind of person every day to pray to God, I hope their luck better. On this day, he is the company to work overtime to compensate for the flaws in the work, suddenly heard someone talking to him: not my colleagues and their own joke, and then he looked at the finished document on a computer, a wry smile: a beautiful cover, and instantly on his desk. Thoroughly convinced, eager to open a lottery website, first prize a few numbers,Nike Shox OZ, incredible and his hands of the lottery agreement. He rushed to the elevator, he was going to the lottery center to witness the miracle of the moment. No one in the elevator, but go slow. He was somewhat anxious: Paper wedding dress she was going to get married, happy, hectic preparations are coming to an end, she suddenly remembered that there is no custom wedding. Rushed to get to the city's largest bridal salon, the owner is a young man, sincere attitude and modest store wedding dress style range, the texture is very good, in the hundred of wedding pick the dazzling, but no one can move the heart. Do not know how long stroll, she suddenly attracted to a pure white wedding dress in the corner, the wedding was beautiful, The ... Wedding day, when she carefully put on paper wedding dress, in front of the guests, all of whom are her beauty stunned, that piece of paper wedding on her Jingsi the angel's wings, lightly If cents. People looked at her, and even an urge to cry. When the groom took her walk on the red carpet in the hall is silent very numerous road eyes, accompanied them to the marriage Taiwan. A guest, in order to see clearly, not accidentally knocked a candlestick, candle flames gently licking her wedding, the wedding of her wearing a paper, only in the moment then firing a mass of flames. moment, disappeared without a trace. The home of the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper looked at his dead wife suddenly dumping the tablets, and asked softly, Friendship he was in the bus to get to know this man, when he glanced at and found the man on the phone reading a novel he had seen two people chatting from the novel, different places, very lively chat. He found the man and his lot in common, they like the same novel, the same team, the same drama, and even their favorite AV actress, but also the same person ... they get off at the same station, he invited the man dinner, the men readily agreed. Dinner,nike shox, he found the man just drinking simply moved in chopsticks, he carefully looked at food stalls, lighting, the shadow of the man is not human, that the shadow of the head, stretched out two long horns ... ... the fibrillation, but when he saw the man that a sincere expression, hear a forthright man of laughter, he was relieved, after all, after all, we are friends! They drink very fun, singing draped over the shoulders into an alley. Man suddenly sighed a breath, , we are friends! chewing. Pain on the ground rolled and screamed: ripped off one of his arms, to go. Has just died as a man of his wife, his performance is really quite normal. Someone touch his head, the action is very gentle, but the hand is very cold, he turned around, his wife, dressed in burial clothes, sat on his side. He shouted, and rolled down from the sofa, his wife smiled slightly; Wife dissatisfaction frowned, Whatever you want what I gave you. In her eyes, her husband's heart should be frozen, he groaned: in the face of the dead wife burst into tears.

    about love: the

    do not think there are better, because it now has is the best.
    do not think the young can later get married, love is ranging from age.
    Do not give up too far away, love can take the train with you.
    Do not give up because someone is not rich, not incompetent people, hard-working can make you wealthy.
    Do not give up because the parents' opposition, you will find that because of this anti-abandoned love, will be the regrets of your life.
    In fact, for the love, the more pure happiness. Life talk about first love is best experienced too much, will numb; separation more, will get used to;-for-lovers would be more; in the end, you will not believe in love;
    you will give up on themselves ; you will be walking corpses; with people you do not love to get married, so over a lifetime. the


    , Maybe love is a sad fairy tale, although distant and true.
    to give up a people who love you is not painful, it was painful to give up the one you love.
    if destined time and space, not distance, if missed always together can not be desirable; things do not have to take too much notice, but without the need to insist, let all revel. not necessarily avoid them
    the face is not necessarily the most difficult;
    alone is not necessarily unhappy;
    not necessarily long;
    lost is not necessarily no longer have.
    love is a pleasure, even if the pain will feel happy;
    love is an experience, even if broken will feel sweet; the
    love is an experience, even if broken will feel beautiful; < br> Do not be lonely and indulgence,
    Do not indulgence and lonely life. the

    swear on of partner:

    partner is not married you do not marry or you do not marry that person, but your body has many shortcomings still choose your personal ;
    partner do not live in your favorite cucumber ta also love to eat the cucumber the man, but you eat the egg white ta eat egg yolk;
    partner is not dark with you arm in arm into the hotel that person, but the man at the door to look forward to you to come back to dinner;
    partner and you talk about love, nagging daily necessities, pots and pans that.
    in a happy marriage,nike cheap sale, the partner is not a specific person, but you and ta settle down in the decades of years: a tacit understanding, a warmth, a plain, an understanding, a were tolerant.
    love ta necessary to allow the ta happy, which is the partner the the ........

    on commitment:

    , in the ancient Greek legend, the couple will ring on the other side of the middle finger, because they believe there is a blood vessel through the heart. The meaning of the ring is carefully promise!
    but this world how much love of life and death of old age, and how much love can last forever?
    so you choose to spend a lifetime may not be your favorite, your favorite may not be able to spend a lifetime with you.
    how many lovers go into each other's life, struggling the same in the afterlife; how many men and women through the love into the marriage but will not be jealous of each other's pay.
    so remember to cherish the people you love, each flat today as the last moment of mutual dependency, to take grip of the hand of love, ta face is old, even if the ta sounded vicissitudes, it is your eternal memory warm. do not forget to hold on ta
    commitment, do not forget ta just hold hands for life life life is a dream the .....

    about life:

    , time is merciless. I look back, only to find people alive is a mood.
    poor or rich Ye Hao, may or loss or Everything is gone. Think about it, regardless of yesterday, today, tomorrow can suddenly see the light is a beautiful day.
    regardless of family, friendship, love, to cherish forever is a good mood. the
    remember there is a classic text message reads: Do not forget
    once had;
    has been more treasure;
    their own do not give up; things you
    have lost; < br> Be sure to want to get efforts;
    tired heart dock;
    chose not regret it;
    hard to know how to meet;
    pain only to enjoy life;
    hurt to understand the strong;
    windy in the morning;
    gorgeous evening;
    meteor night.
    Life is like a one-way ticket one-way ticket, no rehearsals, every game is broadcast live.
    a good grasp of every performance is the treasure of life is the best.
    grasp now enjoying life!

    About friendship:

    , day, friendship and love are met.
    love asked friendship: the world, why you are there?
    friendship smiled and said: love make people shed tears, while the existence of friendship is to help people wiped away tears!
    friends: occasionally you worry that you care for your heart, want to please you, make you happy, you may rest assured.
    between friends, know how to care is rare ....
    sad wish and I said;
    pain do not forget to tell me;
    sick, please let me ;
    difficult, remember to ask me;
    disappointed to think of; more fun when you do not forget me. definition of

    friends, on this ..... we are friends and that was enough the .......


    misunderstood slight smile, which is an accomplishment;
    wronged when calm smile, which is a kind of generosity;
    suffer when a happy smile, which is a open-minded;
    at the dilemma when you can laugh smile, this is kind of wisdom; a helpless
    the time philosophical smile, this is a realm;
    danger calmly smile, which is the atmosphere;
    be contemptuous calm smile, this is a self-confidence;
    lovelorn can gently smile, which is a free and easy.
    no matter what, for what reason ..... every day, happy smile ...........

    Sunrise East China Sea off the Western Hills, unhappy day, joyful day; the
    failing into a dead end, people are comfortable, the heart is also comfortable;
    every day to collect to make a living money, and more like less like; < br> less meat and have never been eloquent meals, crude is also sweet and fine but also sweet;
    old and new clothes are not picked, good to keep out the cold, Lai also keep out the cold;
    often chat with friends, the ancient talk about this also talk about each other the prizes;
    whole family, poor but also peace and quiet, rich with peace and quiet.

    on happiness was:
    According to legend, happiness is a beautiful glass balls, broken to pieces, scattered in every corner of the world.
    some people picked up more, some people picked up some small. No one can have it all.
    love you love to vote for you selected, and treasure to have.
    people alive is a mood today and set up tomorrow, stored forever.
    have to do is to feel happiness will always exist. people always
    they have not cherish, until you no longer have the will to redouble miss that you are going to lose what they have something and not do anything, it Xunsimihuo refused to let go of hysteria often At this time, for the persistence of life is indeed to death to let go!

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